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Minh Tam Massage Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Vietnam – Part 1 (the Best Massage Ever)

I’ve wanted to travel to Vietnam during the last few years and it finally became a reality.  I could talk about my travels, amazing food, and all the great experiences and people I’ve met, but these anecdotes are mainly about mongering so I leave you with this.

Research Vietnam

Before leaving, I researched Ho Chi Minh and mongering in Vietnam on Rockit Reports ( and on the international sex guide ) where I found expats graciously reporting on their experiences.  I was able to cobble up a few easy places for HE spas and FS massage parlors.  From the posts, P4P is set up for locals and Vietnam is not really a sexual tourism location such as Thailand and Hong Kong.

Prostitution is illegal in Vietnam but widely tolerated until the government decides to have a periodic crackdown.  Full Service (FS) is often thought hard to come by in Saigon despite rampant blow job hair salons (hoc tocs) and happy ending massage parlours but I tend to believe it’s around, it’s just difficult to find for non-locals.

With all that said, I had three encounters planned in Vietnam.  A Happy Ending (HE) massage, FS massage and a third encounter FS massage or secret brothel hotel if time permitted.

Time for a Massage

After two days in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), I decided to get pampered and relax with at an upscale HE massage.  There are a couple places that are highly recommended such as Minh Tam 2 (MT2) and Minh Minh Tam (MMT).  I wanted to visit MT2 but it’s located near the edge of the city by the airport.  Being already 10:30pm, I thought it would be a little late to go nearly to the edge of the city.  Instead I choose MMT instead.  MMT its slightly lower in terms of review but still outstanding and much closer.  Additionally it was in the same block as two other FS massage joints and a block away from Su Van Han.

Catching a taxi at 11 pm is not a problem in Saigon and after showing the address of the Minh Tam Hotel on my phone, to the driver, he knew exactly where to go.  (Side note take Vinasun taxis, they are metered with in car GPS tracking.  You can can see the route the driver driving.  No driving in circles to run up the meter!)

Minh Tam Hotel

He dropped me off at the Minh Tam Hotel and I immediately saw the Minh Minh Tam massage sign next to the hotel entrance.  I wanted to scope out the area first and to look for two FS massage parlours which I had already planned to visit.  The street was typical with restaurants and shops lining the street with residential flats above.  There was an abundance of small hotels as well on the block.  At the end of the block, I found Hai Yen massage but it was dim and appeared closed.  Satisfied with the receptionist  , I went back to the Minh Tam Hotel.

minh tam hotel vietnam
Minh Tam Hotel

The doorman asked if I wanted a massage, I said yes and was escorted into the hotel lobby, past the reception to the elevator.  He told me to go to the third floor.  I took the lift and walked into the massage reception which had a sign for the various prices.  I said “VIP” and pointed to the sign for 550,000 VND ($25 USD).  The receptionist invited me to sit down and have some tea and a minute or two later, a male attendant arrived to escort me to a room.

minh tam reception
hotel reception

The room was quite nice.  Tile floors, soft lighting, stone veneer walls, full size jacuzzi tub, TV, leather chair, and air condition.  It looked just like the pictures in MMT FB Page .  I was invited to sit and he started the water in the tub and left.  After relaxing for a few minutes my masseuse arrived.

The Masseuse

A young lady,5 ft 4in, shoulder length hair with a very fit and trim body came in.  She had a long face with a pointed chin and some freckles.  She looked almost Chinese to me.  Her face wasn’t really my type, but as with Korea , I was trying to just let things be and to not be so picky.  Her uniform resembled a Japanese car show model with blue nylon skirt, white low cut top with blue trim that accentuated the breasts.

massage vietnam
minh tam massage

She had me disrobe and carefully took each article of clothing and placed it on hangers inside a cabinet until I was fully undressed.  While this is a great service, placing my belongings in a cabinet does not lead to great secret filming so there was no footage from inside the massage room.  When she was done, the cabinet was locked and the key was presented to me.  She had me go into an en suite sauna.  I tried to enjoy the sauna but blazing hot steam is not my thing and Vietnam is already hot enough.  I called it quits a minute or 2 later.

