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Best Mongering Review 2016

Happy new Year mongers! It’s customary for my first post to be a review of mongering of the year gone by, to give a summary of the best and worst mongering experiences that happened during 2016.  I did a mongering review of 2015 and it was well received.  I visited 6 countries during 2016 including 5 new ones. So here goes a review of the best sex destinations and experiences of 2016. Enjoy.

Seeking Arrangement

The year started pretty well with a recommendation to join seeking arrangement of which I did.  I met a few cute local exotic girls fucking them on average for £150 but getting both the porn star and girlfriend experience.  Eventually I got a couple of the girls down to £100 a session.
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These were cute girls, students late teens early twenties.  As usual with dating sites, it soon dries up as you work your way through the local talent being the new sugar daddy on the block.  Not cheap either, but better experience than paying local escorts the same fee.  Its hard to draw a defining line between paying an escort and paying a girl you meet off Seeking Arrangement, they will often say I am not a prostitute or escort, so lets say semi pro girls.

Cartagena, Colombia

The first thought that comes to mind when reflecting on Cartagena Colombia is Tinder.  Tinder in Cartagena is mongering heaven.  Prime time is around 5pm in the evening and lots of young gorgeous latina girls come online looking to turn some tricks and make some money.  The price being around 1500 to 2000 pesos for a session. The highlight from Tinder in Cartagena was the petite curvy latina that contacted me one evening and come round with just a red shirt on and no underwear and fucked my brains out.

tinder teen latina cartagena
Tinder latina teen

Unforgettable.  She obviously not just want money but was not going to fuck for free either.  Great experience.  Oh those tender tinder latina teens from Cartagena.

Its hot and humid in Cartagena and the beach is not a relaxing or pleasant place to hang out during the day.  These places are like tourist ghettos.  Colombian people though are some of the friendliest you will meet.  Other mongering options in Cartagena are plenty including the nightclub La Dolce Vita, the out of town brothel casa Rosario, to name but a few.   I would like to return to Colombia but spending a few nights in Bogota and then onto that mongers favorite Medellin.

Riga Latvia

I decided to leave my job and take at least 3 months off.  Problem was it was early summer so Asia and Latin America, Caribbean would have been to hot and humid for me.  Madagascar was on my list to do, but not really feel up to that kind of adventure.  Decided to do a tour through the Baltic states of Eastern Europe starting off in Riga Latvia.

freedom monument
Riga Radisson Blu

Eastern Europe is so overrated for mongering.  Dont know what I was hoping to find in a modern city like Riga in Latvia.  I guess I was hoping I would get lucky with a Latvian beauty.  Try my luck.  The best I could manage was a Russian MILF freelancer in the Friends basement nightclub of the Radisson Blu hotel.  Riga is a nice city though with the main drag being Kalku street, late at night watch out for scammers.  While in Latvia should have gone a bit off the beaten track and maybe tried a coastal city like Ventspils before heading into Lithuania.   No luck on the dating sites like Tinder.

Klaipeda, Lithuania

From Riga took a 4 hour bus journey into Lithuania to the coastal city of Klaipeda.  Mongering in Klaipeda was not easy, its illegal to escort.  Rip off strip clubs in an around the Amberton hotel which is pretty much the central spot.

Palanga Lithuania
Palanga Resort

I had to scrape the barrel to achieve some mongering in Klaipeda Lithuania.  I  tapped into the local classifieds Skelbiu something like using craigslist in London but alot worse.   Out of my comfort zone I wandered into some Lithuanian projects and had a fantastic fuck with some horny twenty something sexy Russian blonde only for her guy to walk into the apartment while I was naked with a filled condom dangling off the end of my cock.  Man I escaped that one, one of a mongers nine lives.

Mongering is pretty shit in Klaipeda, so much for the road less travelled, wandering off the beaten track.  Klaipeda does have some wonderful coast line and the weather was very hot, too hot in fact, reaching the 30s.  Lithuania does have some of the most beautiful European girls you will lay your tired eyes on.  Problem is it comes with an overbearing macho culture.

Vilnius, Lithuania

From Klaipeda made my way to Vilnius the capital city of Lithuania.  Another 4 hour coach journey and I was not feeling well, like I had eaten something bad probably due to the heat in Klaipeda.  Had a lovely apartment in Vilnius from AirBnb but had to lay low for a couple of days due to bad shits.

exotic erotic massage
exotic massage

I had to try and fit some mongering in Vilnius and dropped some Imodium to keep the shits at bay.  The best I could manage was a happy ending in an erotic massage parlour in the center of Vilnius.  Vilnius was more laid back than Klaipeda and would have liked to experience more of it in good health.  But I had had enough of this trip and the shits which were not getting any better.  I really not fancy a 6 hour coach trip to Warsaw in Poland so decided to fly home and cancel the trip short.  Thats what I did.  No luck trying dating apps like Tinder in Lithuania.

