bad guys goto pattaya

Mongers First Trip to Pattaya

On my last morning in Bangkok I hire a taxi to take me to Pattaya! I agreed a 1400 baht taxi fare.  Check in at Honey Inn hotel at soi Honey (soi11 second road), 900 baht per night low season a good and clean hotel, girl friendly, a little bit noise at night if you arrive until 2am I had to wear earplugs for two nights. I was at the Sin City very excited to be in Pattaya.

Soi Honey

Soi honey is full of massage parlours and bars with nice girls working there. Refresh my self at the honey hotel and went out to check the scene.

honey hotel pattaya
honey hotel room
soi honey massage pattaya
soi honey massage
soi honey pattaya
soi honey

Have lunch in Canteburys Tales Café on soi Chaiyapoon this soi is full of massage parlours with nice girls and the blowjob bar Lolita´s (just fuglies outside) is in this soi Chaiyapoon,  Also took a look around soi LK Metro.

soi Buakhao pattaya
soi buakhao
soi chayapoon
soi lk metro

Bliss Lounge Blowjob Third Road

After lunch was feeling horny and went to a blowjob bar on third road  called Bliss Lounge.

bliss lounge pattaya
bliss lounge

Enter Bliss Lounge and there was about 10 girls dressed in a purple uniform 2 of them were hot and decided to go for a blowjob with one.  Did a deal for an uncovered blowjob for 700 baht and went upstairs with the girl.

inside bliss lounge
bliss lounge room

Excellent blowjob!  the girl was hot and I decide to fuck her too, tight shaved pussy big tits, final bill 1500 bath.

Walking Street, Beach Road

That evening was a Saturday night in Pattaya and all the bars and go go´s were closed because next day there was a referendum and they were forbidden to sell alcohol everything close at 6pm.

walking street pattaya
walking street

That night went to have dinner at Walking Street and check the scene but the bars were all closed everyone said that this is not Pattaya, I was surprised.

pattaya beach road
beach road

On my walk to Walking street the Beach Road was full of freelancers mature, young, ladyboys, all sizes all shapes a fucking mall of sex, the Indian guys looking for fat ladies, the Italians looking for ladyboys, just sit a while watching the environment.

Pattaya Beach

Next morning wake up early and went to Pattaya beach to relax. Pattaya beach was a bit dirty  and the water was warm but not clean, full of pigeons, rats and boats noise pollution.

pattaya beach
Pattaya boats
Pattaya beach dirty

Papagayo Coyote Bar Girl

That morning meet a lovely girl on Pattaya beach, she works at Papagayo a Coyote bar on soi Diana, but she didn´t go to work last night because everything was closed because of the referendum.

Papagayo coyote bar girl
Papagayo coyote bar girl

We went to have lunch together and I ask her if she want´s to go with me to my hotel room the answer was yes and we went. She had the tightest pussy I ever fuck in my live I stay with her for 2 days,

pattaya coyote girl
miss that pussy

I was addicted to that pussy, fuck her several times excellent blowjob no anal, no tits and that little hairy pussy that I already miss.

Mike’s Shopping Mall and Pool

The next morning we went to the pool of Mikes Shopping Mall, nice view of Pattaya from the pool. the entrance fee was 100 baht for all day and you can eat at the mall and return to the pool.

mikes shopping mall
mikes pool
view of pattaya
pattaya view

Very few people during the day at the pool on top of Mikes shopping mall,  it was a sunny day and I just stay there all day with her. Return to the hotel for another sex session and she told me that she had to go to work that night but if I wanted she could stay with me. I said  to her to go and gave her 3000 baht.

LK Metro Gogos

On that night in Pattaya I was excited and wanted to check the gogos from LK metro and went to check a few of them, great girls in the gogo´s but I didn´t barfine any girl, I think that you can find good girls outside the gogo´s too.

soi lk metro
office gogo pattaya
office gogo

For me the best gogo that I have been was The Office on soi LK Metro, nice girls they were not to pushy with the drinks and I stayed in the Office gogo just watching the girls dancing and touching them.

oasis gogo pattaya
Oasis gogo

The Oasis gogo was good too the girls were topless and one or two full naked they were asking 2500 baht more 500 barfine in both go go´s for shortime with just one fuck.

