Chinese Streetwalker Geylang Singapore

Singapore – Geylang, Part 4 (the Unexpected Mainlander)

I’m a naive monger.  I’ve only tried mongering a handful of times and I’m still just as nervous every time.  Will I ever get over this nervousness and naivety?  If it goes away does this mean I’m a seasoned monger?  Is this what I want?  Or do I continue to be a newbie and feel like an adventure each time?

Traveling is an adventure and the pseudo illegitimacy of looking for a working girl just adds that much more to it.  Secretly filming and taking picture adds yet another layer of adventure on top of that.  Add up all those layers of adventure and it’s an exciting experience.  Does the nervousness enhance the experience?  That is something I’m unsure about it, but it does make it memorable.

The Second Round

After a meal and chatting at the hawker stalls, I went back to my hotel for a shower.  Singapore is sweltering even at night.  Being relaxed, full, and refreshed it was time to venture out again to find my prized Mainland model.  It was now past midnight. The streets of Geylang were still in action, but not as busy as before.  After some more Cat 80 houses, I didn’t find any girls that I had to have.

I decided to head back towards my hotel to visit the adjacent houses, which I had passed during the day.  As I neared my hotel half a block away, I noticed two girls standing by a building.  Dressed in high heels and short skirts, it was obvious.  I looked at one of them and as she turned her head, she caught me looking at her.  We made eye contact. She was attractive and I thought no harm in going up to her.  My heart raced as I got closer.  I’ve never picked up a streetwalker before and thoughts raced through my mind.  Are they safe?  Do I really want a stranger up in my room?  No medical checks, but then again there aren’t any checks in Hong Kong and Korea either and soon enough, we were face to face.

First Timer – Geylang Streetwalker

My heart raced in front of her. I had never picked up a streetwalker before and this was going to be an adventure.  She was eating an Asian pear of all things and asked if I had just gotten off of work thinking I was a local. I misunderstood her and became confused as I think she spoke in the local dialect, but switching languages we reconnected. Immediately I recognized her as a Mainland girl from her accent. I scanned her, up and down and even in the brief moment this girl interacted with me I knew she was everything I wanted… skinny, girly, twangy voice, fair skinned…. A very petite spinner. Perhaps best of all, she was fun and flirty.

The fee was $80SGD and I told her my hotel was right down the street. She said at her hotel it would be $80, but at mines, it would be $100. I agreed and off we went. A minute later we arrived.

Walk of Shame

My room was a mess as I hadn’t anticipated bringing back a girl. I told her she would have to wait a few mins for me to clean up and she said no problem, “I have to register at the reception first, what’s your room number?” I gave her my room number and we entered the hotel and I took the walk of shame in the lobby with this scantily clad girl. A few minutes later she knocked and I let her in.

Of all the girls I had in the last few days, this girl could really communicate well with me. She loved to talk, and was a really fun, flirty, girly girl. Her name was Ting Ting though I doubted the authenticity. She asked for money upfront and I was hesitant, but she was pretty insistent about it so I forked over $100 SGD ($75 USD). She took off her clothes and I took off mine as we talked. I showered, she showered and talked more. Eventually we hopped onto bed for some CBJ and I was happy as a clam. Her looks and personality were a hit. Things were going well.

singapore streetwalker geylang
mainland girl

I couldn’t get over how cute she was… her tiny boobies, tiny waist, face… everything. I showered her with praise. She was a bit overcome and was a little in disbelief but she saw it to be genuine.

She moved to cowgirl and wow did she have a small pussy. I’m not a porn star, but this girl was tight. I was in heaven… I smiled and grinned the whole time and she asked “what’s so funny? We’re having sex” Nothing was funny. I was ecstatic and couldn’t stop smiling and grinning as she rode me. I had her get on her back for some missionary and a gorgeous pussy appeared as she opened her legs. Tiny with small labia, nicely trimmed hair of which barely any existed on her body… gorgeous. She wouldn’t let me play with it though. I told her again her entire body was amazing, from her smile, to her tiny boobs, small waist, adorable butt and even her pretty petite pussy… she was in disbelief, especially about the pussy.

I started getting hot and had some performance issues. Remember, I had just finished with ah Cuc less than 2 hours ago. Not to mention Ting Ting asked me to turn off the AC as she liked it warm. She took off the condom and started to stroke me very skillfully with some oil. It was damn good. I got closer and I told her I wanted to do some doggy. A rub would not be a proper way to end things. She pouted and said, “we’re running out of time, we need to finish”.

I’m a firm believer of money talks when these ladies are all for the money. I asked “can I give you a big tip?” Acceptable to her, so we doggied and it was amazing. Grabbing her hips she felt so skinny and petite. I could feel her hipbones entirely. Holding onto them as I thrust, I slammed her butt against me until the climactic end. By now she too was thoroughly amused at everything and she couldn’t stop smiling and giggling herself.

Something Missing

She showered and came out maybe 10-15 minutes later with a big, “I feel so clean and refreshed now!”. We kept on talking as she dressed and being the girly girl she was, she would saying things like, “there’s so much you have to do as women… makeup, dress, heels… it’s so much easier for you men”.

Eventually she was ready to leave and she rummaged through her purse… and in the typical pouty girl attitude of hers, she said…”hmm… there’s a little something missing from my purse”.. This was my cue to hand her a big tip. With $50 presented to her she was very happy. I asked her for a picture, and she teased…” as a souvenir for your memory?”. She didn’t answer me directly so I asked her again right when she was about to walk out the door she said “sorry” and declined, but she gave me a kiss on my right cheek and cheerily slipped through the door, waved goodbye, only never to be seen again.

singapore girl geylang
Getting dressed

I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror almost in disbelief about how amazing the whole encounter was. She was gone and I didn’t have any regrets… before she left, I contemplated giving her my number and having her meet me again tomorrow before I would leave Singapore but I was already satisfied beyond belief. Shiok!


