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Where in the World to Monger, Mexico City?

Part 1 – Monger Matts Mexican Adventure

Where in the world??

Fellow Mongers, I’m sure we have all faced this very same question at some time or other when we have had the time and have had the funds to get away from it all, to travel as far as it takes, but the burning question has been to WHERE?, to where in the world do I go to next?

Take the period coming up to last Christmas, I’m at home late at night surfing the web for ideas for January next month and my brain is muddled; 3 Weeks holiday coming up and this is going to be my first real break, long-haul away from home mongering trip for 3 years and I am tired, I really do need this break but I don’t want to mess things up by making a bad choice.

Different thoughts and ideas are coming and going, too frequently as I’m spending most free time now in the evenings surfing the net, looking and researching new destinations. At least the fares and prices will come down a bit after the expensive Christmas period, I hoped.

What are the Options?

So, what are the options? Or should I just play it safe, knowing just what to expect by returning to the same old mongering comfort zone like I once did to Thailand for example, on and off over an 8-year period. Now though, I would be bored shitless if I ever returned to the likes of Pattaya or even Bangkok. Now how spoilt is that?

student asian sex diary pattaya
apple in pattaya

Having got a lot older and hopefully becoming a little wiser though, returning to the devil you know same place surely is not such a bad thing when it comes to mongering. If you are not already sick of the place, then why not. You know what the weather is going to be like, ‘PRICES’ (most importantly,) what the food is like, best places to stay, what to do, how to get around and what not to do. Already you are 3 to 5 days ahead of any first-time newbie straight off the plane and no longer being a gullible first time visitor, it is unlikely you are going to get ripped off.

But there again new places, new destinations still turn me on, stimulate me, there’s something about going into the unknown even if I have researched the place beforehand, thoroughly.

1. Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

Well into 2016 this was my wish list of 5 new places to consider,1 Hot and seedy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (partly researched as a 5 day stop off perhaps, en route to SE Asia). Where Ethiopia probably has the nicest looking women in black Africa too.

Ethiopian girls
Ethiopian pussy

2. Cambodia,Sihanoukville

Or option 2 Maybe. Sihanoukville Cambodia, lovely beaches with enough nightlife and not too expensive. What I imagine Pattaya used to be like before it got ruined. (Partly researched again as part of a SE Asian trip).

Cambodia hairy pussy
Cambodian MILF fucked

3. Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Or option 3 perhaps, Large blonde Russian girls, and big booty Arab girls in mysterious Tashkent, Uzbekistan, another Kiev city perhaps there for rich pickings far, far away on the old Silk Route (just partly researched) as long weekend stop over en route again to SE Asia. Having been to Kiev and meeting some girls from Tashkent, who were definitely game for a laugh, really did wet my appetite for Uzbek girls.

uzbekistan whore
uzbekistan girl

4. Geylang, Singapore, Medan Indonesia

Or maybe book a return flight to Singapore to sample the delights of Geylang, courtesy of Mr Qs excellent reports and postings here on MongerPlanet,

geylang brothel thai
thai house geylang

before catching the ferry to check out Batam Island Indonesia before flying on to steamy hot and sticky Medan, a new city in Indonesia for me to try.

Indonesia teen pussy
Indo teen pussy

Just the name Medan turns me on together with a posting I once read in one of the old World Sex Guides archives about a hotel receptionist in her sexy short skirt uniform entering the person’s room to translate and negotiate a further price while they were in the middle of having an intimate full body full naked massage. From a SE Asia point of view, all roads definitely lead to Jakarta, my favourite city of all time in this part of my favourite part of the world.

5. Cuba, Havana

But here’s the best bit, the 5th, I saved until last to mention, mainly your Sir Paul’s excellent trip report on Havana, Cuba. This time I did have the time and the funds for a country I have always wanted to visit and the airfares including even business class, even travelling in January at one point looked surprisingly reasonable and tempting. But somehow my enthusiasm had then worn off a bit after doing lots and lots of further research. Whilst the freelancer street whore scene which Sir Paul experienced in Havana turned me on, big time, together with the possibility of semi or non-pros

havana waitress
Malecon waitress

as well like that waitress from the café on the seafront, due to an apparent lack or nonexistence cheap short time fuck hotel rooms, I didn’t much like the thought of walking through someone’s kitchen or living room to enjoy the experience. I do like my home comforts now when travelling, especially if it’s to a very hot Third World Country, so from an accommodation point of view where to bring girls back would be a big no, and too expensive anyway to stay in a decent hotel with good food, good vibes and guaranteed bed cockroach free, the tropical island of Cuba and Havana was looking less and less viable. Maybe next time though.

