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Riga Latvia

In need of a break from just working it was time for an extended vacation and some travel to pastures new.  But the months of June and July are not the best for travel around the world if you want to  avoid crowds of tourists, sky high prices, the heat and humidity.  So the first problem was choosing a destination.

Maybe Madagascar

It had been some time since my last trip to Cartagena in Colombia, not sure if I fancied another long haul or something closer to home, maybe eastern Europe.

Top of my list for some time has been a trip to Madagascar, for the past year I have been following the forum thread on the international sex guide.  Problem with Madagascar, difficult and expensive flights to get there.  Poor infrastructure and more importantly health and safety issues.  All things considered at the end of the day I not fancy a trip to Madagascar, not this year, although July is one of the cooler months there.

Riga and the Baltics

The weather is important to me when travelling I follow the weather of a prospect city or county on the BBC weather app.   Riga in Latvia is always a place I have wanted to visit for a long time and all around the Baltics they had been having some lovely weather.  Like 25C sunshine and Riga is not far away from some beaches such as Jurmala.

Now Riga in Latvia comes with a reputation for sex tourism.  Once referred to as the Bangkok of the Baltics.  I have heard that before about other places with Varadero being the Bangkok of the Caribbean and Addis Ababa being the Bangkok of Africa.

I had already had some experience in the Baltics a year earlier in Tallinn Estonia and that had been a disappointment from a mongering perspective.  I suspected the same tactics in Riga would yield the same results as Tallinn.  My expectations would not be high.  But still I wanted to visit Riga in Latvia and it would be just a starting point for visiting other Baltics countries such as Lithuania and Poland.

Riga Research

Like many eastern European countries things were pretty wild back in the mid to late nineties in Riga by all accounts with open and in your face prostitution.  Girls eager to find a foreign boyfriend or husband as a ticket out of their poverty.  Things quickly changed and Latvia joined the European union in May 2004 allowing their people free travel around the Eurozone.  Many bad Latvian girls now plying their trade away from home in cities like London.  In more recent years things have calmed down in Riga and the unsuspecting tourist partial to some P4P has to be aware of the many scams that now run out of eastern European cities like Riga.

So what P4P was available in Riga? expensive strip clubs, scammer girls on the streets and in the nightclubs, expensive escorts, maybe I would just pass through Riga and give mongering a miss. There really was a lack of recent information on mongering in Riga on the international sex forums in the last 10 years.  This is rarely due to keeping a place a secret,  heavily biased to the negative, even the PUA community were finding it tough.  That Latvian girls could even be cold and unfriendly if approached by foreign men.

There was erotic massage available in Riga and recommended on the Riga Wiki Sex Guide, I would be happy to try an erotic massage in Riga,  If all else fails I could get some relief from an erotic massage. There were one or two strip clubs in Riga that came with a good reputation.  The Radisson Blu hotel in Riga had a sky bar with a few freelancers,  And then I would just try my luck.

Sex Terrorists

What really put the last nail in the coffin for sex tourism to Riga was a government backed NGO campaign labeling sex tourists as sex terrorists, an evil play on words.   This included posters around the city for Latvian women not to sell themselves.  You can imagine the impression this has left on the Psych of the local people.   This happened around 2007, British stag parties were largely to blame with cheap flights tourism to Riga was up by 50%.   So I would always be considered a potential sex terrorist?

latvian pussy
Latvian teen

I did like the look of Latvian girls.  Like many Baltic states there is a large Russian population too from the days of the occupation and the Soviet Union.

latvian big tits
big tits latvia

Maybe in Riga I would get lucky with a beautiful Latvian or Russian babe?  Maybe not.  Even so decided to give Riga a try.

London To Riga, Flights Accommodation

I booked my flight with AirBaltic from London Gatwick, just one way. I was taking some time off work and may travel all the way through eastern Europe and along the Baltics maybe even down to the Black sea and across to the Balkans.  So much of Europe remains unexplored by me, probably for good reason.  Its just too hot for me to travel to Asia, the Caribbean or South America.  Maybe we are missing the pussy much closer to home?

Accommodation wise I thought I would give AirBnb a try this time, its certainly works out alot cheaper on AirBnb and found myself a nice apartment bang center in the old town of Riga.  There was still scope in Riga for meeting local freelancers, semi pro girls in the bars and clubs or even dialing an outcall.  The last thing I needed was a hotel that was not girl friendly.  In an apartment I could keep costs down by cooking my own food too.

So I was all booked up for a long week in Riga Latvia.   I was flying out mid week, wanted to avoid any initial stag parties on the flight and in the city, time to get my bearings and do my reconnaissance in Riga.  If mongering in Riga was a complete flop I could always immerse myself in the local culture, my photography, day trips to the beaches etc.

4 thoughts on “Riga Latvia”

  1. Hi! How did things turn out in Riga? I’m leaving for ukraine in a few days, and will have a conveniant stop over in Riga for one night.. I don’t have high experiences, just curious after reading so much negative feedback also.. Anyways, enjoy if u r still there!

    1. Kjell, not had time to report on all my mongering experiences in Riga yet. Overall I not have a bad time there, but my expectations matched reality. If you have time for an erotic massage then I recommend the LABI sex shop at LABI – A.Kalnina street 98 walkable from the Radisson Blu. There is a very friendly good looking Russian Latvian girl working there, or was when I was there who did a great massage with handjob. The victory strip club is good fun if you got some money to burn. In the Radisson Blu basement, entry round the side there is a nightclub called ‘friends’ over 25s, come midnight you get some nice looking Russian MILFs freelancers and semi pro girls, initially they ask 300 euros but can get them down to 150 euros pretty easy. But that was it really. By being out and about in Riga trying different things I was just hoping to get lucky… People are friendly though, no bad experiences, but was aware of the scam girls mostly down Kalku. Many of the nightclubs like scandal, essential are long gone as are the chain of erotic massage parlours called Lilami, checked out Babaris which is now called Indigo, pro looking girls.
      But one night I recommend victory strip club, LABI erotic massage, give the other ones a miss though, old trollops and friends nightclub but only open thursdays and weekend nights when I was there

  2. I dated a Latvian-American, while living in America, in my early 20’s, she was 19. Huge natural tits, strawberry blonde with blue eyes, definitely not a bad night spending it with her. I’ve been intrigued by visiting the Eastern Block. We’ll see, maybe one day. I think I want to do South and Central America first.

    1. Brockstar, if you are going to visit eastern Europe especially the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania be sure the interest is more than just mongering. For mongering and P4P western europe is far superior than eastern europe, considering the red light districts and the FKK scene. Poland may be the best eastern european country for mongering. I can see the attraction for stag parties etc as long as they stick with their guide and dont stray off. What with the cheap direct flights, The old towns are great for a pub crawl, yeah includes a strip show or something, but that is really it. eastern europe has its mystery and its past reputation, but it really is mostly a disappointment for some sex tourism. I have one more trip planned for eastern Europe that includes Warsaw in Poland and then that may be my last visit.

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