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Nigerian Girls Sal Cape Verde

My second night in Santa Maria Sal Cape Verde and it was already obvious to me not much point in hitting the bars until after 10pm with midnight probably being prime time.   After 10pm most of the family bellies would be full and their children falling asleep.

Sal Beach Club

I started the night off in Santa Maria in the Sal beach club, a few family stragglers holding on and that was all.  The barmaids were nice but not much happening, I left the Sal Beach club heading up to pub Calema, with Pub Calema probably the best late night option for some pussy in Santa Maria.

trimmed nigerian pussy
Naked Nigerian girl

I was aware the main option for some mongering in Sal Cape Verde would be with mainland African streetwalkers and freelancers mostly from Nigeria.

Nigerian Streetwalker Encounter

On the corner of the Londres a really cute young African woman walked pass me and we smiled at each other and she stopped and we had a little chat, and you know what about yes the business, she was an African freelancer streetwalker also out on the hunt for some cock.  She spoke perfect polite English as was originally from Nigeria.  She was cute, sweet, not hardcore and ticked all my boxes.

We walked down the street together in the direction of my apartment.  She wanted to know if I wanted her short time or long time.  I ask how much? She responds how much will you give me?  I had already been quoted 150 euros from a hardcore African streetwalker my first night in Santa Maria.  But had been told by another monger rookie these Nigeria hookers can be had for as low as 30 euros.  So I told her short time 30 euros?  She was not happy, she say ‘small amount’ and quoted me 60 euros, we settled on 50 euros.  And we walked back to my apartment, which for her was quite a long walk, so not ideal having an apartment situated out of the center of Santa Maria.

Lost my Cherry

In the apartment, we sat on the sofa together and had a little kiss and cuddle, she was responsive and soon I was sucking on her firm African tits.
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In the bedroom I pulled her panties down and she had a lovely African trimmed pussy and a gorgeous firm black body.  We fucked lots of different positions, I was sweating and exhausted but eventually cum with her on top, bed banging, quite energetic, thats how these Nigerian girls like to be fucked!  I had lost my cherry in Cape Verde.  Everything was with a condom, these African hookers in Sal wont give BBBJ.  Really not a bad experience at all. I walked her back as far as the experience nightclub and we exchanged numbers with a promise to meet again.

Experience Strip Club

I returned to the Experience strip club which was just opening, the girl I had my eye on was still in there and smiling at me but still busy working.  A small bottle of beer was only 2 euros, there was only two girls working, the manager told me usually 5 or 6 girls but most had gone home for the Christmas holidays.  He gave me a small ticket and said they would just write down anything I purchased and pay at the end.  It was dark inside the Experience nightclub, the music was too loud and I was the only punter. After another small bottle of beer not feel comfortable for some unknown reason and split and then called it a night.  Had I not lost my cherry only an hour earlier with the cute Nigerian streetwalker I may have hung around longer in the Experience strip club, but something was telling me the girl with big tits working in the Experience was going to be expensive if available.

Knowing what to expect

Its good to lose your cherry for the first time in a new venue such as Santa Maria in Sal Cape Verde with a cute Nigerian girl.  The sex had been good and not expensive.  I knew going forward what to expect from the remainder of my days mongering in Sal Cape Verde.

cape verde sunrise
morning walk
english breakfast
cooked breakfast

It would be a repeat of a walk along the coast, cooked breakfast, trying to relax on the beach during the day and avoiding all the tourists. Nice food in the restaurant like the Londres, trying to sleep in my apartment, bit of a bar crawl at night down Rua 1 De Junho and then fucking some cute Nigerian freelancer for 50 euros or less with few surprises.  This was my vacation.

Even with only being in Sal Cape Verde for a week I still took a couple of nights off drinking and pussy hunting.  It was important to me to just relax, do what I wanted to do and not to try and cram to much in.  If mongering in Sal Cape Verde was good I could always return.

Pub Calema

So a couple of nights later in Santa Maria was getting the horn again and went on a bar crawl down  Rua 1 De Junho.  Starting off in the Sal Beach club and then along the road a bit to a lively bar called the ocean cafe.  That night in the ocean cafe it was more single tourists pickup bar, but more mature, I was not clicking in the ocean cafe so the real plan was to be in the pub Calema around midnight to check out the scene.

pub calema santa maria
pub Calema

I learnt that night there is a strip club above pub Calema so will give that a try one night in Santa Maria.  Most of the tourists sit outside pub Calema, inside its more quiet but there was a couple of cute Nigerian girls at the bar.

