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Been getting alot of traffic recently all to do with mongering in the Dominican republic and wanting to look at some Dominican girls especially through the reality porn site Toticos.  It must be the season for Sosua.  So I thought I would do a summary and compilation of my time in the Dominican republic and feature some more hot Dominican girls and pussy from MongerPlanet and  Toticos.

Mongering in the Dominican

The Dominican republic is a very popular destination for whore mongers mostly from the USA, many of who are Afro Americans from the projects and NYC.   The Dominican republic is a still a third world country and relatively cheap.  Sosua in Puerto Plata is favorite destination and the reality porn site Toticos is mostly geared towards Sosua.


I got the impression when I was in Sosua like for Americans the Dominican republic is a little like what Amsterdam is for Europeans.  Not far away, less sexually inhibited and prohibitive, a place where a horny young or dirty old man can get his rocks off with promiscuous Dominican girls for a small price of course.

lanecia dominican girl
Dominican girl

I am going to give you a summary of each of the the four places I visited during my mongering sexpedition through the Dominican republic starting off in Punta Cana and ending at Santo Domingo the capital and visiting Boca Chica and Sosua in-between.  Interspered I am going to feature Dominican girls,  mostly fresh pussy stuff straight out of Toticos.  Toticos meaning small pussy in Dominican.  Click on the picture of the Dominican girls feature to see a full gallery of that Dominican lovely.

Mongering Punta Cana

I started off in Punta Cana because from the UK London that was my best flight option for getting to the Dominican republic.  But for UK mongers who want to head straight for Sosua then check out Thomson flights.

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black toticos

Punta Cana in the Dominican is mostly an all inclusive resort with some lovely beaches and popular with families.  I was not too concerned about spending a few days in Punta Cana and making my way across the island of the Dominican to my ultimate destination of Sosua.

dominican girl
Dominican girl kisses

But for Punta Cana, where there are tourists, there is money to be made, and where there is money to be taken there is going to be plenty of Dominican girls available and P4P.  Problem is in a place like Punta Cana the mongers are muppets and pay well over the odds for some pussy.  Sosua and Boca Chica more popular with your savvy and hardcore monger are cheap in comparison.

Dominican porn

My first night mongering in Punta Cana met a lovely 19 yo Dominican girl in the beer bar Plaza Bavario early in the evening, she took me across the road to a short time hotel and had a good fuck with her, but set me back a $100, she had a lovely neat hairy tight trimmed pussy on her which was a pleasure to fuck.

dominican threesome
dominican chicas

One day in Punta Cana had a real peace of luck, I visited the Cool club in Fruesa and hooked up with two lovely Dominican girls in the hotel.  Had a great threesome with these two Dominican girls for $150.  Real girlfriend experience with both of the girls and let me fuck them both without changing condom, one of my best mongering experience ever and an unexpected surprise for Punta Cana.  The trick was I showed them my wallet that only had $150 on me and no credit card, they just took what they could get.  For those of you who love a massage with a handjob a walk along the beach in the morning in Punta Cana and you will get some offers.

Mongering Boca Chica

From Punta Cana I took the Bavario bus to Santo Domingo with them dropping me off at Boca Chica and checked into Hotel Europa. Even for a seasoned and well traveled whore monger,  Mongering in Boca Chica takes some getting used to.  Boca Chica is full of scammers and hardcore Dominican bitches who would rather rob you than fuck you and they know a fresh face when they see one.

dominican toticos
Dominican striptease

After a few days the beach bums and scammers leave you alone when they know you are not game to their web of lies.  In Boca Chica the epi center of meeting Dominican girls up for some P4P was the Piano cafe opposite hotel Europa.

piano bar streetwalker
black dominican chica

Its really important in Boca Chica to agree exactly what you want to do with the girl, tell her you want to cum in her mouth or in her ass up front, how much time you want to spend with her and exactly how much you want to pay. Its what I did with this Dominican ebony babe I met in the Piano cafe in Boca Chica and she took my load in her mouth and down her throat with a smile.

dominican pussy
Dominican latina

I had a couple of problems in Boca Chica and nearly got into a fight with one of the girls pimps.  One girl would not leave my hotel unless I paid her more and a couple of girls took some money out of my pocket when say at the bar.  Its not the money it the principle, my shirt and trouser pockets are sacred, do not trespass.

Mongering Sosua

I was happy to leave Boca Chica and took the bus to Santo Domingo and then a coach to Sosua.   Checked into my apartment in Sosua a small walk from the Passions club.

dominican teen pussy
naked dominican teen

At the time the Passions club along the strip in Sosua IMHO was one of the best clubs in the world.  Full of quality Dominican girls, latina and ebonies and mulattos.  Top quality pussy, great short time rooms on premise and a fixed price.  I fucked some real top quality Dominican girls in Passions and felt little need to search elsewhere for some pussy in Sosua.

sexy latina teen
passions latina

Had some great sex in Passions and met some beautiful latina, mulatto and ebony Dominican girls in Passions.  Unfortunately Passions is closed now and the owner did some time in prison.  In the Dominican as with other latin American countries like Costa Rica there has been a bit of crackdown on sex tourism activities.

dominican tits
Dominican girl yoelisa

Still, Sosua in the Dominican republic is still a popular destination for American sex tourists.  All along Pedro Clisante AKA the strip are many little bars club, hole in the wall massage places, a monger should find something to his liking in Sosua.

One night late in Sosua I took a freelancer and the waitress back to my apartment for a threesome but it not go well, often threesomes do not go well or like you would like a threesome to go.  The girls were threatening to hit me with saucepans unless I paid them more.  You dont get these sort of problems in a club like Passions.

The beach at Sosua is a beauty spot not far away and makes Sosua a great place to chill in the day.   A Dominican girl can be had for 2000 pesos in Sosua this could be short time or long time depending on the chemistry you may have with the girl.