Bath Time

I’m going to preface the remainder of this story by saying this was one of the top three sexual experiences I’ve ever had.  As stated before, I’m naive and a newbie to mongering.  However, I felt this would have been an exceptional experience even for a seasoned monger.

I was led to the tub where she had been preparing since her arrival.  Being carefully positioned into the tub which I thought was a bit strange, but later I realized that this would allow her to have the perfect position to bathe me.

The bathing began with my hair where she rinsed, followed by meticulously lathering, scrubbing and then rinsing again.  She would repeat the sequence all over my body arms, chest, legs, and even my feet. I was a bit apprehensive as I wasn’t used to the attention and quite frankly, I’m not that used to someone else cleaning me except for sexual encounters in the shower…. But this wasn’t exactly sexual.  It was like being washed like a baby.

I wasn’t exactly sure what would happen next, but after about 20 minutes of washing, all my parts were cleaned with the notable exception of the groin. Being the sole item yet to be attended to, I anxiously awaited what was to come.  She ventured to the groin and very gently cleaned me thoroughly in a non-erotic way.  It seemed what I was expecting and wanting was not to come until she just so lightly and carefully brushed my cock and let out a little smile.  This little bit of attention invigorated my senses and reminded me that something was to come, exactly what I didn’t know but it made me want to go straight to the massage.  She went on to wash my face thoroughly in the same manner as all my other body parts which felt awfully awkward.  The tub was drained, I was rinsed off one last time and toweled dry.

It was completely refreshing, I had never felt so clean in my life nor have I been so thoroughly attended to in my life, I felt like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America.

Massage Time

The experience so far was a bit overwhelming.  I had never been so thoroughly attended to by a young woman while naked.  I was a bit tense despite the royal bath (I’ve had erotic massage before but never one like this).  On the massage table, the massage started on my neck and shoulders where I was most tense.  About 10-15 minutes into the massage, the tensions, knots, and worries floated away.  Her strength and skill were amazing.  I began to realize this was a top notch massage.  Despite being a small slim girl of only 5’4” her strength was impressive.  My masseuse used her arms, hand, elbows, knuckles… every part of her body to give a deep tissue massage.  At one point, she was on top of me, squeezing with her thighs and knurling her palms deep into my back.  It was amazing.

Eventually it was time for the flip and I was so relaxed I wasn’t even aroused.  She worked on my front side eventually meandering to my groin and thighs.  The tender areas were deftly massaged and caressed until she so slightly begins to brush my “baby” and eventually puts her hand on it.    “Massage baby?” she asked.  I smiled back gave an affirmative “Yes”.  Stroking me ever so skillfully and caringly, it was beyond what any woman in my personal life had done.

After a few minutes, I was asked to sit up.  She climbed onto the massage table and sat facing me, with her legs open, arms forward and her oiled hands holding my cock and stroking.  She inched forward closer while carefully stroking and massaging until her face was close to mines.  With my cock in her capable hands, looking lustfully into my eyes, she said, “I can please you for a very long time.  I can control how long before you come and give you a very very good massage… you give me a very good tip.”  I was astounded at such a bold statement as I felt like I could already explode in the next thirty seconds.  I offered 500,000 VND and she said, “that’s too little… My customers from Malaysia and Japan give me more than that.  I can make you feel really good for a long time.”

I know my body and I know my limits.  My body was telling me I was about to explode.  She had made some bold statements and I thought this was all bullshit.  No fucking way she could keep me going.  What I did learn is that it’s hard to negotiate while an attractive woman is seductively looking straight into your eyes and is pleasuring your cock.  We settled on 700,000 VND and with negotiations out of the way, the pleasure intensified.

