Jockey strip club Riga

Victory Strip Club Riga Latvia

The morning had come for my departure from London UK to Riga in Latvia.  My flight was a reasonable time in the morning from Gatwick with Riga 2 hours ahead I would arrive around 3:00 PM.  For an early midweek morning Gatwick airport was surprisingly busy with vacationers to the Mediterranean resorts.

Latvian Girl – Seeking Arrangement

I had followed my own advice and abstained from dating any girls or visiting any brothels or massage parlours a couple of weeks before my departure to Riga to get horny.  Previously I had arrived in Cartagena Colombia and was missing the exotic girls at home I had regularly been fucking off Seeking Arrangement.  I had a pretty good run on Seeking Arrangement before my trip to Riga even meeting a blonde girl from Latvia.

Latvian blonde
Latvian girl

In fact some of the girls on Seeking Arrangement like escort agencies use bait and switch tactics.   The Latvian girl I had been talking to used fake profile pictures of a very pretty blonde.   When I met her she was still a good looking blonde but not as good in her profile.  It was more to remain anonymous than to deceive, but something to be aware of.  Most girls on seeking arrangement use genuine profiles.

London to Riga

I checked in at Gatwick and Baltic Air are very strict on their luggage size and weight.  Hand luggage has to be under 8KG and hold luggage under 20KG.  Boarding the aircraft was slow due to people with hand luggage only and each being weighed and then them having to pay extra as their hand luggage was overweight.

airbaltic riga
london to Riga

I had paid extra and booked an exit seat but midway up the aircraft.  Reason being it was a 3 hour flight as 1500 miles journey to Riga.  On board the plane they fucked it up again just like that flight to Athens with Easyjet.  The row was in front of the exit seats not the exit seats.  I complained to the air hostess who just shrugged her shoulders and walked off.  The only way to guarantee you get the right seat is to reserve a seat on the front row, they cant fuck this up.  So not a good start.

Riga Apartment

At Riga it was straight through customs and picked up my hold luggage quickly, always a relief to see your case has traveled on the same journey as you.    Taxi fare from Riga airport to my apartment in the old town was 15 euros including a tip and takes around 15 minutes.  Really a monger should strike up a conversation with an English speaking taxi driver, ask him about the nightlife? where is a good place to meet some women in Riga?

The apartment owner was there to meet me and showed me in.  Not bad, had everything you needed although a little cool and dark but it would serve as my base for the next week or so in Riga and if I did meet any freelancers or semi pro girls, there would be no problems bringing them back to do the business.  Unpacked, change of clothing and made my way onto the mean streets of Riga.

Navigating around Riga

I had done a fair amount of research on Riga and compiled my mongering map of Riga.  One of my first tasks was to get a local SIM card and something to eat, I was hungry.

The place to get a local pay as you go SIM in Latvia is a newsagent chain with a name something like ‘Sarvasans’ blue and orange signage. I purchased one for under 4 euros with like 3 or 4 GB of data, that lasted all week without any problems.

Kalku iela

These medieval old towns like Riga are labyrinths and without a google maps on your mobile you will waste alot of time getting lost and then paying for taxis.  I could use the above mongering map of Riga and set directions from my current location and let my phone guide me, surprisingly accurate once you get the hang of it.  After a few days, once you got your bearings you will rely less on google maps.

Riga Kalku iela
Riga old town

Ground zero for tourism in Riga is Kalku iela or Kalku street.  This is where a beer will cost you 5 euros and at night you are most likely to get scammed, during the day its pretty harmless though with lots of tourists.

I have a wander around, draw some euros out of an ATM, have something to eat some lovely fish n chips and couple of Latvian beers.  Certainly noticing alot of cute eastern European girls around, lots of Russians and some Latvians.

