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Santa Maria Sal Cape Verde

It was winter and fancied a week off with some sun.  Flying from Europe and the UK, Canary Islands are popular in the winter including Tenerife as is Agadir in Morocco, but decided on the island of Sal in Cape Verde, so the islands of Cape Verde off the west African coast was where I was heading.

Thomson Flights

The Christmas week is popular with tourists for getting away so not booking a package need to be careful can get both a flight and hotel or apartment booked separately.  The two most popular islands for tourists in Cape Verde are Sal and Boa Vista, with Sal being the more popular.   Hotels were no go over the internet but looked like there was lots of apartments available on AirBnb.  So I booked the flight with Thomson.  Thomson are also a popular choice for a visit to Gambia.  Anywhere along the coast of west Africa is a good choice for some winter sun with a 4 to 6 hour flight and remaining in the same time zone.  So my return flight was booked with Thomson heading to the island of Sal in Cape Verde.  The main resort on Sal is on the southern end of the Island in a town called Santa Maria.

AirBnb Woes

There were alot of apartments available in Santa Maria for the week I was staying there, so I got busy and attempted to book one.  But later it got rejected and told it was already booked.  This happened a couple of times and I was getting concerned.  Others did just not confirm at all and with only a few days to go had to cancel, note in this situation AirBnb still take their percentage.  Not good.  Finally one was prepared to rent me an apartment outside of Airbnb, an apartment not listed on Airbnb, obviously this is risky but decided to give the situation the benefit of the doubt.

Turns out if landlords dont like the look of you, or there holding out to rent to a beautiful member of the opposite sex, nothing you or Airbnb can do about it.  The advantage of booking up through Airbnb is that if your landlord not show up once you arrive, you can contact AirBnb and they are obligated to provide you alternative accommodation free of any extra charge.  This is true of course with hotels too, a whole lot less risky.   So I was anxious, I was told a driver would be waiting for me at the airport in Sal Cape Verde to take me to my apartment.

London to Sal Cape Verde

Flight from London UK to Sal Cape Verde went Ok, full of tourists though, family fascists stuffing their fat faces, neighbours from hell types some of them.  Once we arrived at Sal airport there was a dust storm in progress, low visibility, no sun or blue sky but very warm.  Apparently in recent times these dust storms are now pretty common in Cape Verde being blown over from the Sahara on mainland Africa.  Pretty chaotic getting through customs. You can get a visa on arrival for Cape Verde but cost 25 euros, you need to head straight to the visas booth before going through passport control, expect big queues.

Santa Maria Apartment

Eventually made it through and picked up my luggage and into arrivals.   Half a dozen or so drivers holding up named cards but could not see my name Paul MongerPlanet!  I was worried, but had a phone number so made a call, lucky they spoke English and told on their way another 5 minutes, relief and they showed up and took me to my apartment.  Its approx 30 minute drive from the airport in Sal to Santa Maria, if going by private taxi expect to pay around 10 to 15 euros more expensive at night time.

Santa Maria Sal Apartment
Cape Verde Apartment

Apartment was good but looked like in the middle of nowhere and half a building site, Santa Maria is expanding as Cape Verde attracts more tourists.  Its a safe alternative to the other north and west African Muslim countries.  I was not far from the main drag though about a 10 minute walk, just need to remember where I am when walking back in the dark.

sal cape verde beach
santa maria beach

So after unpacking and freshening up I headed out that evening, the beach near where I was situated was nothing to photograph, I was hoping for better further up.  I found a beach bar nearby though and ordered a beer and a pizza and chilled for an hour.

The main drag for bars and nightlife in Santa Maria Sal Cape Verde is a street called Rua 1 De Junho.  A few minutes walk down Rua De Junho and a few lively bars come into play.  Check out my mongering map of Santa Maria Sal Cape Verde which I compiled on the go.

Not that Santa Maria on the island of Sal is renowned for mongering I was more there to catch some winter sun but I also know where there are horny tourists there is money and there is always whores and P4P not far away, you rarely have to dig deep to find some pussy.

Cape Verde Money

I had a pocket full of euros, everywhere will accept euros but the local currency of Cape Verde is the Escudo with Cape Verde being a former Portuguese colony.  If something costs 100 escudos in Cape Verde they will prefer 1 euro, thats because 1 euro is approx 110 escudos.  Converting currency obviously has a fee often 5 percent, if your in Cape Verde for just a week or so then not make much difference but if your there long term then you need to get a good exchange rate for your currency into Escudos.  Banks even local shope will exchange money.  There are many reliable ATMs all along Rua De Junho accepting both Visa and Mastercard, so no worries getting local escudos but need to check bank charges.

Chilling out in Santa Maria

And so it was my first night in Santa Maria, Sal Cape Verde I had a few beers in the Chill Out Bar, not many in and the barmaids, local Cape Verde girls had that hardcore hooker look, maturer, tattoos and overweight.   Cape Verde girls are mostly mulatto, or mixed race, European mostly Portuguese and African which has occurred over the centuries.

african european teen girl naked
mixed race african girl

So much so that now like Brazilians they are almost their own people with Mulatto breeding with Mulatto.  The majority of Cape Verde girls that I saw were not that hot with a few exceptions.  With the gene pool not that extensive, probably need a good injection of monger sperm.

I got approached by a couple of hardcore black hookers along Rua De Junho. I was not interested but inquired with one how much?  She wanted a 100 euros!  She was trying her luck no doubt some naive tourists pay this much.

reggae bar view
Rua De Junho

But I got chatting to another Brit travelling alone, semi monger, he told me the girls can be had for 30 euros.  He told me he had spent 4 days and nights with a local waitress in one of the bars and not paid her directly, just took her out etc.  I wandered around that night and covered some ground, nothing really in your face and lots of tourists, families about especially before 10pm.  Not surprising being the Christmas holidays.  A single guy would be better coming during school time to Sal in Cape Verde.

