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Veracruz Booty Mexico

Part 2 – Monger Matts Mexican adventure Mexico here I come

Not having to get up at the crack of dawn this time to catch a flight, my car to the airport pulled up exactly on time at the more civilised hour of 9am. This is the way to travel but I did have a long journey ahead of me, 15 hours in fact with the connecting flight in Mexico City, so if everything went to plan I would be sipping a nice cold Mexican beer there in the main square right bang in the Centre of Veracruz realistically around Midnight Saturday night local time which would be close to around 6am the next day London time.

London Heathrow to Mexico City

Cold, grey and overcast we drove to the airport in heavy rain. Perfect shitty weather I thought privately, a perfect day to be jetting off to somewhere warm and Sunny.

mongering Veracruz
Coming Up

While keeping my options open I had already booked my hotel for the first 3 nights and the previous week I had already got from a bureau de change near my office some Mexican pesos in a nice assortment of both high and low denomination notes to tide me over so all I had to do once I had checked in at the airport was to relax and do what I always do, that of the ritual of enjoying a leisurely full English breakfast. Also at check-in I was grateful to have got a seat with a bit more leg room.

london to mexico
The view from LHR Terminal 5, a perfect day to be jetting off to somewhere nice and warm.

Boarding and taking off almost on time, the 11 hour 747 flight was pretty uneventful apart from some diverting views of the floating sea ice off Newfoundland Canada, which broke the monotony a bit from my window seat, there was thick cloud cover more or less all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. Coming into land though just as it was getting dark around 6:30pm local time, the spreading lights of Mexico City below were amazing.

mexico city lights
Didn’t know it at the time but there down below me was a city where I could quite happily live.

Although I had 90 mins or so to check-in for my connecting flight I was still concerned a bit, timewise, as after clearing immigration I had to get to another terminal which was Terminal 2 which I understood to be a long way away from Terminal 1 where we disembarked, and reading reports that the airport train which connects the two terminals can be unreliable I was still not sure as to the best way to get there, so being one of those pain in the ass people who gets out of their seat as soon as the plane comes to and halt, I grabbed my carry-on luggage and shoved my way towards the front exits.

Terminal Connection

Once in the terminal and joining the shortest line I could see at immigration after quite a long walk, I cleared Passport Control in less than 10 minutes. Handing over my passport with the landing card and customs declaration form which I filled out on the plane, you are given back the bottom half Entry registration card which you are supposed to keep with you all times both as ID showing you have permission to stay in Mexico and as your exit card to exit the country. At customs you again wait in line and press a button and if you get a green light which I did, you proceed without having your bags opened and checked.

Ignoring the many (apparently now highly illegal in Mexico airports) taxi touts in the public area who were waving at me constantly I went in search of the correct upper level where the so called Airtrain connecting the two terminals left from only to be told by a Mexican airport employee sitting on one of the back stairs that it was not in service, but was pointed in the right direction to where the connecting Terminal bus left from. Before boarding the bus, which is free to all passengers that have a connecting flight to catch, I had to show the friendly driver the photocopy of my E Ticket as proof. Then about another 10 to 15 minutes later and with a sigh of relief we pulled up outside Terminal 2. Had I flown Aeromexico from London I wouldn’t have had to worry as all their flights use this terminal.

After finding the correct check in area which again was on the upper level, and checking-in with Aeromexico Connect for my flight to Veracruz, after clearing security but still with an hour or so to kill I was pleased to see a nice looking restaurant and coffee area just by the departure gate. There I ordered a cheeseburger, a Corona beer nicely chilled when it arrived and a coffee. Inside it was quite busy but the service was great, and nice atmosphere too with an American baseball game playing on full swing on the TV screen. 5, 5045 miles done and just another 246 to go, ‘Cheers’, I said taking a swig of beer.

mexico airport
For sale in MEX airport. I thought the red colour would suit me better.

