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Asian Massage Parlours Little Saigon

Vietnam Part 0 – Prequel (Asian Massage Parlour)

I had known that Asian massage parlors (AMP) in the US could offer happy endings.  How prevalent this was I did not know.  For a decade I lived near a no man’s land of cheap rent, dotted with quarries, industrial buildings, tattoo parlours, and massage parlours.  In spite of living near that area for a decade, the massage parlours never intrigued me and went on unnoticed.

US Massage Parlours

About a year ago, I came across an article from Vice about massage parlours . With a flick of a switch, the intrigue was turned on. This underground industry was huge and now I realized illicit parlours were everywhere in the US. The proliferation of online review sites coupled with lax laws in certain states made the industry explode. The article mentions three sites, of which I found Rubmaps to be the best. I also found Spa Hunters  and a Craigslist like site called Back Page whose 3 top executives were just arrested a few days ago.

Rubmaps Pay Wall

Getting onto Rubmaps or any other site,there’s always a pay wall that keeps you from all the juicy details. I paid for a subscription and began to read reviews and scout my area.  I was astounded at the number of illicit parlours to be found.  One such parlour was in a plaza I often frequented numerous times.  Unlike most parlours, this one looked spartan but had a legit appearance.  Their front door is even usually wide open.  The plaza had restaurants, offices, and other retail shops, with one particular restaurant being very highly regarded.  The massage workers could even been seen chatting with neighboring shops in the morning.  Little did I know it had illicit services.

rubmaps massage
seemingly legit

I would drive by parlours and either peek through or walk in.  For the most part, the massage parlours are in low rent strip malls or in industrial areas.  The windows are usually dark tinted and covered with blinds to block prying eyes.

happy massage
typical AMP

The lobbies are usually dim, plain, with a desk and maybe a couple of chairs.  A mamasan may work the front desk and a masseuse or two will work the back.  Sometimes the mamasan doubles as the masseuse.

Exploring Options – Korean Girls

You might recall I really fancy Korean girls, so naturally I searched for Korean girls. I was willing to go a 30 mile radius for some Korean girls. After days of research, I only found milfy Korean ladies in their high 30s and low 40s. Maybe it’s a little different on the East coast but the article gave me visions of 20 something agashi’s rubbing my cock.

Chinese, Vietnam Girls

I moved onto Mainland China girls thinking that Korea is too rich and developed to send their fine women Stateside. No such luck as Chinese Mainlanders were also old and milfy. One day I thought, what about Vietnamese girls? I started searching and it turns out there are Viet girls near little Saigon.

vietnam massage parlous
Viet AMP Cluster

More and more research was done and eventually I found a cluster of 5 massage parlours in a single plaza that with some of them having reports of 20 something Vietnam girls offering full service.

Little Saigon

After one extremely long and stressful day at work, I took a detour to the massage parlour cluster to relieve my angst.  I parked across the street in another plaza and walked to the destination.  As I entered the dimly lit plaza, I saw several of the reviewed parlours.  I walked by them took a very quick glance and left.

I recomposed a bit, reassessed the plaza and then re-entered.  I passed two parlours and at the 3rd one a skinny Viet girl with bleach blonde hair, red dress, tattoos, smoking a cigarette tried to lure me in.  She looked a little worn and had better days behind her. I peeked into her parlor more, didn’t see much and kept walking.

My target was the highly renowned parlour at the end of the plaza, but as I passed a 4th parlour in between, a young fobby Viet girl in a red dress caught my attention.  In the dimly lit reception, one or two young girls sat on a couch.  The girl in the red dress asked if I wanted a massage and my heart pounded.  The girls really got me and I said “yes” without hesitation.  I was led through a door into the back of the parlour where several rooms were located.  She entered the room with me and asked for the house fee of $40.  I gave her the money and I asked to visit the restroom.  On the way out, I saw an older lady maybe in her late 30s.  I thought, I wonder if she will be my masseuse?  I went to the restroom and returned.

