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Klaipeda Escorts Lithuania

The next morning in Klaipeda Lithuania I wander into the center and have a couple of coffees, a few students about and  inquire about how to get to the beaches close to Klaipeda and then do some shopping to stock up my fridge back in my Klaipeda apartment.  What were my options for some mongering in Klaipeda?

Klaipeda Research

I had not done a great deal of research on mongering in Klaipeda or Lithuania before arrival.  The problem with a multi leg journey is requires that much more research.  I had studied Riga in Latvia well before arrival, finding out all I could and thought I would study Klaipeda extensively during downtime in my apartment or while on the road through the Baltics.

good morning Klaipeda
Klaipeda Lithuania

That morning in Klaipeda I spent a couple hours on the internet researching mongering in Klaipeda.  Its seemed the only option for some P4P in Klaipeda was online escorts.   Prostitution is illegal in Lithuania in any form, although the punishment is not severe just an on the spot fine of a few hundred euros.  Consequently any Lithuanian girls offering escort services cannot do it locally and have to risk it via going  through international or European portals like Happy Escorts.

Klaipeda Escorts

Having purchased a local SIM card that morning I set about calling  and text messaging as many escorts based in Klaipeda I could find.  Many of the escort profiles listed on these portals are not active and have been around for years.  I found about 6 active profiles for escorts based in Klaipeda and got a few replies, not available today, only Lithuanian etc.  I hate this mode of mongering, spending hours on the internet, on the phone trying to find an escort, even if you strike a deal there is always the gauntlet of bait and switch.

Other Mongering Options

Similar to Riga in that there was supposed to be an erotic massage parlor next to the Amberton hotel in Klaipeda.  In this business things can change overnight especially after a police raid and in a country like Lithuania where any form of prostitution is illegal.

Aistros Masazai

Again according to the Wiki Sex Guide on Klaipeda – Aistros Masazai looked like a good option except that it has long closed it doors.  premise and website gone! but where?  deeper research via putting actual Lithuanian text into the search engine revealed a police raid had closed down  Aistros Masazai.

Aistros Masazai police raid
Aistros Masazai

Not only that but they found secret cameras and films of the happy endings.   Great material for extortion of customers and only god knows what.   To help interpret these Lithuanian web pages, if you right click and select translate and in the options also select ‘always translate’.

I would like to state at this point MongerPlanet is not a sex guide or even a recommendation it is simply a snapshot in time of my travels and experiences and take from it what you will.  A mongering report is still very valuable if you decide not to go somewhere based on it.

Bottom Feeders

Mongering in Lithuania was looking like a bum deal, bottom feeding, scraping the barrel,  With only these limited options available this is not why we call it the hobby .  I was now looking forward to getting out of the Baltics and Lithuania and heading back into Poland and Warsaw a more monger friendly country in Eastern Europe.  But still I had to try, I hate being a failure, to spend a significant amount of time in a place and not get some P4P success.

I had to dig deeper, try harder. After-all its from such experiences that we learn to improve.  Wherever there is a community there is prostitution, whatever the laws, whatever the penalties the oldest profession will never die.  I always work from this premise wherever I find myself in the world and with balls that need emptying via the path of least resistance.

Klaipeda Freelancers

As with Riga in Latvia the other option is going to be freelancers probably MILFs in any nightclubs visited by tourists and businessmen alike who may be visiting Klaipeda.

Amberton hotel

The Amberton hotel was supposed to have a nightclub but when I inquire they tell me it was closed for renovations and had been closed for a few months and not sure when it would reopen, so no go there.  Still the Amberton hotel is a good base if you are visiting Klaipeda, it has a couple of strip clubs, a casino and there is massage but not of the erotic kind, not anymore.

hotel klaipeda
amberton hotel

The Amberton has an indoor swimming pool and gym that non guests can use for 10 euros for 2 hours.  A budget room in the Amberton formerly Klaipeda hotel goes for 50 euros a night.  Also attached to the Amberton hotel is the Viva Lavita skybar which is open all nights.  Entrance fee of 5 euros on weekend nights.

viva lavita klaipeda
viva lavita

I tried the Viva Lavita a few nights in Klaipeda staying to well past midnight mostly a younger crowd but friendly enough, no P4P options though.    Also attached to the Amberton hotel is the late night bar called the Kiss Bar.

kiss bar klaipeda
kiss late night bar

I tried the Kiss bar late one night in Klaipeda.  I thought I was going to get ripped off, it looks like one of those champagne lounges inside.  I not get scammed, there were a few groups of girls sat around and some friendly barmaids but felt a little paranoid in the Kiss bar.  The bar and seating is closeby to the door and there are some real heavy macho meathead doormen, that looked very unsavory.

