Vietnamese Girls in Singapore Geylang

Singapore – Part 3 (an Unexpected Flower)

I love to travel. Getting on a plane and jetting to a foreign country brings a sense of adventure well beyond the daily grind. I aim for a handful of countries each year. A blowout is when I hit several continents in one year. I travel within the US too, but it pales in comparison to the adventure of a foreign land. I don’t talk much about my travels through my posts, though I treasure them deeply.

Completely Legit

Singapore was starting to look like a bust.  I just gave up on Thailand have not found the Mainland PRC model I was looking for. I could have a session with a girl, but I hadn’t really found what I was looking for. Eventually I passed a house with some silly bamboo silhouette so I thought, Vietnam?

To my surprise, it was indeed a Vietnamese house upon entering. I didn’t think there were Vietnamese working girls in Singapore. The girls weren’t appealing so I moved on.  A second house with silhouettes of four ladies in Viet traditional dress stood next door. Inside there were exactly four girls in a fishbowl.

Geylang Singapore
Vietnamese House
Geylang brothel
Vietnamese Fishbowl

A petite girl with long hair in a black cocktail dress caught my eye.  She was young and looked Vietnamese.  Her skin was fair and accented by red lipstick.  Interested, I  asked the Papasan how much and he said they are all $50 SGD.

The Papasan tried to sell me the “new” girl which just happened to be the girl I fancied.  He told me “New girl, just start, not bad, I guarantee you”.  This was all kind of funny as the girl couldn’t believe what the Papasan was spewing from his mouth.  I said OK, and waved her over.  She threw her hands up in disbelief… her face read, “oh gosh, I can’t believe this Papasan”  She didn’t seem mad but just a bit humored. He asked for money and I handed over a $50 and he recorded the transaction on a ledger. Singapore is legit.

the Flower

My girl led me midway down a hallway full of rooms. Her room was typical enough, floral wallpaper, ensuite bathroom, bed, dresser, mirrored, AC and quite clean.

Geylang Room
the room
Having just been in Vietnam hours ago, I was extremely curious if she really was Vietnamese.  The anticipation was so high, I could not hold it and before we could even settle down, I blurted out, “Where are you from?”.  “Vietnam” was the reply.  I asked the usual what is your name.  Ah-Cuc (“chook”) was her name and she was 25 (BTW, Cuc means “chrysanthemum” and in single syllable names often “ah” is added).  Still, I wasn’t convinced she was Vietnamese.

She was a reserved and wasn’t very good at directing me around, which made things a bit awkward.  To ease things, I threw out some cheesy Vietnamese lines.  This perked her up and made her laugh.  She started speaking Viet to me but I don’t speak Viet.  Nonetheless this satisfied me that she was a real Vietnamese girl and made things became easier from then on.

Vietnamese girls in Geylang Singapore
Ah Cuc

Looking for a way to communicate better, I tried some other Asian languages to see she could speak those and it was a no go. I could have tried Spanish, but I seriously doubted she spoke any. With that, I tried to make the best of things. She began taking off her clothes, so I took that as cue to do the same.

First thing I noticed were saggy A-cup breasts. I suspected a baby in her past but I could not find stretch marks. Things shifted to the bathroom with a shower. Though she was there in the bathroom with me, it was mostly to adjust the water and to hand me towels. I really wanted her to wash me up, but so far I’ve not had much luck with that this trip. I finished and then she took to the shower herself.

vietnam girl shower
shower time

We moved to the bed for some CBJ. I played with her saggy boobies and in typical working girl fashion, she initiated CG. Later as she got on her back, it became opportunity to access her hairy but trimmed pussy. As usual, access was denied. The remaining was typical in multiple positions and then moving to a climatic end. Deed completed.

Ah-Cuc was timid and shy and I came to wonder how she got involved with this all the way from Vietnam. Throughout the liaison she was kind to me and I appreciated that. Though tipping didn’t appear to be the norm, she deserved my gratitude. Opening my wallet I reached for a $20. She was ecstatic, maybe because I treated her well?

I was about to reach in and look for $10 more but she hopped on over and gave me a kiss on the left cheek. The moment passed and the extra ten never made it out. She walked me out to the lobby and I stood looking at the fishbowl reaffirming the remaining selection was not of my liking. Relaxed, I left the house and papasan thanked me on the way out. Being already past 10:30pm, it was off to the hawker stalls for a late meal.

Side note: While in the hallway, I pass another girl or two. One had a bowl of food and the other just walked around in t-shirt and flip flops (you see her in the above pic as well). It made me think these girls may live there during their stints in Singapore. I’m always curious about the girls, but with usually only a single visit to a girl each time, there’s no opportunity to visit a girl more than once and to learn about them.

By Mr Q

4 thoughts on “Vietnamese Girls in Singapore Geylang”

    1. Robert, care to elaborate, why you love Vietnamese? and where you go to meet Vietnamese women?

      I first set eyes on Vietnamese girls back in 2005 when I made my first trip to Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Vietnam girls were everywhere well in the freelancer bars likes Sharkys and Martinis. The girls from Vietnam has distinctive asian features. you could tell them apart. Then in Sihanoukville the legendary blue mountain was full of young Vietnam girls for $10 a pop. It was in Blue mountain I had a blowjob by two Vietnam girls together. Unfortuantely all consigned to mongering history now as in the years that followed, lots of crackdowns by the Cambodian authorities as mainstream tourism took hold. In 2014 in Phnom Penh again a Tuk Tuk driver took me to an Asian massage parlour where I saw pretty Vietnamese girls and chose one, but she wanted to much money for sex. I intend to visit Vietnam on my next trip to Asia maybe this fall. British people can now visit Vietnam for 15 days without a visa

      1. Vietnamese women seem more petite, darker skin tone and have this exotic look that other orientals do not have. I can’t pin point what it is exactly. Might be the French mix ancestry? Also, vietnamese women seem to have bigger tits and nice ass. I honestly think the more southern climate breeds more exotic looking orientals. Lastly, in my experience they are the most freaky and kinky orientals out there. So there you have it, most petite nice ass and tits and most exotic looking is what gets my vote.

  1. Singapore really does seem to have a large variety of poon! I’ve only had two Viets; one from the USA (born and raised) a chick I met online way back when and one in Vientiane while on a Thai visa run (she was p4p)

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