china massage Saigon vietnam

China Massage Saigon Vietnam

Mongering Vietnam – Part 3 (The Final Round?)

I already had two great experiences in Vietnam with two girls of vastly different personalities and environments.  The first was the absolutely luxurious and sensual happy ending massage at Minh Minh Tam where Thuy/Tuyet was athletic, strong minded, professional, and highly skilled.  The second was Full Service at Hai Yen where the markedly girly and timid Thuy made her efforts to please me with little touches here and there.

China Massage

After Hai Yen, I was very curious about China massage as it was mentioned quite a few times on the international sex guide. I walked up and down the street once more after I left Hai Yen. A man on the street stopped and asked if I wanted boom boom?

china massage Saigon vietnam
china massage

I stick out like a sore thumb, but I began to wonder if these guys get kickbacks? I ignored him and continued walking and walked right into China Massage. In contrast to Hai Yen, China Massage was dark and dim with the lights turned off. The left side of the salon had 1950-60s style barber chairs and the right side had benches.

The girls in the barber chairs were reclined with their feet on the table either staring at the ceiling or playing with their phones. They didn’t even bother to look up or bat at eye even though a potential customer was present. The girls were a little on the thick side. The girls on the right turned their heads a little, but there was no effort to showcase their goods or to entice the customer.
There was maybe 1 girl that attracted me. I had my look around and walked out. If I were to come back for round 2, I would go for Hai Yen again. China Massage  just didn’t seem inviting. With that I caught a taxi and left.

One of Those Days

I really fancied another round at Hai Yen or another nice Happy Ending massage but the circumstances for the remainder of the day were rather unfortunate.  After my business for the evening was concluded, it was very late and close to midnight. I was in poor spirits. I leaned towards a happy ending massage but I couldn’t spare 2 hours for a massage even though Minh Tam and MT2 were supposed to be 24 hour joints.  I was leaving Vietnam in the morning and this was my last opportunity.  With that, I thought forward to my next destination Singapore.

Return to Vietnam?

I need to return to Vietnam but I’m unsure if I ever will be able too.  Saigon is not a transit hub and most need a visa to visit, so it will not be a place where one might stop by the way of a layover such as Korea or Singapore.

I need to experience Saigon again and experience more of Vietnam.  The food, the people, the culture, and especially that massage I had.  Will it be the same?  Probably not but there’s a part of me that say’s, yes, it will be just as good.  I said I would probably never return to Korea and I visited Korea again.

“Game on” and thank you Vietnam.

By Mr Q.

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