Warsaw, Poland

A few months later end of August I resume my last tour through eastern Europe with a flight to Warsaw in Poland from London.  Again it was really hot, hitting the 30s again.  Mongering in Warsaw is pretty rampant with escort sites like Odloty.

novotel hotel warsaw
novotel hotel view

The strip clubs in Warsaw are not good, mature local MILFs dancing on the pole asking to much money.  Not being a late person I not try any of the many normal nightclubs.  Best I managed was an incall to the hotel, a first for me, a girl from Belarus, another first and an outcall, a big fat Polish bird gave me a great and much needed sloppy blowjob with CIM.  There is alot of misinformation on Odloty but lots of girls to choose from going for a 100 zloty.  The better looking younger girls, students and such like are asking for alot more though.  But some cheap mongering can be had in Warsaw.  For mongering in Poland though I prefer Krakow, strip clubs are much better.

Chisinau, Moldova

Chisinau in Moldova was my last destination in eastern Europe and the one I was most intrigued about visiting.  Moldova is the poorest country in eastern Europe with some of the most beautiful women.  Problem is even though Moldova is not in the European union there are many treaties and Moldovans can work most places in Europe except the UK.  This is now why you will find many working girls from Moldova on the streets in Zurich or working in FKKs in Vienna and throughout Germany.  Also to visit Moldova you dont need a visa anymore.  There is very little infrastructure in Moldova and now most local people there view you with suspicion that you must be a sex tourist. Why else would you come to Chisinau in Moldova?

cosmos hotel chisinau
cosmos hotel

Mongering in Moldova not start well, I went through the process, bars nightclubs, strip shows, hotel bars but nothing.  I was about to give up and then installed Badoo and Tagged and then the girls started coming in.  My last night in Chisinau I dated a local Moldovan girl, took her for dinner and got a fuck for free!  But dont expect an abundance of beautiful girls in Moldova dirt cheap, thats bullshit.

On Reflection

So struck a few more countries off my list, places I have always wanted to visit and ‘try my luck’ but the results are now pretty much predictable. I have no plans now to ever return to eastern Europe.  In hindsight the highlights of mongering 2016 were due to  phone dating apps especially Tinder and Badoo.  In some countries these dating apps work well, in others nothing, but always worth a try. Would be good to have a list by country of the best dating apps or websites to use, any such thing exist?

Going forward would like to see more P4P move onto mobile dating apps, would be good to see one dedicated to mongering something like Seeking Arrangements.  I am also realising I am beginning to hate travel, being stuck in a plane with a load of family fascists on their way to some tourist ghetto stuffing their fat faces.  Its all getting to predictable.  So thats what I am learning, going forward something needs to change.

Return to Asia

A few months back in the UK, still not working I planned on a return to Asia, Thailand, Cebu in the Philippines and Cambodia, now there are some countries I always want to return to, I was waiting for the cool season, November.  Problem was around this time, Brexit occurred  , UK Sterling took a nose dive and I not know where it was going to land, so cancelled my plans for a return to Asia and decided to go back to work, make some money.  Thats what I did.  Hoping to work for a year and return to Asia November 2017.

Now, I did visit somewhere over Xmas and New Year 2016, but not written that trip report up yet, so left it out for now.  So mongers, how was your mongering years 2016?  What are your plans for 2017?



6 thoughts on “Best Mongering Review 2016”

  1. Great summary. I’ve been absent for a while as I have a lovely black gf and I am trying to stay on the straight and narrow but I am very tempted to try Seeking Arrangement. Did you find it relatively easy to get responses from girls?

    1. Hi Adam, when I say something needs to change it might mean, I need to divert my resources and energy to getting a regular girlfriend, but the horrible reality of that is that it means a woman around my same age usually with a load of baggage. If you join seeking arrangement I think its going to be pretty typical to meet a couple of local girls pretty quick, of course they are wanting to maximise their income whereas you are trying to minimise your outgoings. So you need to come to arrangement on that. I had one ask for £1000 had to explain to her that sex is just never worth that much! I mean if I fucked her and then never wanted sex for another year it might be worth it, she eventually came down to £200 but I never got to meet her again, circumstances, these girls dont chase you. It makes me laugh they often say I am not an escort or prostitute, its hard for me to see it otherwise? They want their money and after the deed they want to go. Seeking Arrangement is not cheap but can be exciting and you will fuck some nice babes and there will be many that could have been

      1. I will let you know how I get on. Did you come across any scams? I’ve also noticed some girls that are in their 40s, good luck to them because they are up against girls half their age. I guess some of the younger girls really have unrealistic expectations but at the same time are either broke students or in low paid jobs so perhaps it is a case of reminding them of how long they would have to work for £100-200!

        1. No scams on seeking arrangement, yes there are a few deluded muttons on there, but they are a minority, just ignore them, there are many young beauties looking for a regular sugar daddy I noticed the price has gone up to join £60 1 month, almost too expensive now, considering you will be forking out £150 per meet on average, some will want more and some you will want bad, some wont drop below 300, the most I ever paid was 200 and she was not like her photos in person, more miss than hit and dries up, but then you get the odd new girl come online

  2. Say man, I just looked at the site Seeking Arrangements and it comes off as though the men must be loaded with cash. Question: how did you get to smash women for under $200 USD?

    1. If you are loaded with cash, it helps, the girls fantasise about meeting a rich older man where they do nothing and he handles over lots of cash. Others are just semi/pro girls who dont want to advertise on escorts sites or see themselves as pros. Initially you may pay more like 200$ but then on repeat visits you can get them down. I had some great fuck buddies off Seeking Arrangement, just wish they would keep on coming, but yes you need money, all in all may be better just finding a good reliable escort site or local brothel

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