Bait and Switch

I waited a bit more and the door opens with the older lady I saw in the hallway. She told me her name was Michelle and she would give me a massage. Shit. I asked what about the girl in the red dress? Michelle explained she is just the receptionist. Shit. My heart was still pounding and I never asked about the other girls. I then thought, “whatever it’s just a massage and I might not even be offered extra services” as many first time clients don’t get offered, so I went along with it.

I disrobed, laid on the table and a towel was placed on me. I had never had a massage before but there was no doubt this was a piss poor massage. After what seemed like 10 minutes, Michelle stops looks me and asks in a huge accent, “What you want?” I toyed around with her a bit and told her I want to see your tits. I tried pulling her dress down but she resisted. She then made some motions, HJ, BJ, and then the finger through the circle. I told her BJ and she wanted $100 and I said no way. How about finger through the circle, I gestured? She motioned back with a 1 and 4. I said no way too much. After some back and forth $120 was agreed on. She left to get ready, and came back with the usual tools of the trade: rubber, lube (concealed in a hand sanitizer bottle) and wipes.

Not Sexy or Erotic

I played with her natural petite B cups with light brown nips. Really nice nipples, but without her clothes she was quite a bit older than I had initially thought. I think she was possibly 40. I don’t mean to be a prick to those who like older women, but I have never fucked anyone older than me nor even the same age as myself, paid or unpaid. I thought to myself, I already paid and I was just interested in trying out Viet pussy. Kind of weird but she asked me to rub her pussy. She wanted me to arouse her, but she didn’t entice or tease me to do so. She just plainly asked for a rub and I thought, “she should be pleasing me”, not the other way around. I also tried spreading her lips which had very little hair, just a few strands, but she wouldn’t let me. That’s it, I’ve had enough. This is not sexy or erotic, just laborious and ludicrous. I should be receiving the rub.

I had her put the condom on me and she performed CBJ to get me at attention really quick. Missionary, fake moaning and she asks, “See I tight?”. Whatever. Flipped her over, doggy and squeezed the round butt, explosion… sort of..it wasn’t really satisfying, but a bit awkward. She cleaned me up. Came back with hot towels sanitizer and then even later gave me a bottle of cold water. A release? I suppose. Victory? I don’t think so. A story I would remember for years? Maybe. Uneasy? Definitely.


During the whole session, I was uneasy. Solicitation is highly illegal in the States. The act of accepting an offer of a hand job is considered illegal solicitation even before any physical contact has transpired. If I am caught I’m going to be arrested, charged, facing multiple court appearances, possible jail time and a record. Conservative moralities in one of the world’s freest countries? Maybe this is a topic I shouldn’t discuss.

Closing Time

When I left it was past 10 and they were closed. The red dress girl thanked me very cordially, almost bowing and waved me goodbye. They turned around to lock the door as soon as I got out. I would later discover there are curfews on massage parlour operation hours, designed to curb illegal activities and certain cities have ordinances to keep massage parlours out of industrial plazas, preferring to keep them in retail commerce areas for visibility.

Big Saigon

In my mind I said I will go back and visit the place at the end of the plaza for the 20 year old Vietnamese girls.  Eventually time passed and my outlook changed.  I thought why go through this illegal bullshit when I can go the real Saigon? I might end up busted in part of a sting operation and I could end up in court and jail.  This would be very problematic to my professional career and an embarrassment to my friends and family, and would cost me a fortune to fight the legal battle.  So I said fuck this, “I’m going to the real Saigon instead”.  Six months later, I was there.
Vietnam Part 1
Vietnam Part 2 
Vietnam Part 3

Secret Filming

I thought about secret filming but knowing that I would partake in something highly illegal, any such footage would only be used against me as incriminating evidence of the highest degree should I be caught. I did not take any pictures or video of that encounter, but now I’m thinking… I really really want some video. Maybe I will have to go back.

