Wellcum FKK

Italian luxury is to realize all dreams of us, experienced mongers!

A SPA, a club, a hotel, A FKK, Italian sun and gorgeous women: things can’t get better than this precious offer for men with exquisite taste for luxury!

Monger Dream-Come- True: SPA in Exquisite Italian Luxury

Imagine the warm Italian sun on your face. Its beams play with your skin, leaving a nice feel of joyful delight. If that does not sound magical enough – picture yourself in a comfortable SPA: the best kind of SPA, with saunas, swimming pools, and open fireplaces. And, of course, there are lovely women around you. Many gorgeous ladies, who are willing to satisfy the majority of your dreams and surpass even the boldest of expectations.

wellcum FKK
wellcum girls

Save your breath and don’t panic in a desperate attempt to find the place of your dreams in Google. Your desires await you at wellcum.at! A place where you will experience all shades of passion and there are really more than just fifty! Pool parties, clubs, SPA relaxation and even simple rest under the warmest sun only prove the diverse variety of it.

What Wellcum offers?

The meals here are exquisite. Sparkling champagne, single malt scotch and delicacies – what else can a man, surrounded with beautiful women dream of? Mix that up with a fine day at one of Italy’s best SPAs, hot saunas and refreshing pools, glamorous parties in the club and other entertaining delights.

wellcum fkk
wellcum party girls

If that does not sound like a perfect plan for vacation, what does? Well, it can be said with solid confidence that nothing in this can be more pleasing. If you are not the type to prefer generic experiences – and you surely are a man of exquisite tastes –

Wellcum has prepared a special treat. In fact, there’s more than one as there are specials like:

  •  Arabian Nights
  •  Euro 2016 specials
  •  Club and Hotel

And, of course, your custom party: combine all of your heart’s desires in one glorious event. Yes, some of the offers are time-sensitive. The Euro party, for example, is to end by 10.7.2016. But don’t worry, once old trends are gone – new and better ones will appear at Wellcum. Additionally, the Custom Party services are at your disposal. Do you have a special event like a birthday? Then contacting the receptionist is all it takes. Ensure everything flows according to your liking.

What about those Wellcum ladies?

One thing can be said for sure: you are in for a treat! Just picture yourself relaxing near a heated pool with a gorgeous blonde (or brunette, or red, or all three of them, if you please) giving you the massage of your life.

wellcum massage
wellcum sauna

You will also witness some of Europe’s best jaw-dropping live shows and performances! The program is as diverse and entertaining as shows get! All in all, you will be accompanied with kind, caring and loving beauty 24/7. Just say the word, book your stay at Wellcum hotel and FKK and enjoy some of the most magical moments of your life!

9 thoughts on “Wellcum FKK”

  1. Love the concept of Wellcum, great views on the Austrian Italian border, a hotel in the mountains, an FKK, ticks all my boxes, How do I get there from London?

  2. I am trying to decide between visiting Wellcum FKK and Goldentime (Vienna) FKK. Which do you think would be better? My priority is finding really good looking ladies. So far, I have been to World FKK and Oases FKK. Both were good, but I didn’t see many stunners.

    1. I have not visited Wellcum FKK but can highly recommend Goldentime FKK in Vienna. Vienna is a good all round city for mongering lots of options. A trip to an FKK is always a great way to spend a rainy day when in that part of western europe. I was expecting stunners when I visited the Globe FKK in Zurich, lots of hype, I was dissapointed but still had a good time a lovely Romanian girl fucked my brains out and gave me the Girlfriend experience. So on the day when you visit an FKK you should still always find one or two girls to your liking at least.

    1. Have you been inside the Wellcum FKK Ben? Often mongers hire a car and visit many fkk clubs during there vacation. Location is not so important then but more quality of girls working inside. Usually quality of girls working in an FKK is good, well above average.

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