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Russian Hotel Girl Hong Kong Go141

Hong Kong is place which I’ve never did any mongering research and just did whatever I learned on the streets.  This time in Hong Kong I started looking around on the web and found mountains of info on Sex141/Go141/forum.  In my previous posts, I said that Miss148 was my favourite, but no longer.  The selection of girls on Go141 is simply unmatched.

On my previous trips I did 141 walk up and mongered in some of Hong Kongs less desirable areas and not being too pleased, I wanted something different.  I picked out a couple hotel girls as hotel girls provide better service, environment, and better looks.  However I soon learned that picking out girls too far in advance is a practice in futility.  The hotel girls are usually flown in on tourist visas and are only in Hong Kong for a week or two and can disappear from the websites at any time (note that Mainland China girls are only issued 7 day tourist visas).  Since they are on tourist visas, they technically should not be prostituting, but they do anyways.

The plan

 A day or two before arriving in Hong Kong I made some picks.  I had made up my mind that I wanted two hotel girls, a Russian girl and a Mainland Chinese girl with models looks.  I had missed Cat 150 Mainland girl in Singapore  so I am still playing catch-up to Sir Paul.  But you maybe wondering, why a Russian girl in Hong Kong?  Why not a Mainland Chinese girl?  Simply because I can’t fuck Russian girls where I live not to mention I’ve never even met one.  I once had a Ukrainian girl in the Netherlands a long long time ago when I was young and I wanted another taste of pale skin and pink nipples, no easier place than Hong Kong I thought.

 Not According to Plan

 Arriving in Hong Kong, things didn’t go as planned and I finally found some free time on my last day in the late afternoon.  I checked for my Russian pick and she was still there.  I called the booking agent who confirmed her availability.  While on the phone l could hear instant messengers going off constantly.  I wondered if he was booking by IM or chatting up potential customers by pretending to be a working girl.  Nevertheless, I gave him a time and he directed me to the BP International hotel in Jordan.  BP International?  I’ve been there before for a banquet… It’s a huge respectable hotel and I wondered how they ran prostitution out of there?

I took the metro and called the agent when I arrived. He gave me the room number and I made my way up to the room.  Knock knock.  No answer.  I stood around for a minute and knocked again.

russian girl go141
Russian girl listing

Russian Hotel Girl Gomez

 A  Russian girl in a black robe answered the door and let me in.  She opened up her robe and showed me her body and asked is this OK?  I could now see her picture on the website was doctored but seeing how my time in Hong Kong was quickly running out, I conferred.

hotel girl hong kong
russian hotel girl
This Russian Hotel girl in Hong Kong was sleepy and cranky.  She spoke good English but was not up for small talk.  I asked if she is Gomez since that was the name on the website and she said “you can call me that if you want”.  I asked what’s your name and she said, in the bitchiest tone, “I don’t want you to know my name”.  I was trying to be nice with her but that didn’t score any points.  She could learn some customer service skills or get out of this business.
Looking at her brunette hair, fake boobs, skinny body, and tight little ass, I thought for a moment, her body is great but she’s such a bitch.  I still could have walked out but again, I thought of how I would have to leave in the morning and I still had another appointment later in the evening. With extremely limited time, it was now or never and I forked over the incredulous amount of $1200 HKD ($155 USD).

Dirty Laundry

The whole time I was looking for working girls in Hong Kong, I wondered how they got to Hong Kong.  How did their fixers operate?  What was the role of the booking agent?  What is the machine that brings these girls from all over to world to Hong Kong?  A girl just doesn’t show up in Hong Kong and say, I’m going to work out of this hotel room.  The mystery further deepened when I undressed and was handed a towel from a bag of nicely folded and shrink wrapped laundry.  Next to it was a discard can of used towels.  Someone is supplying her laundry service, but who?  The agent?  The hotel?  Is the hotel in on this?  The mystery deepened, but with less than 24 hours remaining in Hong Kong, this was a case I was not going to solve.

I Don’t Do That Shit

The forums depict Russian girls directing you to the shower and no more, while a Mainland Chinese girl would properly shower with you.  Just as countless others were directed to the shower alone, so was I.  While in the bathroom, I thought, my bag is out there and there’s a hidden camera in it.  I scampered back out and grabbed my bag.  I wasn’t comfortable with my belongings out there, ready to be discovered and mafia bosses alerted.  It could end very poorly for me.
While in the bathroom, I noticed a dark brown medicine bottle with a dropper with labels in Cyrillic.  It looked rather clinical, like some serum you would see in a doctor’s office.  Thoughts raced through my mind, did she have some horrid disease?  Or was it some vitamin?  I wanted to take a picture but she walked in to check on my progress because she didn’t trust me. She then had a fit, fearing that I was doing cocaine. I told her I don’t do drugs.  I visit whores but I’m a nice clean guy.  I don’t do that shit.
When I came out she had me get on the bed but she had a fit because I touched my bag after showering and she wanted me to wash my hands and then she had *another* fit because my soles touched the bed and that she would have her ass in the bed afterwards.  I sighed whatever… And just went with it.  She took off her robe, panties, and bra to reveal her fake boobies and scars.  She had random scars and blemishes in many parts of her body.  Her skin was pale but the blemishes made me afraid to touch those parts of her body.