This next part of my journey I don’t remember too much of. On the ground sitting with the seat belt on we were delayed by about 30 minutes and I remember my head constantly tilting back as I kept nodding off. I woke up again just after we had taken off and were in the air, then I think there was a trolley service before I woke up again 10 minutes before we landed, 10:45pm local time. Again, with just my carry on-hand luggage and thinking it might be closed at that time I made my way straight to the airport taxi desk, but no worries, unlike some provincial airports where you arrive after 10 O’clock at night the airport was still busy and there were 3 or 4 such taxi company desks fully manned with some nice looking Mexican MILFS waving to me for my custom. The fare to my hotel in the Centre was 250 pesos and I was handed a printed receipt to show the driver.

map veracruz
veracruz map

That ‘T’ word again

The 7 or so mile journey into town driving through the outskirts of Veracruz reminded me so much of the small towns in Thailand, at nighttime, with the lit-up night street markets and food stalls and eating places with people sitting outside and the seedy looking bars. All what was missing was the Thai people but the hot night air probably had a lot to do with it as well.

Hotel Veracruz Centro Historico *****

Nearing my hotel in the historical Centre of Veracruz, the whole architecture suddenly changed to Colonial Spanish and as I got out of the taxi outside the hotel in the very busy street I could hear the band playing loudly in the square. Check-in at reception was quick and friendly and on first impressions the hotel and my room for 710.00 pesos (£28.00) a night was very nice and I also liked the quick and easy ready to use electronic safe in the room so just unpacking the basics and putting all my valuables away and just taking a little cash with me I was back out on the street and by the square at 10 minutes to Midnight local time just as I had predicted back in London.

Zocalo, main square

So literally just across the road from the hotel crossing Av. Independencia is the Zocalo, Plaza de Las Armas which collectively refers to the main square and Cathedral which together with the nearby Malecon is ground zero for the main tourist and historical part of the town and a handy reference to tell any taxi driver.

At midnight the square was lively and loud and there were a lot of locals still up at that time with young children and toddlers running around by the public benches and playing in the square. There were a few stalls selling basic Mexican odds and ends including a well known brand of Cuban cigars which were probably fake as well as what seemed like good quality local cigars which I bought one to try.

veracruz mexico
Monger Matt has arrived.

Passing some people dancing, and people sitting at the tables and chairs outside the restaurants, and the many Marimba music musicians standing around, I slowly walked to the other corner of the square stopping now and then to look at the food or drinks menus which the attractive hostesses bring them in off the street and come take orders. One prompting me to sit down and have a drink.  And I have to say those restaurant bar hostesses working on the square definitely got the job because of their good looks and why not. But whilst a cold beer wouldn’t have gone a miss, it was actually mexican pussy I was looking for at that moment in time.

zacola veracruz
Zacola Main Square just as it was every night

Keeping on the same side of the square, walking past the Hotel Colonial I stopped and pretended to look at the menu at the very last bar restaurant I eventually came to called Lerdo 9, blaring out pop music this time, where three young stunners, one with model looks were seated and giving me the come-on. One of the ‘Where are you from?’ young male waiters though was so loud and pushy and behaving so hyper to me that I moved on and walked back to the area where the pretty hostesses were.

Where are the Freelancers, street hookers?

Choosing a table as far away from the Mexican musicians who seemed to be targeting any persons eating and drinking who looked gullible enough to be their captive audience, I ordered a Sol beer, actually one of my favourites, and just sat back a bit to do a bit of people watching. Again, first impression: easy-going and friendly place, very colonial Spanish with a Caribbean Cuban feel to the place, but above all I felt quite safe.

Most of the people seemed to be locals and of the few white or paler faces I did see, they tended not to be from Europe, the US or Canada but from the South America’s including Mexico. In and around the square I could not see to my knowledge any freelancers or obvious street whores, or if they were there they weren’t apparent. But in Veracruz while out on the streets, I was later to discover, some freelancers are not that obvious to spot at first.

Passing the slot machine Casino, just on the corner of the square opposite the hotel, I was handed by a girl who I think may have been one of the workers an address card for a local Casa whore house which read as being open 24 hours, I crossed Av. Independencia again and turned left passing right next to my hotel the lovely hotel arches of the very colonial looking Hotel Gran Diligencias and what looked like to be a nice lively bar inside, with a live band playing disco music and people inside dancing. Also there were table and chairs outside and for a moment I was tempted to go and order a drink as a MILF standing outside, a local women, was giving me the eye and winked at me before she went back inside after finishing a cigarette. At the time I didn’t really feel like socializing but maybe that was another option I could come back to later if I wanted.