And so, to my choice which I didn’t know at the time, a country that I had always considered to be one of the most dangerous places in the world to visit, Mexico.

Mexico, Veracruz

Again, lodged somewhere in my brain was an article I had read on some forum, some time ago, about a lovely small town in Mexico which was neither Tijuana, Cancun (perish the thought) nor Acapulco and very inexpensive. Both a port and small local Mexican beach resort with reasonably nice beaches, a lovely old laid back Spanish Colonial main square was described, where a live band played most nights and where the main street action was. The writer or blogger described sitting at his favourite restaurant on the square each night, picking and choosing the most attractive women he was going to take back to his hotel. Now to me that didn’t sound too bad.

Withdrawal Symptoms

So moving on swiftly to what I call that withdrawal symptoms, neither here nor there period otherwise known as that dull boring week between Christmas and the New Year, I was sitting in the basement of a favourite book shop of mine in London’s Tottenham Court Road, late one afternoon, with a nice cappuccino randomly flicking through a copy of the footprint Mexico Handbook and the first page I opened was Mexican highlights with a colour map where included in the highlights was a Place on the Gulf of Mexico Called Veracruz which read ‘Exuberant hedonism at one of Mexico’s most fabled port and party towns’. Yep, that was it, that was the place.

mexican pussy
Latina pussy

So, getting my smart phone out before buying the book I first checked online if there were any direct flights from the UK to this place called Veracruz which there aren’t apparently. So the next question was, is it possible to fly there from Mexico City and the answer was, according to my research yes, there are many flights daily and there was even the option of taking one of the frequent long distance bus services from Mexico City which takes around 5 to 6 hours.

According to Skyscanner, flights to Mexico City from London whilst not direct, were no more expensive than flying to Bangkok, Singapore or Jakarta with the only two currently direct flights from London with either BA or Aeromexico being a bit pricy. Most of the cheaper non direct flights which came up were via the US which adds a lot of time on spent actually travelling and with the exception of Canada, it was not a route I was not keen on doing.

Next question which was just as important to me as I like to spend the odd afternoon on the beach was what was the weather going to be like, and the answer was fairly hot with average high temperatures reaching around 24 *C and what about the cost of hotels? A quick look at showed very comfortable first class hotels with nice swimming pools close to the main square for around only $30 to $40 US per night. Now that was tempting but not all was done and dusted.

There was still the question of safety, which I was still to research further especially with that incident reported on the news still fresh in my mind about a member of the Mercedes F1 team being robbed at gunpoint in Mexico City whilst travelling from the airport during the last Mexican Gran Prix.

Lawless Place

Mexico is a lawless place, a well-meaning person told me. Just think about that, that is frightening but so is Cambodia according to some and any country where they have a very low paid and corrupt police force can also be lawless so the list can go on and on. But from a personal point of view what did concern me the most was the fact that just like Sir Paul, we both like to venture out and explore with no stones left unturned every mongering corner, nook and cranny from top to bottom in any town for as long as it takes, so constantly hearing the same thing about stick to the main resorts etc, and don’t venture too far off the beaten track and you will be ok still gave me that burning doubt about would I be able to hold back and restrain myself from doing just that.

Sometimes I’m not sensible.

However, researching further and reading further still, I came to the conclusion that even for a die-hard mongerer like me, most places in Mexico are no more dangerous than most cities in the world. For sure I would be keeping away from drugs and small border town people smugglers.

There and then, booked

Anyway, with my time off less than a couple of weeks away and still undecided at that point where to go for 10 days plus an extra 2 to compensate for the travelling and jet lag etc, I decided, as I also had a wedding to go to when I returned and needed the rest of the time I still had off to get things in order at home, I whittled my preferred choice of destinations on the Skyscanner App down to Singapore, Jakarta, Mexico City, Havana (still with an open mind if the price was right), and San Jose, Costa Rica was added to my search from any London airport thrown in for good luck. After searching flights on and off for two days and fine tuning the days of departure, and seeing the prices rise and drop a bit before checking again, out of the blue popped up a very good deal with British Airways with a convenient Saturday lunchtime departure flying direct from London Heathrow to Mexico City but would mean me being away for 1 extra day which I booked there and then.

Coming up in Part 2 I find my feet and bearings in Veracruz and have my first Mongering Experience.

By Monger Matt.

13 thoughts on “Where in the World to Monger, Mexico City?”

  1. Great preamble Matt, you got me hooked and looking forward to the next instalment from Mexico. Mexico has always attracted me also, but the danger has put me off and then its the research you have to put in. I was watching something on Acapulco recently on TV and there was people being murdered on the beach, in the street in front of tourists. The authorities were desperate to curb it.

