Mongering Singapore

Singapore Part 1 (The Basics)

Before mongering anywhere I always invest an immense amount of time into the research. It’s the product of my cautious and thorough personality coupled with short stays at my destinations. Short trips require thorough research and perfect execution to make the best with time limitations. However in reality unforeseen circumstances arise around every corner so the perfect plan rarely ever happens. This time in Singapore I tried to go more with flow and to not over think it.

The Republic of Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is a very small country (20 km wide) that is extremely clean, has strict laws limiting speech and press, and a government that has transformed it into an economic powerhouse. Despite all it’s strict laws and prosperity, prostitution is oddly legal.

There is legal and illegal prostitution in Singapore. Prostitution in legalized brothels in specific zones are legal. Street walking, full service in saunas, KTV, pimping and public solicitation are illegal. Legal brothels in Singapore require the girls to have regular medical checks regardless if they are local girls or girls on a work visa…. And yes, work visas are granted to girls on the basis of prostitution. Girls on tourist visas to Singapore are illegal and in theory would not be employed by legal brothels.

Singapore sex diary
Vietnam girl Singapore

For research I turned almost exclusively to Sammy Boy Forum, the Singapore based website about all things adult but get ready to practice your Singlish…. shiok!

In the forums, girls are referred to in categories. Simply put, they are the prices for the girls, Cat 50, 80/100, and 150. Cat 50 ($37 USD) girls mediocre but cheap and are usually in older facilities. Cat 80 ($60 USD) girls are younger, mid 20’s or better and better service and facility. Cat 150 ($110 USD) is GFE and model looks.


Geylang is an area in Singapore best known for food hawker stalls on every corner, old colonial buildings in lorongs (alleys), and legalized brothels. Geylang is setup with odd and even lorongs flanking Geylang Road. To the north are odd numbered lorongs where prostitution is prohibited. To the south are even numbered lorongs from Lorong 2 through 32 where prostitution is allowed. Despite the lorongs being called alleys, they are in no way actual alleys. They are streets and some are quite large with modern apartment towers, hotels, houses, shops, and temples. Not all the lorongs are filled with brothels and some lorongs don’t have any. Regular people live in the area too and often across from a brothel.

mongering singapore
Geylang brothels

Temples Lanterns and Dresses

With lighted open signs and glowing pink lights, the houses announced themselves open for business. The houses were tidy, lit and often plain on the outside as it is illegal to publicly solicit prostitution, even a sign that said “brothel” would be illegal. In other words, the government let’s you run a whorehouse, but you just can’t be conspicuous and say that you’re a whorehouse.

There was nothing seedy with their outside appearances. You would never see scantily clad women in front of the business, nor seedy looking men trying to draw you in. For the most part, many of the businesses had a doorman or Papasan aged around 50-60. Some of the houses were so plain and brightly lit with white light I couldn’t even tell if they were brothels or some kind of workshop. It felt safe and clean. Police even patrolled the streets.

mongering geylang
geylang lorongs

Initially I couldn’t tell which type of girls could be found in each house, but after walking a while it was easy. Chinese houses usually had auspicious banners or Chinese lanterns.

Thai houses would have some sort of Thai temple, Buddha, elephant, or might say Sawadee (hello in Thai).

geylang thai brothel
thai brothel

A Vietnamese house would have bamboo or a silhouette of traditional Vietnamese ladies dress. Some houses didn’t have anything, so it was a surprise until you walked inside or asked the doorman/papasan, such as this Thai house.

Sometimes the doorman/Papasan would welcome you to their house. They ring a bell telling the girls to get ready and then open the door for you. Walking in you would get to see the girls in fishbowls, couches or chairs.

singapore geylang
thai fishbowl

I entered over a dozen places and they were all clean and well lit inside and some were downright very nice. There was no seediness, just straight up business in a pleasant environment. Why can’t things be like this here in the States?

By Mr.Q

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  1. “Why can’t things be like this here in the States?”