Another Nigerian Girl

I broke the ice with one of the Nigerian girls at the bar and we had a little chat.  She was cute and I wanted to fuck her.  She made it clear to me up front that she was P4P and we agreed to go back to her apartment for 1 hour for 50 euros.  She was good looking, great figure with perfect black African booty aged just 21.

Pay for Pleasure

The problem is with some of those tourists outside is they not realise these Nigerian girls are P4P aka hookers and want money. They buy them drinks, have a dance and think they have pulled through their charm and good looks alone.  That only ugly fat bald men with no game have to pay for pussy.  Not true, these African girls are only interested in money.  I was exchanging some stories one afternoon with a rookie monger in Sal Cape Verde.  He told me he was dancing with two African girls in pub Calema, buying them drinks, thinking he was in for a threesome.  All going well went back to their apartment with them for them to start demanding money and it all ended badly.  Its difficult to tell a younger man its all about money, that he can have a really good time with these black girls but should agree a price up front.  Of course why they exactly want money so much is not always what mongers like to believe, that they are freelancers because they have expensive shopping habits, student bills to pay, lazy, workshy, nymphomaniac etc.

Good Experience

I leave pub Calema with this cute Nigerian girl and we walk 5 minutes down Rua 1 De Junho to her studio apartment, it was nice and clean inside, quite girly, first floor flat above the busy street below of Rua 1 De Junho.  The window and shutters were open and a nice cool evening breeze was blowing through.  Certainly alot more convienent that walking all the way back to my apartment.  We got down to business on her bed and fucked and fucked in lots of different positions, but mostly with me doggy behind that fine black Nigerian Ass.

Nigerian Girls Sal Cape Verde
Fine Nigerian Ass

I was a bit drunk, but horny.   Eventually I cum and pull my cock out of her black pussy from behind her African booty and the condom had come off.  Another really good experience with one of these mainland African freelancers working in Sal Cape Verde.  I walked back to my apartment content, satisfied, smile on my face, no problems,  as good as it gets really and you cant expect much more.

Pirates Disco

A recommended nightclub in Santa Maria Sal is the Pirates disco just out of the main street on the roundabout into Santa Maria.  Its open Thursdays and weekend nights.  I checked it out about 10pm but was closed not opens until midnight and prime time is suppose to be around 2AM.  You cant miss the Pirates disco and restaurant.

pirates cape verde
pirates disco

Pirates is suppose to have alot of pro and semi pro girls operating and not just Nigerian girls, but some local Cape Verde girls too who come down from the capital of Sal called Espargos and surrounding areas, no doubt preying on cash flush horny old tourists.  I am not a late night monger though.  Like to get the fucking done by 10 or 11pm and then have my beauty sleep.

Calema Strip club

I returned to pub Calema and thought I would give the strip club upstairs above the pub a try.  Was empty of punters inside but big with about 6 working girls, nothing special pass their prime but not bad.  Went with the flow and had a strip for 2000 escudos.  She got fullly naked and stuck her pussy in my face.  She told me we could fuck upstairs in private room for an amount I suspected yes 150 euros.  Thanks, but no thanks Ill stick with the Nigerian girls outside.

Ocean Cafe

After midnight now and still too early for Pirates, told to come back after 2pm, fuck cant wait that long.  I never did try the Pirates disco just too late for me.  So decided to return to Ocean Cafe.  As I walk up to Ocean Cafe its a different scene tonight I can see about 6 Nigerian girls operating inside, I sit beside one at the bar and we begin chatting.  She is not the prettiest Nigerian girl I have seen but nice figure and good personality.  She starts rubbing my cock at the bar and we head back to her apartment for 40 euros and an hour of fun.  Someone is fucking in her studio so have to wait 5 minutes or so.  But Ok inside, clean and not smell, another first floor studio, window open night breeze blowing through and done out girly style.
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Another really good fucking session but again another Nigerian girl who would not give me any BBBJ, although she promised to inside the Ocean Cafe, just to get some business.  I like the natural Afro hair styles of many of the girls working in Cape Verde but most of them have fully shaved pussies.


We chat some and I ask her how she come to Sal Cape Verde and not really the story I wanted to hear.  She was told it was for a hair dressing job as that was what she did back in Nigeria.  Once arrived her passport was taken and she could only have it back once she had coughed up 2000 euros and guess how she had to earn that?  I  tell her to goto the embassy or something, but she tell me they dangerous men, cant do that.  But I tell her once she paid them 2000 euros they still wont give her passport back.  She said they would, other Nigerian girls before her had been in the same situation.  She has a small child and family in Nigeria and they would threaten to hurt them.

Shit are all the Nigerian girls working in Sal Cape Verde Trafficked?  But she seemed happy and enjoyed the sex, was it a scam to play on tourists to extract some sympathy and guilt payments?  The truth is out there.



