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Klaipeda Lithuania

From Riga in Latvia I was now set to take my maiden voyage into Lithuania.  I was heading to Klaipeda also on the Baltic coast.  I had simply picked Klaipeda off of the map and then research suggested it had an active but somewhat limited mongering scene.   Klaipeda in Lithuania would be a little off the beaten track and unlike Riga would surely be free of loads of tourists, stag parties and scams.

Riga to Klaipeda

I had already booked up an apartment in Klaipeda off AirBnb back at home, but beyond Klaipeda nothing set in stone.  The loose plan was to spend a week or so in Klaipeda then make my way to Vilnus, then from Vilnus to Warsaw in Poland.  If I lasted that long mongering in Eastern Europe.  The only effective way to get to Klaipeda in Lithuania from Riga is by coach.  There are no trains and no ferries.  I purchased a ticket for the coach a couple of days before in Riga for 15 euros, the journey taking 4 hours.  In hindsight I would have liked to have gone a little off the beaten track in Latvia first and visited the coastal cities of Ventspils or Liepāja.

The coach left on time from Riga bus station and did two more pickups from the sea port and airport.  Now the coach was almost full.   Stopped at a few places in Lithuania and eventually arrived at Klaipeda around 5:30pm.  You  do notice from the cities and roads in these Baltic countries that they are sparsely populated.

Klaipeda Arrival

Dodgy looking taxi drivers at Klaipeda bus station so walked to my apartment using google maps and my mongering map of Klaipeda.

Apartment landlord meets me and checks me in.  The apartment is OK, clean, double bed, much like a small basic hotel room but with a mini kitchenette, good WiFi and there would be no problems bringing any guests back should I get lucky.  Not as roomy as my apartment in Riga had been but 100 euros cheaper for the week.

Local SIM Call Forwarding

I had lost my Latvian signal once inside the Lithuanian border so was using my UK phone temporary.  I travel with two mobile smart phones one with a local sim and one with my UK SIM.  Priority is always to get a local SIM ASAP and walk around with this phone and leave my UK phone locked up in my apartment or hotel.  If calls and texts on your home phone are important while your out prowling around, on the UK phone or with your UK provider you can set up call forwarding to your local number.  Its always good to have a spare of everything crucial, including my currency cards.

Lithuanian Girls

Before continuing lets look at some ethnic Lithuanian girls, click on the pics and links to see a full nude gallery of these Lithuanian beauties.

Carla metart lithuania
ethnic lithuanian

Lithuania  has the most homogeneous population in the Baltic states around 84% being ethnic Lithuanian.  The girls are tall beautiful, slim and curvaceous.  Check out Carla an ethnic Lithuanian teen girl.

lithuania girl
ambra lithuanian

Lithuanian girls are slim, brunette and blondes.  Many girls in Lithuania have very long hair almost down to their fine buttocks.  Check out Ambra a cute Lithuanian teen with blonde hair.

Lithuania teen
Lithuania nudes

Lithuanian girls can have very fine breasts, check out Tina from Lithuanian one of the most viewed and popular Lithuanian girls on MetArt.

Klaipeda old town

So after unpacking, a shower and change of cloths I hit the mean streets of Klaipeda.  The Radisson Blu hotel was not far from my apartment and stopped in there for a few lovely cold Lithuanian beers and the waitresses were just like the girls above and very friendly.  Like in Klaipeda they not view every single male from the UK as a sex tourist.

klaipeda lithuania

The plan for my first night mongering in Klaipeda was just to hit a few bars in the old town and  wander around and then check out the strip clubs that are located within and next to the Amberton hotel or Klaipeda hotel and to just get my bearings,  I had all week, time to explore was not limited.

Klaipeda Strip clubs

I had a few beers in the old town, it was very quiet, those out were very young, but turns out that first night in Klaipeda was in the wrong area, the nightlife is more in the area of the central square and along Žvejų gatvė.  I was particularly interested in the strip clubs by the Amberton hotel, they had a got a good review off the Wiki Sex guide for Klaipeda with full sex an option.

Paradise strip club

I poke my head around the door for the Paradise strip club in Klaipeda part of the Amberton hotel, as usual empty inside, they wanted 30 euros entrance fee, a beer was 7 euros and a private dance would be 140 euros!

paradise strip club
paradise klaipeda

Well I would not be spending any of my money in the Paradise strip club.

Sunset Strip club

A little way down Naujojo Sodo is another strip club called Sunset strip club, again poked my head through the door and it was empty inside.

strip club klaipeda
sunset strip club

I could see the girls, not good, fat and mature.  They then tell me a private dance in Sunset strip clubs was 200 euros!  So again in a short space of time I had totally ruled out any visits to the Paradise or sunset strip clubs during my week in Klaipeda.

Lolitas Strip club

Across the road was a sign for another strip club called Lolitas.  Thought it may be worth checking out, maybe the prices in Lolitas would be more reasonable and the girls actually attractive.

lolitas klaipeda
lolita strip club

Much the same in the Lolitas strip club a private dance was 150 euros for 15 minutes and touching was allowed.

Money Laundering

As I walked away from lolitas an expensive car pulled up with a heavy driving and what looked like a stripper being dropped off for work.  If these strip clubs make any money its the pimps and gangsters that profit.  Most reckon these strip clubs are just fronts for money laundering, its probably true.    The real money is made from drugs, smuggling and people trafficking, these strip clubs dont need any customers.

Klaipeda Sex Guide

Fuck that wiki sex guide full off outdated information and I notice alot of the content is just lifted from other sites like in your pocket Klaipeda.  But other than that sex guide there is very little information out there on Klaipeda, not visited much by mongers and sex tourists and probably for good reason, but I wanted to try something a little on the road less traveled, and with my good looks I may just get lucky with a Lithuanian beauty 🙂

Oh well, walked back to the Raddison Blu hotel and had a couple of beers in peace before heading back to my apartment.  Mongering in Klaipeda looked like it was going to be a challenge, but still lots to explore, cant let a few dodgy strip clubs put you off.

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  1. It’s really cool how you can go to so many countries so easily in Europe. In US you fly for 5hrs and you are still in the same country.

    1. Yes that is one advantage of living in Europe so many countries only couple of hours away at least going east from the UK. But mongering is not great in Europe. To be honest rather have the Caribbean on my doorstep or central or south america, depends where you are in the USA?

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