    Im now in a similar situation for around June time, want to take either a 2,3 week break or it will be a few months again, depending on how the current work situation goes. But the weather is a major factor for me, June would just be too hot for somewhere like Cambodia or Cuba.

    Of course the most important thing is the quality and quantity of girls available, that they dont break your budget or give you a bad time, that you wake up the next morning with or without a girl and have no regrets.

    What about the Philippines? ever been? My next long haul to Asia will include some time spent in Cebu with probably a stopover in Manila and a visit to that old mongers favorite Angeles.

    What about an FKK tour through Germany closer to home, tried that before?

    1. Talking about The Philippines. The only area know for mongering in Cebu is Mango Square. You can find many cheap freelancers in Colon Street but i think this area is unsafe at night and looks a bit of a shithole. Why not try Subic Bay? it’s a smaller scene than Angeles but also cheaper and you’ll have all the girls to yourself as it isn’t as busy. There’s also a decent beach with some floating (naughty) bars.

      Anyway i don’t feel safe going back to The Philippines now that Duterte is president with his war on drugs and extrajudicial killings. Any scumbag who robs you can easily frame you for having drugs and shoot you without a second thought and we all know how corrupt the police are.

      1. Thanks for your input Theo Great, you come across as a very experienced traveller and monger.
        Tijuana is always a place I would really like to spend a few nights in, but not easy to get to if your in the UK.
        Tijuana, Angeles, Pattaya, German Fkks, are all hardcore monger destinations where it is easy to get laid, almost served on a plate.
        I would love to include a detailed, even historical report on Tijuana, interested? 🙂

        But sometimes as mongers we dont always want hardcore pro hookers offering it on a plate, in some places you maybe have a better chance of meeting non pro or semi pro girls, almost sweet in semi normal circumstances. I mean we dont always want to go back to the hardcore mongering destinations, we are also travellers, wanting new experiences and most places have some P4P scene going on especially where there are tourists. Maybe Matt was looking more for that kind of experience?

        BTW, I have been to Subic long time ago now, 2006, it was upcoming then, I was thinking why dont they move the Angeles scene down to Subic

    2. Hello Sir Paul,
      I felt quite safe and relaxed in Mexico, even while going out at night, but did not stay out too late apart from on my first night in Veracruz. While having only myself to blame, the only real problem or situation I had was in Mexico City on my last afternoon when I let my guard down and relaxed a bit too much while trying to take some ‘discreet’ pictures of some street pros. Lucky for me I remembered seeing earlier some police standing in a nearby street and I just walked over to them as quickly as I could without running.

      Of all the cities I have been to in the world, by the way, I have never seen as many police and tourist police out there on the streets as I have seen in Mexico City. But still, it’s a good idea to always be on your guard and to try and keep out of trouble.

      Girl wise the prices were cheap. The least amount of cash I paid short time was 200 pesos which was around lunch time which included the price of the room, a blow job and 1 quick pop. No longer being a big drinker, clubber and night owl, what I liked about Mexico was being able to enjoy a bit of afternoon or even morning delight if I wanted.

      Been to and have enjoyed the delights of Manila but it was a long time ago and only for a long weekend but I was more into Thailand at the time. The only country I haven’t been to in that part of the world is Vietnam, and I constantly see some good deals on Vietnam airlines using Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh as their main hub to other SE Asian cities so that’s another possibility, maybe, while enroute to somewhere else in the future.

      Haven’t tried the FKK scene yet but still, good option for somebody who’s already in Western Europe but a bit short of time.

      A mongering report I would be interested to see one day though would be on those romance tours to places like the Ukraine and Russia where they hook you up with so called non pros to socialise in a non-mongering environment like disco evenings and days out sightseeing, but where a lot of mongering or thoughts of mongering goes on like on Journey Man pictures The Desperate Western Men Hunting For Wives In Ukraine which I saw on You Tube.


      1. I think on my next trip to Asia, I will spend alot more time in the Philippines. Vietnam more to just say done that, been there, The vietnam girls in Cambodia were good when they could work the bars etc, but Vietnam itself comes across a bit conservative to me, but dont know until you try, no two peoples experience are exactly the same. You would enjoy a trip to some FKKs, I do recommend an FKK trip to all serious mongers, just for the experience. But you are definately peeking my interest in Mexico, looking forward to the next installments, thanks for sharing

  2. In Veracruz, stay near Zamora Park. That is where it’s all happening but don’t expect to find a big mongering scene. Really, you want to be in Tijuana, where the biggest sex scene is in Mexico.

