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Pattaya Asian Sex Diary

It’s hard to find a seasoned monger who has not experienced Pattaya in Thailand.  With Pattaya often coined the mongering mecca of the world.  Second you would be hard pushed to find a monger who has experienced Pattaya who is not a repeat offender, having been to Pattaya many many times, probably lost count.  And so it is for Asian Sex Diary in Pattaya.

Asian Sex Diary in Pattaya features many Thai girls, non-pro, semi-pro girls and students picked up from the beach, dating sites, shops and shopping malls.  Asian Sex Diary in Pattaya of course also features many pro Thai girls having been bar fined from the many beer bars and gogos that can be found on almost every street cornet in Pattaya.

To jump straight into the action – Here is a video compilation of a wild and crazy week as experienced by Asian Sex Diary in Pattaya – A Thai pussy smashing success!

Lets take a closer look at some of the cute Thai girls Asian Sex Diary in Pattaya got to smash.

Gay  Beach girl in Pattaya

Gay was a petite and sexy Thai girl picked up from Pattaya beach during a hot day.  Gay was on the lookout for a rich foreigner to supplement her income.  Total Pattaya Pussy love resulted back in this Asian Sex Diary’s mongers hotel room.

Gay looked so cute on Pattaya beach  dressed in a nice yellow summer dress. After some chat up she came back in the hotel room, she could not wait to get her Thai pussy fucked by some white tourist cock. Fucking no condom was no problem with Gay, she just wanted her Thai pussy drilled. She sucked cock BBBJ and liked having cum splattered all over her Thai ass. Just your typical mongers day having fun in Pattaya and picking up semi pro Thai girls off Pattaya beach.

Gay Pattaya sex diary
Gay in Pattaya

Check out Gays photo gallery on Asian Sex Diary in Pattaya.  Personally I only relax on Pattaya beach during the day but there are options for picking up thai girls out of work hours on the beach if you are horny and on the look out.  Of course there is always freelancers on beach road in Pattaya.

Eye in Beer bar girl Pattaya

Eye was a skinny and lonely beer bar girl working in Pattaya, Eye was keen to get barfined and offer sexual favors to any white tourists who were interested.  And so it was one night Asian sex diary in Pattaya bar fines the cute Thai girl Eye and takes her back to the girl friendly hotel for some monger sex.

Eye looked real cute in her blue dress and matching light blue handbag, such a thai girly. Eye had a nice tight skinny thai body nice little thai tits and a natural Thai hairy pussy. Eye not mind fucking bareback no condom for the camera, enjoyed sucking cock and let this monger from Asian sex diary cum all over her face. A typical experience any monger will have in Pattaya with a beer bar girl.

eye pattaya asian sex diary
Eye in Pattaya

Check out Eyes photo gallery on Asian sex diary in Pattaya. Pattaya has 100s of beer bars spread out all over the city. A good concentration of beer bars are around soi 7 and soi 8 off beach road and second road. Also you have some big beer bar complexes along Walking street like simons beer bar. Many beer bars are open during the day with a smaller selection of girls, the night time usually has a lot more  beer bar girls working.  Sometimes you can find a stunner working in a pattaya beer bar, fresh from the farm.

Apple Student working in Pattaya

There are many students available in Pattaya too.  You can more find the students and non pro girls online on dating sites.  Also on the weekends in Pattaya many student Thai girls come down to party in the Walking street discos and maybe pay for the trip by meeting a rich tourist.  Apple was one such Thai student picked up by Asian sex diary in Pattaya one weekend.

Check out Apples photo gallery on Asian sex diary in Pattaya.

student asian sex diary pattaya
apple in pattaya

Meeting non and semi pro Thai girls online is alot more common in recent years. Of course you cant beat the fun of drinking in Pattayas many beers bars and gogos but you should also get online in Pattaya and meet some fuck buddies that way.

ping asian sex diary pattaya
student in pattaya

Ping was another student girl met in Pattaya by Asian sex diary.  She was met out shopping in one of Pattaya many shopping malls.  You can pick up girls anywhere in Pattaya.  Check out Pings photo gallery on Asian sex diary in Pattaya.