    Hahaha… Because those fat&urgly anglosax bitches never allow this. Lets wait a bit when asian population will dominate and see )))

  2. Great little report and guest post on geylang area of Singapore from Mr Q., I had a night out down Geylang in 2006 before heading to Batam on the ferry. Geylang is a very interesting red light district. there was loads of groups of girls on the streets or lorongs too even if that is suppose to be illegal. Some Indonesian, Indian, PRC, Vietnamese even Latinas. I never even got into the brothels, so great insight here. I would be keen to return to Singapore on my next trip to Asia. Looking forward to Singapore part 2…

  3. Interesting and nice report Mr.Q
    Did you see any Indian working ladies?
    Got to ask but what secret apparatus were you using for the video’s and good quality pictures.

    1. I use a GoPro Hero 4 silver. I could have had better pics and video, but I had equipment issues and didn’t have time to review video and change settings cause I was in such a rush. Actually half the video I took was unusable. I went into some houses which were very interesting and had some nice close-ups of girls, but video was not setup right.

      There are something like 3-4 RLDs in Singapore and the other ones have Indian girls, but I had no time to visit others.

        1. Korea was cold. 0 C at night when I went easy easy hiding. Spore was hot.. Shorts and breezy button shirt. I went through a couple of concepts to conceal the camera including including doing some custom 3d printed parts. Not sure if I want to share methods publicly. Needless to say, I’m waiting for GoPro 5 with rumored mechanical image stabilization and improved sensor.

  4. There are three breeds of girls working legally in Geylang – Mainland PRC, Thai and Vietnamese. No more Indians, Malay or Indonesian. And I don’t know why. There are just a few street girls on Geylang Road. I have noted one to be russian or other slavic nation. So, no more “Notorious Geylang”. Very quiet on lorongs.

    1. I was really interested my in Malay girls and through forum reports I read there might be a very rare handful of girls at one particular place in Geylang, but it seemed to be so rare I did not pursue it. Im really not sure why no Malay girls.

    2. Thanks for your comments Faker Bey. Its a shame to hear the Indian and Indonesian girls have gone, there use to be groups of them all over the lorongs of Geylang. It was fascinating walking around in the night. I am all for them working in proper establishments and paying taxes etc 🙂 But the Indian and Indonesian girls should have their own houses/brothels too? There must be somewhere in Singapore where you can hook up with Indian girls, given Singapore has a large Indian community?

      1. They say there are three or four places for poor chinese and indians. I don’t think those places are good for white monkeys.
        As I said lorongs are very quiet now. No more street “shows” etc. No ladies sitting in front of houses even!
        Pushed by fucking western “moral” Sing gvnt is trying to hide this part of their culture. What a shame!

      2. There are 3-4 RLDS in spore. Geylang, Orchard (freelancers, not legal), and two other which have Indians. Petain Rd is onenof them. There is another which I don’t recall anymore.

        I think for Malays most ppl just go across the straight to Johor (Malaysia) via ferry.

      3. Sir Paul, I remember seeing this video years ago and I was amazed at how many girls were on the street. It looked a bit chaotic, but this vid was from 2008 a long time ago and 2 years after you went. I suppose you were witness to scenes like this?

        just as Fakerbey said, it’s very quiet now. Quite frankly, I’m no fan of the scene shown in the video above and I don’t blame the SG govn’t for taking some control over the chaos and handing the streets back over to the residents.

        1. I have to say it looks like it got alot busier and probably the reason there had to be a crackdown. When I was in Singapore there were groups of girls different nationalities apart from each other maybe half dozen or so. The brothels were a second choice to the girls on the streets, some were stunning. Where I had my first Indonesian girl. Being so close to Indonesia not really matter if no Indonesian girls can hop on the ferry to Batam.

    3. I’ve been wondering why there aren’t any Malay girls working in SG and I’m now thinking, Malaysia is a pretty prosperous country compared to most of it’s neighbors. it’s GDP is not crazy high like SG or the US, but Malaysia is a nice place to live that’s fairly modern. I just looked it up and it’s double of Thailand, nearly quadruple of Phillipines and 5x Vietnam.