It was now around 1am and carrying on south down Av. Independencia passing an all night pharmacy, the street became quieter and one block later where there was a McDonalds and a few doors down a KFC both closed for the night, standing on the opposite side of the road in front of Carl’s Jr, another fast-food chain burger bar also closed were two street hookers, both who I would say were in their early to mid-twenties who ignored me at first but smiled when I walked past them again for a second look. But NO I gave it a miss, one looked more European than Mexican and they just weren’t doing anything for me. But time was getting on.

Before I had left the UK I had promised myself not to stay up too late on this trip and to get up early most mornings for as well as keeping me out of trouble it would make the holiday stretch out longer (well that was the theory). So much for that, and on my first night as well.

Deciding then that it was probably better to head back but not wanting to walk past the hookers a third time like some weirdo, I made my exit from Av. Independencia, taking a left turn opposite KFC up the much quieter and bringing me a bit off my comfort zone a bit Street Aquiles Serdan passing Hotel Amparo, about half way up which I made a mental note of in case I got lost, before coming to Av. Ignacio Zaragoza again, the name which I recognized. There I turned left again as logically that would take me back in the direction of the square again.

Booty girl

A little bit further up on the other side of the road standing outside an all-night convenience store I noticed a tall and quite well built chick standing with her back to me shaking her big Booty bottom and as I crossed over the road to investigate further I could see the outline of her ass through her stretched pants or leggings. Straight away I liked her Latino style frizzy curly hair and wearing high heels with leggings, surly that can only mean one thing. Having purchased something while speaking to somebody through a kiosk window in the shop, she turned around and then without acknowledging me she sat down on a window ledge near the pavement. ‘Hola’ I said making the first move, ‘Soy Ingles,’ which instantly broke the ice.


Getting a smile in return she then spoke to me rapidly in Spanish. Carolina who was quite a big girl about 28 years old with quite a nice kind face spoke practically no English but was apparently asking me if I had come off a ship. It took a little while for both of us to be understood but with as well as keying in the numbers on the calculator on our phones to show and confirm prices, we agreed were going to spend an unhurried (sin prisas) 1 hour together in a hotel she knew for 600 pesos (£24) which would include everything including the cost of hiring the hotel room by the hour.

That, fellow mongers by the way, was to be the most I ever paid in Mexico for any session in a short time fuck hotel. Not that I minded 🙂

Short time Fuck Hotel

When we got to the hotel which was just a little further up the road on Av. Ignacio Zaragoza not only close to the Square but right next door to the Lerdo 9 bar I mentioned earlier, I handed a 500 plus 100 pesos note to Carolina and left the rest up to her. She paid reception and in return was handed a room key and we then walked up the stairs to the first floor. No proof of Id was asked for as well.

Expecting the worst as she opened the door to the room, once inside while very basic it was far from being a shit hole. There was a bar of soap, a condom and a clean towel laid out, and there was even AC which was the first thing Carolina switched on. Adjoining the room but with no door was a bathroom (Ok that was a shithole) and there was even a TV chained to the wall, but what amazed me most was instead of a mattress on the floor or even just a basic dirty sheet on the bed which I was expecting, the bed was fully made up complete with duvet and pillows in pillow cases just like a regular hotel room. I suppose some do get in bed and pull the sheets over them before getting on with it and some people do actually stay in these hotels and in all the other short time hotels I used in both Veracruz and Mexico City I was to again see almost this same orderly standard.

