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Manila Girls Asian Sex Diary

Manila the capital city of the Philippines is still an interesting place to visit.  Manila has a reputation for danger and chaos but if your a monger who loves Filipino girls, vibrant untamed red light districts, then Manila may be your place.  I visited Manila not long ago and Asian Sex diary Philippines have also done some features on mongering in Manila.  So now is a good time to do a feature on Manila girls.

Mongering Manila

My first couple of nights mongering in Manila were spent around the Malate or Ermita area which really is just one big thriving red light district.  It mostly caters to Asian sex tourists via KTV and massage parlours but you wont be the only white or black face in town.

manila girls asian sex diary
manila threesome

Looks like Asian sex diary in Manila had a good first night too having a threesome with two horny Filipino girls.

Manila Bay Cafe

Threesomes, foursomes are so easy in Manila.  My first night in Manila I ventured into the Manila bay cafe, the Manila Bay cafe is infamous for cheap friendly Filipino freelancers.  I had three around at the bar inside the Manila bay cafe who all wanted to come back to my hotel and would suck my cock all night the three of them for 1500 pesos each.  Tempting but I declined their offers.

LA Cafe girl
Filipino freelancer

Later that first night mongering in Manila I met one of the girls on the street on the way back to my hotel and true to her word she sucked my cock good.  Manila Bay cafe is a great place to hang out when in Manila.  Downstairs is mostly the more mature Filipino freelancer and western sex tourists, whereas upstairs there are alot younger Filipino girls but mostly Asian sex tourists.  Be sure to check out the Manila bay cafe when mongering in Manila it is open 24 hours a day and there is always Filipino girls inside for the taking.

filipino freelancer
Manila bay cafe freelancer

I returned to the Manila Bay cafe the next day formerly known as the LA Cafe as you can see on the ground in the picture above.  Met myself another Filipino freelancer who came back to my hotel and sucked my cock off taking a full CIM.

Manila KTV

At night up and down the streets in Manila there are many KTV and massage parlors catering to more Asian sex tourists.  But the Filipino girls standing outside are usually young and very pretty and they invite westerners inside too.  I have never been in an Asian KTV, but have learnt from Sex In Manila articles that its more a place to go to enjoy the company of a pretty young woman rather than get your rocks off.  A bit like going to a lap dancing club, to flirt but not cum, but often the girls will give you a handjob or something back in your private room.

Manila girl ASD
sex in Manila

Looks like Asian sex diary in Manila met himself a very pretty young FIlipino girl one night and fucked her doggy.  You really should join Asian sex diary Manila and learn all his secrets for getting regular asian pussy.  Asian sex diary meet alot of filipino girls online on dating sites and seduces them back in his hotel room.  Many of the young Filipino girls love making a porn video and some he films secretly, seeing is believing join Asian Sex Diary Manila now.

P Burgos Street, Makati

So for something different one night I decide to take a trip to P Burgos Street in the Makati side of Manila.  The traffic in Manila is pretty awful but maybe not as bad as Jakarta in Indonesia.  What should be a 20 minute journey from Malate to Makati took 1 hour 30 minutes in the back of a taxi.

ringside bar P Burgos
Ringside Bar

In a word P. Burgos Street is expensive compared to the bars around Ermita.  P.Burgos street is choca bloc with gogo clubs and bars where freelancers hangout, but the bar fines are like 3000 pesos and the girls will want at least another 3000 pesos.  Its more popular with the expats, business visitors and tourists to Manila. P.Burgos Street in Manila has to be experienced by mongers.

That lovely Filipino with the big tits, I buy her a lady drink and she sits on my lap and lets me play with her.  She sneaks me her telephone number, can fuck her in the daytime for 2000 pesos, no barfine.  Thats the game to play down P.Burgos street in Manila, exchange mobile phone numbers with the pretty Filipino bar girls, strippers and hostesses.   Also on the P.Burgos street there are streetwalkers and Filipino girls that offer massage with extras etc.

manila pussy
pretty filipino

Looks like Asian sex diary in Manila met a pretty Filipino teen down P. Burgos street Makati.  He probably paid her 6000 pesos to make the amateur porn movie back in the hotel room.  I collected some phone numbers that night down P. Burgos St from some pretty Filipino hostesses working in the gogos and had a lackluster massage from a streetwalker.

Edsa Complex

Another red light district of Manila is the EDSA international entertainment complex.  By taxi from Malate its a lot easier to get to EDSA rather than Burgos Street where most of the traffic jams occur.  I arrived early at EDSA in Manila, the pretty Filipino girls working in the gogos of EDSA get snapped up quickly by bus loads of Asian sex tourists visiting.

Manila adult entertainment
EDSA Complex

I felt tired that night in Manila, like I was just going through the motions, yes could say been to EDSA, seen that, done that.  Not much to do in Manila but drink and fuck, fuck and drink and its hot and humid.  Mongers compare EDSA complex to the Nana Plaza in Bangkok Thailand, yes can see the similarity but EDSA has not got the vibe that the Nana Plaza has in Bangkok. IMHO

manila girl asian sex diary
manila girl

But what you have got is many sexy young Filipino girls dancing semi naked on stage in the EDSA Gogos rather than sexy Thai girls like you get in the Nana.  These Filipino gogo girls you can barfine short time, long time and take back to your girl friendly hotel.

