Mongering Kiev Ukraine Trip Report

A Mongers travelogue to Kiev.

Mongering in Kiev Part 3

Independence Square

Carrying on, and still grinning a little after that experience in No Taboo, I eventually came to the vast concrete piazza Maidan Nezalezhnosti (or Independence Square) with an impressive 200 foot high column with a figurine of a woman on top holding a rose branch in her arms as the square’s main prominent centerpiece, gracefully lit up at night, and on the other side of the road the square continued with interesting looking tallish Soviet buildings lit up and standing alone including another McDonalds I saw in the distance.

Being a midweek night the place looked almost deserted but with the recent riots, violence and crowd gatherings we have seen on the news in Kiev that may have not been such a bad thing. Then starting to get approached by beggars, male and female, and not really feeling comfortable, I didn’t hang around and started to make my way back to where the two women were sitting on the bench.

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ukraine stockings

On the walk back I saw nothing of note and on the bench by the same cigarette kiosk I noticed the two ukraine hookers had moved on, replaced by a homeless looking bag lady. At the other Kiosk selling coffee I joined a small queue, ordered myself a double espresso and just stood around for a while taking in the night time environment, wanting to get used to the feel of Kiev and thinking at the same time it might be a good idea to go back to the hotel to put on a warm sweater if I was going to be spending some more time out on the street in search of the ultimate fuck.

The evenings second offering

Not far from the Arena, in the small square by the supermarket the person who I thought was maybe waiting for a friend, yet was trying to make eye contact with me and not to the person behind me nor to the people walking next to me looked quite chic I thought in her woollen knitted hat which is much in fashion in the Ukraine and expensive fur coat. She had a lovely naughty smile too which I think caught my eye in the first place. Hello she said and shook my hand and introduced herself as a private tour guide while putting lots of emphasis on the word ‘Private’ for Kiev sightseeing, museums and restaurants. I estimated maybe she was around 26 years old at a guess, things were starting to look up.

mongering kiev ukraine
ukraine blonde

I had read about these so called private tourist guides in Kiev, simply defined, where just like paying for a professional massage, some won’t but some Ukraine girls may give extra services while also giving the same professional level of service as the girls who won’t.

As if reading my mind, she told me she would show me some wonderful places and had lots of customers from England, the USA and Germany and one gentleman from Dubai last week brought her this phone and she held the iPhone in front of me. Was I alone? Which hotel was I staying? And what was I going to do now? ‘Well ….’ Fuck it! I thought, she knows exactly why I’m here. Straight to the point I told her I was looking for some company maybe and maybe a hot sexy massage with a hot sexy girl?

Now that wasn’t so difficult was it. This was turning out to be very easy, in fact too easy, but…

She said she would give me a very good massage, the best in Kiev actually and there would be no problem her going back to the hotel, she knew the hotel I was staying at but the cost would be 2,500 UAH for each hour which when I worked it out properly later was about $100 US or around £70.00

Just massage, I asked, or would there be something else? We will talk back at the hotel was her answer, which I wasn’t really satisfied with. Tempted as I was, her price just seemed too expensive, I knew I could not compete with My Dubai’s generosity and just the little bit of the girl friend experience I was hoping for, for even just a little part of the evening was I felt starting to slip away. Just to have an hour if that, probably with no sex, with this very tempting girl would be somewhat cruel I thought and therefore a total waste of money. ‘No problem,’ she said, kissing me on both cheeks before walking off.

Back to square one and leaving me feeling like a Cheap Charlie I crossed the busy road again and made my way through the Arena complex using the Sky Bar entrance to enter the hotel. On the way in too I was approached by those same street touts again, taking it in turns to try and stop me, and I just hoped I wasn’t going to get this every time I stepped out of the building.

After putting on warmer clothing in my nice and quiet comfortable room I was then in two minds whether or not to call it night, but No, I thought, after tonight there would be only 2 more days left and it also occurred to me that the last time that I had had something to eat was that sandwich on the plane and Kiev was very good, apparently, for late night, 24 hour restaurants and coffee shops, plus of course I still had that image on my mind of those racy girls sitting on the bench, especially the fucking dirty one wearing the indecent short mini skirt. Just that thought alone stopped any thoughts of feeling tired.

Hitting the mean streets of Kiev, first night second attempt

At around 12 midnight the Arena complex still did not look particularly busy but there seemed to be more people about with cars pulling up and dropping off groups of people who dispersed into the surrounding buildings. Soon I spotted another possibility, attractive mid-thirties I guessed, dark black curly hair, Romanian or Bulgarian or Turkish maybe, standing half in the shadows smartly dressed but showing a lot of upper leg as the main giveaway.

ukraine lesbians
ukraine girls

However, my attempt to make eye contact didn’t seem to be working and when I walked over to her and said Hello she immediately started to fiddle with her mobile phone and turned away for at that same moment one of the touts spotted me and came over and started talking in Ukraine to her, which at that point she angrily said something back to him and walked away disappearing from view.

Whatever that was all about was not good for business and shaking my head and totally ignoring the tout who was speaking to me in English, something about stripper bar and sex show, shaking my head I just walked away from the fucking idiot who must have already stopped me three times that evening.

