warsaw strip clubs Sofia

Warsaw Strip Clubs Sofia

Like most Eastern European cities, Warsaw has many strip clubs some good and some bad.  To break myself into some mongering in Warsaw one night decided to venture out to a strip club.  One of the Warsaw strip clubs that has many good reviews was called Sofia.

Strip club Street Girls

The Sofia strip club was not far from my hotel, within walking distance according to google maps navigation.  Some strip clubs dotted around Warsaw are open in the daytime, even though it may not be obvious at first.  At first you will be approached by an attractive Polish girl on the street, who will invite you inside a strip club that is nearby and she will tell you entrance is free.

warsaw strip clubs
strip club girl

You can identify these strip club girls on the street as they use an umbrella to shield them from the elements both hot sunshine and the rain.  This is particularly concentrated around the intersection with Nowy Swiat and Chmielna.  I was approach a few times around this area by very attractive strip club girls on the street, but declined their offers as had no intel on the strip club in question if it was good or a rip off joint.  I saw some of the doorman at the entrance to these strip clubs and they looked typical meathead gangsta style. I know strips clubs and the girls need protection but these guys should keep a low profile until then.

Exotic Strip Club

Another strip club that seemed to be open 24 hours in Warsaw is the Exotic strip club just behind the Hotel Polina and down from the Marriot hotel.

warsaw exotic strip club
exotic strip club

Nearly everytime I walked pass the Exotic strip club in Warsaw it seemed to be open and once or twice there were a couple of tired looking Polish girls sat outside smoking a cigarette or noticed what look like girls going to work or to start their shift.  The exotic strip club in Warsaw may have formerly been known as Kokomo and there were reports of full sex being on offer with the strippers.

I poked my head around the door one day of the exotic strip club but not venture inside.  In Warsaw I was only going to enter strip clubs with good reviews hence club Sofia was the top of my strip club list.  I desperately wanted to avoid being ripped off or having a bad experience.  There is just no intel online of what goes down in the exotic strip club in Warsaw, so I left alone.

Daytime Mongering

Most strip clubs in Warsaw open at night the earliest being around 8pm and stay open until the early hours of the morning like 5AM.  If you are feeling horny in Warsaw during the day and want some action it is best to use Odloty and visit an escort nearby or a Warsaw Brothel, more on that later.

Krakow Strip Clubs

I had some good memories of some strip clubs I had been inside when visiting Krakow.  The strip clubs in Krakow were well run and the majority were not rip off joints.  Alot of the Polish girls working inside the Krakow strip clubs were young and fit, very attractive and also friendly when they came and sat down with you.  In some of the strip clubs in Krakow there was full sex on offer in some of the private rooms.  Failing that,  there would be a guy standing outside connected to the club who would whisk you away to some Polish brothel in his flash car at a premium of course, if you wanted.  I was hoping expecting similar experiences in the Warsaw strip clubs.

Sogo Strip Club

One big strip club in Warsaw is the Sogo club.  There are a couple of bars connected and an Irish pub nearby.  The Sogo bar is very popular with local Polish people and sat in their one night considering a visit to the attached Sogo strip club.

warsaw strip club sogo
Sogo Strip club

I inquired with the doorman on the entrance fee, price per drinks and the cost of a lap dance in the Sogo strip club.   The entrance fee was 30 zloty, a beer would be 20 zloty and a lap dance would be around 50 zloty. Not cheap even by western European standards. Sterling had recently taken a fall due to Brexit and was around 5 zloty to 1 pound, so do the maths.  The Sogo doorman also tell me there were around 30 stripper girls working inside the Sogo, I seriously doubted it, maybe he was just telling me what I wanted to hear.

The night was young and I sat in the Irish pub nearby and had a beer before trying my luck in the Sogo strip club.  Spending a night in a good strip club can be alot of fun flirting with lots of sexy girls but on the flip side it can be a terrible experience if you are not careful.  I remain convinced that many strip clubs in eastern Europe are money laundering fronts for crime syndicates.  Especially the rip off joints where scamming customers is done more out of a perverse sense of fun and empowerment than the need to make money.

Sogo club reviews on google maps

Using google maps on my mobile phone with a local SIM, GPS and internet there is an option to ‘explore places nearby’ one of the sub options is nightclubs and the Sogo was listed.  Each place listed on google maps has reviews by customers who have entered the place listed.  Well Sogo had scores of reviews and they were all bad! really bad!  Customers receiving extortionate bills, credit card fraud and the girls stealing their wallets mobile phones etc.  There was not one good review.