Macho Culture

Lithuania has a very macho culture worse than Latvia where brawn comes well before brains, not good for a country’s economy in this day and age.  But good for mafia type activities I guess.  The upside is Lithuanian girls are very feminine, hold a door open for a Lithuanian female and she will not say thankyou, its expected from you.  Chivalry.

Digging Deep

So I get back on the phone with the Klaipeda escorts, its best to sms them text messages rather than call them.  God these girls were expensive too, asking 200, 300 euros an hour my budget ceiling for a P4P encounter was 150 euros!  I got a reply from one Klaipeda escort, she was asking 200 euros but got her down to 150 euros and she did cim!  I was feeling horny and really fancied just a good wet sloppy blowjob to get all that cum out of my balls, splatter it all over her face, in her mouth and down her throat.  I had not cum for days since that Russian MILF freelancer in Riga.   It was around 10AM in the morning and she agreed to outcall and would come to my apartment now.

Cute Junkie

Once she arrived outside this Klaipeda escort texted me.  I run outside and she is standing there in a black coat, she look sexy blonde Lithuanian girl somewhere between 25 and 30 years old.

Klaipeda escort lithuania
klaipeda escort

Up close she was high on drugs.  WTF, a little embarrassing as a couple of neighbors – nice guy types were standing outside also chatting.  Its dark inside the stairwell and she holds my hand which I think is sweet.   Inside my apartment we relax and despite her being high she was quite hot!  In fact she must have been a stunner once no doubt attracting too much of the wrong kind of attention from the bad guys what with her natural slutty ways.

Paying up front

She wanted me to pay up front, I oblige, personally I have never had a problem with this, but I guess there is always a first time.  For many girls it is not that they want to give you bad service its that with some punters they have had bad experiences, runners. The compromise is to show her you have the cash and put it somewhere safe but in sight of both of you.


We then start some DFK which was good, she sits on the bed in front of me and begins undoing my trousers, she knows what I want and I think she wants to give it to me.

She sucks cock good, really good, like a porn star, she is making mmmmm sounds and dribbling all down my shaft.  I lay on the bed and she continues to suck my cock good.  I get her big tanned tits out and have a little play with them.  After 15 minutes sucking my cock I can tell she is getting a little bored and tears open a condom, but I not want to fuck.  I beckon for her to continue sucking but she wants me to cum, 1 hour is a long time to suck a cock.  Eventually I shoot gallons over her pretty Lithuanian face and into her mouth, she takes the full load like a pro.

Still this Klaipeda escort I had found online by digging deep turns out to be a junkie.   She seemed happy she has done her job well and its a lovely day outside in Klaipeda and she is now heading to the beach resort of Palanga, me too maybe….

3 thoughts on “Klaipeda Escorts Lithuania”

    1. Yes she was rational, It may have just been a joint she smoked, but she had that glazed look in her eyes. No track marks or anything on her arms. But she was high.

      Again not seen this before in whores I have met they have always been straight and sober. Not a problem though. I guess whores high on drugs is quite common in some parts of the world especially with streetwalkers and curb crawlers. Alot of the low class whores get into prostitution to feed a drug habit and addiction often instigated by her pimp. The pimp gets them hooked on drugs.

      I just prefer meeting girls who have got into the trade out of personal choice to more feed an expensive shopping habit,to pay school fees etc. Dont like to meet a girl who is high, makes you think you are scraping the barrel, desperate rather than enjoying the hobby

  1. Two pieces of advice…..

    1)In the summertime it would have been better to go to Palanga.It’s a summer beach resort just 20 km north of Klaipeda. It’s known to be a party place for young people, not like Ibiza, but good enough. You can get young women in the bars and discos there. There’s even a few prostitutes, perhaps, more than in Klaipeda.
    You paid the international escort rate applied usually to (western) foreigners. Local guys pay from 60 to 100 Euros, for the same level of beauty !!

    2)To find the local rates women – tap in ‘skelbima’ and ‘seksas’ in . The local google website.
    The best local website is in the ‘Pažintys’ section find the woman searches man section – and there they all are. For Klaipeda there must be at least 3 to 5 women availabe. Problem they usually only speak Lithuanian or Russian and are rude/unfriendly, but you can get lucky, and get a friendly English speaking one.

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