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A Mongers travelogue to Kiev

Mongering in Kiev Part 4

Yes, handed to me on a plate…
Hearing me shutting the door to the room both girls turned around and the same taller dark, dark hair one who I recognized as the one who pressed herself up against me in the lift had I thought the bigger bootylicious arse of the two. Both smiled and I quite fancied the other one as well with blonde hair, wearing the white tighter leggings despite having smaller tits than ‘Moschino T-shirt’.

The thought of a black hair and blonde hair twosome together got my heart pounding.

Both ladies had been drinking; Johnnie Walker whisky, black label, the Moschino T-shirt girl said, and what was I doing? Would I like to join them in the Karaoke club? Just the thought of anything Karaoke usually turns me to the most boring person in the room, that’s if I haven’t already made my excuses and left but I didn’t tell them that, I just stood there talking bollocks for a bit. After asking me where my wife was, the Moschino girl who was doing all the talking then grabbed hold of my cock through my trousers and said something about this it what they do in Tashkent which made her friend start laughing. Come, come, she said pushing me, leading me back this time to my room, ‘We have little party. You have some whisky Yeah.’

Uzbekistan girls Kiev
uzbekistan girl

Ladies first I said, letting two, very, very drunk Uzbekistan ladies into my room giving me another lovely view of their almost bare ass cheeks showing under their tight leggings. Opening the mini bar, I gestured them to help themselves; you have no whisky they said sounding disappointed, instead, selecting a bottle of wine and my last beer, two bars of chocolate, a tub of Pringles chips and two packets of nuts the blonde girl put on the Television while the Moschino girl checked out the bathroom returning with one of the bathrobes in her hand. She then kneeled down and started to unzip and undo my trousers, we go in hot tub together, she said.

Moschino, Italia

Excusing myself for a minute I went into the bathroom with the bathrobe and closed the door. Fuck, this was too good to be true, I was in heaven, but still, there was that little matter in hand of doing a quick Risk Assessment
My many mongering experiences both good and bad kicked in and in seconds I visually recapped where everything was from my Passport, Credit cards, UK money and even front door keys safely in the safe in the room including my mobile phone and tablet. Then satisfied that anything else lying around was not worth nicking I then got undressed, carefully hiding the rest of my cash together with the small safe key to the room, stuffing them in my socks.

She had already started to run the bath but disappointingly the water was not very hot, so, so much for the hot tub, I turned off the taps and was about to put on the bath robe when the Moschino girl appeared at my side with the TV remote in her hand. Looking at my semi hard on and smiling and muttering something in Uzbek? she too stuck her hand in testing the bathwater while I stood staring fixated at those large lovely round tits so plainly outlined through that sexy black T-shirt. Moschino wise she was fully loaded even wearing a big wide chunky leather belt with the Moschino lettering in large bold silver lettering to match her Moschino logo leggings.

Standing there bollock naked feeling her tits with both hands, my cock was rock hard, the blonde girl apparently had asked her friend to ask me if I could find them an Uzbekistan pop channel which they liked.

Tashkent style

Taking the remote control, and feeling fucking horny as hell, I walked into the room naked with a throbbing hard on and walking right up to the blonde girl who was sitting next to the television, first helped myself to a couple of her Pringles chips. Teasingly she put her hand across her eye and couldn’t stop laughing and the Moschino girl was also laughing. Standing there, pointing the remote at the television and flicking through the channels, but not having a clue what I was looking for this was one of the most surreal mongering moments I have had so far. Kneeling down in front of me I knew what was coming next, the Moschino girl grabbed my dick and started sucking my cock while I continued to flick through the channels while the blonde sat there with the best seat in the house still laughing. If this is what they do in Tashkent I’m going there. Pulling out just as I came she slapped my bare ass, actually quite hard, and it fucking hurt big girl.

