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Portuguese Monger First Trip to Bangkok Thailand

This was my first time mongering in southeast Asia, never been to Asia before, for the first time I choose Thailand the Land of Smiles. Read a lot about mongering in Thailand and get all the information I need for this trip. Book a flight with Fly Emirates flying from Lisbon to Dubai and from Dubai to Bangkok.  The flight take about 16 hours including the connection at Dubai airport.

Lisbon to Bangkok

Arrive at Bangkok airport about noon local time more 6 hours ahead than Lisbon.  Catch a public taxi from 1st floor at Bangkok airport to sukhumvit road the cost was 800 bath, take about half an hour.

soi 10 bangkok
cosy hotel room

Check in at hotel Cozy at Ten (book the hotel online via email) on sukhumvit soi 10, a cheap and nice hotel in a central position near everywhere (1000 bath per night low season) a nice quality/price hotel, girl friendly, quiet and clean hotel, with friendly staff.

Towards the Nana

Finally I was in Bangkok after a long haul flight. Everything was new for me I was excited to be in Bangkok for the first time. Refresh myself and went to the street that had seen only on google maps, was hard to believe but I was in Bangkok for the next 3 nights. I was starving and was looking for a good restaurant on sukhumvit when I saw the first Thai freelancers, the massage girls (always calling me for a massage),  and all the noon action that sukhumvit had to offer, simply amazing. After eat something made a slow walk on sukhumvit in direction to soi nana.

Adult Playground
Nana Plaza
Nana Hotel Bangkok
Nana Car Park

Stumble Inn Mature

Was about 32ºC in Bangkok and I was sweating a lot and stop for a Chang beer (for me the best one) in Stumble Inn a few girls working there but were mature bad looking one or two good looking but they were with company, while I was drinking a mature lady come to me and I ask a few questions, how much for a fuck? how much for barfine? and she answer to all my questions, the fuck was 1500 bath and the barfine was 600 bath, for shortime in a 300 bath hotel nearby and I said that I didn´t like her, too old for me, and left the Stumble Inn.

Beer Garden Freelancer

Head my self to the other side of sukhumvit road to check Beer Garden on soi 7. Enter the Beer Garden and was full of  Thai girls (mature, young).  I catch all the girls attention because there were only 6 guys drinking there. I sit order a Chang and look around to see the girls available.

Too many girls that I have to stand up and walk a little in the Beer garden bar (big bar) to see them all, I saw two real hot girls and take a seat beside one ( the hottest for me) a young girl no breasts but really cute and I was getting horny with that girl, she was drinking a beer and we chat a little and I ask her how much for short time?


She then tell me that will cost me 1500 bath short time and 300 for the room with no barfine to pay in Beer Garden, but a I said that was a little expensive and only will pay 1200 bath to her and do not need the room because I was in a hotel nearby that we could go with no problem.

I ask her about the service that she will provide telling her that I dont like covered blowjob, she said up to you, we left Beer Garden in direction to soi 10 in the other side of sukhumvit, when we was passing soi 7/1 she told me that the short time room was in that soi but I din´t care and we kept walking.

First Fuck Asian Girl

When we arrive at the room she went to take a shower with the door locked I lock my valuables in my bag and when she left I take a shower and when I finish  came out all naked and she start to suck my cock, not a good blowjob just suck the head of my cock, I ask for a deeper suck she said she can´t do it.

That´s when I start to fuck her she had a little tight hairy pussy I fuck her mummy daddy first then went to doggy position, after a while I put a finger on her ass she didn´t say nothing, my erection was so hard that I put my cock in her ass with no problem she start to scream and scream that I had to stop with the ass fuck finishing in her tight pussy, then I pay to her 1200 bath and she left.  My first fuck with an Asian girl was done and it was great fuck!

