klaipeda skelbiu meeting

Klaipeda Skelbiu Meeting

Seems I had exhausted all options for some P4P and mongering in Klaipeda Lithuania.  The strips clubs in Klaipeda were no go way to expensive to even walk through the door.  The Klaipeda online escorts were expensive, on drugs and limited, I not feel like doing the same girl more than once  So it was more deeper researching on the internet using Lithuanian text that I came up with Skelbiu and the option to meet some semi pro Lithuanian girls.

The weather in Klaipeda and Lithuania had turned really hot, like touching 90f and not cooling down much in the night.  Being eastern Europe the apartments dont come with air conditioning or even fans so a few nights it was like being in Asia.  Still I had some nice days visiting some places on the Baltic coastline in Lithuania.


Smiltyne is a beach recreational area on the northern end of the amazing Curonian split.  There is no bridge to get across to this giant sand dune you have to take a ferry that takes about 15 minutes.  Just walk down the river to the far end to catch the ferry which is only 80c return.   Smiltyne is a lovely area to relax if the weather is nice, there is a lovely cool forest adjoining the dunes and beach.  During the week Smiltyne is deserted.

klaipeda smiltyne
klaipeda smiltyne

During the weekend or on holidays smiltyne gets alot more busy.

klaipeda smiltyne
klaipeda smiltyne

Smiltyne has a nudist beach and over the weekend there were some younger couples bathing naked and got an eyeful of tits and pussy.

Palanga Resort

The other Baltic coastal region to visit if based in Klaipeda is the resort of Palanga.  Palanga is a proper resort with all that entails.  To get to Palanga from Klaipeda you take a bus from the station costing 1.50 euros.  Palanga is about 25km away from Klaipeda and takes around 30 minutes by bus.   Its a long walk from Palanga bus station to the beach about 20 minutes, lots of people around mostly family and groups of friends.

Palanga Lithuania
Palanga Resort

The day I chose to goto Palanga I bumped into the Klaipeda escort, like me she was alone, had a little chat and then moved on.  You would have never known she was an escort had your cock not been in her mouth a couple of hours earlier.  Lots of bars, restaurants and hotels in the Palanga area.


All these  beaches and resorts are nice but for a horny old monger there was not much scope for emptying your sacs.  Even so all those scantily clad beautiful young Lithuanian girls were getting me all hot and horny and I needed to score again.  So back onto the internet doing some deep research and I came across the classifieds website based in Lithuania called Skelbiu.   On Skelbiu there is an adult dating section called pazintys and for a moment I thought I had struck gold!  Was this how all the Lithuanian sluts were getting around the prostitution laws?


I restricted my search to Klaipeda and there were a few obvious semi pro girls advertising with pictures, looking for a generous man, or friends with benefits.  Remember to make sense of these Lithuanian web pages right click and select translate and in the options always translate.    I texted a few of these Lithuanian semi pro girls on Skelbiu and got a reply from one.

klaipeda skelbiu meeting
Skelbiu girl

Nice booty, would not mind getting behind that ass and fucking her doggy and giving those buttocks a slap!

She gets me really interested because her English is good and she wants to know what I look like and what is my age.  It kind of suggests she wants to fuck too rather than just take my money.  She wants 100 euros for 30 minutes but will only do incall not come to me or outcall. So no mistaking she was a whore on Skelbiu.   She texts me her address, its a long way out but near the shopping center called the Akropolis, I was intending to visit the Akropolis so could kill two birds with one stone.  She leaves it open with me and to contact her if I decide to come out that way.


On a beautiful bright Sunday morning I head out to the Akropolis from the center of Klaipeda, pretty straight forward just jump on a bus heading that way on the same main road.  Takes about 10 minutes.

Ackropolis klaipeda

Its a bit early for the Akropolis before 11AM, the shops are open though and a few people around, I walk around the Akropolis and after 11 its starts getting more busy.  A shopping center is always a good place to check out the local talent, Lithuanian girls love shopping too or looking at what they cant afford but maybe I can.  I text the girl on Skelbiu and tell her I am at the Akropolis and she tells me OK to come over around 1PM.

Skelbiu Meeting

From my mobile phone and google maps I got the directions its under a 10 minute walk from the Akropolis to her apartment. But its through some Lithuanian projects, rough looking council estate but I persevere.  I dont look too out of place with these people.  Once at her building I call the phone but it not connect, so I text her again and she gives me specific flat number.  It can be confusing what door to goto and what number to press, but eventually work it out and the door opens and I take the elevator to the 10th floor and ring the bell.

A very nice looking blonde girl answers the door, dressed provocatively she tells me she is Lithuanian but looks more Russian around 25 years old.  Its a nice view of the estate from her flat with no curtains, she tells me to undress in the front room and then we go into the bedroom.  She is tearing open a condom and I tell her I will get undressed in the bedroom, like to keep my cloths closeby, this annoys her a little but we go into the bedroom.

Great Sex

In the bedroom she gets naked, natural blonde landing strip on her pussy, nice tits too C cup and then have to pay the 100 euros up front.  She sucks my cock good but covered, I use my imagination and she not mind me playing and sucking her tits and seems to be enjoying it too, I am very horny and not going to last long,  I really want a good fuck, not a blowjob or handjob,  Start fucking her doggy grabbing hold of that big ass but kept slipping out, slippery when wet.  So fuck her good missionary, not last long and soon I am empty.  A really good fuck, I feel content and happy and she looks relieved too.

A Fucking Nightmare!

