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Russian Girl Fuji Hong Kong

Hong Kong 2 – A Tale of Two Russians (Part 3 – Redemption)

I really wanted to fuck this Mainland China girl. Her picture drove me nuts for days and the reports of mainland hotel girls indicated accurate pictures and great service. My schedule for Hong Kong was packed and everything boiled down to this one night.

The night was ticking away and I was at the Fuji building. It was 11 pm when I arrived at Fuji, there wouldn’t be anytime left to fuck this China girl. All I have left is just this picture.

mainland china girl
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Russia Moscow

I eventually made it down to 3/F in the Fuji building  and this floor was laid out differently. It had long hallways so maybe the flats were converted differently or the building was deeper. As I got to the end of one hallway, the door opened and a slim brunette girl was facing me in a pair of black panties and a strappy top. One of her pink nipples inadvertently poked out between the straps. She was taken off guard as was I. We made eye contact and she gave a big warm smile and I said hello. I asked where are you from and she says, “Russia, Moscow”. I asked for her name and through her warm voice, it was “Marsha.” I stared at her pink nipple and I was immediately taken. How much? She says $800 (~$100 USD) I asked her if she was busy because she came out to flip her sign to “Wait”. She said no, but asked for 5 minutes as her phone rang.

She closed the door and I wandered down the hallway.  I thought, I gotta have this girl but I’m not really sure.  Spending more money? Another Russian girl? Another bad experience to come?  She opened back up in less than a minute and caught me at the end of the hall so I walked back over.  “Marsha can I come back in a few minutes?  I need to get money”.  I had plenty of money but I was thirsty, hungry and needed some time to recompose.  I bought some items at the convenience store across the street, and returned 5 minutes later.   While walking up to 3/F, I realized I was exhausted.  I knocked, she opened the door and was greeted by her warm smile again.
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Russian Pussy Cat

This Russian girls room was small and hot. The heater was on full blast. I looked at her and gazed at her. Her face, smile, body and beautiful pink nipples really got me. I gave her money, took off my clothes and showered in a bathroom with a glass window. From the shower, I could see the girl that would soon be mine.

russian fuji girl
Russian girl showering

This Russian girl was gorgeous and I could not take my eyes off of her.  I’m not used to brunette hair, pale skin, skinny waist, and pale pink nipples. She was also cheery, playful, and always smiling.  She would look at me and smile, meow at me and claw like a cat.  It was completely adorable.  She even smoked a cigarette which I detest, but it was faint and there was an air filter.  I was so mesmerized I didn’t care.

russian whore fuji
getting ready

I sat on the bed and my Russian pussy cat came over on all fours, catlike with demure eyes, put on a condom and started sucking.  It was wonderful.  We started out in doggy where I admired her slim body but beautifully shaped wide ass.  We did some missionary and I looked at her face and she smiled back.  I grabbed her small breasts and played with her tender pale pink nipples.  Some time had passed and I was having some issues.

The earlier encounter coupled with the hot room and exhaustion took their toll.  She offered a hand job and it was great and got me very near, so I asked to go doggy to finish off… She reluctantly agreed as time was running out, but she took so damn long to go clean up in the bathroom, switch another condom by the time she got back, I had issues again.  We went back to Hand Job but it didn’t feel the same now.  She pressured me to finish and I asked if I could give her a big tip for some more time and she said sorry, it will have to be another paid session. I called it quits as I was already very pleased.  All this time she was still being a total Russian doll to me.  “Meow!” she teased and clawed. I cleaned up and she showered.  I peaked through the glass to get one last look at her gorgeous Russian body.

russians working in hong kong
Russian girl

Chit Chat

Chatting with her, I learned she was 21 and was leaving in 3 days (tags on her suitcase said Aeroflot, a Russian carrier). We got along very well throughout the whole session. I asked her for a picture and she tempted me by saying, “come back tomorrow and I’ll give you one”. I told her I would return. She works 2pm – 2am. I acted as if I would return and she gave me one last big smile and a final “meow” before I walked out. Farewell Marsha from Russia Moscow, but I will leave Hong Kong in the morning. Satisfied, this time I truly felt “Mission accomplished”.

by Mr. Q

4 thoughts on “Russian Girl Fuji Hong Kong”

  1. I think you have a fetish about pink nipples like I have about a nice tidy trimmed or hairy pussy 😛 Nice ass on that Russian girl. I wish I could get a job in somewhere like hong kong, to work and monger in the same place would be a new experience.

    I have been in that position a few times where you cannot cum, where maybe your eyes are bigger than your balls, short of time and trying to fit in multiple sessions without refueling. Or where something interrupts the flow.

    Now I am alot more casual, I only strike if I feel real horny, can mean many days without a session, other times its because I just cant find a girl that ticks my boxes. Come close a couple of times, but still never had to wank when travelling. Building up that horny feeling makes you try harder and all the better once you find a girl to your liking.

    1. I’m planning my next trip… It’s going to be toss up between to satisfy familiar fetishes or head for new horizons =)

      1. would be great to have some fresh reports from Malaysia, I know your thinking of, its always good to expand your horizons, not keep going back to the same old same old, even if it just makes you appreciate the same old, Im hoping to go away in June again somewhere, Any suggestions as I am at a bit of a loss on where to head next?

  2. Hong Kong is in my to do list! As national of XYZ I don’t really need a visa, plus I would love to hit those walk up apartments to fuck plenty of chinese girls…the russian girl ls hot as fuck with a great ass, but having sex with a western whore in Asia isn’t a bit too mechanic? no feelings at all…really business for them since they are pretty disted in the region.

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