By Mr.Q

6 thoughts on “Asian Massage Parlours Little Saigon”

  1. Since this is so close to home, I’ve left out specifics of the names of places and the establishments. I can only say, it is near Little Saigon and not exactly Little Saigon. Also checking Rubmaps recently, most of the massage parlours in that plaza had closed.

    I also recently found this excellent massage parlours guide. I’m no expert like this guy on Reddit. I’m merely sharing my experiences.


  2. Thanks for the report on AMPs in USA Mr.Q it sounds very similar the the same kind of setup in the UK. There are also massage parlours in industrial areas as well as shopping. In the UK they are all mature Chinese women almost exclusively. Its funny because in Germany most the FKKs are in Industrial areas, great way to relieve work related stress.

    I think you would be extremely unlucky to get busted by the police, wrong time wrong place kind of thing, with a raid going on, there is always a risk. I was in Philadelphia 10 years ago and visited about 3 Asian massage places, and all the girls were Korean, they were working out of houses though. they were not old not young around late twenties.

    1. I had a feeling the East coast parlours were different but then again, that was 10 years ago, things may have changed.

      In the UK they have London SoHo walkups which are legal, but are the massage parlours with extra services legal?

      1. Yes it is legal with some restrictions, you wont get busted in London in a massage parlour or soho walk up, but cant run a brothel etc
        But even with all the options I rarely monger in the UK or London, or even go for a massage, its not great
        I prefer to use online semi pro girls like craigslist seeking arrangement etc. Chatting to a real cute 21 yo only last night – turns out she lives 2 minutes walk away

  3. Have been to some AMP in US, i dont want to use money On some service like rubmap, so normal thinking AMP or Spa Open 24 hr equals some kind of smile, backpages or simpel Google search for AMP or table wash – table wash i love 🙂

    Just hat a FS in Atlanta, Spa Open 24 hr so i was looking for some relief there, took an UBER 10 min drive from historical downtown, rang door sure enough a mamasan On the other side, showed me to a room. In comes a Venezuelean Girl Nice face 8, she ask bluntly FS and then some Price hackling, i was there for a Massage and a HJ but WTF i could use some FS 200 dollhairs for the full Monty.

    Into another room the girl english was so bad, the only thing she could and did talk about was about Nice, is people Rich there, i shit you NOT she keep On asking about Nice and if they have money.

    She gave a shitty back massage while asking about Nice – worser than one i Got in Lancaster Amish county from 400 lb “Hutt” woman with baby power, but it was Quick and then turnover she played with my HUGE viking anaconda, and then ask about Nice again, then a good blowjob, she jumped Down from the table and bend over it asking for me to get Down and fuck her good, after 5 minutes, she Got up On the table again demanding some doggy style fuck, she hat alot of junk in the trunk but the Butt was firm and not blobber butt, she began again to ask about Nice, but a ok could last longer, she then wanted some missionairy played with boobs a bit sacky but i guess it is South American standard 25 yr boobs, then again she talked about Nice, but it couldnt distract me so blowed my load whil she was asking about Nice, after she keept On asking about Nice still with my HUGE anaconda in her, after 2-3 minutes it redrawed from her and i sat up On the table, she went and Got towels and some water, and then removed condom and cleaned up the worm.

    After i went outside AMP calling my UBER, mamasan ask me to come inside she sat Down with me in waiting room, we Saw some of the presidential debate, talked and drank som water and sucked On some mints – mamasan was Korean.

    I was amazed about the FS offered up front, havent experienced that before in US, but my Alabama viper did enjoy the FS.

  4. I do not do AMPS any more. Too much vice activity. There is one Chinese woman that I see in Dallas that just goes off of recommended customers. She has a list of about 200 men that she knows and trusts. If you make the list, it’s safe. She hosts and is one of the kinkiest Orientals I have been with. If you want her contact info let me know. Mention this post so I know is not spam


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