I am about to get dressed and I hear the front door of the apartment open in the front room next door and men talking as they come into the apartment.  I froze, horror struck, my worst nightmare had just come true and I never expected it.  I was naked with a cum heavy condom hanging off the end of my cock.  She gasped with horror, which made it worse for me, she picked up a towel and rushed off into a room next door shutting the door leaving me alone in the bedroom.  I have to think,  have to at least get my pants on before whoever see me naked in their girlfriends bedroom with a cum heavy condom hanging off the end of my cock.  I mean how do you explain your way out of that one?

I get my pants on just before a guy talking into a mobile phone looks shocked to see me as he stands in the doorway.  At least there was only one guy, and he was half the size of me, not a heavy, but he is not happy with the situation he keeps talking down into the phone and walks back into the front room.  I grab my stuff, no time to put anything else on, just got to get out of the flat, I am trapped inside here.

Walk of Shame

I walk through the front room in just my pants holding onto all my gear, he is just standing there watching still talking into the phone with an angered tone.  I open the door, at least that was not locked, I walk out, shut the door and make my way into the stairwell.  I press the lift button, then run down the stairs about 3 floors.  Then stop to put my cloths on and trainers ears pricked back.  I get dressed and make my way down to the ground floor and out of the building.  I now had to make my way across open ground through these Lithuanian projects back to the Akropolis.  I am still imagining the worst, and just keep going.

Eventually I make it back to the Akropolis and into the toilets to remove this condom still hanging off the end of my cock.  Take some deep breaths and gather myself.  Back out onto the main road and to the bus stop to catch a bus back to Klaipeda city center.  I cant believed what just happened with that whore off Skelbiu,  But looks like I have made it out alive and unscathed.

Genuine or Scam

I make it back to the Radisson Blu hotel and sit in the sunshine with a beer and just begin laughing to myself.  WTF!  I go over and over the scenario, this must never happen again.  Was it a scam in the making or had his wife genuine been caught fucking some stranger off Skelbiu?

Why was she so keen for me to get undressed in the front room?  Imagine that and he had walked in?  Lucky for me in such an environment would never leave my cloths wallet etc in another room.  She really enjoyed the fucking as much as me, hard to know for sure.  But such scams do exist, whereby you compensate the man to get your cloths back, you are made to feel guilty and shameful rather than it being anything that turns into threats of violence.  Fuck that wont be visiting any Lithuanian girls out in the projects again off Skelbiu.


7 thoughts on “Klaipeda Skelbiu Meeting”

    1. Dave, it not feel that way, like it was her brother or a relative. Why she rushed out of the room, not wanting to be seen in the same room with me. Like she panicked too. If it was a relative you would just shut the door and tell them not to come in or something. No I felt it was more like a partner, maybe a partner in crime. To even have a key and walk straight into the apartment. Mind you the timing was good, one minute earlier and the condom would have still been empty 🙂 I dont remember her signalling on the mobile to come through the door now, if it was a scam in progress and he was waiting nearby but she might of. Again never experienced anything like this so was not looking for anything suspicious. But a couple of things that were not quite right, not being able to ring her phone, only text. The fact that she wanted me to undress in the front room not in the bedroom.

      This is maybe a difference between a pro and semi pro – A pro would never put you through this and I wrongly believed I was visiting a pro. Its normal to go on incalls to the whores apartment etc.

      I never texted her and asked “Who the fuck was that?” just wanted to put it behind me, she would only bullshit. At home I have never visited a girls place when met through online classifieds I always meet in public then take them to my place.

      It could have panned out alot worse. I just dont know what happened, who he was or if it was a scam. if it was a scam it went wrong for them when I refused to get undressed in the front room. In future if ever I visited a girl like this I would check the apartment for signs of a man living in there, lock the door etc from the inside.But i never expected anything like this to happen until it went wrong.

    1. I not have time. 20-30 seconds from him coming through the front door then into the doorway of the bedroom, it all happened so fast. Just enough time to put my pants on. So embarrassing situation that could have turned extremely ugly. you are not in the right state of mind to initially think clearly or logically, first you are just froze with shock to them come back round to thinking how the fuck are you going to get out of this. Remeber first I thought there was two or more of them but he was talking into a mobile rather than someone else. It may be hard to imagine what this was really like unless you have experienced something similar. But thats exactly what it is now – experience. one bitten twice shy.

      1. oh… i see.. such short time. he just came into the bedroom? opened the door and just came in? sounds like a harrowing experience regardless.

        1. Yes harrowing is an apt word, maybe I not make it clear in the post the timeframe involved, sometimes hard to express in words such experiences. Good fuck though just a shame about how it ended. Could have been alot better and also gone alot worse. I think my tactic of just getting out of there ASAP was right, every second counted. In a second things could have flipped. personally I think it was a scam going down. But my cloths should have been in the front room. I have researched this and such a scam does exist. you kind of then compensate to get your cloths back. bitch! Ill leave it at that 🙂

    2. For my personal safety I had to get out of the flat ASAP but not naked with a cum heavy condom hanging off the end of my cock. There was nowhere to even rip that off in the bedroom and conceal it. Again all split second decisions going on. Just needed to get the fuck out of there. I guess in the back of my mind in a minute he could have got some heavies round also living nearby. Any moment he may have flipped into a jealous rage and come at me with a knife or something when he got over the shock also. It was a living nightmare, you imagine all sorts. But had a good laugh about it in the end once I was out of the danger zone. Shameless.

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