mexican whore
big mexican booty
carolina booty
big booty whore

While she was making herself ready in the wash area I got naked and laid my towel over the duvet (which must have been quite filthy) before daring to lay on the bed. True to her word about not hurrying things she massaged my shoulders and back helping me to relax but at the same time practically sending me off to sleep so I wasn’t lying on the bed for long, I got up and started taking pictures while she undressed and got naked too and also got her to shake her Booty Ass again which may account for the odd blurred shot. As this was really my first proper taking pictures session and I didn’t want any trouble on my first night in a new place so far from home I did not want to push my luck so I kept her face private and out of the camera shots.
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As I was sitting on the edge of the bed she kneeled down in front of me and sucked my dick without a condom and when I stood up she put her arm around me and started stroking/playing my ass while still sucking my cock. I didn’t come in her mouth but after I put the condom on I gestured her to bend over again and slapped her big booty ass before screwing her on the bed. I then got dressed. I didn’t want to hang around because then I was in real danger of even falling asleep while standing up so I tipped her another hundred, kissed her on the cheeks goodbye and left her in the room which was now nice and cool with the AC. Leaving the hotel and taking the first right past Lerdo 9 again and walking through a much quieter Square but with still some people about, I was pleased to be so close to my hotel. It was then around 2 am and I had been up for more than 24 hours and I was ready for bed. A job well done.



mongering veracruz mexico
Map of my route on my first night where I sort of found my feet and bearings in and around the Zocalo

Coming up in Part 3 – A little tour and first impressions of Veracruz.

By Monger Matt.

6 thoughts on “Veracruz Booty Mexico”

  1. Good report Matt, finding your feet and losing your cherry in Veracruz. I had never heard of Veracruz before your report. Wondering what the non mongering activities are like, beach, food etc? Sounds like a cool little place to hang out in Mexico, what about getting some stunner teen latinas? 😛

    I have often considered Mexico, flew into Mexico city for Cuba, would love to do a tour, Mexico city, Acapulco, Tijuana even Cancun to see what all the fuss is about, dont know why I get attracted to tourist hell holes and now Veracruz, as always what puts one off is all the violence and kidnapping that you read see on the media. I wonder if you could travel across Mexico in a coach without being robbed or kidnapped?

    Looking forward to the next installments mongering in mexico.

    1. Sir Paul,
      According to the guide books you probably could travel across Mexico in a coach without being robbed or kidnapped and it would only cost you about $40US.

      If you like history, Veracruz just oozes with it as it was the first place in Mexico where the Spanish Conquistadors set up camp to try and colonize the country. The town has old forts and a lot of pirate history and being close to a naval base you see a lot of Mexican Navy women walking around in their cute white uniforms especially on the Malecon.

      In a report to come I mentioned a few other of the non-Mongering daytime activities including museums and a whole day trip I took to an ancient pre-Inca city up in the hills, together with pictures of an almost perfect stretch of beach I discovered only £2.00 (20 minutes away by Taxi).

      Also, close by is the Aquarium and shopping Centre with a Ripley Believe it or not museum (not unlike the Royal Garden in Pattaya), Wax Works and a local Tour Company travel agent type office with various day trips and excursions on display in the window. The food and variety of restaurants I thought were good. Anyone liking Mexican food obviously would be in heaven, I sort of but am not so keen on the refried beans which look like melted chocolate on the plate, so I just picked and chose in that respect either something with chicken or beef. Mexicans are big steak eaters too and I had few killer T-bone steaks while I was over there.

      Also, as well as the usual well known International franchise restaurants I also found an Irish pub.

      There were a few nice young women including another Game for a laugh half Mexican half Caribbean chick who picked me up for a change (smiley) while I was sitting by the park.

      Cancun and Acapulco are I believe very expensive for everything which the rich tourists pay for, Veracruz is totally different, I always liked looking at the Mexican porn on the internet, it always seemed to be a bit more rough around the edges and that’s what it was like in Veracruz in parts.

      Anyone interested to make the trip here, may find this basic but factual mini guide useful.

  2. I too never heard of Veracruz before. Hotels seem cheap, taxis are cheap and so is good sex by the look of things. My kind of town, if you were touring through Mexico how many days do you think you would you need here?

    1. Hello Sidney,
      I think depends really how much of Mexico you have already seen before you arrive. For me this was the first time and first town in Mexico so I would say for any first time visit 5 or 6 full days at a push.

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