She was really comfortable with me and we talked about a lot things during our encounter. She grew up in Shenzhen and then married a Hong Kong man. She was gaming him to get residency which then she would be able to split once she got her passport. She didn’t tell me in that the direct sense, but I called her out on that and she acknowledged. She also revealed that she and her husband has only had sex 5 times in 4 years but she has jacked him off a hundred times if not more… she didn’t get why he didn’t want sex, but he was 50 and she was much younger.

What I didn’t get is how she got into this business. Her husband was in Hong Kong, and she was street walking in Singapore. Does the husband know where she is? Maybe her husband can’t support her and she’d rather do this than wash dishes. Perhaps their agreement is mutual and they both know their roles in this game. She also told me she did Hong Kong 141 walkups for 1 week and was “heartbreaking”. I also wonder if she was being pimped in Singapore?

I asked her how old she was during our encounter. She had me guess. I think I threw out 21 or 22, i really didn’t know but she looked to be in her low 20s… and she was like, “boy are you wrong. I told you I was already married for 4 years. I can’t be that young, I’m 27. Don’t you know your Hong Kong law, you can’t be married until you’re 21”… I thought, “Whatever there is no 21 year old law like that in Hong Kong” but I didn’t care to argue. 27? You don’t look 27 at all.. And she took that as a big compliment. It’s not everyday a working girl talks about their past. I told her I wanted to take her back to the US with me because she was so cute…and you could see the reaction on her without words was … “I’m thinking about it… maybe I’ll let you take me”.. It was adorable.

I very much wanted a picture of her, not a secret picture but a “I’m posing for you picture”. I wanted to offer her more money, but I didn’t want to insult her, but now that I think about it, I just gave her money for sex. Why would money for a picture be insulting?

I’ve rambled on long enough, but surely this was the most amazing working girl I have ever had (not that I’ve had that many). It will be tough to beat. With this solid encounter and the amazing happy ending in Vietnam (anecdote yet to be told), I was satisfied beyond belief. I had one more country left on the roster, but I wasn’t sure if another conquest was necessary. This was the plateau and anything else wouldn’t match this mainland Chinese girl streetwalking in Geylang Singapore  and I was 100% certain of that.

By Mr Q

7 thoughts on “Chinese Streetwalker Geylang Singapore”

  1. Yeah that chinese streetwalker you found in geylang is real cute. Its such mongering experiences that turn this into an enjoyable hobby rather than out of some kind of desperation that many think.

    Good experiences like you had in Geylang keep us coming back for more.
    So did you mostly communicate with the chinese girl in English?
    I guess its an advantage for you with these mainland girls being of asian descent?

    I may well return to Singapore when I am next in Asia and prowl around Geylang again but I would also make a return to Batam. Thanks for the guest post Mr Q, great stuff

  2. I have a couple more posts coming and I’ll talk more about why I do what I do and my views of working girls vs significant others

    I didn’t speak English with her. I’m thinking if you speak the language of a girl you will have better communication, but not necessary a better time. I’ve had great times with girls that don’t speak my language and horrible times with girls that do speak. I think it’s more about your personality and the girl’s personality.

    but if you don’t have personality (I tend to think I don’t), speaking her language can only help. Also the world is not non-discriminatory, and I’m sure some girls have preference over what country their customers come from.

    There used to be a guy on YouTube by the name of ThaiBB2006 and I believed he was a Hong Konger. He spoke fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and Thai. I think he spoke English too… he was always seeing Chinese and Thai girls in HK. He would also be in Thailand very often seeing Thai girls. He would upload these conversations of working girls he just had sex with. He had scores and scores of videos. He wasn’t secretly filming… but openly filming. You gotta have personality to be able to get scores and scores of working girls to speak to you on camera just having paid for their services. You can search for him and there are still some discussions about this guy, but his account has long been closed. To my point, speaking a language helps, I think personality counts more. They surely won’t let you film unless you have personality to make them comfortable to be on camera.

  3. The ony PRCs I’ve nailed were in HK brothels and service was always somewhat mechanical, but they were really hot and it didn’t bother me all that much. Personally, I don’t care if they speak English or not, it does help if you’re sitting with a gal in a gogo bar, but not necessary. She can do other things to keep you amused over that lady drink! 🙂

    When it comes to freelancers knowing a mutual language can help with inquiring about pricing and services, but you can always use the calculator on your phone too. From what I noticed in HK is almost all of the HK streetwalkers didn’t speak AND were not interested in servicing foreigners.

    As far soliciting streetwalkers, I find it the most exciting, but you never know… ya. Besides that, you can ask em if they have a friend, etc, etc.. I don’t mind brothels in that you are guaranteed service, but it is a much more controlled environment.

    Singapore does sound fun though. I think I will have to try it out again, hopefully sooner rather than later!

    1. Brockstar by saying HK brothels I take it you are talking about the 1 woman 1 room brothels? 141 walkups

      1. Actually there are some Thai brothels on Temple Street that have 3-6 ladies available and it’s cheap!

  4. My first chinese pussy was actually in the UK, I met some chinese girls online off ICQ and girls date for free. One of them wanted a proper relationship, to get married and have kids, but I took a flash flight to Thailand, that was my third visit to Thailand, then she knew what kind of man I was. I had a threesome with two young chinese girls in a Brighton brothel once. But now all the young chinese girls seem to have disappeared from UK brothels to be replaced with mature chinese women offering massage and handjob. Travelling I have hand chinese whores in Kuala Lumpur, Macau and Hong Kong

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