Iron Club Gogo Walking Street

Later that night went to Walking Street on a mototaxi for 50 baht. I wanted to check the gogo´s on Walking street.

walking street pattaya
walking street
walking street pattaya
walking street
skyfall gogo pattaya
the girls dont like photos

I enter the Iron Club a nice go go with a jacuzzi in the middle and two girls in there washing themselves and kissing each other they were pushy with the drinks in the Iron club,

But I like one girl in the Iron Club and want to barfine her, she had an excellent body she told me that she would do with me what I want – uncovered blowjob, ass, and just one fuck in the shortime for 2500 bath and the barfine was 600 bath. I was horny with that girl and would take her with me for sure. That´s when an Asian guy enter  the Iron Club gogo and when she saw him she told me that she had to leave me, in a second she was kissing him and sit on him, I stayed surprised pay my bill and left annoyed with the situation.

bad guys goto pattaya
bad guys gogo Pattaya

End my night on Walking street in Insomnia club full of girls too crowded for me just had gin tonic and left Walking street alone catching another mototaxi to the hotel for 50 baht.

Soi 6

Next day in Pattaya wake up and went to the beach near the end of soi 6 because I wanted to try soi 6 in the late afternoon.

soi 6 pattaya
soi 6
soi 6 pattaya
soi 6 bars

Take a walk up and down soi 6 but the girls were not good I saw a few that I like but they were with company, just order a beer in Lisa Bar and stayed there for a while watching the scene but I didn´t like the girls to much –  make up full of tattoos they were nice but I not  like the environment.

soi 6'1 ladyboys
soi 6’1 Ladyboys

Take a walk to soi 6/1 just to see the ladyboys that work in that soi.

Buffalo Bar

After exploring soi 6 in Pattaya I wanted to check Buffalo Bar on third road and went there.

buffalo bar third road
buffalo bar
buffalo bar pattaya
inside buffalo bar

Enter the Buffalo bar but just four girls inside a curtain fat and mature, just order a beer and left Buffalo Bar.

Honey 1 Soapy Massage

Tired of walking I thought that I will get a massage near my hotel and take a rest for the night, I was thinking to go in those massage parlours in soi honey but when I passed Honey1 I wanted to try another soapy massage this time in Pattaya.

honey1 pattaya
honey 1 body massage

Enter Honey 1 body massage and turn left to the fishbowl when I saw about 40 girls inside, on the right side there was the girls with red numbers 2000 baht and the girls with blue number 2500 baht, on the left the girls of 3000 baht (younger ones maybe no kids).

I just stay there for about 10 minutes choosing the girl I was amazed so many girls to choose from inside the honey 1 fishbowl.  I was crazy.  Ended up choosing a girl with blue number a great girl with nice tits a firm booty and I ask the Papasan if the girl will make a uncovered blowjob, he told me yes. Enter the elevator to an upper floor and enter into a nice big room. For the massage I order one fresh water and stayed there waiting for the girl for a while.

honey 1 massage pattaya
inside honey 1

Excellent soapy massage in the honey 1.  I was hard as a rock the girl told me lay down and start to make a covered blowjob (I hate covered BJ) then she sit on my cock shaved pussy not so tight but was a good fuck, stayed there for about 80 minutes, in the final she made me a back massage. Job done, I left honey 1. Just stayed on soi honey drinking beer and do some people watching the rest of the afternoon in Pattaya.

Action Street,  Soi Buaokhao

Later I wanted to try Action street in the end of soi buaokhao. Had dinner in a good restaurant in soi Diana and take a walk to Action street.

action street pattaya
Action street
beer bars pattaya
action street beer bar

There was a party going on this bee bar in Action Street, and I saw a cute girl there, decide to drink a beer. They serve me food with the beer because was the birthday of one of the bar girls that work there, few people in action street about 15 foreigners in all bars, some of the bars are closed to rent. A old lady – mamasan – talk to me and told if I like any of the girls, I said yes and I call the cute one that I have noticed when arrived.

action street bar girl
beer bar girl

A cute Pattaya bar girl, good tits, firm booty, nice smile……., I liked her. Drink a few beers with her, dance with her Thai music (there was a ladyboy singing live music), and about 2 hours later I ask her how much she will want to take her out of there to my room. She said she will charge 1500 bath and barfine was 400 bath and I could stay with her till next morning, I agreed and we went to the room walking down soi buaokhao. Take shower together, great uncovered blowjob, tight hairy pussy, I fuck her one time in the night and another one in the morning.

Leaving Thailand

This was my last day in Pattaya will leave Thailand about noon to catch the plane back home to Portugal.

bangkok airport
leaving Thailand

I was leaving Thailand and already miss the country, fall in love with Thailand with the first visit, for sure I will be back again soon. I loved the country, the food, the beer, the girls, everything. I have been in countries like Brazil, Cuba, Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, and a few countries in Europe, but they are different from Thailand never been in a country like this, too easy to find pussy I think there is pussy available 24/7, never been in Asia before for sure mongers heaven.

