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John Tron the creator and monger of Asian Sex Diary has done quite a mongering romp through Indonesia including a few places I have never been, not yet like Bali and Bandung.  I got access to some of the cute Indonesian pussy he had in Bali and Bandung.

From Jakarta to Bandung

Where the fuck is Bandung I hear you asking, well its in West Java and about 2 hours and 30 minutes drive out of Jakarta.  Mongers like Jakarta in Indonesia and we have covered Jakarta Pussy.  Plenty of Indo girls available in Jakarta and we love those Indonesian girls.

Indo teen pussy
Indo teen tits

We know in Jakarta we can fuck many Indonesian teens with big tits, big asses and those Indonesian girls are not so into shaving their Asian pussy, which us older mongers like, well worth the trip to Indonesia just for some natural hairy Indo pussy to fuck.

Indonesia teen pussy
Indo teen pussy

So you got natural hairy Indo teen pussy on your mind but you are sick of Jakarta, the pollution and traffic so decide to try something new, yes pastures new, want to get out of that stinking polluted city they call Jakarta, so you take the bus to Bandung.

Bandung Pussy

Now Bandung in West Java Indonesia is no tourist hot spot, no mongers paradise but it is a little off the beaten track for Asian whore mongers.  So whats is the scene in Bandung Indonesia for your horny sex tourist?  The best place to stay in Bandung is around the train station area of  Jalan Braga.  The three basic options for mongers are the Asian KTV scene, night clubbing and meeting some Indo freelancer girls and massage parlours.

But there are other options in Bandung, less direct for the aspiring monger and that is just taking some refreshments in a small cafe and sparking up some conversation with a non pro Indonesian girls who will only be too happy to come back to your hotel and make a little cash on the side.

hairy bandung pussy
Indo teen pussy

Hunting and mongering in Bandung Indonesia you may just get lucky and meet a cute Indonesia teen like John Tron off Asian sex Diary.  This indo teen with the most exquisite natural hairy Asian pussy may come your way if you dare to venture out to Bandung Java in Indonesia.

Indonesian pussy

That natural hairy asian Indonesian teen pussy is just perfect for me. I love a Indo teen with hairy pussy. Would love to bury my hard white tourist cock into that Indo teen hairy pussy.  Man I would travel all the way to Bandung in Indonesia from London for some hairy Indo teen pussy just like that. To me the way pubic hair grows on a pussy like this cute Indonesian teen is what gives her pussy character and mystic.

Check Sex Holiday Asia for a list of the best girl friendly hotels, night clubs, KTVs and massage parlours to visit while whore mongering in Bandung Indonesia. Bandung in West Java does have a red light district of sorts in the area known as Jalan Saritem.  The cost of an Indonesian whore in a place like Bandung can range from 50,000 Rp to 300,000 Rp.  YMMV obviously quality comes in at a higher price.


From Bandung you could continue your travels across land and visit Surabaya in East Java.  Or you could take a flight to Bali in Kuta.  Bali in Indonesia is the top tourist spot, very popular with young surfing Australians.  John Tron from Asian Sex Diary took a trip down to Bali and fucked some cute Indonesian Teens there.  And I have the pleasure of sharing some galleries of those Indo teens our John Tron got to fuck while in Bali.

hairy Bali pussy
Bali teen pussy

Just more Indo teen girls in Bali with natural hairy pussy like the white sex tourists from Asian Sex Diary like.  On my next trip to Asia hopefully this fall I intend to visit Bali for the first time and experience some Balinese pussy for myself.  Check out the Bali monger map to get your bearings.

Cute Indo teen
Bali teen girl

Check out this cute Indonesia teen in Bali making a amateur porn video for Asian Sex Diary in the hotel room of a white sex tourist while taking a sex vacation to Bali, you know who?    And of course us mongers just love it when these cute Asian teens from Indonesia get down and suck some cock BBBJ.

Indo teen BBBJ
Indo teen sucks cock

This is only a small sample of all the girls Asian Sex Diary get to fuck on their journey through Asia.  Many of the girls cannot feature on websites like MongerPlanet due to privacy and protecting the girls Identity.  To see these Indonesian beauties and many many other girls from all over Asia and other parts of the world you will have to join Asian Sex Diary right now.

Asian Sex Diary

You wont be dissapointed joining Asian sex diary not if you are serious about visiting Asia and want to meet the best Asian girls and get your fill of Asian teen pussy.  I am a member and there is much more behind the public galleries of Asian Sex Diary, much much more.   Many hardcore mongers are members of Asian sex diary and behind every post is a discussion forum.  Many members of Asian sex diary stay members for years due to it being updated daily.  This guy is an expert on seducing Asian girls on say dating sites and getting them to make their first porn video in his hotel room and you get to watch it all and learn his secrets.

John Tron of Asian Sex Diary is on a permanent vacation through Asia.  To get a taste of what Asian Sex Diary is currently up to, Subscribe for free to Asian Sex Diary Facebook page.  Obviously this is tame in comparison to what you get to see once you become a member of Asian Sex Diary.

As a little treat for you Indonesian pussy fans I have put a little gallery together of some Indonesian girls I have been lucky enough to fuck and some featured on Asian Sex Diary.  Click on the images to see that Indo girls gallery on Asian Sex Diary or to goto the relative post on MongerPlanet.

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  1. John was being investigated by Indonesian authorities back in April 2017. It’s believed that he’s now “persona non grata” in the PI. Hasn’t been there for a couple years, last i heard.

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