Saigon-Hai Yen

Hai Yen Saigon Vietnam

Mongering Vietnam – Part 2

I’ve always thought of Vietnamese women in the States as petite and strong-willed.  Tiny fireballs that hang out with guys with riced up cars, excelling at school and career, walking around with highlighted straightened hair and 3 inch heels because they are petite.  They work really hard but party really hard.  This is my stereotypical view and I was hoping for a tiny petite fun loving Vietnam girl during my visit to the former French colony.

Su Van Han

The area around Su Van Han (SVH) street is a bit of a pseudo Red Light District of Saigon with its many hoc tocs (hair salon blow job bars), KTV bars, and massage parlours.  It also appears to be the hipster area of Saigon with coffee, drink and dessert shops for young people, fusion and classic Vietnamese food in a modern environment.

The next street over is Le Hong Phuong and it’s home to Minh Minh Tam , China massage, and Hai Yen Massage and a few others not mentioned in forums.  Whether or not Le Hong Phuong is a spillover of Su Van Han I don’t know, but I do know there is Full Service and Happy Ending to be found here.  I wanted to walk around Su Van Han and see all these hipster places, hot tocs, enjoy a coffee, and get a round of FS, but with disappointing circumstance, it didn’t work out, but I did manage to get some full service.

Obvious Tourist

I hailed a taxi in the late afternoon gave the driver the address of the Minh Tam Hotel since it was down the street. I had him drop me off on the street across from the Hai Yen so I could snap a picture. In daylight, you could see China Massage just 2 doors away whilst, I couldn’t locate it a few nights ago.

Saigon-Hai Yen
Saigon-Hai Yen

The reports say that Hai Yen has more Vietnam girls and better choice of girls so I walked towards Hai Yen. As I walked, a lady street vendor in front of Hai Yen asked me if I was looking for a massage. I stuck out like a sore thumb and I told her no, so I just on walked on past Hai Yen to ascertain the surroundings. Satisfied at the end of the street, I turned back around and walked straight into Hai Yen.


There were about 10 girls of all shapes and sizes sitting in the clean brightly lit parlor. They were ALL embroidering. I was asked if I wanted a massage and I said, “Yes”. I was suggested to take this one girl as I think they have a system of whose turn is next, but I took my time to look at all the girls and I choose whoever I wanted.

Hai Yen Massage
Hai Yen Massage

Boom Boom

There were no petite girls in the room which surprised me as there are petite Vietnamese women everywhere in Saigon. I have a penchant for really petite girls, but I ended up choosing a taller girl, in the lavender dress that was about 5’5” with dyed brown hair, smooth pale skin, and large breasts. She looked Vietnamese but could have passed for some other Asian. There were some girls that were very distinctly Vietnamese looking and I passed on them (such as the girl on the very right with white top) . This wasn’t Korea where I was crazy about Korean girl looks.

vietnam girl hai yen
vietnam girl hai yen

My girl led me towards the door in rear and as just as I was about to go through, they told me 1.3 million ($60 USD) and I said ok. She led me up to the 2nd floor where there were several rooms. I was brought into the first room and then she left. A few moments later, a very enthusiastic English speaking young man knocked and asked if I wanted “boom boom” and I said yes. He said, “It’s 1.3 million, ok?” I agreed.

hai yen upstairs
hai yen upstairs

She came back after a minute or two with some supplies and locked the door. I showered and when I was done, she disrobed revealing a nice full body. She had trimmed snatch and very decent C-cup breasts, and a full butt. Her figure is very different from what I typically like, which is petite and skinny, but I was perfectly happy with her. She asked me if I wanted boom boom and of course I said yes, but I also tried to convey to her that I wanted massage too. Either I wasn’t able to convey this or maybe she doesn’t provide massage when boom boom is provided, I don’t know. I don’t speak Viet and she doesn’t speak English. I gave up and followed her directions and hopped up onto the massage table.

hai yen saignon
waiting while I showered
hai yen girl nice boobs
Still waiting nice boobs

She started off with some BBBJ which was very unexpected. She spread my legs and moved onto sucking of the testes switching back and forth between the balls and cock.