Walking Street Pattaya MILF

Walking street in Pattaya at night is one huge adult playground, packed out with gogos, huge beer bars, live music and nightclubs.  You can pick up freelancers along Walking street and so it was one night in Pattaya along Walking street that a horny crazy Thai MILF was picked up by Asian sex diary in Pattaya in a nightclub.

Aileen was a sexy crazy horny Thai slut MILF picked up, check out Aileens photo gallery from Asian Sex Diary in Pattaya.

MILF asian sex diary pattaya
MILF in Pattaya

There are so many options for fucking young Thai girls in Pattaya, but after a while you will fancy something more mature and more experienced, so there are plenty of options for fucking some Thai MILFs in Pattaya. Aileen was good sport back in the hotel room with asian sex diary monger. She would fuck only with a condom but sucked cocked bareback and not mind CIM. Again a typical nights fun in Pattaya.

Horny Pattaya Mall Worker

There are alot of shopping malls in Pattaya to tempt all those tourists to part with their hard earned cash.  As a monger in Pattaya you should not work out the shop workers in the malls of Pattaya, many Thai girls working in Pattaya shopping malls are game for some P4P.  But you need some game for this approach to work.  Of course beer bars and gogos are easy – you know they are sex workers in Pattaya.

Nid was one such Pattaya Mall worker eager to supplement her income and fill her pussy by meeting a generous tourist in her shop. Check out Nids photo gallery made by Asian sex diary in Pattaya.

hairy pussy pattaya sex diary
hairy pussy pattaya

Back in the hotel room Nid was not just desperate for some extra cash she was desperate for some big fat tourist cock too. Ok with no condom and getting her hairy Thai pussy drilled. Great sport Nid happy for a facial and CIM for the camera and Asian Sex Diary.

Pattaya beach girl Gib

Another hot day on the beach in Pattaya and another cute Pattaya beach girl chatted up.  Gib was just 18 yo.  She was fucked by an old pervert in Pattaya who had brought sex undies with him to Pattaya for his girls to dress up for him.

Gib enjoyed dressing up for her man and this pattaya pervert from asian sex diary. She loved wearing those lacy red panties and having her tight young thai pussy drilled at the same time. Check out Gibs photo gallery by Asian sex diary in Pattaya.

teen asian sex diary pattaya
teen in pattaya

Gib was such hot fun back in the cheap Pattaya hotel room. She not mind fucking barback, was happy to suck cock no condom and in the end got her teen thai pussy creampied, what a good sport to finish a fantastic weeks fucking in Pattaya as part of Asian Sex Diary tour through Asia.

Asian Sex Diary for Mongers by Mongers

Asian sex diary is not just an amateur reality porn site for mongers by mongers it is also a great mongering resource for any sex destination in Asia.  Asian sex diary is a forum, it has maps and many guides and how tos to fuck the best Asian girls all over Asia.  There is so much more inside Asian sex diary once you are a member.  I can only show you the tip of the iceberg of what is available inside the archives of Asian sex diary.

Asian sex diary is updated daily, follow the daily adventures of a professional monger permanently in Asia getting laid.  Help support mongerplanet and save yourself lots of time and money and join Asian Sex Diary today.  You have to speculate to accumulate.  Most members who have joined monthly through MongerPlanet have renewed their subscriptions to Asian sex diary. One month is just not enough to enjoy the thousands of amateur videos of Asian girls being fucked by mongers that cannot be shown as promotional material.

2 thoughts on “Pattaya Asian Sex Diary”

  1. talk about badass time. you encouraged me to go to thailand for my first time this year. now you encouraged me to want to go back. i only managed to go to soi cowboy but now i noticed after this article there is pussy everywhere to enjoy!!!!

    1. Thanks Hibache, I was only wondering yesterday how many trips abroad I have inspired. Perhaps the tourist boards of these countries owe me a kickback. You have to experience Pattaya. This post is a drop in the ocean of what is in the members area of Asian Sex Diary. There are so many more galleries and videos of asian girls whose identity needs protecting. Not just Pattaya and Thailand, many from China Cambodia and the Philippines all asian countries and cities. Asian sex diary is a great mongering resource. Porn for mongers made by mongers.

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