Undeniably Korean Girl

Mr Q’s Return to Korea, Part 2

After the visit with the  ajuma down the Cheongyangni  red light district, I walked back to the main alley to find a much younger Korean girl.  Foot traffic seemed quite a bit lighter than my previous visit, but it was the fall then and it’s winter now.  With freezing temperatures in Seoul Korea, you can’t blame mongers for wanting to stay home.

Just like before, there were Korean girls all shapes and sizes behind their windows.  Tall, short, chubby, thin, old, young, and even fake plastic ones.  The assertive girls knocked on the glass or stuck their head out into the cold to get my attention.  The ones that didn’t care just stared at their phones or did their makeup, not making any effort unless you approached them first.

korean whore
ignoring clients

Undeniably Korean

The high school fetish raged strong in me and I could think of nothing but having a real Korean girl.  I wanted a girl that looked undeniably Korean.  Pale white skin, high cheekbones, almond eyes, and the coquettish manner by which Korean girls used their language.  A handful of girls interested me, but as always, the drive to make the best decision often leads to paralysis by analysis and then angst.  I tried to let go and not to be picky. Just choose, she need not be perfect.

Narrowing the field to two girls I headed towards the first one.  She was thin and sexy in a black cocktail dress.  She had Korean attributes, but was not super undeniably Korean.  I began walking up to her and then she pulled out a cigarette so I walked away.  I hate cigarettes.

With only one choice remaining I was relieved as the decision became ever so clear and straightforward.  In the next alley, I walked up to the second Korean girl and she opened up the sliding door and I got a good close-up look of her.  Adorable round face, high cheek bones, cute little voice, bangs, a little white dress, strangely she looked wholesome to me.  Her figure was nowhere near the other girl and she was far from perfect but she was so undeniably Korean I had to have her.

mongering seoul korea
Undeniably Korean


“Chil-man”… I took that to mean 100,000 KRW ($85 US), a price I was willing to pay without question, but I still pulled out my phone and keyed it in.  She said no, so I gave her my phone and corrected me with 70,000 ($60 USD).  Ecstatic, I walked in without a hint of hesitation.  She locked the sliding door, led me behind the curtain, through a hallway to the bedroom.  Shoes off as usual.

Shoes Off

She was 24 but I couldn’t remember her name.  What I do remember was that she was soft, quiet, timid, and nice.  The warmth of the room soothed my frozen hands, an escape from the outside cold. The was room muted and almost calming yet being the timid monger I am, my heart raced.

She asked for money and I gave her two 50,000 bills from my wallet. A timer appeared, she keyed in 30:00 and lifted up the two bills. I knew what she meant and my reply was “no”. She acknowledged and then keyed in 20:00, “chil” she murmured softly.

undeniably korean girl

chi man

She signaled me to undress and she slipped out of the room. After a few minutes she returned. I thought she went out to prepare and to retrieve some change, but with the slight scent of tobacco on her she did more than just come back with change.

Unexpected BBBJ

She undressed revealing two small A-cup breasts medium brown nipples. Her figure wasn’t much, but she made it up with soft supple skin. She motioned me onto her bed gave me a wipe down with a wet nap. She went right to work with a cat bath and a very unexpected BBBJ.

My cold hands were soothed by her warmth and supple skin yet she did not protest. Her breasts were soft and tender and I fondled them like soft peaches. It was like a dream, warm and calming in the dim room, receiving the pleasure of her Korean lips on my cock. After enjoying the wetness of her mouth, she pulled out some protection and very eagerly got on top of me for the deed. After a couple of positions and listening to her moan softly, the deed was complete. She was nice to me the whole time and I wondered how did a nice girl like her get caught up in this? I then put my thoughts aside and just let it be.

Attempting my usual post coital chit chat. I asked how late was she working and she said 4. I was a bit in disbelief but maybe I heard wrong, but even if I misheard it seems the Seoul red light district would be open for a while. She saw me out, I thanked her and I walked away a very satisfied man.

Korean Girl Dreams

I did a little bit more walking around the outskirts of the Red Light district and it was dead.  Knowing that the RLD would be open late, I contemplated having a warm meal and coming back for another round.  I would have to wake in a few hours and the lack of sleep was really taking its toll.  Ultimately the second round was forfeited.  This was a tough decision for me.  I really wanted another chance for more Korean girls.  I knew this may be the very last opportunity *ever* for Korean girls. I had never intended to return to Korea and this occurrence was of pure coincidence.  Korean girls are dream that I never fulfilled in my love life and with that I returned to the metro station as it was closing.  As I headed away, I knew Korea may never come again.  Anyeong and goodbye Korea.

By Mr Q

9 thoughts on “Undeniably Korean Girl”

  1. Yes some of those Korean girls sure are cute. I have a question. are Korean girls into shaving their pussies? Is Korea like other Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines etc where you have a good mix of hairy pussy? Maybe less than 50% chance girl you choose is natural below, unless you ask her directly. I have picked girls before out of Gogos in Thailand because I got a good view of their pussy either they were dancing naked or had see thru panties on. Had some lovely surprises too. Just love a well kept natural pussy, such a turn on for me. Whereas bald or shaved pussies are a little bit of a turn of for me.

  2. Can you tell me what kind of hidden camera that was? I need that for my mongering asap! The vid was so crystal clear with great colors

      1. Yes I have to say excellent stills and video and great editing too, you are getting a pro at this. What editing software do you use?
        I have to say too, without coming across condescending, be careful, you get caught down these back allies secret filming, anything could happen. Also I have had numerous videos removed from youtube, it always happens once they go viral. I guess what really works for you secret filming is that it was cold so you could wear a big coat etc over the camera. Great work though, another cool guest post from Mr Q.

        1. I realize that filming leads to another level of risk that might end very badly for me. I took to different levels of concealment in the various places I’ve been too. Korea being cold winter, required the least concealment. There were some places I went to where I was much less daring because of the circumstances. Korea was the place where I got the best pics and video due to relatively good lighting and presence of other punters to hide my activities. It’s all downhill from here.

  3. Sadly this red light district was just torn down a few weeks ago. I was planning to be in Seoul in few days time and just found out, so I rerouted my stay to the southern part of Seoul to visit Cheonho RLD instead. Cheonho RLD is the other major RLD in Seoul South East of the city center. However more stuff happened and I ended cancelling the entire trip. I was really hoping for a third visit to Korea.

    Here’s is article and video of the RLD being torn down


    1. Seems to be a common thread these days destruction of red light districts, crackdowns on prostitution, fine when its linked to mafia etc
      But often its women in power trying to bring an end to the oldest profession. A few decades it will be men sitting in the windows and power women walking pass 🙂

      1. There is a lot of development and redevelopment in Korea and it’s especially apparent on the train ride from the airport into the city.

        Cheongyangni is a major transport hub so the area of mostly old low buildings (some of which were even single stories) were demolished to take advantage of the transport. The RLD at Yeongdeunpo when I visited during my first trip will be leveled eventually as well as they already leveled directly across the street to build.

        Of the 3 major RLDs in Seoul 2 have been leveled, 588 Cheongyangni and Yongsan RLD by Seoul station. Only left is Cheonho RLD.

        However it seems much of the once public RLD activity has been moved to officetels, essentially live work spaces inside of buildings. To the non Koreans, it just becomes more in accessible.

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