At this point if I’m parting with 700,000 VND I wanted to see her boobies and play with them.  My hand went to her chest.  She let me feel the outside and touch her cleavage but she rejected my attempts to get her boobies out.  After several tries I did manage to get a nipple out and it was soft, tiny, and pert.  Just as her little nipple came out, she had had just about enough of me.  She gave me a little slap, tugged on my cock and gave a face that read, “that’s it, absolutely no more, you’ve been a very very bad boy.”  I took this as an opportunity to stick my fingers up her pants. I felt a nice trimmed bush and a little bit her vulva but her pants under her miniskirt were so tight I could not get a finger up her snatch.  After a couple of attempts, I simply gave up and just laid back to enjoy her incredible cock taming skills.

A couple minutes had gone by and true to her words, she was able to pleasure me without me exploding.  I eventually was about to explode and just short of exploding she used her finger to press some pressure point down there, which immediately turned off the explosion as if someone hit the button to cancel a nuclear launch.  I was stunned.  A few seconds later, she would resume the massage.  She did this 2 or 3 more times with amazing skill and timing.  She herself moaned with increasing intensity and ecstasy on her face with each round.  It was a little fake, but it was pretty damn sexy.  This was yet another small detail that made her the uttermost professional.  After a total of which felt like 15 minutes of the best hand job ever, she let me explode all over her hands.

She wiped me off with a towel and she went to clean up herself in the ensuite bathroom.  I was thoroughly relieved and anxiously awaited a shower.  I was satisfied beyond belief and my thoughts turned towards getting back home and relaxing.  When she returned, I waited for her to bring me over the shower but she didn’t.  She massaged my head, temples, chest for another 15 mins.  She even went on to massage my feet including every one of my toes.

The massage ended and was led over to the tub for more rinsing, soaping and washing.  The final rinse came and she toweled me dry.  She took my keys opened up the cabinet and returned my clothes, piece by piece, until I was fully dressed.

Fully Dressed

Early on, she had brought in fruits and drinks, but this remained sitting on the coffee table during the duration of the shower and massage.  She now invited me to sit and relax on the leather chair gave me some fruit and drink while she sat on a stool next to me.  I felt like she could have fed me, but I’m not the type that’s too playful nor did I insist.  I chatted with her a bit and her English was not bad at all.  She told me her name was Thuy, aged 24. I told Thuy she was amazing and she blushed a little.  We chatted and relaxed a little bit more and tried all the fruit.  Feeling that it was getting late, I checked my phone only to find it was past 1am.  With an 8am appointment the next morning, it was time to go.  I asked for a picture and she said no but I persisted and offered her more tip.  Very hesitantly she agreed.

minh tam massage
massage girl

She readied herself for the picture by putting her hair up in a bun.  This made her much less sexy but with little time to protest I let her be.  She had a name badge which had a boring plain picture of her, so different from the sexy girl that gave me the time of life.  Next to her boring picture was her name, which read Tuyet #8.  I was a little surprised as she earlier told me her name was Thuy.  She posed for the picture which sadly the picture doesn’t do her justice.   I told her I had to go and she handed me the ticket which had 550k for the massage and I wrote 800k for the tip (700k + 100k for the picture).  Total was 1,300,000 VND or $58 USD, a bargain!

I gathered the last of my belongings and she walked me out to the reception with the ticket and said goodbye. I paid the receptionist and hung out a little bit to see what action was to be had at the MMT.  A uniformed tiny petite girl with long hair, slightly rounded face and playful tart attitude came bounding  down the stairs.  She was sooo hot and fresh looking it drove me mad.  It’s not to say, Thuy/Tuyet wasn’t great, but this girl had that type of petite body and attitude that I absolutely adore.  I started to think that they assigned Thuy/Tuyet because she spoke English.  No matter, I would have to come back again or try MT2 before I would leave Vietnam.