Back to the 70s

I spent my last hour in the rooftop reggae bar down Rua De Junho, good atmosphere with plenty of rasta type hustlers around, but all is friendly enough.  Reggae bar gets a few girls in, feels like your back in the 70s though with Bob Marley blasting out all night and wiffs of cannabis.  Even being in the same time zone still felt jet lagged with the early rise and 6 hour flight to Cape Verde, so called it a night.  I was in no rush to indulge in some mongering in Sal Cape Verde.  Plenty of time for that.

10 thoughts on “Santa Maria Sal Cape Verde”

  1. ‘Paul MONGER PLANET’ lol, I can just picture someone holding that sign up in the airport.

    As you are busy doing your report on Cape Verde another cracker will be on its way to mongerplanet, soonish, courtesy of me titled ‘Monger Matt’s Mexican Adventure’. I got some good pictures as well and I’m still pinching myself – but no it wasn’t a dream – last week in Mexico city I was paying around 15 British pounds for a 30 minute session which included in the price were short time rooms in seedy fuck hotels.
    Why did I choose Mexico?
    Is it safe out there to go off the beaten track a bit?
    Is it reasonably cheap?
    How was a white boy like me who stood out from the crowd treated, especially with all this Donald Trump business going on?

    All will be revealed soon.

    1. Matt look forward to your report on Mexico city. I was at the airport there last year but just for a transfer to Cartagena in Colombia
      Was tempted to take a trip into the city as had 5 hours to kill, but was scared lol

    2. Mexico City sounds interesting. I was about to go there last year, and then Zika virus hit so I went to Vietnam instead. Never intended to look for working girls.. just walk around and eat. Interesting to hear what you’ve found.

  2. Sal is not my favourite island when mongering in Cape Verde but I´m really interested in your updates from Santa Maria city. Did you learn Portuguese before you go? Look forward to your next reports.

    1. Hi Ricardo, thought you would be interested, you got me interested in Cape Verde and there were available cheap flights to Cape Verde Sal and Boa Vista direct from UK London, those are the two main tourist spots. Have you been to Boa Vista? got some more reports coming of actual mongering in Sal Cape Verde, Some guest posts coming too from Asia and Mexico. It not look easy to do some Island hoping once you are in Cape Verde Sal? A day trip to Boa Vista which had to be be a flight as sea to rough for boat trip was 250 euros with an agency. So I am guessing flying between the islands is not cheap?

      I know a bit of Spanish, and it came it handy, but not really have a problem with English, the hookers were mostly from Nigeria so all spoke perfect English, harder with some of the waitress local cape verde girls, but being a tourist ghetto, i guess speaking english with so many English tourists now visiting Sal

      1. Hi Paul, of course I´m interested in your reports from Sal island (Santa Maria), and very happy to have piqued your interest about CV. Never been to Boavista island so don´t have formed opinion but must be same as in Sal island. Not easy/cheap to go from an island to another and you have to be preapred for the bad service of TACV. Nowadays from Lisbon we have direct flights to the most important islands. Speaking spanish will help you in all countries that speak Portuguese. Next time in CV you have to try Mindelo in São Vicente Island, for me the best island in CV, Fly from UK to Lisbon and from here take a direct flight to Mindelo. Looking forward for your next reports.

        1. Ricardo, Boa Vista is suppose to be less popular with the tourist crowds, quieter, better beaches, but i guess there must be opportunities on Boa Vista for some P4P as on Sal.
          Sounds like a good trip next winter, a few nights in Lisbon then onto Mindelo, I know Cape Verde mongers recommend Mindelo, what about Lisbon for a night or two? any mongering in Lisbon you can recommend? I tried social networking/dating apps in Sal but all the girls on there were from Praia on Santiago, any experience in Praia? None replied to my requests, dont know if that is because they knew I was a tourist on Sal and there was no way of meeting, or just not interested. The couple of girls I chatted to on Badoo I saw in the bars of Santa Maria anyway, so pro girls

          1. Lisbon is a great city but not for mongers. There are lot´s of sex available but the good looking girls are expensive and only for short-time. I recommend 2 or 3 clubs where you can find hot girls only at night time and for about 100euros, the real hot ones cost about 200 euros for short-time. The clubs are: Elefante Branco ( street Luciano Cordeiro); Gallery ( Av. Duque de Loulé) and Night and Day in the same street, they are all near from each other. In these clubs you go there have a drink choose a girl, pay her a drink and go with her to short time hotel room nearby or to your own hotel. In daytime I recommend to search in site Classificados X there are fake profiles in the site but there are real hot girls too and very cheap for about 30 to 50 euros. You call them got to an apartment or call them to your hotel. There are many escorts sites too but they are more expensive. There are street action during daytime also but the girls are a little bit hardcore. One day I will do a report from my own city and will tell you all….. .
            Had nice experiences in the past at Praia but today Santiago Isaland is a dangerous palce I do not recommend. Never tried those dating apps but will do it soon here and abroad.

            1. Thanks Ricardo, Lisbon sounds like fun for a night or two, I have heard of this club Elefente Branco, I not mind paying up to a 150 euros for the odd one night here and there if the girls are hot. You would not walk out of a german FKK with any change from 150 euros. A mongering report on Lisbon would be really cool from you. I guess you will be heading back to Thailand this year? The dating apps are always worth a try wherever you are in the world, can go from nothing to being spoilt for choice, they not work at home for me at all. better luck on sites like craigslist,

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