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The Badoo Girls of Chisinau Moldova

So on the ground mongering in Chisinau Moldova was not looking good.   Foreign tourists on the streets in Chisinau commanded no special status, if anything tourists to Chisinau were viewed with some suspicion, why come to Chisinau? good question, I was trying to discover why come to Chisinau.

Tinder in Chisinau

Three nights and on my fourth day into this Chisinau travel experience and still not laid, no Moldovan pussy, the bars and hotels in Chisinau had not delivered, time to concentrate my efforts online, at least I had a good internet connection.  I had used Tinder briefly in Warsaw Poland and could have had a couple of normal dates with women closer to my own age.  But that is not what I wanted, I wanted to plug into a semi pro market of young Polish adults, I guess in a place like Warsaw where prostitution is legal and sites like Odloty there is no call for semi pro girls to operate through sites like Tinder.  In Chisinau Tinder not even work, it had no presence in Moldova.

Moldova Escorts

Sat in my hotel room I dug deep into the forum archives on sites like the international sex guide and the world sex guide.  One promising prospect looked like an Moldovan escort site called  I tried ringing, sending emails but no replies, no replies ever, so do not know what the score is with MoldEscort.  

Makler classifieds

The world sex guide forum is on its last feet, but digging deep in the Chisinau Moldova forum managed to find the moldova classifieds equivalent called Makler.  On Makler you need to always translate to English in google and then goto the meet section.  Quite a few single looking girls with pics up on Makler, sent a few messages but English was bad, could not really communicate effectively with the few girls that did respond on Makler.  I guess also with semi pro girls like this, there was no way I was travelling out to some Chisinau ghetto to meet a girl I did not know.  That experience in Klaipeda Lithuania still fresh in my mind.  By now I was growing tired with mining through online options and headed to Andys Pizza along Stefan cel mare for some breakfast.  I felt disheartened, like persevering on Makler may be my only option.

Badoo Girls of Chisinau

Chomping on my sausage in Andys Pizza I decided to install some of the other dating apps on my mobile phone.  Apps like Badoo and Tagged.  Dont know why, maybe my subconscious was communicating with me that in the past I had read something off the PUA forums that Badoo worked in Chisinau.  Once installed and an account setup, suddenly there was no end of beautiful women in Chisinau on Badoo.  It was very rare I press not like as i swiped left through all the Chisinau girls with accounts on Badoo.  The list was never-ending, I could have sat there all day pressing like on the Badoo girls of Chisinau.  Question was, were any of these Badoo girls of Chisinau up for some P4P?

Its important to note that none of these dating apps have worked for me at home in London.  But each city and each country seems to have its own dating culture and favorite apps, so your past experience is no indicator of what to expect.  I mean Tinder in Cartagena Colombia was a mongering heaven.  So always worth a try but you do want to setup your phone with a local SIM and internet.

Russian Girl Big Tits

I started to get a few likes back, had I just discovered a goldmine of Moldovan pussy with Badoo in Chisinau?  Starting chatting to one Russian girl in Chisinau on Badoo aged 25.  She was little overweight, but huge tits and pretty.  With a few texts she started to tell me she had some money troubles.   Next thing she would offer me full sex for 750 leu and come over to the Cosmos hotel to meet me.  Again I was not doing outcalls with these semi pro girls off Badoo in Chisinau, no way.  I headed back to the Cosmos hotel with a spring in my step, a tingling in my testis and a semi erection.  I had not cum since that fat whore in Warsaw that let me CIM and I was as horny as hell!

moldova girl large breasts
large breasts

Arrange for this big titted Russian girl to come over to the Cosmos hotel later that same afternoon.  Waited outside and saw her turn up in a taxi, had to pay the taxi driver 50 leu.  Then we walked to the Cosmos hotel.  She was exactly like her photo with her big Russian tits hanging out, god I was so horny.  Walk of shame through the lobby of the Cosmos hotel, but no problems taking my first girl back to my hotel room.  She not speak good English had been using google translate on Badoo to communicate, I am pretty sure though her mouth would still be useful in my hotel room.

As I had expected, she was a single mum with one small child, the Badoo semi pro girls remaining in Chisinau because they have to. She takes a shower and comes into my bedroom just wrapped in a towel.  Sits on the bed in front of me and unzips my jeans, gets my rock hard cock out and sucks him good dribbling a bit.  My balls are so full I cum a bit and it spills out over her huge tits.  I not really fancy fucking this chubby Russian girl but fucked her tits and her mouth  again.  Lay on the bed and she wanks me off into her mouth, cum loads and she takes the lot.  Not a bad first P4P sexual experience in Chisinau with this semi pro Russian girl off Badoo.  Pay her the agreed amount and she leaves.  No problems.  I had lost my Chisinau cherry, well almost, really fancied a good fuck now.

Gypsy Romanian Girl

Had a small queue of girls lined up on Badoo now,  The next one I had my eye on was a very attractive model like gypsy Romanian girl off Badoo also living in Chisinau, also a single mum, slightly older at aged 28.  She wanted more money and was asking for a 100 euros!  But got her down to the equivalent in leu of 70 euros.

Agreed to meet her again outside the Cosmos hotel but this time 9:00 AM in the morning. I was well horny in the morning and she not mind meeting this time.  She had made her way to the Cosmos hotel via a bus so no fee to pay to a taxi driver.  She walked towards me and was exactly like her photos on Badoo.  Lovely smile, very friendly, spoke fluent English and again we walked into the Cosmos hotel to the elevators with no problems.  Having a little kiss in the elevator on the way into my room.  DFK in my hotel room, I was going to fuck this Moldovan gypsy girl real good.

chisinau badoo girls
gypsy girl

On Badoo she had agreed to give me BBBJ and make it all wet a dribbly. Thats exactly how it started laying on the bed and just watching this Romanian girl lick and suck my cock.  I then finish fucking her missionary, really good girlfriend experience with this Badoo Chisinau girl.  Again paid her the agreed amount she leave with no problems.