Butt hole Licking

The real shocker was when she threw my legs in the air, angled my butt up and started licking my butt hole. Having a virgin butt hole, I was surprised at how pleasurable her warm tongue was down there. I called her a dirty girl, she looked up, a bit, didn’t understand and just kept on licking. What a girl!

The studious girl that she was, put a rubber on me and mounted me for some cowgirl. After CG, I wanted missionary as I just love to see her face to grab her boobs, so I signalled for her to get on her back. I’m one who always likes to look and play with the pussy and I went straight for it, but when she flipped, she placed her hand over it as if to block it from my view even before I made any attempts.

Girlfriend Experience

I paid no attention and still tried to play with her pussy and she refused. An attempt or two more was denied and I even threw some sad puppy eyes, but she was unrelenting so I gave up. I continued onto missionary and she eagerly helped me in. She turned out to be great in this position. She grabbed my hips and pulled my thrusts into her and then switched to heels which she dug into my back synchronized them with my thrusts. This girl was great, giving those little GFE touches show that she really wanted me to enjoy the sex and showed that she wanted me inside of her. This was not the mechanical, just open the legs and lie motionless WG routine, but an immensely enjoyable session.

Her boobs were a nice C-cup and I wanted to grab those from behind so I motioned to her for doggy. She guided me in again and handfuls of soft fluffy dangling boobs were now in my hands. I wanted to finish off with me on top so I had flip again. Grabbing her fluffy boobs from top and watching them gyrate, the big release came and it was all over.

Thuy? Again?

I always like chatting with the WG, but it’s more comfortable at the end, It’s the release of tension at the end that makes it easier. In the beginning, it’s tense. You’ve just met a stranger chosen from a lineup, whom you’ve just met in questionable circumstance and environment (whether it’s legal or not) makes it tense. After doing the deed in which she opened her body to you, a complete stranger, and then releasing all that tension in one big explosion, things change quickly.

Because our communication wasn’t that great, I didn’t chat with her too much in the beginning, but now after the tension release, I started to chat with her more. I asked her for her name and she said it was Thuy aged 23. I know there are a lot of girls named Thuy but this is the second WG who told me her name was Thuy and the 3rd girl who I met in Vietnam named Thuy combined with several others Thuy’s I know at home. Who knows if Thuy was her real name, but I kept chatting with her despite her minimal English skills. She was a bit of quieter girl, a bit timid, nice but very very willing to do her dirty job.

hai yen girlfriend experience vietnam
Nice tits Ass

I showered and she played with her iPhone which surprised me because iPhones are really freaking expensive and people make pennies in Vietnam. I got dressed and it was her turn to shower. She led me downstairs to the receptionist and was asked for 1.3 million which I readily forked over. The receptionist took some of the money, and went to hand over a portion to Thuy, to which she realized, the customer was standing right there so she pulled the money back.

I hung around the salon a few more minutes chatting with the girls and looking at their embroidery. It was time to leave and they told me to come back. I smiled and I thought, “how about tonight?” This was my last full day in Vietnam and I thought I might come back here or go back to the Minh Minh Tam for another massage.

By Mr Q.

12 thoughts on “Hai Yen Saigon Vietnam”

  1. I just got back from Vietnam have to agree with everything you said. I’ll have to check hai yen. Is it possible to get full service at Minh Minh tam?

    1. Hi Hibache… Since you agree that means I’m not making stuff up? Hahaha…

      I don’t think it’s possible to get FS at those high end massage places like the Minh Tam Hotel. Each door to the room has a small window so the managers can peek in if need be. That’s why my masseuse was so hesitant to let me take our her boobies. I also saw her glance at the door when I try to get her boobs out. There are reports of other high end massage places with the windows as well.

      Hai Yen Massage had the windows blocked out and a lock on the door that could only be opened from the inside. I felt much safer with the inside lock.

  2. Great pics Mr Q and big thanks from MongerPlanet for another great guest post from a country and city I yet have to grace with a visit. 🙂

    Alot of mongering reports I have read on Vietnam tend to be from Thailand veterans or expats maybe on a visa run. Those reports tend to bend on the negative. Like its rife with scams pickpockets etc.