With that I left the hotel very satisfied and walked down the street to scout out China and Hai Yen again.  Hai Yen was now shuttered and I still couldn’t find China.  Calling it the evening, I taxied back to my hotel happy as a clam.


This was an amazing sexual experience in Minh Tam.  No woman in my life has ever paid that much attention to me.  However, be warned, this message was a fantasy that could not happen in real life.  Tuyet’s job was to pamper and please me entirely without needing me to give back anything other than money.  I didn’t have to pleasure her, caress her, or even pay attention to her.  It’s largely a one way street except for my wallet and when it’ all done, it’s just money and I leave and walk away.  No attachment at all.  There was not lust or love from her, or friendship from her, only pampering and pleasure.  This is so different from a love relationship but yet it was so gratifying in a different way.

Post anecdotal note:

I had an error on my camera and sadly the video I took going into and out Minh Tam Hotel was lost.  I’ve now learned to not buy cheap memory cards anymore.

I’m going to ramble on a little bit more… as she had my cock in her hand and negotiated the tip, I thought, this happens in real life as well… I’ll suck your cock if you take me here… or she’ll look at you, sexy and teasing… wanting something from you, but it’s not sex that she wants.  The act of a woman using her sexual charm for some gain has happened to everyman since the beginning of time.  The difference at the massage is that l walk away when I’m done without consequence.  It’s just money.

And that pressure point thing, I found something about it here.  I have no idea how she made it work… hasn’t worked yet outside of Tuyet’s hands.

By Mr Q.

8 thoughts on “Minh Tam Massage Ho Chi Minh Vietnam”

    1. Hmmm.. Good question. It never crossed my mind. I had a great massage and I was happy just to leave it as that. Our personalities were not so well matched that I had to see her again.

      Also, I’m generally not too interested in that kind of thing… The after service or exploring beyond what is advertised.

      1. great report Mr Q, if when I visit Vietnam for the first time will definitely give the Minh Tam hotel a visit for a long relaxing pampering massage
        Sometimes that is exactly just what you want, to be pampered and then just a happy ending, very erotic, the price is excellent, not sure I would have paid extra though for the stop start treatment

        I also prefer to choose my girl, was there no option in Minh Tam to choose your girl?

        1. Reports indicate they usually don’t have an option to choose your girl. Despite lack of choice you will not be disappointed when you go to these higher end massages. They have a sorting syst to hire girls that will not disappoint.

          The price I paid for everything which was around 1.3mil VND ($58 USD) is a lot of money in Vietnam. Thus for locals that visit these messages they expect quality women and the reports say they deliver even without being able to see a lineup. To give a perspective of 1.3 mil, If you eat like the locals do, a meal doesn’t cost more than 20,000 – 30,000 VND for street food which is everywhere in Vietnam. Call it 25,000 VND, that’s 52 meals…. Now that’s a lot of meals to forgo for a massage in Vietnam.

          As for the tip thing, I think they just negotiate a tip during the massage if you want a happy ending. If you don’t want a HE, i think they will just negotiate the tip after the massage is done. Regardless it’s customary to tip at these high end massages at least the same amount of the cost of the massage. So for my 550,000 massage expect to tip 550,000, but because I’m a foreigner and I was weak with my dick in her hands, she extracted more from me.

  1. I place to visit thank you for that post, you thoughts on the bath i have the same feeling like a little child, so dont ruin it for your self only do it once or twice a year or that feeling gets lost.

  2. hey mr q could you contact me? i read your articles and im going to singapore/thailand/vietnam/hongkong for a grand bachelor party. thailand sounds easy but mongering in vietnam sounds a bit more difficult if i want FS? also in singapore seems scary going into random houses but the quality of chinese and viet may have me walking throughout the city. lastly i am going alone and its my first time out there. i am a bit nervous.

  3. Oh very good massage I like one girl she very good lady in my life never meet I want meet her again Can reply to me I go there with mr Chinh I am black man Cambodia

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