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Warsaw Odloty Escorts

If you come to Warsaw in Poland with some mongering on the menu you are very likely to come across the Odloty website listing hundreds if not thousands of Polish escorts working in an around Warsaw city center all times of the day and night.  A local SIM is essential for ringing up the Warsaw escorts advertising on Odloty.

Windscreen Flyers

I had previous experience with the online Polish escort scene before on my first visit alone to Krakow.  Back then the dominant Polish escort site was Roksa and had some limited success with Roksa in Krakow.  Today though it would seem Odloty was the top escort portal to use in Warsaw, I would not waste time on any others.

Prostitution is legal is Poland and can be relatively cheap starting at a 100 zlotys.  Walking around the streets of Warsaw you will often come across flyers or brochures, stuck in car windscreen wipers, for nearby erotic massage parlours and brothels.

warsaw sex flyer
warsaw sex

I not use these cards while in Warsaw I had read some bad reviews off the international sex guide forum.    There is not really a streetwalker scene in Warsaw not that I ever saw.  Warsaw today is a modern vibrant cultured city, cheap with a great transport system. Open prostitution is not apparent.  To step into the seedy side of the Warsaw sex scene you need to use sites like Odloty.

Odloty User Guide

Initially Odloty looks good, Odloty takes a little getting used to and for sure you will get some pretty good sex off Odloty if you persevere.  But  for the most part what you see on Odloty is not what you get.  In fact alot of it is bullshit rampant bait and switch.  In my experience you are better going with the girls on Odloty that have many reviews, then it tends to be more accurate.

centrum odloty warsaw
odloty warsaw centrum

They have an English language version of Odloty when you enter the home page.  Even so there are still many fragments of Polish text especially in the escort descriptions so you want to right click on the page and select always translate to English.

Selecting Warsaw as the city and then centrum as the district there are nearly 700 active escorts working in the centrum district of Warsaw.    At the top of the page  you have the categories like clubs/ agencies, women, duets which means threesomes, annoyingly if you change the category having selected city and district it gets reset.

Advanced Search CIM

The better way to go into Odloty is to search by profiles, which is an option down in the sidebar.  After selecting category like women and city and district you are given advanced search options like age and services provided.

odloty advanced search
odloty cim

After selecting your search parameters like cum in mouth, anal etc you get a gallery of sex providers.  Its then you click on the pictures you like although its unlikely the girls look like the pictures in reality. You are then presented with the girls personal profile where price is listed.

odloty escort
escort profile

You have a little map in the top right hand corner where you can find the girls location and even get walking directions.  I selected a few that were closeby on Odloty to my hotel and turns out many were not at the address specified.  You would have to take the metro to get to them.  Many will do outcalls to your hotel but charge extra.  Once you get the basic hang of navigating Odloty things get easier, its then a case of ringing them on the phone.  Some mongers reckon that the profiles are more likely genuine if the girls face is blurred out?

Text Address

In the profiles it specifies if the girls speak English or not, I mostly rang these, got through to most of them and could hold a reasonably understood conversation.  Addresses are hard to understand, you will need a local number so that they text you the address.  I not receive texts from all girls having promised me they would text me their address.  Just move on if not received it in 5 minutes or so.

Warsaw Escort Big Tits CIM

It takes some practice getting used to Odloty but eventually I managed to find a Warsaw escort who ticked my boxes and she sent me her address.  She had big Polish tits and did CIM!  It was a fair distance to walk but eventually found it with help of google maps and GPS on my mobile phone.  Where it gets tricky is most escorts on Odloty work from apartments in big buildings.  Initially most will text you the address of the building and then when you arrive the apartment number.  You then need to find the right entrance and type in a key code or buzz their number, not always easy and intuitive.  Often you will pass normal people in the building which makes you feel uncomfortable.  The other thing that can go wrong at this stage is they are currently servicing a punter so no answer on the phone or you have to wait twenty minutes or so.

Anyway I managed to buzz this girls front door and a relatively mature Polish woman in lingerie answered but with big tits and looked like a real slut.  Led me to the bedroom and then we discussed business.  She wanted only a 100 zlotys for one hour!  But she then would not do CIM although it had stated on her profile she did!  So you really need to confirm this on the phone.  She would not then even allow me to cum all over her big Polish tits, all covered with a condom.  So I left, wasted journey, but learnt some valuable lessons about using Odloty.  I dont give up easy.

Warsaw Brothel No 22

I also tried a brothel listed on Odloty close to the Marriot hotel in the Nowogrodzka area.  I found it easy enough, in the window of the apartment block red neon light flashes no 22!

warsaw brothel odloty
warsaw brothel 22

Even so you still got to find the right entrance, enter the keycode and pass families etc in the stairwell – walk of shame.  There is alot to be said for established red light districts and FKK clubs like you find in Germany, certainly makes mongering alot easier, call it German efficiency.  Eventually I find my way into the brothel and lead into a nicely lit room, about 5 girls available all mature, not really doing it for me, basic service was 100 zlotys and then could pay for extras like CIM, but these whores in this Warsaw brothel really were not doing it for me, I left.

Big Fat Fatty CIM

The next morning after a buffet breakfast in the Mecure hotel in Warsaw it was back searching on Odloty in my hotel room and on my laptop.  Its early not long after 9AM and Odloty has a feature ‘Available now’ I clicked it and there are loads of escorts that are available 24 hours or actually start 9AM in the morning, just like going to the office.  I had two things in mind – big tits and CIM.

warsaw big tits cim
odloty big tits

I found a girl with huge tits that did CIM was only about a 10 minute walk away from my hotel, had lots of good reviews and only 100 zlotys.  I rang got a reply, she spoke excellent English and invited me over to her apartment, then texted me address.  Looking good.