Mongering Santo Domingo

After a week mongering in Sosua I left with some regret to spend my last couple of nights in the Dominican Republic in the capital Santo Domingo.  I found it hard to get into my groove in Santo Domingo, nothing like the beach resorts I had visited so far in the Dominican.  Santo Domingo is not a tourist attraction so any P4P is more geared towards business visitors and consequently expensive.

dominican chica
big tits

The strip clubs in Santo Domingo were expensive and the Dominican girls I saw in the strip clubs were mostly tired looking hardcore.  But for strip club lovers visiting Santo Domingo there the highest concentration of bars and clubs is down Avenue Pasteur.

Down Avenue Pasteur you will find some freelancers. Of course in any city there is a local market to tap into where often a gem can be uncovered.  A few motobike riders down Avenue Pasteur wanted to take me to a few places but not feel safe.  With some Spanish, Santo Domingo is a place where you can meet non pro girls simply in the street.

Dominican girl
naked dominican

I managed to find a massage place in Santo Domingo and had a very good fuck with a Dominican thick set latina, so not a total waste of time.  But after Punta Cana, Boca Chica and Sosua I not have much left for Santo Domingo which requires different tactics for getting some DR pussy rather than simply hanging around on the beach during the day and in the bars at night.

Costa Rica Dominican girls

On my visit to Costa Rica San Jose and Jaco on the pacific coast I mostly got to fuck girls from the Dominican republic too.  Its was my trip to Costa Rica that set the precedent to visit Dominican.

sexy chica hotel del rey
Dominican chica

Some Dominican girls can be real hardcore and best avoided but other can be real cute and nice and give you the best fuck of your miserable life.  So good judgement is called for when dealing with a hot to trot Dominican girl.  Of course what is great about Dominican girls is there ethnic diversity and natural curves.  For ass and big tit lovers you have latinas and black ebony girls who are renowned for their curves.  Inbetween you have every shade and shape of Dominican girl who are mixed race and known as Mulattos.  What you dont have is Caucasian or Asian girls.

Dominican girls in Europe

In the red light districts of Europe you will find working Dominican girls too.  I fucked my first Dominican girl in the red light district of Amsterdam for 30 euros.  I was very tempted with a beautiful Dominican girl working in the eros centers of red light district of Frankfurt in Germany.  She pulled back her panties in front of me showing a beautiful trimmed hairy pussy, ripe for fucking in the early morning.

frankfurt eros centre
Dominican hooker

More recently I fucked a very good looking Dominican girl in a brothel in Las Palmas Gran Caneria.  Like Romanian girls, Dominican girls are naturals when its comes to turning a few tricks

Naked Dominican Gallery

Check out Toticos road trip video and enjoy my Dominican girls gallery.  Whats your experience in the Dominican republic and with Dominican girls?  Any plans to visit Sosua anytime soon?  Been recently to Sosua, whats it like today?

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9 thoughts on “Dominican Republic Girls”

    1. I only paid her 300 pesos eventually settled on 500 pesos after calling the hotel security to my room in Boca Chica, so how is that fucking it up for everyone, I think you are getting confused with the prices paid in Punta Cana with the prices paid in Boca Chica and Sosua for some Dominican pussy which I remember was around 2000 pesos give or take, YMMV. Which is my wallet is fuck all, dont know about yours and dont really care. I know the ball park figure of some P4P in a given area and dont take the average to be some crack skank down some back ally

  1. Nice recap summary of the DR.
    For someone like me who tends to go more for the natural seediness out there on the streets and in your face, even I found ‘The Wild, Wild West’ otherwise known as Boca Chica a bit too much to take in. The main negative and there were many unfortunately were the freelancers totally disrespectful attitude to any new face or soft touch they saw walking in the street where they would openly, in full view of everyone, start rifling through the victims pockets believing through their stoned out of their minds they could get away with it.

    The positive though was the Piano bar that you mentioned. I thought Friday and Saturday were the best nights to be there with a much better selection of Chicas to choose and I still have a lovely memory of a BJ given to me by a White Dominican.

    And still on that subject 🙂 have been very busy but Kiev report will be coming to you soon.

    1. Thanks for your comment Mathew, I was going to start pestering you for your guest report on Kiev. It may well inspire me to make a trip there myself. I may be taking a month off work in June, so anything could be on the horizon.

      As for the Dominican and Boca Chica from your description its exactly as I remember. The whole trip was 50% good 50% bad. I guess for the Americans living close by its well worth the trip, but what with the NYC gang bangers and the hardcore Dominican bitches and of course the closure of Passions in Sosua not much calling me back. But some Dominican chicas can be real good like Romanian girls in some ways for me.

  2. I certainly have thought about going to the DR, but it IS so far from Thailand (where I currently live). I do find the DR ladies hot, but if/when I go back to ‘Merica I think I’ll monger in Mexico and of course Colombia.

    1. If I lived in America, I guess I would be taking regular trips to DR, there are some hot girls there, but can be hard, like an overfished water, Cuba is opening up now to USA, should be good for year or two, will be interesting to see how that goes. I would give Costa Rica a miss now, I would like to do Mexico sometime and a return to Colombia. For some its more about the kind of girls they like, if you are into Asian girls then Thailand is a good base. Others I know from USA not into Asian, so live in Colombia etc. Personally prefer Latina, ebonies and mixed race girls, but prefer Asia as a destination

  3. So if i’m black, how do i not get confused with being an ”Afro American from the projects?”… I’m not one of them. I’m more the live in a house but not a house negro type myself.. Just wondered if they all had project ID or can you magically tell?

  4. Has the action changed in Sousa with the closure of the Bette clubs and crackdown to make the area more family/tourist friendly?

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