Location, location, location

The vast majority of Chisinau girls on Badoo are beautiful but not P4P, many not respond at all to my advances.  The good thing with apps like Badoo is they require a GPS signal and work on your current location.  So unlike some other dating apps you dont get pestered by girls from the Philippines, when you get liked there is a high probability of a meet.  I had a few more options to explore on Badoo but after the  initial interest it had dried up a little more than I would have liked, so maybe time to try another dating app in Chisinau.  I mean you can never have to many options when it comes to P4P pussy.

Tagged date with Moldovan Beauty

I also installed Tagged while on the ground in Chisinau.   Again plenty of Moldovan girls on Tagged but not as good as Badoo IMHO.  But one Moldovan girl liked me and wanted to meet up that evening on Stefan Cel Mare for a date.  Not sure if this was going to be a waste of time but decided to give it a go.  Well I could not see her where we were suppose to meet!  We chatted on the phone and then located her.  Nothing like her pictures not anymore.  She was now thirty put on weight but was putting photos up on Tagged from 10 years ago.  Talk about bait and switch for a date, not even think beforehand the photos my be so out of date or to check.

Oh well she still had big tits, was pretty and good company, intelligent and also spoke fluent English.  She took me to a traditional Moldovan restaurant and we had a nice meal and red wine.  Later she would walk back to the Cosmos hotel with me and take a taxi from there.

russian girl hairy pussy
hairy pussy beauty

Well once at the Cosmos hotel I invited her up to my hotel room and she accepted.  In the hotel room I held her hand and she sat on my lap.  Not to squashed we kissed passionately and she wanted to go into the bedroom.  Got those big tits out and had a good suck. she got my cock out and also had a good suck.  Got her panties off and she had a lovely natural hairy pussy, she had no children and let me fuck her with no condom and cum deep inside her pussy.  Her pussy was really tight like she had not fucked for a long time.  No payment, just gave her the taxi fare home outside with a promise to meet up again.  I think she really liked me.

Just as I was getting into the swing of things with the Badoo and Tagged girls of Chisinau Moldova it was time to fly home to London.

9 thoughts on “The Badoo Girls of Chisinau Moldova”

    1. Thanks as I was leaving one or two more Badoo P4P girls came through so could have carried on fucking different girls on Badoo. But no really tight teens to be had. I wonder if anyone else was to try their luck on Badoo in Chisinau if you would meet the same or different girls.

      I was going to take a day trip to Tiraspol about 60 km away, but it was so hot even in September plus there is no tourist infrastructure but the staff at the cosmos hotel could arrange drivers etc for you to take you out on day trips, price negotiable.

      So not bad experience mongering in Chisinau not brilliant in terms of quality compared to other places but that may have changed had I stayed longer.

      But overall have to say, that may be my very last venture into eastern europe.

      1. you recommend anywhere for finding hot blondes? i went through all your europear mongering articles didnt see anything promising? i was thinking czhech republic possibly?

        1. HiBache, I actually found Czech girls to be the least attractive in Europe. Of course my time there and experience was limited but I actually called the report Czech Ugly 🙂 Hot blondes you can find anywhere in Europe, but I would recommend an FKK. I have fucked some really hot blondes, the most memorable was the Ukrainian girl in Odessa with her darked haired friend. Lots of blondes in the Ukraine. Another very very memorable blonde was a german girl in the goldentime FKK in Vienna, god she was hot hot hot! Lots of blondes in the FKKs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, had a threesome with two Polish blondes late teens in the Palace FKK Hamburg. Russia of course has many blondes as does Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. You could bump into a hot blonde anywhere but I recommend a FKK tour. Not so many blondes in Chisinau Moldova

      2. thank you for the heads up. do you know where i can find a list of the of fkks? i have to say these badoo girls dont look shabby at all either. 😉

    1. Yes Mr Q I used real pics on Badoo and Tagged but false names and ages etc. Just while I was there, then hide the profiles when not active. I have used Badoo before at home a few years back but had no success with it. Thought I would give it another spin back home recently and just had a load of trannies like me 🙂 These dating apps have completely different results in different cities and countries so well worth trying wherever you find yourself in the world and fancy some P4P, great thing is these girls are more non to semi pro than pro, some freebies too. First freebie had in a long time. I would be interested in anymore stories of using dating apps in any other countries?

      What I not get round to trying in these countries with a large Russian minority is Mamba

      Mamba is meant to be very popular in eastern european countries and Russia and I think there is a mobile phone app version. There are some reports on the international sex guide of mongers using Mamba to good effect, bagging some beauties

  1. I could really go for some Eastern European snapper. I’m not complaining, but I’ve nothing but Asian with a sparce African here and there. I haven’t boned a white girl since 2012 and I’ve NEVER had a Euro slut.

    1. Brockstar its good to mix it up now and again. That was always an issue for me in Asia, only Asian girls and I do love those curves now and again. Asia is still the best all round continent for mongering IMHO but the women are much of a sameness in terms of looks with the odd exception. Its was regular visits to Thailand that inspired me to search further afield. But few places compete with the red light districts of Asian cities. Brockstar to fuck the best Euro sluts you really should treat yourself to an FKK tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Amazing girls but all handed to you on a plate.

      Brockstar still waiting for that guest post from you on your chosen subject? 🙂

      Im not travelling for a while now, so really need some input from all you out there to keep mongerplanet active???

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