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Mongering in Chisinau Moldova

So here I am, mongering in Chisinau Moldova all on my lonesome.  I was not expecting mongering in Chisinau to be easy despite all the reports of beautiful women in Moldova.  The cat had long been let out of the bag.  But still I wanted to try my luck and satisfy my curiosity.

Breakfast in Chisinau

My first full day in Chisinau and I wake up early, my 25 euros a night hotel room in the Cosmos hotel included breakfast so I checked it out.  Not up to scratch, just some cold meats, some fruits and dry bread, even the coffee was not good. Despite the friendly staff at the Cosmos and I was happy to stay here I would be giving breakfast a miss.

Andys Pizza

A good food chain dotted throughout Chisinau is Andys Pizza and they dont just serve Pizza, they do a cooked breakfast too, its not exactly an English breakfast considering it includes fried peppers, but really not bad, just ask for some extra bread and you may need to get out google translate to do that if the waiters only speak Russian.  Without extras you just point at the pictures in the menu.  I used Andys Pizza a few times during my stay in Chisinau for both breakfast and dinner and the food is good and prices cheap.


Another morning I tried McDonalds at the top of Boulevard Stefan Cel Mare with Stefan Cel Mare being the main drag through Chisinau.

mongering chisinau moldova
Boulevard Stefan cel Mare

I was hoping for some sausage egg bacon mcmuffins but none, for breakfast they only offer ham and cheese toasties but with nice coffee.  McDonalds in any city is always a good place to hang out and check out the local talent, in some cities it can also be a pickup point for freelancers and semi pro girls.

The Radisson Blu Leogrand hotel has a 24 hour bar and restaurant that is also a freelancer spot some evenings in Chisinau.  The  Leogrand does English plus American cooked breakfasts buts its on the small side and expensive.  Again in many cities the Radisson Blu hotel chain is a good spot for picking up freelancers. But not in the morning.

Local SIM MoldCell

After breakfast the next task was to sort out a local SIM card.  Your options for a SIM in Moldova are Orange and MoldCell.  Around Chisinau there are 100s of Orange and Moldcell mobile phone shops,

moldcell chisinau

I went into the shopping plaza next door to the cosmos hotel. As I had been using Orange in Warsaw I first tried Orange.  The assistant was Russian not really speak English and could not get phone to work,  Did not know why, thought I may have a problem.  Then tried Moldcell, the assistant spoke good English and was an expert and set my phone up with internet in no time.  All for 50 leu which is like £2.   Currently in Moldova you do not need to register your SIM with your passport.

Cash in Chisinau

Getting your hands on the local currency is not a problem in Chisinau there are ATMs dotted all over the place as there are many different local banks in Moldova.

casino banks chisinau
casinos and banks

There are also many electronic casinos in Chisinau and its funny to see casinos next door to banks down Boulevard Stephan cel Mare.  There are also foreign exchange currencies if you are taking hard cash for the best exchange rate.

Mongering Research Chisinau

So I was now setup for some mongering in Chisinau if there was any mongering to be had. My tummy was full, local sim and internet, a few thousand leu stuffed into my pocket, I was horny now and wanted some Moldovan pussy. In fact I had never sampled some Moldovan pussy.

As always prior to my mongering trip to Chisinau I had compiled a mongering map of Chisinau Moldova through research.  I found quite a bit of info off Visa Moldova.  But it is now dated and not kept up to date but does provide some background on better days mongering in Moldova when you did need a visa to visit or leave Chisinau.

Boulevard Stefan cel Mare

The Cosmos hotel was located at the bottom of Stefan cel mare and the main concentration of people and activity in Chisinau is up the other end of Stefan cel Mare near the McDonalds and the Cathedral Park.  But the buses were frequent outside the hotel Cosmos and for 2 leu and 4 stops later you could be at the other end of Boulevard Stefan cel mare.  Even so if ever I was to return to Chisinau I may choose to stay at the other end, another budget girl friendly hotel is the Turist hotel in Chisinau.  The Turist hotel is also suppose to be a spot for picking up some freelancers.

Walking up and down Stefan cel Mare during the daytime and you will notice some beautiful Moldovan women of Romanian and Russian descent.  But you wont get any attention out of the ordinary. I am not really into game so not try approaching any girls.  I was looking for some eye contact, some smiles obvious signs of some P4P girls but thin on the ground.

chisinau park girls
girls in the park

Some reports of guys gaming girls in the parks during the daytime, but not my forte.  Again you will not get approached in Chisinau, its not that easy.  I would not say the beauty is abundant or anything really out of the ordinary from what I saw in Chisinau, remember the best(bad) girls will be playing away from home in cities like Zurich and Vienna.  The good girls remain in Chisinau or those who have a child to look after etc.

P4P or Not?

Stefan Cel Mare is a long stretch and really begins proper from Strada Ismail up to Strada Puskin.  The side streets off Stefan cel mare are worth exploring and its where many of the hotels are located.  I missed one opportunity in Robins coffee shop off Stefan cel mare two girls sat together smiled and I not respond.  In hindsight they could have been P4P.  Even so its difficult to tell, its likely their English will be poor at best, but you should at least try. The best approach would be to assume they are not P4P unless its blatantly obvious, so as not to offend and take it from there.  It worked for me before in Odessa Ukraine with two beauties just with a simple ‘hello’ and a friendly smile.