Radisson Blu Sky Bar

After a wander around the old town of Riga I decided to head to the sky bar at the top of the Radisson Blu hotel, about a 10 minute walk from Kalku Iela pass the freedom monument.

freedom monument
Riga Radisson Blu

Make my way to the top of the Radisson Blu and into the sky bar and order a beer from the bar. Its pretty packed inside the sky bar, but mostly old couples, I guess its a bit early for any freelancers to venture out.  Disappointing though as I was led to believe there was an outside area but all the views are behind dirty glass.

radisson blu
skybar view

Weekends are supposed to be alot better to visit the sky bar in the Radisson Blu but then they charge an entrance fee, but just old couples mid week, lots of old tourists in Riga.

Jockey Strip Club

Just down the road from the Radisson Blu was the Jockey strip club.  The Jockey strip club comes recommended as maybe the only strip club worth a visit when in Riga, where the prices are fixed and you wont get ripped off.  So I thought I would take a look and was prepared to part with a 100 euros for maybe not much at all, other than to write about it here.

Jockey strip club Riga
Jockey strip club

There was a 15 euro entrance fee and a beer costs 5 euros.  Immediately I noticed some very attractive girls sat at the bar waiting for some customers.  I was the only patron inside the Jockey strip club at this time being around 9 pm now.   I took my beer from the bar at sat down in the small lounge area with a small pole dancing stage in the middle, enough room for just one stripper.

The music came on and soon a girl came out and started dancing on the pole, the first went topless and once the song finished she came over and pulled her pantie string apart expecting me to slip some euro notes inside, I did just a 5 euro note.  About a half dozen girls working in the Jockey strip club, some Latvians, Russian, a lovely young Ukrainian girl and even a black girl from Kenya.

Ukrainian Stripper

A couple of the girls who came up to the pole did not even strip, they just danced a little, consequently they not get a tip.  The Ukrainian girl did a strip and she was hot, she went topless and came over and started scratching my head and give me a little kiss on the cheek.

I decided to have a little chat with the Ukrainian girl at the bar inside the Victory strip club.  She was just 21, a tall well proportioned natural blonde with small to medium tits but great shape and very pretty, dressed in white lingerie and stockings.  A strip with touching for 15 minutes would cost 60 euros so I coughed up.

Private dance with Touching

Paid my 60 euros to the bar and the gorgeous Ukrainian girl led me to a private room which was nicely done out and comfortable, I sat down, the music came on and she began to dance and strip in front of me.  She got naked and brushed her tits into my face, letting me suck and kiss her erect nipples.  She lay across me, panties off and had a lovely blonde Brazilian hairline along her pussy and not mind me stroking it and grabbing her firm buttocks.  And so it went on I assume for 15 minutes but may have been less.

Ukrainian stripper
ukraine girl

Back at the bar, if money had not been no object I would not mind having seem one of the Russian girls strip naked and the Kenyan girl who had one of those big firm African butts.   So when it was all over and I left the Victory Strip club about an hour after first entering I was 100 euros down and my balls were a little heavier.  But it was good fun.  Not sure if you can get your cock out and wank yourself off in the Victory strip club in Riga like you can in the strip clubs in Tallinn Estonia?

Kalku scammer girls

Later that night I returned to Kalku iela to check out the scene.  Its pretty quiet mid week but sure enough two girls, early twenties approached me in the street and wanted to take me to a bar.  I told them I had read about girls like them on the internet, so thanks but no thanks.

kalku street riga
kalku iela

A few touts wanted to take me to clubs, strips clubs, most notably Blow Bar which is one to be avoided.   Just the same as down Vaci Utca in Budapest Hungary and still many newbie tourists fall for this trap.  They are not interested in you, just taking you to a bar, ordering drinks then disappearing, you then get a bill for 500 euros!  Beware.

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    1. Mr.Q – That is not true of all strip clubs in the U.S. I know of a number that you can take a dancer back to the private booths and get the works – oral, vaginal and anal sex – the works. I have personal knowledge of this happening for less than $120 with a very attractive girl. Just depends on where you are visiting the clubs.

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