OK, some punters are asking to get robbed or have their stuff stolen.  Even in reputable strip clubs you should still be on your guard, never use a credit card to pay your bills.  It is best to enter inside a strip club with just enough cash to see you through and no cards.  Always check your mobile phone etc are still with you.  Even so I was going to give the Sogo strip club a miss and head to Sofia which even on google maps had mostly good reviews.

Sofia Strip Club

The online marketing hype for the Sofia strip club says they have around 80 strippers.  They may have this many girls on their books but there wont be this many girls working at any one time, you will be lucky if there are 10 strippers working at the same time.

warsaw strip clubs Sofia
Sofia strip club

I enter the Sofia strip club which was 40 zloty entrance fee.  Inside the Sofia strip club it was big dark and a little smokey.  I could see about 10 girls sat around, not 80.  A beer was 12 zloty I ordered a beer sat down near the pole dancing stage and made myself comfortable, so far so good.

Mature Strippers

The girls would take it in turns pole dancing and would go topless.  Most of the Polish girls working in the Sofia strip club were average looking at best quite a few mature Polish women, like some looked like in their forties, getting wrinkly and a little saggy, cool if you are into mature Polish women.

mature polish stripper
mature polish pussy

Nothing like the quality of girls working in Krakow strip clubs and Sofia was meant to be one of the best strip clubs in Warsaw with a long history.  Already I was dissapointed.

After I was sat alone for a while, the strippers working inside the Sofia start coming over to you one by one to try their luck for a lap dance.   I was being quoted a 100 zloty for a lap dance that would last 5 minutes where I am sat one song.  In the strip clubs of Riga in Latvia and Tallinn in Estonia they would at least take you to a private room for a comparable price.

I turned away two or three girls and then two girls came over and would do a lesbian act for me for a total of 100 zloty, thats 50 zloty each.  They were rubbing my cock through my jeans and I realised I was quite horny.  They tell me a strip with one girl is only 50 zloty so the other girls were just trying their luck with an obvious newbie.

Sofia Lap Dance

A few more beers and got talking to a nice Polish woman, good body and turns out she was 37, she look younger though obviously kept herself fit.  Its seems alot of the Polish girls working the Warsaw strip clubs are just local women.  She tell me it safe to work in Warsaw she would never do strip work in London.  I guess alot of the younger strippers are more worried about their reputations.  Probably alot of the strippers working in Krakow are not from Krakow but travel there from other parts of Poland to make some good money with all the tourists and remain anonymous.

I decide to pay her 50 zloty for a strip which lasts all of 5 minutes just one song, she not really let me touch her tits or pussy.   That was all that was on offer inside the Sofia strip club, mature Polish women doing a lap dance with not much in the way of touching.  I mean you can buy the girls champagne and pay for a VIP room where maybe the girls get more friendly but I was not going to pay to find out, I was on a budget and really needed some full sex.  Maybe they should rename the Sophies strip club in Warsaw ‘Saggys’!

For the remainder of my time mongering in Warsaw I would concentrate my efforts online with Odloty.

2 thoughts on “Warsaw Strip Clubs Sofia”

  1. This is really good and detailed Intel about how the strip clubs operate. An excellent report.

    From the clubs I’ve been to in the US I have not had to worry about things like getting money stolen or ripped off. Quite a different culture there. Will you find women who go to these strip clubs as well?

    1. Thanks Mr Q. Generally women do not frequent the strip clubs in eastern europe, strip clubs are mostly for men, all over the world would you not say. Even in the 1000s of gogos in Thailand you rarely see any women inside as customers. rip offs and scams are rampant in eastern europe, I would guess its mostly a hangover from Russian mafia. There are many strip clubs and it would be nice to just go in have a drink, flirt etc but without alot of intel on if it is safe or not to enter, I would not take the chance, else it could just ruin your night, your holiday. This may well be my last trip to eastern europe, its just not worth it, you are better off in Germany take the easy options. the best eastern European girls are playing away, you will find them all working in the German FKK clubs. I just have countries cities on my todo list, done that, been there now. My next trip to europe may be the Balkans, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania Serbia etc. Not that they are great for mongering either, but just love to experience different places and try my luck. Another week touring through Germany would be good too, do some more FKK clubs and proper red light districts

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