With no more booze left in the mini bar and no snacks either, and about 7 pop channels later but no Uzbekistan, the girls were ready to go back to their Karaoke with me as part of their plan. Now feeling tired, I was in two minds, and potentially being the payer of their drinks for the rest of the night, and maybe, open to a scam even (these things have happened to me before and we are not dealing here with the girl next door who works for Barclays Bank) I was glad that they weren’t too pushy about me joining them.

Digging it out from the clothes pile in the bathroom, relieved it was all there as both girls had gone to use the bathroom, I handed nearly all the money I thought I had left, 1000 UAH to Miss Moschino telling them it was for drinks in the Karaoke bar and that I would or may join them, I explained, after I had showered and changed. Thanking me and still cheerfully tanked-up and in high spirits they took it in turns to kiss me on both cheeks, before leaving, with the big Moschino girl saying you later alligator and blowing me a kiss.

In two minds whether to take that shower, I lay on the bed and immediately fell into a deep sleep, and was awoken by the phone in the room ringing asking if it was okay for them to clean the room. I looked at my watch, I had slept all the way through to almost lunch time.

Day two in Kiev

Isn’t it just great when you have no plans or a schedule that you have to keep to and basically just do whatever you feel like at your own pace. That’s just how I felt when I woke up on day two in Kiev. The night before, though, was a bit wild I thought.

From the room safe I took out my card to draw some more cash out and forgetting I had put 1,000 UAH away in the safe for any emergency that may arise I took half of it to pay for lunch. This time on the way down in the lift I got out on the reception floor and at reception helped myself to a What’s On guide to Kiev and a fold up street map there on a pile on the desk. When I inquired with the receptionist how much it was to make a local call from the telephone in the room she told me that all calls within Kiev were free of charge. Handy to know.

Early afternoon, Arena city had a completely different feel to it and minus the pushy touts who before seemed to be everywhere, I was able to work out for myself that there were two or three perfectly good restaurants conveniently situated right there on the ground level where I had walked the previous night.

The Burger

A bit off putting at first due to the real heavy, heavies, male dominated security who were standing inside, just inside the door, just where I wanted to see the menu, I chose and entered the aptly name ‘The Burger’ where things instantly got a lot better once theirs and the waitress’s intuition felt satisfied that I was a customer only coming in for a bite to eat.

In Kiev the security is there for a reason and it is not just to check to see if your face fits but more towards preventing violent armed robbery together with the odd hand grenade and the odd militia group, and throughout Kiev the classier and more sophisticated the place is, the more you will find this level of security.

Seated in stylish modern surrounds together with some of the beautiful in-crowd of Kiev, I chose the tall, fully loaded ‘New Yorker’ from a choice of 12 other American themed hamburgers on the menu and let the lovely server pick and choose a good local beer for me, getting a good look at her tits at the same time as she leant over and pointed at her recommendation on the menu.  Over coffee I unfolded the Kiev street map and saw that every second advertisement in that publication which wasn’t for a restaurant or hotel was for something sexual and erotic.

erotic adverts kiev map
Kiev whats on map

After paying the bill and tipping the waitress I decided to head for and check out Independence Square again, in daylight. After eating such a heavy lunch, I was glad of the walk and it was at that point back in the Arena that I noticed people walking down some steps into a subway tunnel and underground shopping arcades where the tunnels branched off, crossing under all the main busy roads. Down there I drew out 2000 UAH from an ATM machine which with all the C Card charges cost me £60.47 giving me a much better rate of 33.07 UAH to the pound than I got at Gatwick airport.

Khreshchatyk Street kiev
Khreshchatyk Street

Dressed properly for the weather this time with a warm sweater underneath my coat, I Surfaced again in the small square next to the market I continued down Khreshchatyk Street. It was a pleasant walk and when I got to Independence Square I noticed a lot more people about including a couple of people dressed in comic carton bear costumes presumably collecting for some charity unlike a couple of beggars who targeted me as I walked up to the base temple-like pedestal of the Victory Column monument which was very impressive and had I bothered to bring my mobile phone out with me that time I could have taken some nice pictures.

