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Singapore – Part 2

I initially had no desire to visit Singapore, I even passed up a chance to visit Singapore a few years ago simply because I wasn’t interested. This time economics of airline flight brought me there.

I only knew 4 things about Singapore. Cleanliness, hawker food, ridiculously high GDP, and legalized prostitution. During my stay, I was able to experience all four. I spent a lot of time talking to locals about politics, culture, economy and even prostitution. When I left Singapore, I was very impressed and would be more than willing to return. I would even consider a transfer to my company’s Singapore office and it would only be three stations from Geylang.

Ghost town

Arriving in the afternoon, a sense of eeriness surrounded Geylang. Most shops were shuttered and the streets were near empty. The famous bustling corner hawker stalls of Geylang Rd had few if no customers at all. Geylang felt desolate, lethargic and stifled in Singapore’s equatorial heat. It’s Friday but where were the people? Isn’t there commerce to be transacted? Money to be made? Is today a holiday? Why is Geylang so deserted?

Tramping through empty hot and humid streets I eventually found my hotel. Soaked in sweat, I ignored the hotel and trekked on farther. I knew brothels were next to my hotel but I couldn’t tell which was a house, business, or brothel. I knew there would be a familiar pink glow at night, but without the lights turned on during the day, I could not discern. With little to be gleaned, I turned around towards the hotel, checked in and took rest in the cool air-conditioned refuge.

After resting for a couple hours, a couple of hawker stalls, and a trip to the city center, I taxied back to Geylang at night to find a different scene. The hawker stalls were full of people eating and drinking. Businesses were filled with shoppers and the lorongs were full of punters looking for women. Locals were even walking their dogs and returning from grocery shopping. Geylang was revitalized.

geylang singapore
geylang lorongs

the Plan

The plan was to score two girls. Girl 1 would be a Thai girl because I’ve never had one. Girl 2 had to be a Cat 150 Mainland Chinese girl because I was greedy for a Chinese girl that could pass for a model. Sir Paul Monger scored a top notch model of a Mainland girl in the Macau Lisboa and I needed to play catchup. Last but not least, I only had one night in Singapore.

The Search

The search began at Lorong 16, where there were reports of Thai girls. I walked into a few Thai houses and they were all Cat 50s with unattractive, older or thicker girls.

geylang brothel thai
thai house geylang

Disappointed, I turned to Mainland Chinese houses.  The girls were ok at the Cat 80 and 100 level but I wasn’t yet ready for a Mainland girl.  Moreover, I wanted a perfect Cat 150 Mainland girl so I just kept on searching.  As I searched further on, it was quickly forthcoming that a Thai girl would not be on the horizon and having not found any Cat 150 houses, I might have to settle for a Cat 80 / 100 Mainland girl.

geylang singapore
geylang threesome

Ready to give up on Thai girls, I entered one last Thai house with two Cat 80 girls.  Papasan urged me to choose quick if not take both girls.  Within a short moment two other young punters walked in.  I had first choice so choose now or pass.  The girls were mediocre to borderline ok, but they still weren’t that appealing and I wasn’t in a mood for a threesome.  I passed and just like that, the two young punters, hungry for a romp, snapped up the two girls.  Without anymore choices, I gave up on Thai Girls.

2 thoughts on “Thai Girls Geylang Singapore”

  1. Thanks for the guest post Mr Q, looking forward to your next installment from Singapore and then Vietnam.

    Yes those chinese girls in Macua the lisboa racetrack would not look out of place on a catwalk, soliid 10s some of them. I recently put my Macau lisboa racetrack video up

    So would you say there is a notceable difference between cat 50 cat 100 etc? I guess timing is important, looks like the girls are busy?

    The papasans sound very pushy, dont like that. in Thailand, you can buy a drink and sit down in front of the fishbowl

  2. The Papasans are ok. I don’t feel they are pushy even after visiting many many houses. The Papasans do speak many languages… Japanese, English, a couple of Chinese dialects, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they spoke Korean as well…. so sometimes there is miscommunication. They start speaking something to you cause they think you speak Japanese or something… so maybe that might add to it and make them seem pushy?

    The Papasan at the Thai house was giving me all the courtesy of being the first customer.

    My next video will have some Papasan action and he was very courteous.

    If they had a live stream of that Lisboa racetrack, I would watch it all day. Just think of it as the naughty version of the streaming aquarium channel.

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