Walked to her building and was a Warsaw housing estate with locals all going about their business, reminded me of that experience in Klaipeda Lithuania, but the escorts on Odloty were at least professionals.  I rang no answer, she must be busy, some punter has got in before me.  Sat on a park bench in the sunshine for 5 minutes then rang again, she answered and told me to come in 10 minutes.  Which I did, managed to find her entrance, again a little difficult, lift up to the top floor and rang her bell.

Warsaw blowjob

She had a pleasant clean pretty face but was a fatty with huge tits.  She was a cat woman and the apartment was messy and a little smelly.  Led to the bedroom and told her wanted to fuck her mouth and tits.  She was fine with that, loved it.  no condom no problem and can cum where I want.  She undress before me and not self conscious about her big fat body.  she unzipped me and played with my hard cock for about a minute in her hands.  She was smiling and saying I was very hard. She then got down to some serious cock sucking.   Really good actually, I just laid back and let her suck away, licking, spitting, gobbling, deep throat, gagging dribbling wet and sloppy, the full works and then let me cum loads into her mouth, she took the lot and then returned to the bathroom to spit it out.   Very friendly girl, not even ask for money up front, paid up and left with no problems, feeling alot lighter for that.  This was one profile on Odloty that more or less matched the reality.

Outcall – Belarus Girl

Another morning in Warsaw feeling really horny again, but this time wanted to fuck a good looking Polish teen or girl in her twenties, wanted to fuck some Polish pussy.  Again followed the same procedure on Odloty but different parameters.  Found what looked like a good match, naked pictures of a slim Polish brunette aged 20 even sporting a natural hairy pussy which really turned me on, her photos had her faced blurred so assumed they were accurate.  In her profile description she said she would also lick every last drop of cum up.  I managed to get through on the phone and made my way to what I thought was her address, the one listed on Odloty.  Once there called her, but then turns out she was the other side of Warsaw, WTF!  so much bullshit on Odloty.  Back at the hotel real horny and wanted to fuck this Polish bitch so called her again and agreed an outcall for an extra 100 zlotys.

Bait and Switch

First time I have ever had an outcall to my hotel.  I tried and failed dismally in Tallinn Estonia falling for a phone scam, Odloty was not that bad.  She said she would be with me within 40 minutes, an hour later there is a faint knock at the hotel door.  Open it and a completely different girl is standing there, blonde hair, bigger build, but attractive 7/10 aged 22 so I was not going to turn her away.  I needed to fuck.

outcall odloty
Belarus girl

Chat a little, she was a girl from Belarus, a student in Warsaw.  She like to work Odloty in Warsaw as legal, not problem with police and remains anonymous, cannot do this in Belarus.  She is a pro though and wants paying up front, no kissing and covered blowjob.  She was very white a few red pimples in places, typical of students, nice tits though and a trimmed pussy, like it was shaved and just growing out.  Fuck her missionary and she seems to be enjoying it making little moans of pleasure, I not last 5 minutes and fill up another condom.

Not Discreet

I imagined when these escorts from Odloty do outcalls to hotels in Warsaw they would dress respectable and be discreet.  Not this Belarus girl, she had a short leather skirt on, fishnet stockings, open top.  I mean she may as well come into the hotel with a loudspeaker shouting “I am a whore doing an outcall to room…”

So I was having some limited success with Odloty, and its certainly cheap, the bait and switch was not awful.  There were some real cute teens on Odloty but many of these were asking for 500 zlotys and more which puts them in the 100-150 euros bracket.  Many girls can be had for 200 zlotys and if your not fussy then a 100 zlotys.


I had added a handful of the Odloty escorts I was interested in while in Warsaw to my favorites, which you can do if you create your own account, it saves some time having them all in one place.  Back home writing up this report on mongering in Warsaw and most of  my favorite escort profiles on Odloty are now suspended or inactive.

My time was over in Warsaw and Poland I was now catching a flight to Chisinau in Moldova.

6 thoughts on “Warsaw Odloty Escorts”

  1. Sounds like Warsaw is a bit hit or miss. I would go to Poland if I were to spend a holiday in Europe, but I don’t see myself in Europe anytime soon. I am much more eager to hit South America and revisit my old stomping ground, Mexico!

    1. Yes Warsaw is a bit hit and miss, you can have some fun with Odloty, lots to choose from but almost entirely bait and switch, but the girls behind the fake profiles are not bad, its like they are trying to remain anonymous, its possible the the girl you meet is even better than the profile pics, but dont quote me on that. I regret not trying the nightclubs like Mirage etc. Here is a quote from the web about Warsaw nightclubs

      Night clubs are also filled with young beautiful girls who are quite active sexually and open minded. Club Mirage, Club Capitol, Enklawa, Dekada, De Lite Club, Fabryka Trzciny and Klub Kaermel are the best nightclubs in Warsaw and it is hard to leave home from those clubs without a female companion.

      It was very hot when I was in Warsaw during the day,so had to drink nice cold Polish lager to cool down, which fucked me up for the nighttime, never really been a late night monger

  2. From my personal experience I wouldnt recommend professional escorts. They can charge you a lot and there are some limitations. When I’m in Poland I often use sites like anonse.com or ero.club. I’d especially recommend the second one, cause there are a lot of semi-pros or amatures. Once or twice I even managed to hook up for free. Also there are fast responding which is crucial while visiting briefly. Good luck guys !

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