Soi Cowboy

My first night in Bangkok had come and went out to eat something and head to soi cowboy 10 minute walking from my hotel to check out the scene when arrive sit in a bar and drink a few beers checking the scene.

first time bangkok soi cowboy
soi cowboy
first time bangkok thailand
soi cowboy

First gogo ever I enter was Baccara, full of girls and great girls dancing a few  topless, I was delighted with the environment beautiful girls dancing most of them smiling at me, just stay in Baccara gogo drinking gin tonic and a girl sit with me a cute girl she start to rub my cock but I was little bit drunk and was tired I left Baccara.

bangkok nighttime
Sukhumvit intersection

On the way to my hotel just watching the night street scene on sukhumvit, lot´s of freelancers, Thai and hardcore African freelancers ( I love African ladies but this ones for sure not for me), ladyboys, everything.

Kasalong Blowjob

Next morning I wake up late about noon and I want to try a blowjob bar, and made a slow walk to soi 8 to check out Lolita´s but the girls outside were not my type (mature and ugly), pass beside Lolita´s and head to kasalong on soi 6.

Kasalong Bangkok
Kasalong blowjob bar

Young girls working in Kasalong, I notice one with big tits, young and cute, decide to give Kasalong a try with that girl, enter and choose that girl, she was sitting outside and went inside when I told the old lady in the bar that´s the one I want. She didn´t speak any English so I ask the old lady if she will make a uncovered BJ?, the old lady said up to you and the cost for the blowjob was 800 bath, I agreed and went upstairs to a small room.

kasalong blowjob bangkok
blowjob room

She washed my cock in the washbasin and then told me to seat and start to suck my cock, I told her to strip naked ( I want to see those titts and pussy) she didn´t say nothing but get out her clothes. A great blowjob deep and wet, I stayed there for about 25 mins with her sucking my cock, I finnish with a tit-job, she washed my cock and I ask her to take a photo the answer was no, I pay and left.

Stumble Inn Bar girl Long Time

Out that evening had a pizza and a few beers in restaurant in soi 8 this was the view.

soi 8 Bangkok
lolitas soi 8

After dinner went to Nana Plaza to check the scene, enter in a few go go´s but the girls were to pushy with drinks and left to have a drink in those bars beside Nana Plaza.

soi 4 nana bangkok
hooters bangkok
Nana hotel freelancers
Nana carpark

Met a nice girl in Stumble Inn.  Negotiate with her to go to my room, the price was 1500 bath and 600 bath barfine she had agreed uncovered blowjob and will stay all night if I wanted.

bangkok bar girl
Stumble Inn bar girl

I agree and went together to my room 15 mins walking from Nana Plaza. Nice girl nice booty (that I love) and a tight hairy pussy, fuck her twice during the night and then told her to leave the room.

Annies Soapy Massage

Next day did some tourist tours to check out the city, because later I wanted to check Annie´s Massage at soi 2 and try my first soapy massage ever.

Annies Bangkok
Annies Soapy Massage

Enter to the 1st floor of Annie´s and in front you have fishbowl with about ten ladies two of them were gorgeous no clients inside I was the only one, an old lady talk to me and told to choose one girl the price was 2500 bath for 90 minutes with the lady. I choose one, ask if she makes uncovered blowjob the answer was up to you, and was ready for my first soapy massage.

Annies Bangkok
Inside Annies
first time Annies Bangkok
First Time Soapy Massage
Annies Soapy Massage
No Photographs

The girl I choose in Annies was superb great tits nice ass uncovered blowjob not so tight hairy pussy, she gave a bath in tub and then I lay down and then start the massage, I was in heaven feeling that hairy pussy, ass and tits all over my body, then she told me to lay down on the little bed and start to suck my cock we had a excellent fuck, at the end she gave a back massage to relax we were there for about 70 minutes more a less.


After the soapy went to soi 7/1 to see the scene, this soi was full of massage parlours and a known BJ bar Dr BJ Saloon that is now closed opened with another name doing the same thing, I didn´t enter but the girls outside look good. Later that night I wanted to try the late disco clubs freelancers and went to Thermae the disco under Ruamchit hotel.