    But seems to me you done your research on Saigon and knew exactly where you were going and what to expect. I would definitively hit Hai Yen and Minh Tam on any prospective visit to Saigon and Vietnam but love to also take a little walk on the wild side, take some risks?

    It amazes me with your asia exploits you have never experienced Thailand a throbbing metropolis like Bangkok? Any plans to visit? Or is it just where work or something takes you?

    1. Sir Paul, I usually play it pretty safe.. Except for the filming part and I’m really mostly a window shopping guy. I like to choose the girl with no surprises. I’m not the type that likes the hunt. I don’t have that kind of patience and usually I don’t have the time. I can totally see why there are lots of guys guys that like that route.

      There were some reports of secret hotel brothels and such in Saigon. I was really interested in that but only being there for a few days I didn’t even have time. I think I spent 5 days there, I didn’t even visit the Minh Tam until the 3rd day.

      I really enjoyed Saigon. It’s a crazy busy place but I also liked the simple society and that Saigon is very casual. The people are quite friendly too. I feel ppl aren’t there to rip you off because you are a tourist. prices are printed on a lot of things, even with Street vendors, but once in a while i do get ripped off and I know it cause you get know the prices as with anyplace, but when I do get ripped off its for 25 cents US and not 25 dollars, so I don’t really care.

      As for Thailand, I’ve never been attracted to Thailand. For me a visit to Thailand would be a trip to gorge on street food all day long and to visit a friend of mines, but that’s about it all and maybe check out the modern Thai eateries.

      I would love to visit Vietnam again. I really really enjoyed it. I would think that Vietnam is similar to Cambodia with alot less expats.

      1. Yes I got the impression you like to play it safe but compensate with the secret filming which is great, we usually dont get to see these images

        I once had my butt hole licked by a Thai girl I barfined in the Tilac gogo down soi cowboy in Bangkok. not ask for it, she just went down and did it. felt strange, not something i would do or ask for. rather they spend the time licking my cock 🙂 but thats what I would call a girlfriend experience. Its funny some working girls would lick your butt hole but not do DFK.

        Yes I am going to have to visit Vietnam, only thing to do is visit these places and experience them for yourselfs. Although I would say I usually find the general consensus on a place to be pretty accurate

  3. How long were you in the room with girl? Typically 30mins or 1 hr sessions that customers pay for. But if customer finish earlier than leave.

    How long you fuck? just fucking not BJ or licking time.

    Did girl have baby? if so any stretch marks on stomach?

    You said girl was 23yr, 5’5″. Any guess on size of breast, waist, butt?

  4. I’ve nailed two Viets, one Stateside that is very thick, curvy, with very nice big tits and the other was a street walker I ran into in Vientiane (Laos). I’ve been to Vietnam once and couldn’t wait to leave. All the scams were too much for me. BTW, this one totally looks like my type!

    1. What type of scams did you encounter? This could be really useful for others.

      I’m hoping to return to Vietnam but it’s looking like for a different for of type of trip, hiking and mountain towns of the north

      1. 1. Some dude drove me and another dude I befriended to some disco that was closed and we demanded he ride us back and the dipshit tried charging us 500K (dong) and we told him no thanks, nor did we pay him for the ride there. He told us we were both gonna die in Vietnam that night. 2. Specifically told a cabbie what disco to go to, he drove me to another that looked DEAD. I said no thanks I’ll walk from here and got out of the cab, he cursed at me, etc. etc. 3. “Mamasan” on a motor bike drove me around all over the place looking for a girl, that she swore she had (for sex)…..long story short, wasted about 90 minutes of my time for nothing. I see you had a good time there, but for me, there are waaaaaaaay better options to monger than Vietnam.

  5. not sure yet but in a week im leaving for 2 weeks vacation. deciding to go with the safe bet of mongering and thailand or try my luck in vietnam. i love vn girls but if mongering is as tough as it was last time i may just pass. i was thinking on this visit to try hai yen and also check out the clubs maybe where freelancers possibly wait around? really wish there was more mongering available in vn.

    1. If you want VN girls go to Malaysia. There are plenty of them there.. lots of them there as I just got back from there.

      Might be a bit before I get my posts to Monger Planet… Been kind of busy. 3 continent, 4 country hop over 2 months.

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