    Tijuana used be very safe but then went thru a very dangerous period for a few years with gang wars but that has seem to be cleaned up since couple of years ago and now it’s the safest place to monger again in Mexico.

    Fly to San Diego and make that border crossing to Tijuana. It is the easiest route.

    1. Thanks for that Theo.

      Where I was staying by the main Square/Malecon was only 10 to 15 minutes walk from Parque Zamora.
      For sure nearby was Ground Zero for the street girls, short time fuck hotels and freelancer bars (be it no thrills, plastic chairs inside Mexican style) and unknown to me until about my second to last day in Veracruz, Parque Zamora did have semi and even non pro possibilities which I will go into, in more detail, in a later report.

      Definitely will return to Mexico at some point and will definitely travel around a bit even up to Tijuana.

  3. Perhaps there are different forces operating in Subic and Angeles so they don’t want to step into each other turfs?

    In my experience, i think the easiest place for women is the Philippines for pro, semi and non. You find them everywhere in the Philippines and are every approachable. But if you are going to get serious and have a relationship, be prepared you wouldn’t just be supporting your gf but her family and the whole god damn barangay (ie, village) as well, even if she has an office job, lol.

    Indonesia is also an easy place for pro, semi and non but with the current situation that most Indonesians prefer a muslim leader over an non-Muslim leader, things might get stricter if they introduce more Islamic laws? only time will tell?

    You can pull a non pro anywhere in places you have mentioned but it takes a lot of time. If you are only traveling for a couple of weeks, is it worth the effort? To do this, you really need to be an expat in said country. Women will not bother with you if they know you are just staying short time and quite rightly so, why would anyone start a relationship knowing you are going to piss out very soon. If it does happen, it’s more for financial gains. Also, language and culture can be a barrier in most cases.

    But don’t try to pull a non-pro in 3rd world countries unless you are serious about a relationship, it ain’t fair on the girls if you are only looking for sex and nothing more.They have more to lose, imo…

    I don’t think you can top Pattaya, anything goes. Maybe that explains why you go there so often. The problem with Thais is language in most cases. It gets tedious when you can’t have a good proper conversation. Same in most South American countries.

    If you have game, money and time, it doesn’t matter which country, i’m pretty sure you’ll pull one way or the other.

    As for Tijuana, i think there’s enough on the web about it but a blog that stands out for me is:

    1. I just want to add. Things to do and places to visit is also very important to me because mongering after a few nights gets really tedious. I think Philippines is a great destination to visit for its diversity in SE Asia. Southern Philippines is even more stunning with it’s nature but just a shame you have Abu Sayyaf (a Jihadist terror group) so avoid the south at all cost. I’m sure the Muslim population are generally really friendly and welcoming but having a terror group kicking around doesn’t help.

      You have white and pink beaches, crystal clear water, amazing sunsets, volcanoes, rice fields, waterfalls, mountains, jungle, colourful corals and marine life. You wouldn’t find this kind of diversity in Thailand. My only complain is that filipino food is bland. Surprisingly, being a former Spanish colony, i see it quite like Mexico in some ways, though a hell lot safer to travel around.

      But like i said, with it’s current political situation, it’s not looking good, sadly. Perhaps, i’m just being paranoid or just stay the hell away from big cities like Manila.

    2. No I more mean a girl who has a regular job, nurse or student etc but occasionally turns tricks rather than doing it all the time, so probably more mean semi pro. A long time ago in Thailand although all the girls worked full time in the gogos beer bars it was difficult to see many of them as pro. Many of us had to learn a tough lesson about getting affectionate with such girls. we genuinely fell in love or believed we would get serious with said girl.

      My theory now is part of the reason not so many girls enter the bar scene is because its a lot harder to get sponsors. so much more info on the internet today than 10-15 years ago.

      Im really not interested in long time, just dont like hardcore pros and seen alot of them. Just regular girls in need of some cash and also enjoy fucking and not too difficult to find. There has to be some fantasy too.

  4. Matt you sure got that bit right about the lack of short time girl friendly guest hotels in Havana. Was there last year stayed at the famous 5 star hotel Nacional which was comfortable and exspensive but still the room was basic and not girl friendly from outside but they had on tap I think some real hardened older looking pros. Much better looking girls to pick up from on the street but that was only half the battle because you then had to pay negotiate and trust her to take you to a safe area in someone’s flat or apartment.

    1. Iv updated the last sentence to include a link to part 2. I admit it is not that obvious as sometimes the next post is not in the same story. The best thing to do is keep following the next post arrow at the bottom until you find it. Alternatively click the Mexico category at the top of the post to get all the posts for Mexico for example. Or add Mexico part 2 into the search box.

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