I was super tense…. and this Russian whore didn’t make anything easy.  She told me to just lay there and relax and she started doing her job.  Blow job, covered, thank goodness.  I played with her fake breasts with pink nipples which I so highly coveted.  Her breasts weren’t super great or anything, but it was my first experience with fake boobs and now was time for yet *another* fit.
She complained that I was playing with her nipples and then proceeded to direct me to play with her breasts instead.  She even went so far to show me the technique to properly play with her breasts but not the nipples.  She then complained about how men in Hong Kong always play with her nipples…  your nipples are pink, they are rare in Hong Kong.  Live with it.  Whatever.
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A couple of positions later and it was done.  I came, but it was not the enjoyable satisfied “I conquered some girl” penultimate explosion release.  At least I felt a little vindication by making her moan. I showered and had more combative banter with her.  I noticed her suitcase and asked if she’s leaving in a few days… “A. Few days?  Only a few days?  A few weeks!”.

If you hate being a whore so much and if you hate being a whore in Hong Kong so much she should just get the fuck out of here.  She cornered me for a tip, “for my dinner” as she said.  I just gave her something and left.  Experience over.  I had my hotel girl experience, I had my Russian with pink nipples and walked out in disbelief.  Mission accomplished???

By Mr Q.

10 thoughts on “Russian Hotel Girl Hong Kong Go141”

  1. Ugh, what a bitch. I’m not surprised though. I think a lot of these white women coming to Asia are coveted by whatever agency they work for and are probably sucked up too. They know they’re whiteness gets them a high fee and they know they are a commodity that’s hard to come by in Asia and they know they can act like this. The best way to combat this sort of attitude is to simply not do business with them. Your experience would have infinitely better had you spent 150-180 (price seems to vary) at one of the Thai brothels in the Yau Ma Tei area OR any of the PRC walk ups.

    1. Russian women are known to be very rude even when not working in the business. My first contact with some Russian women was at Moscow airport transfer to Bangkok with Aeroflot. In the pub at Moscow airport the waitresses were just naturally rude. I met some friendly Russian girls on my recent tour through eastern europe, so got to try and not tar them all with the same brush. Is it not possible she is being trafficked? has not much choice in the situation? But not a great experience, not when money is being handed over, great story though and good information

    2. I’m not sure if all of Russian girls are like that as I had encountered others on that trip (I will have some stories and videos coming)….. but I think many of the hotel Russian girls are snobby based on the report of others.

  2. I fucked my fair share of Russian whores here in Madrid, and one told me that she in fact worked in Hong Kong, she complained about how asian men are really hairy down there with small cocks!
    I’ve only had a bad experience with a russian whore, whom I previously fucked but she didn’t remember me; I’ve had OK 2-3 ok experience and the others were quite good.
    Western Whores in Asia are a bit stuck up because they know they are desired, better fuck those eastern hotties in Europe where people are now used to them! Maybe if we don’t have a good experience with a whore might be because we’re not her type, don’t forget they have eyes too and see some guys better looking than others, plus they hate pubic hair…
    Mr Q, really like your video, if you had more you could make some money for a small monthly fee, but would have to keep em coming frequently — Sir Paul you could do the same and go back to secret secording, I would pay a small monthly fee for this kind of stuff…

    1. I wont be doing anymore secret filming, just a phase I went through, in fact I am a little concerned about hosting this secret filming, I may start putting it behind subscribers only. If you like that sort of thing, you should join asian sex diary

  3. Plus Gomez is a Spanish surname, it isn’t russian at al! Her real name probably Svetlana, Natalia, Irina, Nastia or something like that…

  4. If you really want Russian Whores, just visit Mother Russia , esp any 2nd tier city away from Moscow . They have this lineup call Tochka (точка) .
    Typically, a woman , known as a mammochka (Russian: “little mother”), will stand by a major road. A driver or taxi in search of prostitutes will approach her, and she will give the location of a nearby tochka. The taxi will proceed to this point, where another mammochka will be situated along with ten to fifty young women and several men who provide security. The mammochka will then invite the customer to name one of three prices, which can be quoted in Russian rubles or US dollars.

    Tall young white blonds/redheads for about US$50 for the whole night . (12 am to 7 am). Anyone who is above 20 years old is considered “old”.

    Not sure why anyone would want to find a Russian chick in Asia ??

    Asian Punter7

  5. Has anybody thought that maybe this girl has been trackficked or under the control of organised crime? I am not trying to police this blog or anything but for me it is a fine line. Nothing wrong with girls wanting to supplement their income by offering p4p or girls in developing countries offering GFE for a few days in return for cash and trips or meals in restaurants they would not normally eat at but this is something totally different.

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