7 thoughts on “Nigerian Girls Sal Cape Verde”

  1. Did you have any contact with any of the local or Portuguese women?

    Interesting that the Nigerian and Ghanaian woman are making their mark now not just off the coast of Africa, including the Canary Islands, but to much further places like Thailand and with their old school English and immaculate manners it won’t be long now I should imagine before they start to conquer the USA and start impressing the Americans.

    1. No contact, there are not really any local Portuguese women, just tourists from mainland Portugal
      The local women are mixed race or Mulatto, Of African and Portuguese descent. I not bed any of them, For that, Pirates disco may have been a better bet or other islands like Mindelo. I was not complaining the Nigerian girls available were nice and ticked my boxes. I really am at my most happy when I am behind some fine African ass pumping away 🙂 Its a small bar area from Chillout lounge up to Reggae rooftop bar 300 meters or so, then you have a small square with fountains inbetween Ocean Cafe and Pub Calema. There is always a group of mostly Nigerian girls streetwalking here or freelancing in any one of the bars, prime time after 10 pm. Different nights saw some different girls and the same ones, how many there are working santa maria in total, not sure maybe 20 or so? Meeting local Cape Verde girls is not uncommon, just not happen for me, some of the barmaids are very friendly and like they could make themselves available. I think most locals there are just working in the tourist trade.

      The prostitution in Santa Maria is pretty open but not out of control, the police or authorities dont interfere, not yet, but sooner or later no doubt with the increase of tourists and families there will be a crackdown.

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve had some chocolate…OK, not that long, but still. You don’t Come across any Nigerians in LOS. Most are all from Uganda and Tanzania in BKK, and the ones I’ve nailed in Pattaya are all from Madagascar. A Ugandan chick once gave me the same story about being promised a job only for it to turn out that there was no job and she was humping to get her passport back. I dunno how truthful that is to be honest…..I mean it’s not like you specifically go to LOS for black pussy, right? Russians, I get, because white pussy is wanted by every male populace, but not so much with the black ladies.

    1. Brockstar, maybe its a case of comforting lies vs painful truth with the African traffic. If it is true, then they need educating so as not to take the bait in the first place. Easy done, most attend school at some point, teach kids some real life lessons. Those Nigerian girls I fucked in Cape Verde, seemed happy and to enjoy the sex as much as me. You would think there would be signs. Once I went into a brothel in Bulgaria Varna called ‘office’ and the girls were so unhappy looking, you knew something was wrong. I was drunk still fucked one, and she not enjoy it. I mean there is an obvious difference between a freelancer or doing out of choice than being forced. I can live with myself being a whore monger, 99% of times for sure its been two consenting adults. I could never live with myself being a trafficker, you have to be psychopathic to not feel anything.

      As for African girls in Thailand, I first started to sample them around the Grace hotel in Bangkok, taking me to a short time hotel around the corner, was good to get behind some big black ass again, nice looking girls, friendly. But in recent years the ones I have seen down the Sukhumvit and in Pattaya have been old and fat, no go!

      1. There are actually some very cute African ladies on Nana nowadays. The ones on Beach Road are hit or miss. The Africans I’ve nailed in Thailand, never mentioned anything about being tricked into a job and neither seemed to be unhappy, but then again they’re in Thailand and have plenty of other African ladies to mingle with in their down time.

        The ones I’ve seen in HK are pretty nasty and you’ll even see some squat and pee in an ally. Not too enticing.

        1. My first experience with Nigerian girls was on the esplanade in Barcelona Spain. Around midnight there are lots of them, some of them really pretty, but most want to steal your wallet working in pairs. Was on a stag weekend and one took me to a carpark for a blowjob then for 20 euros took me to a short time hotel where she said I could fuck her ass! not exactly trafficked talk.

          My last time down the Nana did get talking to a cute African girl, who then wanted 2000 baht short time. I wonder if I will ever return to the Nana anytime soon. Two cancelled trips end of last year due to collapse of pound and then being offered a job. Rather wait for cool season for a return to Thailand, November onwards, but might be travelling again beginning June. Considering the Balkans – starting in Macedonia

  3. Man it’s been a while since I last got on the blog, and since I fucked an ebony whore! fucked quite a couple but the last two were from Colombia their had a huge butt, I fucking busted a nut in the condom which is hard to do for me – I used to fuck a nigerian whore for free, I knew what her job what but she really never told me her business, met her the a train station at around 6am, she used to work around Calle Montera in Madrid, where all the Romanian and Nigerian whores hustle – haven’t heard from her in months, last time we fucked I came inside her pussy.

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