      Also the culture too. Malaysia is basically either ethnic Malay or Han Chinese. The Chinese are liberal and more prosperous than the Malays. The Malays are more conservative Muslim.

      but wait… isn’t Indonesia Muslim as well, but there’s plenty of prostitution there.. but Indonesia is dirt poor. Then again, I don’t know much about Malaysia… cept for a few friends from there.

      I’m really tempted to go to Malaysia of late…damn good food and looks modern (least in the city).

      1. I visited Kuala Lumpur for a few days back in 2008, was hoping to get my hands on some Malay girls but nothing available, not up front anycase. But there is a very open mongering scene with the beach club being central, some nights its packed out can be 100s of freelancers but mostly mature hardcore, from all over including africans and latinas but no Indians or Malay girls. Then there are plenty of Chinese massage parlours, some arabs turned up and wanted white russian girls, guy had to make some phone calls, so maybe you ask for malay girls can make some phone calls. Malay girls are more curvy than Thai, more like Indonesian, but very nice when you get a good looking one. Put the time in anywhere and pay a price and pretty much can get what you want if you ask the right people

      2. Ethnic malay women are prohibited from getting a yellow pass for legal work in the Sing brothels, as are muslim women. It’s political – they don’t want to piss of Malaysia by looking like they tolerate “corrupting of innocent islamic women” or somesuch. Ethnic Chinese Malaysian women can still come because the Malaysian government doesn’t give a shit about them. Seriously.

  5. I remember Geylang as shown in the vid by Mr Q. What you don’t see is that groups of the girls have their pimp hanging around in the shadows. When you show interest, the pimp steps forward and presents the price and where the short time hotel/room is. I.E. The ladies LOOK like freelances, but are not. There were lots of ladyboys in this line up. If a pimp didn’t show up, you ladyboy radar should have been blinking.. But.. That was then..

    Clearly, when you go into on of the parlors, its all managed girls.

    The Sg police cracked down hard on all of this street action in 2014 and swept it all back into the parlors. As noted, Geylang was pretty calm the last time I walked through (August of 2015) looking for international camaraderie.

    However – for me, no loss. I usually like ‘long time’ back in my hotel. Everything you saw back then on the street or in the parlors was/is short time. I normally stay at the Hyatt on Scotts road or the Hilton on Orchard and then just pop over to Orchard Towers to find a long time engagement. You can find whatever you want there and it’s all freelance, however – be prepared to haggle – The girls will start at $200 (Sg) for long time. I have never paid more than $90.

    When I travel to Sg it’s for business, so I fly in on the Thursday night or Friday morning to get over the time difference ready for Monday. I will normally take 3 ‘long time’ on the Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

    Agreed, still expensive by Pattaya or Angels standards, but hey – it’s Sg. If you don’t like the price, move on. In Orchard Towers, move around between the bars until you find something you can accept.

    The scene outside Orchard Towers is interesting too. Sometimes you can find what you want without going into the building. There is a Kebab truck on the south side of the road, opposite the Tower. Grab a chicken kebab and a Tiger, sit and look around you at whats going on. You won’t be alone for long.

    1. Great report Scurf! $209 down to $90… Wow.. They bow that may much? That’s down to licensed parlor prices.

      There are still some Street walkers in Geylang… I’m assuming they are pimped as well.

      1. Mr.Q – The girls know exactly the parlor prices, but how much do you think the girls in the parlors get of the price you pay ? Lucky to see 50% IMHO. The freelance girls see 100% and they control their own expenses. However – timing has a lot to do with pricing. When you discuss pricing with a girl in a bar at Orchard Towers, inside the girls head is a complicated calculation going on as to if she has the chance to take you short time, then come back and find another punter. I.E. Maximizing the return on her time. I normally start looking for a girl after 10:30 and during the pricing discussion I ask – is it busy tonight ? How many girls are in the bar ? You think you will find another customer tonight after me ? Can you afford to lose my offer ?