(another) Local Tour Guide

I was then approached by a woman what I thought was another beggar, but better dressed, which would have been about the third or fourth one that afternoon who instead introduced herself as a (another) local tour guide. Based on first impressions I saw her as a sort of attractive, I suppose, brunette definitely in her 40s coming across as quite somber but not unfriendly and she was to be my very own Kiev personal tour guide for the agreed price of 1,200 from the 1,500 UAH she told me she normally charged for half a day.

Kiev tour guide
Ukraine beauty

This was fine with me, I was always up for something new and I had nothing else planned so I stepped back and let her lead the way slightly taken back though when she asked me to pay her the money first.

Firstly, as we walked around the concrete piazza I was told about some of the history of the Square and the Monument which was built only as recently as 2001 to celebrate Ukraine’s Independence and how many tons the (not gold) but bronze statue on top weighed

Then just as it was starting to rain we went down some steps into another subway entrance into an even bigger shopping mall, and into a different world, where we stopped at another floor below for some coffee, and cake for the tour guide and spent some time chatting, first me about England which confirmed everything, the guide told me, everything of what she liked about my country including the very nice men, like myself and that it was her ambition to one day to visit my lovely country (fuck…if she only knew, were my honest thoughts), then her, telling me about life in general in the Ukraine and how difficult it was now to try and make a living, inevitably with some politics too discussed.

Not really wanting to go into the politics of another country, especially with my own country so disarrayed up at the moment with its own problems, the main issue with the Ukraine I think is the many Ukrainian’s who obviously live in the country, some with a lot of influence, money and power very high up, who have Russian blood and whose first loyalties are still with Russia but they are still Ukrainian citizens, umm complicated.

Next on the list of places which maybe I would have liked to have seen included a famous Cathedral and two recommended museums in Kiev, or, I was asked, was there any building or anywhere in particular in the city I would like to visit? I didn’t really know but just thinking about it I was just as happy as we were at that moment just sitting down chatting and relaxing over a nice cup of coffee, a bit actually like being on one of those first dates where you both feel comfortable, but still, you are not pushing your luck.

In answer to her question, instead I gave her a nice easy request, well two in fact (not counting the third one) which at the time made the rest of the day part very enjoyable.

1st request

When booking this trip I was in two minds whether or not to stay in one of two other hotels, one being slightly more expensive and one being slightly cheaper than the one I chose but both looked very good on the internet.
But for its excellent location, and it seemed, no problem with guests coming back to my room, there were a few things lacking at the Hotel De Paris, like for example despite the room being comfortable with everything I needed I just hated the red and pink décor and not really that important to me, but still an issue if needed, there was no room service.

Also there was no bar lounge, coffee shop, restaurant or public area, even, where I usually like to sit if I’m in the mood and observe the other guests and the rest of the world passing by. So should I ever return to Kiev, I thought I would look at the other options and check out for myself those other hotels which apparently were very close to each other.

To be continued…

By Monger Matt

2 thoughts on “Uzbekistan Girls Kiev Ukraine”

  1. Great story Matt and a chance encounter, Some questions…

    One minute later and you may have gone to bed empty handed?

    I find it very erotic and stimulating if there is another girl in the room just watching, did you find this?

    Did you not ask the other Uzbek girl to join in?
    So no fucking, just sucking?

    DId you ask to take photos of the Uzbekistan girls at the time? would have been great to see some pics of them 🙂

    Thanks for you post, really enjoying them and debating to include Kiev on my next European mongering trip which is now in the planning stages and its going to be an epic!

    1. True, very probable that had it been 1 minute or so later what was probably the most surreal and big, big turn on mongering experience I have experienced to date may never have happened but believe me I was so hell bent on getting some result that night, anything could have materialized on that freezing cold night. But had I been there for anything longer than 3 nights, me knowing me I probably would have called it a day and gone back to my room much earlier.

      Obviously, taking a photo was the last thing on my mind. It was just sucky, sucky with the two of us with her friend watching the show.

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