Thermae Bangkok
Thermae Bangkok
Ruamchit hotel bangkok

Enter Thermae about 00:30 and was full of girls but I was already drunk and I dont like to search for girls when I´m drunk take a look at the scene but left the Thermae alone then went to Climax disco, full of girls, to dance a little but went to my room alone. Next day in the morning I was leaving Bangkok to go to Pattaya.

leaving bangkok to pattaya
On the highway leaving bangkok

By Ricardo

8 thoughts on “Portuguese Monger First Trip to Bangkok Thailand”

  1. Great report Ricardo on the Bangkok mongering scene, almost like my first trip to Bangkok. But I have never barfined girls out of the beer garden or the beer bars around the Nana. Taken a look inside Annies once or twice but again never saw a girl I liked. Had a threesome in the Thermae one night, well took two girls back to my hotel. Just goes to show an experienced monger in Bangkok still has many options and can do cheap. I guess the gogo girls in Bangkok were too expensive? If, when I return to Bangkok will give all these places another try and keep the price you paid for some Bangkok pussy in the back of my mind. I mean some of these gogo girls are asking 5000 baht short time!

    1. Thank you I´m very glad you liked the report. I think you can find quality girls out of go go´s for less money you pay in the go go´s, that´s why I didn´t barfine any go go girl. Pay over a hundred euros for a short time and just one fuck is not for me I will never pay that amount for a short time fuck. You can have a good time in a soapy massage parlour for 2500/3000 baht. I always haggle with the girls and when you enter a bar that has few customers and many girls the likelihood of them lower prices is higher. The first question that girls make is where you from? I always said I was from countries like Brazil, Romania, Mexico, not from europe, I think those girls charge more money from europeans and americans.

  2. Nice first trip to Thailand report Ricardo,
    thank you for that. Almost like my first trip too to Bangkok, so a nice flash back trip down Memory Lane for me. I also stayed for 3 nights staying at the Nana hotel before moving on to Pattaya where I stayed at the flipper Lodge hotel on soi 8 which I thought was a great location near the beach. Notice you have been paying, in my opinion reasonable prices despite Thailand not being as cheap as it used to be so keep up the good work and I look forward to your Sin city-Pattaya-on-sea report.

    1. I’m glad my journey has brought you good memories . I always haggle with the girls everywhere I go. My first choise for Pattaya was Flipper Lodge too but ended choosing another Hotel.

    1. Not usually Mr Q. A soapy massage in Thailand usually means, she takes you to a room with a low level wide bath, more than enough room for two. She fills it with warm water and soap, you both get in a she gives you a wash all over, which is nice if your a little fatigued or aching. But she ensures your clean. then you move to the bed typically and have a massage followed by full sex, not always in that order. Sometimes it involves a lilo which you lay on and she soaps it all up and slips up and down on you, never really seen the point in this, but can be fun. Nuru is not something i have experienced in Thailand, sure it exists though. But soapy massage and soapy massage parlours are big business in Thailand with the locals and tourists alike. A soapy massage is a good way to kill a couple of hours and the price is fixed.

  3. I don’t wanna sound nit-picky, but it’s Soi 7 Beer Garden, Gulliver’s is on Soi 5. I go to the Beer Garden once or twice a month, but I’ve never actually taken a lady from there. The quality is very much hit or miss, but they do have big screens with sports and the beers are pretty cheap for a Sukhumvit bar.

    1. I have edited to say soi 7 I thought that at the time I published it that in fact the beer garden was on soi 7 then forgot, been a while now since I have been there myself. But never seen a girl wanted to fuck in the beer garden, most have always been mature. But most mongering is hit and miss, always worth popping in at different times of the day and night, dont know when you are going to get lucky and find the girl you like. I think the first time you are in a place like Bangkok though, seeing all those asian girls for the first time, you are alot less fussy. More the second or third trip to Thailand you get more fussy but can have a better time knowing what to expect. I am sure Ricardo will now return to Thailand many times before getting fussy and bored with it

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