        I also make it clear that long time with me also means room service tonight if she is hungry, plus a nice hotel bed then a room service breakfast tomorrow morning, with whatever she wants from the menu. If their next question is ‘where you stay?’ and it’s somewhere like the Hilton, Hyatt, 4 Seasons or W – the deal is done, at your pricing.

        No, not all street walkers are pimped but the streets in Geylang (back then) had got so busy the pimps had taken notice. Its not a problem, other than it pushes up the street price.

    2. Thanks for your very informative comment Scruf. I wish I got sent on business to these places. It must be good to work in a place that we choose to monger in as well. Problem is for back home the two worlds are worlds apart.
      I remember having to deal with a pimp after I chose a gorgeous young Indonesian girl from the street in Geylang. Walking down the steet, some of these girls were grabbing my balls etc. I was already booked into a cheap hotel down one of the Lorongs in Geylang. But the pimp was ok, just handed over the money and then I was free to take my indo girl back to the hotel for some short time sex. She was sweet and my first ever Indo girl. Indo girls I think are my favorite Asian girls but Indonesia not my favorite Asian country.
      Singapore was never top tier mongering destination compared to Thailand circa 2005 because it was mostly just short time, very commercial whereas in Thailand you could still get GFE and long time

      1. For me Singapore isn’t a mongering destination. It’s too expensive to finance just mongering here. For me it’s a business destination with the opportunity to take the maggot for a gallop. However – It’s a great ‘jumping off point’ for a real mongering holiday after the business trip. From Sg you can fly straight into Clark (Angels City) without having to endure Manila traffic, BKK/Pattaya or Indo. VietNam is easy too, but I don’t consider HCMC a mongering destination either (hotel laws and other scams). I normally book my return back from Sg about a week after my business finishes here and ‘do my own thing’ before coming back to work. I normally get a Friday afternoon flight to BKK and take the Bells coach down to Pattaya. I can be on Pattaya Beach road by 6pm after finishing work at about 2pm on a Friday. Back to Sg next Friday for the flight back home..

        1. Scurf, I’d really like to know your thoughts on Vietnam. I went to HCMC and I loved the place. There’s not much info out there other than massage parlors and hot tocs.

          1. Mr Q, I have only been to HCMC, but am told that Hanoi is much more ‘up tight’ than HCMC.

            I was in a hotel by the waterfront in District 1, so ‘Nob Hill’ as far as HCMC is concerned.

            I found very little action around there except for a few massage parlors at the back of the Opera House. I had head of ‘motorcycle girls’ – never saw them (and I looked).

            I was visiting a lady friend who I had met previously so didn’t need to look too hard. The hotel won’t let a local girl stay in the room of a visitor. It’s the law. I had to book a separate room for her, just so she could stay overnight. The hotel’s threat to call the police was very real.

        2. Scruf, what about Orchard Towers on a Sunday afternoon? I read its like Hong Kong, where all the Filipino and Indonesian maids have their day off and let there hair down and flock to Orchard Towers, any experience of that?

          1. Paul, I haven’t been to Orchard Towers on a Sunday afternoon. I have heard that the ‘Lucky Mall’ which is a seedy shopping center on Orchard Road (west of the junction with Scotts Road) attracts a lot of Filipino workers on a Sunday. I don’t know why or if it’s a mongering opportunity.

  6. So there ARE Indian ladies? If so, I’d definitely be down to check the Indian brothels. I have not boned an Indian chick, but it’s certainly on my to-do list.

    I have only been to Singapore once and it was only for a day. I actually spent the night in JB and then bussed it to KL the next day. I do plan on exploring Singapore more…….eventually.

    1. Not in Geylang but search around for Desker Road and Petain Road on the internet. These other areas should have Indian gals.

  7. I recently came across this entertaining video that talks about Geylang… from food stalls, salons, to brothels. If you want to see what Geylang is like, this video isn’t bad. The gastronomy in Geylang is amazing… I could not stop eating there… I did about 6 meals in less than 24 hours.

    If you want to go directly to the brothel part, skip to 2m:57s.

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