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Experience Santa Maria Sal Cape Verde

My second day in Santa Maria Sal Cape Verde began with a walk along the beach hoping to find a place that did a quality cooked English breakfast,  just a simple monger who enjoys life’s simple pleasures.

Good Morning Cape Verde

It was warm and dry in Santa Maria Sal but the dust storm was blocking out the sunshine and the blue skies above.  Not that the dust got in your eyes or cloths it must be high up, but even so hoping it was not going to be like this all week, which was forecast on the BBC weather.  🙁

Cape Verde Sal Beach
Santa Maria beach

The temperature in Cape Verde end of December regular goes into the high twenties and not below the mid twenties so a few degrees hotter than the Canaries.  The island of Sal is really a volcanic desert so you are unlikely to experience any rain, but with the dust storms blue skies are not guaranteed.

The islands of Cape Verde are renowned for their strong winds that can kick in from January onward and attract surfers for the surfing to be had.   The winds were not strong end of December, I guess I was a kind of surfer though come to Cape Verde, surfing the bars and clubs on the lookout for some Cape Verde Pussy and P4P.

shaved mulatto pussy
Cape Verde Pussy

The beach at Santa Maria Sal Cape Verde gets alot better the other side of where I am staying, Thats the beach in front of the all inclusive( tourist ghettos) just out of the main drag of Santa Maria, just pass the pier where you can take fishing trips.

beach sal cape verde
Santa Maria pier

The sea of the south Atlantic lapping the shores of Cape Verde is clean, a lovely aqua blue in the shallows and warm.  I took many a dip in the sea for a swim and a piss.  Blink and you could think you were in the Caribbean but Santa Maria in Sal is no Sousa in the Dominican. You can hire a comfy lounger and umbrella all day for as little as 5 euros.  But it can be difficult to find a spot not occupied by family fascists and screaming kids.  It was the Christmas holidays and there were alot of tourists about who not really like lone wolfs.  At least it felt that way.  Still I enjoyed my walks along the beach every morning.

sal cape verde beach
All inclusive Tourists

Once your past the most tourist concentrated part just past the pier it spaces out a bit more, if  you keep walking you will past one more all inclusive way out and come to a sand dune with a public bar and restaurant on the other side.

There are all the usual non mongering pastimes to pursue on Sal Cape Verde, like surfing, fishing, quad biking and scuba diving.  Excursions to the other islands of Cape Verde where prohibitively expensive though.

Londres Sal Beach Club

The two best places to eat especially for a cooked breakfast are the Sal Beach club facing the beach and just opposite the Londres.  The food in the Londres is really good, run by an English couple, I ate here everyday a little more expensive than the popular beach club but better quality food.  A large local beer which is good will set you back 3 euros.

cooked breakfast sal
Londres Beach club

There are lots of little supermarkets dotted about if you are staying in an apartment, where you can get basic essentials like bread, milk, coffee and some fruit to keep the colds away.

No Stress

The Sal beach club attracts families but has some cute Cape Verde waitresses working.  If you became a regular you could get friendly with some of the attractive waitresses and maybe make an arrangement.  I got chatting to a fellow Brit, who was fucking one of the waitresses in the Sal Beach club and not paying up front directly.

African teen tits
African streetwalkers

Mongering wise there is not much happening in the day on the beach or in the bars of Santa Maria.  I did wander out a few afternoons, the Chill lounge can get quite lively during the day and one or two African streetwalkers will walk pass, make eye contact, smile and if your so bold you can call them over.  A catch phrase with the locals in in Cape Verde is No Stress and that seems to be the way to go.  But I really could do with some black booty and pussy 🙂

Romance Tourism

Most of the tourists in Santa Maria are couples and families, There are a few obvious male mongers around and there are some older mature single ladies – romance tourists after some black African cock more likely.  I did see some of the African street hustlers with some cute young Portuguese girls.  What some of these romance tourists dont understand up front is that later these African men will want money too.

Cape Verde SIM Card

After breakfast the next call of duty before I could fully relax was to get a local SIM card with internet.  Getting a local SIM is good for keeping mobile phone bill costs down, but you need an unlocked phone to reap this benefit.  I more want a local SIM for the internet rather than handing out a local number to the girls to encourage them to stay in touch.  In the apartments you have to pay for the wireless by buying credit.

santa maria sal cape verde
Rua 1 De Junho

I checked the wireless signal and it was weak, so often the internet picked up through your SIM can be a lot better than wireless.  It was not clear around Santa Maria along the main drag Rua 1 De Junho where all the shops selling SIMs were.

Street Hustler to the rescue

A street hustler approached me, what was I looking for?  I told him a SIM card for my phone and led me to a shop a few minutes away which from the outside was not obvious they sold local SIMs.  The girl assistant inside quickly got my phone working with a local SIM including 5G of data for 10 euros.  Job done.  I attempted to give the street hustler a handful of change for his help which probably amounted to about 3 or 4 euros.  But he was slightly insulted and not want my money, he wanted me to come to his gift shop,  I told him I would on the day before I leave Cape Verde and thanked him most sincerely,  So, street hustlers are not always a bad deal!