Stefan late at night

The buses stop running late at night and it can be difficult to find a taxi, if you do likely they will want to rip you off being a tourist.  So you have to walk back down Stefan cel mare to the hotel Cosmos and it is deserted, some of the electronic casinos are still operating.

Stefan cel mare at night
Stefan deserted

You will have to pass the derelict hotel national which is now home to squatters and drugs addicts.  One night one spat in front of me and called me an asshole! How did he know? Being drunk I did the same back.

chisinau hotel national
derelict hotel national

So things could get ugly down this stretch early in the morning. There are alot of police about at the top of Stefan cel mare but never saw any down the bottom near the hotel national where they are needed.  I never got bothered by the police in Chisinau but you feel uneasy in their presence.  You need to carry a copy at least of your passport if the police ever do stop you and ask for ID.

hotel national chisinau
hotel national chisinau

In the daytime there is not a problem around the hotel National and this area just before strada Ismail.  The receptionist in the hotel Cosmos told me the hotel national has been empty 8 years now and just no money to keep it running, I guess a lack of tourists and business visitors.  I wandered around inside the hotel Cosmos on some of the high floors and many of the rooms are empty and gutted so the Cosmos may be going the same way as the hotel national, shame.

Hotel Circuit

I had staked out the location of the hotels around central Chisinau worth checking out in the evening for freelancers.  It was a Thursday night I did the Chisinau hotel circuit and I was hedging prime time would be from 9pm onwards up until midnight.  I mean these freelancers would be attempting to seduce businessmen etc who would not be partying until the early hours of the morning, just having an evening drink in the hotel bar probably alone.

I first tried the Turist hotel which is connected to another Andys Pizza but empty, nothing happening.  But the Turist hotel in Chisinau is budget category so the working girls would not find any big spenders here I guess.

turist hotel chisinau
Turist hotel bar

Then around to the Jolly Alon hotel, again I was the only guy present in the bar, nobody.  In the dayime when staking out the Jolly Alon I did notice and old guy with two younger Moldovan girls obviously P4P where he had found them I did not know.

Radisson Blu Leogrand Freelancers

Using Trip Adviser and searching for mentions of ‘whores prostitutes’, some guests had reported the bar in the Jazz Hotel was full of prostitutes, but nothing, no one there, totally empty.

radisson blu leogrand
new york bar

Last place to try was the Radisson Blu Leogrand  New York terrace bar, again nothing happening.   I returned to the Radisson Blu on a weekend night and alot more people about in the bar, there was a big German business meeting going on and I noticed some working girls and one or two of them were hot.  But difficult to approach with all the guests about and at the time I had made a new friend so could not pounce.  Again the girls sat in groups were well dressed and not absolutely sure they were P4P.  I can only guess these girls would be asking anything from a 150 euros up.

Girls working hotels are likely to speak English so language should not be a problem.  Again these girls will not make the first move and are often sat in groups.  But there are some good reports of visitors having threesomes etc with girls working out of the Leogrand Radisson Blu but not work for me the nights I was there and was on a budget in the poorest country in Europe so would not pay those business rates.

Deja Vu Nightclub

There are a few nightclubs dotted around Chisinau, one that got frequently mentioned was the Military pub popular wit expats in Chisinau.  But could not get a handle on where exactly the military pub was in Chisinau or even if it was still open.  Another favorite was Star Trak but not within walking distance from Stefan cel Mare and remember problem getting transport late at night and the streets are a bit dodgy.  If you know me, night clubbing is not my favorite pastime or modus operandi when mongering in a foreign country, but the hotel circuit had not produced, the bars were empty, nothing on the streets so I tried the Deja Vu nightclub on Strada Bucuresti.

Deja Vu chisinau
Deja Vu

Free entry into the Deja Vu but drinks are expensive for Chisinau a bottle of beer over 100 leu.  Again a bit quiet but there was some attractive girls sat at the bar that I would guess were freelancers.  Got a smile off one and she come over to me, not the best of the bunch but it was some contact.  She spoke good English but difficult to understand due to the loud music, in fact conversation is near impossible.  She wanted me to dance with her and then asked what hotel  I stay, told her Cosmos, not impressed so disappeared.  I hang around for a few hours in the Deja Vu hoping more girls would come in.  But not really, after 1 AM decided to leave, I had had enough.

I returned to the Deja Vu on a weekend night, same girls and guys outnumbered girls, so a disappointment.  Just too loud to even negotiate with the girls in the Deja Vu.  Cannot confirm they even were P4P.

Chisinau strip clubs

Chisinau has a few strip clubs dotted around but nothing like other European cities like Warsaw etc.  The main one in the city center is the secret strip club but outside was a big bunch of meatheads so not fancy walking pass them or even having to converse with them on prices etc.  Moldova like Lithuania etc does have this Russian Machismo culture that begins to grate your nerves after a while.

strip club chisinau
julia strip club

There are a few lower tier strips clubs between the Cosmos hotel and strada ismail.  I inquired inside one called Julia, guy on the door wanted 130 leu entry fee that put me off for a start.  Go to leave and the manager comes out, he is Egyptian and says I can come in for free.  Can only assume desperate for customers, the girls would be few and below average and might be quite expensive to leave, I told him I would return to the Julia strip club another night.  I just not feel like taking the risk entering strip clubs in Chisinau.

So mongering in Chisinau Moldova was not looking good, I was getting anxious that I might not lose my cherry in Chisinau, that if I wanted to screw Moldovan girls I would be better off in western Europe.

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