I did the rounds in the EDSA, there must be six or sever large gogos, plenty of Filipino girls to choose from, many average looking though. I had my eye on one real cute sweet looking Filipino girl, but wanted to try one more gogo, came back 30 minutes later and she had gone!  Like the gogos in P. Burgos street Makati, EDSA is expensive!  3000 peso bar fine and then likely the girls will want 3000 pesos too.  But its only really expensive if your going to make it a regular haunt.

Manila Casa Girls

On my last couple of nights in Manila tried something different and took a taxi to the green zone and tried the freelancer hangout cafe Havana.  Cafe Havana was a disappointment for me, just a couple of more mature pro pinay hookers than semi pro Filipina girls looking to supplement their meager incomes.   Taxi back to hotel and decided to trust him and try the manila casas or brothels.  He took me round a couple of casas in Manila, house of girls some up to 30 Filipino girls to choose from, but most were not doing it for me.

Dormitory girl
Filipino Casa girl

Finally the last casa found a real cute Manila girl that ticked all my boxes and so I pay the fees and take her back to my hotel for some short time.  In the hotel we exchange phone numbers so could take her daytime for half the price I paid.  This is the way to do it meeting pros in Manila, take their phone numbers and fuck them in the day or on their night off.

manila casa girls
manila pussy

So plenty of tight Filipino pussy available in Manila.   My recommendation would be to stay in the Malati area of Manila along Adriatico street, its just one big sex zone and red light district.

Maybe Manila is like Bangkok was twenty or thirty years ago. I would say Manila girls are a little more curvy than Bangkok girls, less harsh Asian features maybe due to colonization of the Spanish and Americans.

Manila sex diary
Filipino sex diary

You dont get hoades of sight seeing tourists or backpackers in Manila, just sex tourists and horny businessmen letting off some steam. Of course if you got game and your a fit young good looking western man you can meet non-pro Filipino girls in the shopping malls around Manila and the nightclubs and dating sites.

Want more info on Manila?  Check out Asian Sex Holidays Manila sex guide for a lot more detail about the best places, accommodation and eating when in Manila.  For another take on the Manila sex scene Check out Manila Wiki Sex Guide.

Manila sex diary
Filipina sex diary

If you want to know what its like to fuck tons of young filipino girls in a manila hotel room then check out Filipino sex diary.  Its reality porn by a pro monger and updated daily.

All I can say is I would definitively return to Manila and is only a 2 hour bus ride away from Angeles city.  Angeles is another story.   Now Enjoy my Manila girls photo gallery…   Mongers have you any experience in Manila?

7 thoughts on “Manila Girls Asian Sex Diary”

    1. Hi Tony, In a nutshell, you got to do both Manila and Angeles they are only 2 hours apart by bus, take the swagman bus from the Swagman hotel. I got a loose plan to return to Asia this year and Manila is a place I want to return to, on the trip before leaving many stones unturned. Manila is one of the places where you can get anything you want really. Angeles is very much more concentrated and now commercialised. |In Angeles everything is within walking distance, but alot more tourists etc. But as I was thinking a return to Manila was on the cards, you cant goto Manila and not try your luck in Angeles too. I will do a compilation post on Angeles soon. But many fly into Clark airport for Angeles and give Manila a miss. I would not miss out on Manila, fly into Manila and spend some time there before travelling onto Angeles. One is not really better than the other, just different. Angeles overall would be cheaper to barfine etc, but the Manila girls around Malate can be had cheaper, so you just got to monger in both Angeles and Manila IMHO

      1. thank you .i am just so sick of my life want to start mongering again.done thailand got married and what to go somewhere else .i dont get to much money back from thai bangkok pattaya no get much more pesos. so would love to try angeles

        1. Hi Tony, yeah lousy exchange rate at the moment under 50 baht to the pound, the most I ever got is 70, but its dropped lower than this before. If you not been to Angeles then yes you should give it a try. If you like the coast then again you can take the swagman bus down to Subic bay and it has a growing sex scene. I first visited Angeles in 2006 and then again in 2014 and man has the place changed and prices gone up. It used to be 1300 pesos that included the barfine and long time with the girl. And those filipino girls were friendly. Make sure to wander up perimeter road end from Fields Avenue

          1. i also remember getting 70 baht for the pound.them good old days are long gone.i will need around 5-7 thousand baht a day in pattaya to have a good time .only eat western food also.angeles price p4p sounds good.viethan not so easy and cambodia need 2 flights from London

  1. I’ve always wanted to take a sex trip to south east asia, but then i fuck a chinese whore and that kinda kills the mood, good thing this summer i am going to ibiza,

    Back in the mix

    1. Great maybe you can give us a trip report from Ibiza when you return. No doubt you will be getting drunk and trying to score with the tourists chicks but maybe do a little undercover mongering in Ibiza too and check out the options for some P4P.

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