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Mongering in Kiev Part 5

A Mongers travelogue to Kiev continued

First booking the taxi by phone, if you don’t want a bad dishonest man who will charge you too much money you must do this now in Kiev, the guide explained, never get into any taxi in Kiev straight from the street….

We waited for the taxi (she had booked in advance) on the other side of Khreshchatyk Street and then made our way across town to the Hotel President which was very nearly my first choice of hotel.

Ukraine MILF
Ukraine MILF

I had read that the President bar lounge/coffee shop and nightclub always had a supply of Kiev freelancers on hand. As we drove up a very steep road the only bad point about these two hotels was the fact that they were both up a hill, slightly away from the main road.

Hotel President

A large and neat slightly high rise building, next to reception there was a proper Bank’s foreign exchange booth, an ATM, a very nice public bar lounge coffee shop area and only being late afternoon I noticed 2 or 3 not so much classy but more experienced looking women sitting in one of the corners, doing the day shift perhaps, one in particular smiling back at me when our eyes met seemingly not at all bothered that I was in the company of another woman at the time.

mature Ukraine
mature Ukraine

Speaking to reception, the guide managed to get one of the luggage porters to take us up in the lift and show us one of the rooms which had a lovely view of Kiev city and which reminded me of a modern Trust House Forte Post House Hotel of the 1980s, complete with an electric trouser press. I was also glad to see a proper room service menu. Parked up outside the hotel there were a few taxis but the guide suggested that as it was only a short walk away, we walk to the next hotel.

Hotel Rus

Following a walkway, with steps, through the hotel grounds we joined the steep road again and just down the hill a bit, the Premier Hotel Rus looked like an ugly high rise block of grey concrete and steel, a typical looking intertourist soviet hotel eyesore.
Once inside but past heavy security at the door, it had a reasonably lobby bar and a beauty salon advertising ‘Massage’ but no, my mind was made up, despite the small steep hill the Hotel President ticked all the right boxes for me. The taxi fare from independence Square came to just over 50 UAH which I thought was very reasonable, just to pay that to basically get to anywhere in the centre would be very affordable.

2nd Request

My second request to the guide was another easy one, show me a good, typically Kiev popular pub bar I instructed, which maybe we could walk to from where we were. No problem, the guide said, she knew somewhere about 10 to 15 minutes’ walk from where we were, leading me after walking for 10 minutes or so to what turned out to be a lovely atmospheric place, just perfect actually, just the type of place I had in mind.


On the way there we passed L’kafa where I had eaten the previous night and instead of carrying on straight we turned left, walking through a much different part of town and on Velyka Vasylkivska Street, which I hadn’t as yet explored, where the guide ushered me down some steps where we entered the Tolsty Lev, or Fat Lion Pub which I took a liking to as soon as we walked in.

Fat Lion Pub

Part very long bar inviting you to sit at, and part pub with many nooks and crannies and comfortable tables to dine, we took the last two seats at the bar and noticed a steady trickle of mainly office looking people coming in for drinks straight from work. I hate English pubs (or is it the type of people who frequent them that I hate?) and English beer, but I love sitting at these long bars which now you only seem to find abroad, especially when they have good staff behind the bar who seemed very proud of their jobs and proud of the establishment they work for.

Away from the Daily Grind

Naturally paying for the drinks, I ordered myself a Gentleman Jack Daniels on the rocks with Sprite from the friendly barmaid wearing a bowtie, with the guide ordering one of their draught speciality ciders which she insisted I took a sip of to taste. Enjoying now every minute of that feeling of being in a new place in a new town away from the daily grind, we talked more, I ordered more drinks and feeling very relaxed I took in the atmosphere and sort of got a feel of what it must be like to go out at night in Kiev.

3rd Request

Now more or less officially off duty the guide too seemed relaxed and obviously comfortable in my company and I was starting to find her quite attractive. A few wayward thoughts were starting to emerge. Did she also do massages? I asked, telling her as tactfully as I could that a friend who had also been to Kiev on business, I lied, had told me that the tour guide he used was also a trained massage therapist. Do you have to do this training? I added, to be a tour guide?
If there was any reaction on her face I didn’t see it. She wasn’t trained, she told me, but she did give massages, but no sex she said, and switching easily between rolls from casual, sitting in a bar with such a nice man from England (she said it, not me) buying her two drinks, to strict business like, if I wanted a massage that evening, she said, I would have to give her another 1,000 UAH which I agreed to. Even if nothing else came of it, at least it would be a good relaxing kick start to the night ahead.
Back at the hotel which was only a short walk away, I could see the Arena building and the tall tower just up the road, when we got in the lift this time I pressed the button for the 6th floor. Ticking another thing off my now priority ‘To do list’ I wanted to inquire with the doormen, security posted on that floor what entertainment exactly, was up there.
Despite looking intimidating, the guys were quite helpful. Probably with it still being winter time and out of season, the sky bar, I was told in broken English, was only open Friday and Saturday with the Karaoke club, which I didn’t bother to look inside, open weekdays where there was an entrance cover charge of 200 UAH for the men. Also on the same floor was a private restaurant where we were shown the menu, and I presumed nice views of Kiev from the tables by the window.

