cosmos hotel chisinau

Chisinau Moldova

From Warsaw in Poland I was making my way to Chisinau in Moldova via a cheap one way direct flight with Polish airlines.   Run up a bill in the Mecure hotel bar for 120 euros and the hotel taxi to Warsaw airport was 65 zloty.  Told the hotel just want normal public taxi which they rang for me and costs 30 zloty on the meter.

Warsaw to Chisinau

Flight to Chisinau in Moldova from Warsaw went without problems, only takes around 1 hour, very small plane not many people travelling to Chisinau from Warsaw, good.

poland to moldova
warsaw to chisinau
warsaw to chisinau
flight to chisinau

No problems through customs they stamp your passport in Chisinau as not part of the European union, not yet.  There are all  sorts of treaties in place though that allow Moldavian’s to work in Europe and many do.

Poorest Country in Europe

In arrivals a private taxi quotes me 200 lei to the hotel Cosmos in Chisinau where I was staying, but found the public taxi rank and it was only 100 Lei with there being around 25 Lei to 1 UK Pound.  Takes around 20 minutes to get to the hotel Cosmos in Chisinau from the airport, immediately out of the airport you start to notice the poverty and the poor state of some of the roads with Moldova being the poorest country in Europe but on the up with economic growth hitting 10% annually.  On more than one occasion parts of Chisinau reminded me of the third world and poverty one might see in Asia.

Cosmos Hotel

Checked into the hotel Cosmos and the staff was very friendly and even put out the union Jack flags on the desk, nice touch.

cosmos hotel chisinau
cosmos hotel
cosmos chisinau
Cosmos Hotel

I had asked for a high room with a view and they had gone out of their way to put me in a nice room.  Very pleased with the room, almost like an apartment, separate rooms for bedroom and lounge, two bathrooms, large fridge, plates etc but no cooking equipment, but could stock up the fridge from the local supermarkets.  Not bad for 25 euros a night.  The Cosmos hotel had seen better days no doubt during the soviet occupation of Moldova but it had character.  By all accounts the Cosmos hotel was girl friendly and at night local prostitutes sat in the bar area next to the reception hoping to hook up with guys just like me.

Why Chisinau Moldova?

A few years back I had not even really heard of Moldova.  But I first come into contact with girls from Moldova in the GoldenTime FKK in Vienna Austria.  I liked what I saw, Moldovan girls were sexy  and friendly, the ones working in Goldentime FKK were darker skinned like more Romanian.  I also got chatting to some Moldovan girls in Prague the Czech republic.  Certainly they piqued my interest in a trip to Moldova.  But as is often the case the best(bad) girls will be playing away, working in other countries to maximise their income.

I once met two beautiful gypsy girls in Prague on my first trip ever to eastern Europe and inspired a trip to Varna in Bulgaria.  Only then to discover the best Bulgarian gypsy girls were playing away.   What really tipped the scales for a trip to Moldova was the beautiful busty Moldovan streetwalker I met down Langstrasse in Zurich Switzerland, she tipped the scales over 10 but not get to fuck her due to her possessive friend.

Researching mongering in Moldova and Chisinau and would seem the best years were over even with the lack of tourists to Moldova. I guess it is more down to the bad girls being able to play away as I have detailed above in more recent years.  But the general consensus now was in Chisinau it was a bit of a shithole and the girls remaining viewed most single male tourists as sex tourists, perish the thought.  Chisinau was a favorite destination for the PUA community where they could maximise their foreigner exotic factor. Even so I wanted to try my luck in Chisinau Moldova, and I had arrived.  I at least needed to eliminate Moldova from my todo list, I mean if I could get all the cheap pussy my heart desired in Chisinau then there would be no more long haul flights outside of Europe.

Moldovan Girls

So lets look at some Moldovan girls, what got me hot under the bonnet, lets wet our beaks a little, get the juices flowing.  What makes Moldova a unique country in Europe is its ethnic melting pot. Predominantly the persuasion is Romanian and Romanian girls are simply the hottest and most sexy in Eastern Europe.  But Moldova also has a large Russian and Ukrainian population although today they all call themselves Moldovan.

Moldova pussy
Moldova Pussy

Check out Kantata one of the many beautiful MetArt models from Moldova, Kantata is 21 black hair blue eyes shaved pussy and small breasts.

blonde pussy moldova
moldova blonde

Check out Blonde Adagio from Moldova,  Adagio is also 21 blonde hair green eyes, trimmed pussy and medium breasts, love those puff nipples.

Moldova teen pussy
Moldova teen

Check out Moldova teen Messiah age just 19 brown hair brown eyes small breasts and trimmed pussy such a cute little butt. Messiah is my favorite I would be a happy monger if I got to fuck a Moldovan teen like Messiah.

Moldova beauty
Moldova beauty

Ok one more Moldovan beauty for you Bella Libra. Another 21 yo Moldovan beauty with brown hair brown eyes, medium tits and sporting a shaved Moldovan pussy for you to fuck.

Problems with Moldova

Prostitution is illegal in Moldova and the police were known to be a problem to obvious tourists in Chisinau, shaking them down for a bribe.  In recent years the police problem has mostly gone away although when you see police in Chisinau it makes you nervous.  One of the reasons that must contribute to the poverty of Moldova corruption aside is the dual language problem.  You will go in one premise and they all speak Russian and the bills will be in Cyrillic script.  Enter another premise and it will all be Romanian.  I was told that to work in a shop etc you need to speak both Romanian and Russian.  It must make things extra hard.

First night out in Chisinau

My first night out in Chisinau just stayed near the hotel Cosmos, had a lovely meal in the London Steak House across the road from the hotel Cosmos, the red wine is really something special in Moldova.  Prices are still cheap even in more upscale restaurants.  I had a few beers in the western hotel and the Chisinau hotel but not notice any freelancers.  The nightlife looked a bit subdued down the bottom of Stefan Cel Mare what with derelict buildings broken side walks etc.  Later back in the hotel Cosmos there were two freelancers sat in the hotel lounge, these Moldovan hookers were mature though overweight, looked dodgy wanted a 100 euros for massage and sex, I declined and went back to my hotel room alone.  Tomorrow was another day mongering in Chisinau Moldova.

4 thoughts on “Chisinau Moldova”

  1. Moldova the poorest country in europe sounds very good.
    Poor countries……….cheap girls.
    Looking forward for the next posts.

    1. Yes Moldova is the poorest country in the world but it not always mean what we would hope it means. A few years ago you needed a visa to get into Moldova or out of Moldova, now the border is open so many of the best(bad) girls are simply working away. I read on wiki that nearly 1/3 of the population is now working away. If you read the international sex guide reports etc beautiful women but not so easy accessible not anymore. But still I wanted to try my luck

        1. Er yes if you read the full article I got sex for free in chisinau moldova, read the badoo girls of Chisinau, 100 euros may be what they ask, often this means you can settle on half that price, always cut the price by half and bargain from there.

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