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Mongering in Warsaw Poland

After recovering back at home from my escapade through Lativa and Lithuania I book a cheap flight one way from London to Warsaw in Poland.  On the morning of my flight I nearly not go, I wondered if it would be worth it, that there would just be alot of downtime sat in my hotel.  In the end I threw a coin to decide, heads I goto Warsaw, tails I stay at home.  Heads it was so I start my mongering adventure in Warsaw Poland.

London to Warsaw

Cheap flight one way with Norwegian Air from London to Warsaw.  Flight OK, but old Polish man passed out right next to my seat.  For a moment they were going to divert the plane but there was a doctor on board and the old guy just had high blood pressure.

Coincidence has it there was a Polish girl on the plane that I had fucked off Seeking Arrangement.  We chat at the baggage reclaim and she takes my number.  She was in Warsaw a couple of weeks visiting family.  Outside the airport taxi takes me to my hotel in Warsaw for 30 zloty.

Hotel Mercure Warszawa

For this trip to Warsaw in contrast with my stay in Riga, Klaipeda and Vilnius decided to give apartments a miss and go for a nice hotel.  I was staying in the Mercure Warszawa Grand Hotel on Krucza street in Warsaw city center or central area.  You can feel a bit isolated tucked away in some grotty apartment booked off AirBnb at least with a hotel there is a community, staff and a hotel bar and restaurant.  I had also gathered that the Mecure Warszawa was guest friendly.

hotel mecure warsaw
mecure warsaw

The hotel room was just a standard room, a little small but nice and comfortable as you would expect.  I managed to blow the flat screen TV attempting to attach my laptop and they had to replace it.

Warsaw Mongering Options and Research

As always I had done some mongering research on Warsaw and put together my mongering map of Warsaw so as to get my bearings.  With a local SIM and an internet package you can use these maps on your mobile and navigate unknown streets with relative ease.
 Like most eastern European cities Warsaw had many strip clubs many of them a rip off but some come recommended like the nightclub Sofia. Warsaw has a very vibrant online escort scene through sites like Odloty.  More on Odloty later.

Warsaw also has many brothels dotted about the city.  These two last points make it significantly different to Riga and Vilnius.  Some of the more upmarket hotels in Warsaw are suppose to have a small freelancer scene.  Warsaw has many nightclubs like club Mirage dotted around the city center where it is possible to meet freelancers or even get a freebie with a slutty Polish girl if you have some game.  So plenty of options for the aspiring monger finding himself in Warsaw and wanting some Polish pussy.

Polish Girls

I have been to Poland twice before, both times to Krakow which is a nice Polish city and lots of mongering options.  I had found Polish girls to be very attractive, lets look at some Polish girls to whet our appetites for some Polish pussy.

Polish pussy
Polish teen

Polish girls can have stereotypical eastern European looks.  Some Polish girls can have quite pronounced pointy faces, check out this Polish teen.

blonde polish girl
Polish Blonde

Many Polish girls are blonde and beautiful, and it would seem the majority of beautiful Polish girls stay at home in Warsaw rather than work abroad, I mean many of the Polish girls I see working in England are not that attractive,  check out this Polish Blonde showing off her fine pussy.

Poland big tits
Busty Poland

Not all Polish girls are blonde, its well known that Polish girls have bigger tits on average than most other eastern european girls.  I not really notice this in Warsaw, but for sure did notice Polish girls with big tits in Krakow.  Check out this Polish brunette showing off her fine C cup tits.

Marriot Hotel Warsaw

So after unpacking and a freshen up it was out onto the mean streets of Warsaw.  Summer was still raging across eastern Europe and had brought cloths for the hot weather.  After something to eat I make my way to the Marriot hotel.  They have a sky bar on the top floor with some great views over Warsaw.

sunset over Warsaw
sunset Warsaw

Have to shoot any photos through reflective glass though, shame not an outside observation area. Not many in the Marriot bar, but the night was young, drinks were a bit pricey, then a loud mouth Arab came in and sat in the VIP area, shouting down his mobile phone, I had to leave.  Not notice any freelancers in the Marriot hotel.

Polonia Warsaw
Polonia Warsaw
novotel hotel warsaw
novotel hotel view

Got quite drunk that first night in Warsaw, I just done a few of the hotel bars including the Novotel, Metropole and my own hotel the Mecure but not notice any freelancers.  I was not under any pressure to score in Warsaw the first night, I was on a budget and here for 7 nights so plenty of time and not want to throw money away.  I knew I would try some strip clubs and get on the blower to all the escorts on Odloty and maybe try a few nightclubs, they were your mongering options in Warsaw.

Travel now to me is not only about mongering, I have broaden my horizons, also its just not that easy anymore.  Keep my expectations in check and it was just cool to be in a city like Warsaw.

Ulica Nowy Świat 

The next morning buffet breakfast in the hotel Mecure was not that great but nice coffee.  I buy a SIM card for my unlocked mobile phone and take a wander in the direction of Ulica Nowy Świat or new world street.  Nowy swiat is the main tourist drag through Warsaw  and leads to the old town.

Nowy Swiat Warsaw
Nowy Swiat
warsaw old town
Warsaw Old Town

Plenty of bars and restaurants down Nowy Swiat and around the old town.  Lots of tourists from all over Europe and prices are hiked. There are reports of some prostitutes working Nowy Swiat and the Old town of Warsaw but I not encounter any.  What you will see plenty of in the hot late summer weather is a competition among the young Polish girls who can wear the shortest, tightest shorts, quite frustrating for a horny old monger.

SIM Registration

I rested in a coffee shop down Nowy Swiat and inserted my SIM but could not get a signal, so took it back to shop, they not speak any English but told me to goto a kiosk, the sim needed to be registered. Went to Kiosk shop but then they told me I needed my passport, so had to go back to hotel to get my passport.  Back to the kiosk and she tries to register my SIM but could not get it to work, She then told me to goto Orange shop.   A long walk to the orange shop and a queuing system in place where you had to wait for your number to be called.  About 45 minutes later an assistant who spoke good English registers my phone and its working Hurrah!  Perseverance pays off eventually.

Odloty is the main mongering option in Warsaw and you are going to spend alot of time on the phone so getting a local SIM is essential.  Cut out the hassle and head straight to a mobile phone shop in Warsaw and get them to set you up.  Only a few zloty for a local SIM with 5 GB of internet data.  Having an internet connection on my mobile is also essential for using google maps and navigating to addresses in a foreign city like Warsaw.  Apparently this registration of your SIM in Poland and needing a passport only came into effect a couple of months ago on the grounds of security.  Obviously for the monger who wants to remain anonymous its far better to use an unregistered SIM.

Finally my mobile phone is setup and I am ready to investigate some Warsaw escorts on Odloty and maybe navigate to a few strips clubs for some night entertainment.


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