Ukraine Milf

Back in the room I was instructed to undress and lay on the towel she had laid across the bed. Then emerging from the bathroom wearing only a white bra and panties, for hygiene reasons she explained, I got a view of a bit of a saggy stomach with stretch marks but at least her tits from what I could see from under her bra were not sagging which would have ended our session there and then.

Kiev beautiful MILF
beautiful MILF

Her tits shape actually looked quite nice, and so was the shape of her ample size buttocks. Yes, in my eyes she was definitely a MILF.
Having no oil, she just made do with her hands and was a natural at it too, using just the right amount of pressure.

The massage was very good and lying there with no clothes on of course, I was feeling very horny and about 20 minutes into it I gave in and said if there was no sex do you mind if I relieve myself. Again showing no reaction to my second impertinent question to her that evening  she told me again in a matter of fact way that for her to do hand relief I would have to give her another 500 UAH. Okay I said but I want to, and pointing at her tits, told her that I want to see them and Wank (she didn’t understand that word) over them. Eventually getting it, sounding a bit more reluctant this time she told me to do that I would have to give her 1,000 UAH. Then I drew the line. 500 UAH was all the money I had, I told her, which after paying her again in advance the 1,000 really was all the money I had left on me and even that was from what I had left of the emergency money in the safe. But no, she would not give in, 500 UAH was just for hand relief and anyway my time was nearly up she reminded me.

Kiev Tour Guide MILF
ukraine mature

At that point I told her Okay we’re finished, if my time was up then my time was up and money wise it was her who was losing out. Saying nothing more on the subject she went into the bathroom to change. After she got dressed and was waiting for me to do the same so she could leave with me accompanying her out of the building past the security men, which she didn’t feel comfortable with when we entered the building earlier, instead forcing myself to say it while sounding casual, I thanked her for the very good massage, but would not, I told her, see her out. Good night, I said, and take care, I said, and making it plain that I meant it, I opened the room door for her to leave.

A Happy ending should be just that, just what it says, not an unhappy one, so fighting the urge to jerk off in the shower thanks to that fucking greedy bitch, cleansed under the steaming shower of all those dirty thoughts in my mind, I lay on the bed again wrapped in one of the bathrobes with another beer from the mini bar. Watching a bit of television, flicking through the channels it was one of those times when room service would have come in handy.

Too tired really and not really hungry enough to go outside, a light snack like a sandwich or something with a pot of coffee would have gone down well. Instead, I helped myself to a packet of potato chips and peanuts from the mini bar and soon after I fell asleep.

Day 3 in Kiev

My first port of call when I got up at a much earlier and respectable time that morning was to get some more cash from the ATM machine where I drew out another 3,000 UAH which when I got home I saw cost me £81.15 giving me the best exchange rate of the trip which including all charges was 36.96 UAH to the pound. After having a good walk around the shopping arcades and nearly buying a nice watch from one of the shops there, I purchased from the same kiosk near to where the hookers were seated on my first night, 2 cartons of Marlboro Gold to take back home for the ridiculous (depending on your smoking or anti-smoking point of view) price of 231 UAH a carton.

Trying not to dampen my spirits too much with the thought that this was my last full day, Khreshchatyk Street seemed to be more than ever like one big catwalk scene from the winter collection on Fashion TV. The sun came out a bit and not quite springtime just yet already the girls had their cool shades on.

Walking further on, as far as McDonalds, I decided to give myself a change of scenery and crossed under the road to the other side for the walk back. Just about here I discovered a nice looking coffee shop bakery type of place, again open 24 hours, where I stopped for breakfast and had freshly squeezed orange juice, a cheese and mushroom pancake and some real nice coffee served by a lovely young waitress who told me during our conversation how expensive Odessa has now become for most Kiev Ukrainians who normally go there for their summer holidays.

kiev teen
ukraine teen

Then crossing back to the other side of the road again I bought from the supermarket a couple of large bottles of water for the room and some of that 3 in 1 coffee that comes in sachets with milk and sugar included. Before returning to the room though I had a look around the Besarabsky Market which turned out to sell food items like a farmer’s market including Beluga Caviar which a big strapping Russian woman behind the counter forced me to taste.
By the time I got back to the room appreciative to the fact that it had already been cleaned while I was out, I kicked off my shoes, plugged in the kettle and over coffee just about acceptable enough to drink I started working on my plan for the day.

Plan for the day

For starters, on my last full day mongering in Kiev I wanted proper sex, a proper screw here in the room in my own comfort zone and later if the price was right I may even play away from home. Believe me, after you have arranged it, and you can just feel it knowing it is definitely going to happen, wherever you are in the world there is nothing quite like the pleasure of waiting for and then hearing that beautiful knock, knocking tap on your hotel room door.

big tits kiev escort
blonde ukraine

I too like that added thrill of not quite knowing who is going to turn up while at the same time knowing that the person will generally though meet all of my minimum requirements and hopefully most of my requests. That morning I was in the mood for and therefore set my sights for any blonde of medium build, not bothered of her height as long as she was attractive, maximum age say 35 but my minimum requirement was that she must have natural non-fake boobs with the arrangement being full sex, meaning full sex, and I mean everything.

On the tablet in the room I was still getting a very weak internet connection, so I tried walking out onto the corridor with it which made no difference until I reached the back stair stairwell where it seemed to work better and luckily there were some seats and a small table where by the looks of things the staff or guests used as a smokers’ corner.

To be continued……

By Monger Matt

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