Unfortunately, and both persons are equally dodgy in my eyes, adult entertainment touts on commission aren’t pimps and pimps aren’t touts so whenever you see these touts on the street you will hardly ever see freelancer streetwalkers who quite understandably keep well away from these dodgy and very persistent in your face people promoting the type of seedy expensive rip-off establishments where you ring the doorbell and someone from behind a curtain looks through a peephole in the door before unlocking the door and letting you in.

A recent trip back to Gran Canaria, to the Capital Las Palmas, brought this fact to light when I saw for myself at least three streets conveniently situated right bang in the main tourist area totally ruined by being turned from late night naturally seedy streetwalker territory with normal late night bars catering for the seamen from the main port area, and of course mongering tourists, to the type of expensive rip off joints as described above which caused myself the inconvenience of having to do a big detour every night I was out walking to avoid these annoying people programmed just like robots to bring into these places any male sucker by whatever means.

At least though in Kiev you knew where you were with these potentially rip off places when contained in zones like Arena City, where ironically my hotel was situated right bang in the middle.

One day is fine and next is black

Trying to dismiss that idiot entirely from my mind, I started walking in the opposite direction of Khreshchatyk Street hitting some of the streets which the taxi passed through on the way in from the airport. Unlike Khreshchatyk Street which seemed to be more geared towards visitors, what was unhelpful in this part of the Centre was the fact that all of the street and business signs were in the Cyrillic script.

With the exception of obvious places like cell phone shops or money exchange kiosks with their distinctive red and green flashing neon sign advertising the days rate in Euros and US Dollars, and of course fast food joints like McDonalds and KFC, it was often difficult to know which type of businesses were inside or behind the buildings and throughout my stay in Kiev I often found myself having to walk up close to the building and like wandering into the sex shop earlier, actually open the door sometimes and have a look in to see what type of shop, bar or restaurant it was.

I did however pass several late night restaurants and on Lesi Ukrainiky Blvd chose what I thought was a neat looking modern Turkish restaurant where immediately I was seated alone at the only table by the window only to be told half an hour and two small beers later that the starter and the lamb main course that I ordered was not available. At that point after asking the member of staff if he was joking? I paid for the beers and walked out thinking if I had only wanted beer I would have gone to a pub. What a fuckin piss take.

It was now after half past midnight, and now into the second day of my 3-day trip. So I was under no pressure then, obviously.

At the first set of traffic lights and for no particular reason I crossed over to the other side of the big wide Boulevard and continued walking and entered the first restaurant I came to which seemed to have a good menu and a bit of life inside going for it too.

Close to the Hotel President and Hotel Rus up on the hill nearby, L’kafa Café Lounge (which is part of a chain of restaurants in Kiev) is one of those places which any lost or confused tourist, or hungry person in a strange foreign city would instantly feel attached and warm to especially at 1am in the morning.

Part pizzeria, part hip burger joint in looks with an extensive cocktail drinks menu serving western and Ukraine comfort food, I sat down in one of the comfy recesses and just let the young pretty waitresses do the rest, including helping me translate from the all Cyrillic script menu where the picture of the food item on the menu was not clear.

Since leaving London, this was the first time I was really, really starting to relax. It was a nice feeling, and over dinner of some cured local salmon and a light vegetable pasta dish together with a couple of Jack Ds and coke, rounded off with some nice coffee and desert I felt not only restored but optimistic regarding the rest of the holiday as I felt I had overcome the hardest part by finding my feet and was feeling a bit more confident. And like everywhere else in Kiev where I ate, the restaurant food and drinks bill was very reasonable.

Before maybe finally going back to hotel I decided to have another look and walk down Khreshchatyk Street. Seeing in the distance the high middle tower sticking out of the Arena building, this prominent downtown Kiev landmark was an excellent aid for helping me find my way back. As I neared the hotel though, and desperately in need of taking a leak, I thought it would quicker and easier to just go up to my room and use the facilities, and subsequently with the timing just perfect I had the gods handing to me on a plate the best offerings of all that night.

Walking past and squeezing past large Mercedes and other expensive limousines with dark blacked out windows which seemed to be parked anywhere but on the road, entering the Arena complex and hotel again was a bit like entering a nightclub Disco as I walked past the Sky Bar bouncers and security before getting into the lift with others.

ukraine whores
sluts from kiev

Not stopping at my floor the lift just carried on to the upper floors where I heard thumping music beats gradually getting louder. On the Sky Bar floor where all the loud music was coming from people got out of the lift and people got in including a big tall girl with large lovely round tits plainly outlined through a sexy black Moschino Italia designer T-shirt pressing her warm body onto mine and when I got out of the lift eventually on my floor, some of the revelers probably confused on what floor they were on got out too and followed me half way down the corridor before realising their mistake and getting back into the lift.

Handed to me on a plate

After I doing what had to be done, before leaving the building again I thought I would take a quick look up to where the lift had stopped previously on the 6th floor with the loud music. As I left the room and was pushing the door handle to make sure it was locked I noticed two girls standing in the corridor with their backs to me with the most beautiful outlines of two almost bare ass cheeks showing through tight black and even tighter white leggings and to get my cock even more worked up, both girls were wearing tall leather boots.

To be continued…..

By Monger Matt

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