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Fuji Building Hong Kong


One. Paying a woman for sex is exciting because it’s illicit. Two. “I want you now. Give it to me”. That makes me feel powerful. Three. Sex with no emotional attachment is selfish, greedy and satisfies a primordial lust. Four. Shopping for a woman, as if you were buying a service or an object should make me feel guilty but it does not.

Hong Kong 2 – A Tale of Two Russians – (Part 2 – the Infamous Fuji Building)

Romantic relationships are different. You can’t just have a woman because for her physical appearance alone (most people can’t). Relationships are fostered and not created with the exchange of a bank note. You can’t fuck your woman when you want and just walk away. It’s not that simple. When your woman opens up to you and surrenders in bed, that could be construed as having power, but it’s not, it’s a show of respect, trust, and intimacy. There are times you want intimacy and there are times when all you want to do is just shop and fuck. I’m greedy and I want both worlds.

Fuji Building

After the Russian hotel girl debacle in Hong Kong,  I had some business to take care of.  Around 10:30 pm or so I was done and ended up in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST).  I really wanted to check out a popular 141 walk-up in TST called Champagne Court but I realized that the infamous Fuji Building in Causeway Bay would be a better place to take some secret pics and video.  With that I jumped onto the Star Ferry across the harbour to Wanchai.  After about 10-15 mins of walking from the pier, through some sky bridges and high rise office towers, I arrived on Lockhart Road in Causeway Bay.

Lockhart Road is a mix of residential, restaurants, offices, and a couple of karaoke bars.  The Fuji building itself is nondescript with a convenience store across the road.  The street level of the Fuji building is occupied by two very nice upscale interior design studios.  I enter the Fuji building which had a beautiful remodeled entry of marble and brass.

fuji walkup hong kong
Fuji Entry

There are two elevators and a reception/security desk.  Ignoring the reception I entered the lift with a few other punters (most of the punters in the building are in their 20s and 30s).  Most will take the lift to 22/F (top floor) and walk down but I went up to 20/F to avoid the others in the elevator.
fuji walkup hong kong
typical walkup

As I walked around, I realized Fuji used to be a residential building with two flats per floor.  Each flat has been subdivided into 3 rooms with a total of 6 girls per floor.  With roughly 20 floors available (there are still a couple of residential/office flats) you have about 120 working girls in the Fuji building.

Fuji Mainland Chinese Girls

I didn’t plan on taking a working girl as I was still reeling from earlier Russian hotel girl, instead, my plan was to take pictures, videos and to see the infamous Fuji building.  I started going to some doors randomly.  Ringing, checking out the girl, politely declining (remember I’m nice) and then leaving.

chinese pussy no panties
chinese girl no panties

The Chinese Mainland girls were not bad.  Some were attractive and some not at at all (see video).
chinese girls fuji hong kong
Unattractive chinese girls

They were mostly mid to upper 20s. They were not model quality but decent and affordable at about $500 HKD ($65 USD).  Even after a couple of floors, I still wasn’t interested in another round so I just kept on knocking and exploring.

Fuji Laotian girl

I happened upon a Laotian girl on 14/F and she had an interesting look and was super friendly.  She looked Asian but had some non-oriental traits and fair skin.

fuji laotian girl hong kong
laotian girl

She wasn’t gorgeous or anything but was ok.  She kind of got me interested…. sooo I wrote down her room number.  I began to think that a second round could now be plausible if there was something interesting to be found.
At this point, I’ve probably knocked on 15-20 doors.  I’m starting to feel that knocking on every girl’s door is silly.  You knock, the girl has to get up, answer the door, and there’s a large chance you won’t give her business which means she has to go sit back down and the process repeats until she finds a customer.  Sometimes, someone knocks, guy declines, only for the next guy to knock on the door 5 or 10 seconds later.  In a building where there are only a few girls and only a few punters, this door knocking isn’t so bad, but in a building with potentially over a hundred girls and hundred punters, it’s door knocking and answering madness.  Why can’t they just sit or stand at a glass door or leave the door open just as they do in Amsterdam?  Well in Hong Kong, it’s illegal to solicit sex, so by having glass doors, or standing at the open door, you’re soliciting.  <sigh>  ok… back to the story.

Russia Moscow

I kept on going and then I happened onto Russian girls on floor 11/F and 9/F.  Russian girls in 141 walkups? What? I thought they were only in hotels.  They all wanted $800 HKD.  A cute long haired brunette a thick blonde from Moscow, a bleached blonde from Moscow, they were all Russians from Moscow.

fuji russian girls hong kong
big russian girl

All from Moscow, really?  There were even 2 doors with Ukrainian girls, but I didn’t knock as I missed the sign and didn’t realize it until I reviewed the video at home.

To be continued…
By Mr. Q

4 thoughts on “Fuji Building Hong Kong”

  1. reminds me of my first visit to the infamous Fugi building in Hong Kong, they were doing the building work then, looks very posh now from the outside. I think the general consensus was you were not to look at other punters, I was also into secret filming then. It does make you wonder so much secret filming goes on there, that anyone with a bag could be considered suspicious. Karma and all that, be careful. I would not say one of those Chinese whores is ugly, the one in the middle, opening the door with no panties on and little tidy hairy pussy turns me on, wish these places were not 6000 miles away. Oh to work in Hong Kong, I guess the novelty would soon wear off

    1. it’s Hong Kong and half the ppl walking around have a bag or backpack or whatever so a bag is not a big deal. The one in the middle was pretty tidy, but she just wasn’t my type. Some of them were really friendly.. if I ever get to it, I will make a video of me talking to them. there were a lot of cute girls, but I only record some.

      I wish I had more time to play… unbelievable I spent 4 days there and only had time on my very last night.

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