Note: I would like to thanks to Sir Paul for all the information I take from MongerPlanet from his posts and from the guest posts too. With the right information it´s more easy to navigate for a newbie like me, I search a lot information before going to Thailand and it helped me a lot. Next time I will go for 15 days, for sure I will not miss nothing.

By Ricardo.


9 thoughts on “Mongers First Trip to Pattaya”

  1. Another excellent report Ricardo, straight from Pattaya. Action street I presume must be fairly new so good update too on Sin city and the not too high prices you paid for entertainment etc.

    I’m sure like most of us who have been there, and became addicted, you will return and maybe go back again several times 🙂 for me over an 8 year period I had actually lost count of the number of times I have flown in and out of Bangkok using definitely over fourteen different airlines, some more than once.

    Good you discovered the nice pool above Mikes shopping Centre. When you do go next, make sure you take the ferry and take your girl for a day out to Koh Larn island only 45 minutes from Pattaya. The sea and beaches there are lovely. Also for a wealth of knowledge about Pattaya, Bangkok and the rest of Thailand I recommend with its weekly column.

    1. Thank you Mathew glad you like the report. I read about action street that´s why I went there. Had a nice there, few tourists and nice beer bar girls. Yes I loved Thailand and for sure I will go back there again. Next august (my holiday month) I will be there again, it will be when I can go. I would like to have more free time during the year to get back there soon but I can´t. I was a very short time I did not give to experience even half of what Pattaya has to offer. Next time I will try Koh Larn for good beaches ( I was very busy with the bitches).
      Thanks for the tip of stickmanbangkok I will check.

  2. Yes great first trip report to Pattaya from an experienced monger. Thanks Ricardo for the time and effort you have put in to put this post up on mongerplanet. I am glad you found this site useful in your research of both Bangkok and Pattaya. The pictures paint a thousand words I think you are a budding photographer. 🙂

    The bliss lounge on third road is a new one to me, i am learning there are quite a few blowjob bars hidden away in that area. The buffalo bar used to be in vogue around 2007-2008 popular with expat and around that time barfined a little stunner in there.

    Dont think I have ever barfined around soi LK metro. My last trip to Pattaya met a cute girl in Action street too.

    I am sure you cant wait to get back to Thailand. Reading your reports makes me want to return. There are alot of girls there for the taking but can require a lot of footwork.

    1. Always a pleasure to post on MongerPlanet.
      The site was very useful for me take a lot of information from your esperiences. I think I´m developing my taste for photography. Bliss Lounge worth a visit I do not say the same of Buffalo Bar but we always have to try our luck (nothing ventured, nothing gained).
      Next august I will be there again but I want to do Siem Reap too for a visit to Wangkor Wat and some mongering of course.
      Yes you right I cant wait to be there again. I fall in love with Thailand.

  3. Holly shit that girl that stayed over with you was cute and only 3000 THB ($85 USD) to stay the night and the next day!

    I’d be afraid to go to Thailand…. sure the food and culture will be amazing, but I think the girls will destroy me. How is it like to have a paid woman hang around you all day and night? Are they like a gf? or a girl just following you around?

    I don’t like to hold, caress, kiss any of the girls I pick up. I just want to fuck them, talk a bit and just leave. Nothing personal between the girl and I. That’s just me and there’s nothing wrong with what other guys do… perhaps I don’t know until I’ve tried.

    1. Mr Q. I meant to mention that girl in my comment. I think she is very nice too. Funny how things worked out for Ricardo, because of the referendum and the bars closed he met her on the beach with her guard down. Had he met her as a coyote bar girl in papagayo it may have panned out differently.

      There is a blur between a real girlfriend and hanging out with a bargirl. Many mongers fall in love. But this is rare these days, most girls just want to do short time and make some cash. So nothing to fear. you should try Thailand.

      Ricardo is an experienced monger in other parts of the world – and for sure knows about the perils of getting to attached to a bar girl. Very rarely are any feelings of affection reciprocal – she is more seeing you as a long term prospect – cash cow – sponsor. One of many maybe

      1. We are always learning. It´s easy to fall in love in Thailand, those friendly girls know how to please a man you have to think that they are hookers but if we are a needy man we had to be careful.

    2. I always negotiate hard with the girls. The girls are amazing in Thailand. That girl I meet she look like a hooker so I didn´t had problem to hang around with her she provides me full GF experince, she was friendly and had the tighest pussy that I ever fuck soo… .
      I saw guys there hanging around with very ugly girls with whores aspect. If you find a good girl you will try it for sure.

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