Available Accommodation, Hotel Lux

That afternoon in Santa Maria, I tried to sleep, but just lay on the bed a couple of hours.  Late afternoon, I wandered out I was trying to locate a strip lap dancing club called Experience.  One of the hustlers in the reggae bar the night before told me about the Experience gentlemans club, he wanted to take me there, but dont want to get hooked into a hustler, they are only after commission. There is a string of Experience strip clubs located on the islands  of Cape Verde including Mindelo, with Mindelo there being less tourists and more preferred by mongers.

hotel santa Maria
Hotel Lux

I knew it was somewhere near the hotel Lux according to monger map of Santa Maria Cape Verde.  I took a look inside the Lux hotel it had a little bar and sat outside and had a cold beer.  I was curious about room availability being the Xmas week and they had rooms for 30 euros a night.  The Lux hotel had a swimming pool and there were a few westerners lounging around, not families.  Turns out there is alot of available accommodation in Santa Maria, if you are ever stuck at the airport without a hotel, so would not worry about that, they dont all advertise on the internet through Booking.com and Agoda.

Mean streets of Santa Maria

After my beer I wandered around the mean streets of Santa Maria looking for the experience strip club.  This area of Santa Maria just outside the tourist zone  is mainly inhabited by local Cape Verdians.

Santa Maria streets Sal
mean streets of Santa Maria

It reminded me a little of wandering around Centro in Havana with all the dark skinned girls on the streets.  Of course, I hoped just maybe I would have an encounter with a pretty semi pro mulatto who would invite me back to her apartment for a threesome with her sister.

threesome cape verde
mulatto threesome

But despite appearances Santa Maria is nothing like centro in Havana.  The girls are quite shy and almost wary of tourists, they seem respectable and are not semi pro.

Approach, Erotic Encounters

Or maybe I was just a shy monger expecting to be approached who needed to change his tactics and make the first move.  Of course approaching non pro girls in the streets and then its likely to be a problem with speaking the local language.  You are going to need to speak Portuguese.  In the tourist zones you can get by with basic English.  If you speak some Spanish then it is very similar to Portuguese so you will be understood.   Its just so much more erotic and enjoyable coming across  a chance encounter and opportunity for some pussy and sex.  Rather than just dumping your muck in some brothel with the clock ticking.

Stray Dogs

There are quite a few stray dogs around Santa Maria, but they not bother me.  At night I could him them barking and howling in the distance and was listening to one grumpy tourist traveller in the cafe one morning over breakfast complaining to his friend that he could not sleep due to the dogs, they must have been right outside his apartment.  I hope they not have rabies in case one did take a bite.  Unlike the mainland of Africa I dont think you need any special injections or tablets for Malaria when travelling to Cape Verde, like you dont for the Canaries.

Experience Busty Black Girl

Walking around trying to find the Experience strip club I did notice this really attractive black tall slim naturally busty girl walking casually down the street some distance away, she saw me looking at her and kind of smiled.  She had that P4P air about her, she was game.  I thought I would try and get closer and snap a photo of her with her not looking then lost her.

Experience gentlemans club
Experience strip club

Eventually I find the alleyway with the Experience strip club.  I like to find the location of these venues during daylight hours rather than groping around in the dark half cut.  I was right, the sexy busty black girl I had saw only 15 minutes earlier was outside the open door of the Experience strip club sweeping the floor, she worked in the Experience strip club. She spoke some basic English and told me it open 11pm.

mixed race girl big tits
big black tits

We chatted a bit, she knew I fancied her.  I may have been mistaken, but it was like, you want to fuck me now?  At that point her manager came out shouting for her to get back to work!  Oh well, I sure will return to the Experience strip club tonight in Santa Maria, but something was telling me the ‘experience’ was not going to be cheap in these clubs.  They sure are geared to the tourists and expats with money.   God I needed some tits n pussy in Cape Verde tonight, I needed to lose my cherry in Santa Maria tonight one way or the other.

6 thoughts on “Experience Santa Maria Sal Cape Verde”

  1. How was the apartment location wise, was it gf, did it have television
    and English channels? Was it cleaned?
    Always interesting to read about experiences from these not so well know destinations.

    1. Matt, the apartment in Santa Maria Cape Verde was definately girl friendly, you have the keys to your own front door like you do at home so no one to stop you. There was a security guard on the apartments opposite who kept me a awake a few nights as he would talk to one of his friends and had one of those bellowing african voices, had to put my earplugs in. There are those metal shutters on the doors and windows so can open the inner windows and the cool night air blows through. Location wise I was a 10 minute walk from the center, but where I was was still half a building site, had to be careful walking back. It not have a TV, but that not bother me anymore as always travel with a 15 inch laptop and once you have an internet connection you can stream tv from the likes of http://tvplayer.com/
      You could pay for a cleaner but was only there for 1 week, so not bother.

      But the girls you meet in the bars at night in Santa Maria will have there own studio apartments nearby that they rent out, so if you only want to do short time, you not really need a girlfriendly hotel or apartment. I went to a couple of studios with some girls I met and they were nice clean and comfy, they do actually live there, so not a constant knocking shot with smelly bin of tissues.
      It was just more convenient to fuck them in their studio as they were like a 2 minute walk rather than a 15 minute walk away( they not walk as fast as me)

      Yes just doing the groundwork, next report will be all about mongering and fucking 🙂

  2. Man who are those women on the pic? I believe you did not take them cause I did not see the MongerPlanet banner on them…but I would definatley love to fuck them no condom…

    1. Other monger pics perhaps, click on the pics and it will take you to where I got them from. Who knows but they look like the color of the girls you will see in and around Cape Verde, I like to embellish my posts with beautiful girls, I think you like them

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