LABI erotic masssage riga

LABI Erotic Massage Riga Latvia

So an entertaining first night out in Riga Latvia, but no release, no satisfaction.  Having followed my own advice about abstinence before a trip I was feeling really horny.  Today in Riga I would cut the chase and head to the nearest LABI erotic massage and get some relief, the best I could expect here mongering in Riga Latvia.

Good Morning Riga

I sleep OK in my apartment in Riga and in the morning head out for some coffee with a large Americana setting you back 1.50 euros.

narvasen riga
good morning riga

There are some lovely looking Latvian girls working in the coffee shops as well as those that pop in for a drink.  If your polite Latvian girls are very friendly back.  The apartments you rent are usually missing one or two key utensils, like they will have ground coffee, but no coffee press.  A frying pan but no spatula etc.  If you inform the landlord they are usually happy to supply anything that is missing.  After a coffee I headed to the nearest supermarket and stocked up on supplies like bottled water etc.

LABI Erotic Massage

After some egg sandwiches back at my apartment I head out to the nearest LABI erotic massage center and sex shop located at A.Kalnina iela 98.  I nearly miss the LABI sex shop, it is tucked away down a little stairwell, but down this street there are a few sauna and adult video bars.

LABI erotic masssage riga
LABI sex shop

LABI is formerly a sex shop chain but inside they have some working girls who offer strip tease, peep show and also erotic massage.   Inside LABI you can buy drinks and alcohol too.  At the counter LABI have an English menu of sexual services provided and photos of the girls working.  I really liked the look of one of them a blonde girl maybe late twenties, but you knew from the photo she was going to look good in the flesh too.  I chose her and an erotic massage for 1 hour costing 60 euros.

LABI in Riga does come highly recommended if you are –

Labi provides professional staff and decent prices should you be one of this planet’s many financially challenged lonely males

And horny I would add to that, hell there is just a lack of any other options mongering in Riga.  LABI is a daytime option too and this particular branch is open 24/7. I have read many a taxi driver in Riga will bring you too this branch of LABI if you say your looking for sex.

Russian teen
Russian girl

The blonde girl in the photo comes into the shop and waves me over into the corridor, I am right, she looks just as good in the flesh, I have a good feeling about this and in an hour or so time I am going to leave the LABI sex shop a little lighter after my erotic massage.

The massage room is nicely done out, good temperature and proper massage table with a hole for your head.  music was a bit loud.  My girl introduces herself and is a Russian Latvian girl.  I lay naked on my front and its a good massage, she goes topless and rubs her tits into my back and between my legs.  Not really touching my balls though, for a moment I was wondering if it was going to include a handjob and happy ending, maybe something more…

Handjob Happy Ending

Eventually I turn over and get an eyeful of those lovely white Russian tits, she dangles them in my face and lets me kiss those fine tits.  I wanted to touch her more, but she said that would be an extra 30 euros, so I just stick with the erotic massage, which I am enjoying and I got a full erection on.   She then gives me a really good handjob, she is holding my balls, playing with just the end, I cum gallons and she not stop wanking until every last drop out. phew, relief.

A very good erotic massage in LABI and a very friendly Russian Latvian girl working in the branch down A.Kalnina.  On my way out she even gave me a couple of kisses.  And for that she got a small tip.

Other LABI sex shops

Within Riga there are three LABI sex shops dotted around and during my stay I checked out the other locations.

LABI Riga Latvia
LABI massage

I needed a good erotic massage another day in Riga and rather than going back to the same Russian girl I first tried the LABI sex shop at Lāčplēša iela 47. My the girls working in this LABI outlet were fat mature and ugly.  Starting to think I got lucky with the pretty Russian girl working at the LABI down A.Kalniņa.

LABI peep show
LABI Brīvības

I then took a walk all the way up  Brīvības iela  to the LABI sex shop there and took a look inside.   Just one girl working and looking at the photo I could see the woman was mature but attractive.  I asked the guy at the counter if she really looked like her picture, he laughed and shrugged his shoulders. A big NO was the answer, so generally the girls working the LABI sex shops throughout Riga are mostly mature and hardcore past it, with some exceptions.  The LABI sex shop up Brivibas is right next door to the LA Rocca Revolution nightclub which is suppose to be worth a visit if your into nightclubbing in Riga.

Lilami Erotic Massage

Other recommendations for an erotic massage in Riga was also the Lilami chain, but it seems these are long gone now even though references to them are still plastered all over the internet when researching Riga sex guides. I visited all the addresses of where Lilami are supposed to be in Riga and they have gone.  So dont waste your time on Lilami if your looking for an erotic massage in Riga.

erotic massage indigo riga
Indigo massage

Another erotic massage establishment recommended was Babaris, Babaris has changed its name now to Indigo.  I took a look inside Indigo erotic massage and it is more like a brothel.  You sit in a lounge and then the girls walk in dressed sexy and you are supposed to choose one.  There were about 5 girls working in Indigo erotic massage when I visited, the girls working were not like really mature, but maybe touching thirty with that hardcore pro look about them.  I am much more into P4P when the girls are semi pro students, late teens, early twenties.  I not fancy it so left Indigo, I am not sure if in Indigo you can get more than a handjob?

So I was lucky with my first erotic massage in the LABI sex shop down A.Kalniņa in Riga, sweet memories, got to get lucky too with the research.

4 thoughts on “LABI Erotic Massage Riga Latvia”

    1. Thanks for the update on Indigo in Riga Phil.
      I took a look inside Indigo and the girls looked all hardcore, I not indulge coz just not find the line up attractive. But they looked like pros. Things are changing all the time in these eastern european cities like Riga. you need more reasons to visit than mongering alone. That my conclusion

  1. Things have gotten even worse in Riga I’m afraid. Wanted 60e in Labi for a mediocre half hour massage, extra 30 for a hj which was likely to be equally mediocre. Mature woman who kept her clothes on. Dreadful.

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