Mr Q Return to Korea

The Research

I had an upcoming trip to Korea and there was no doubt that I wanted some P4P.  I turned to ISG Seoul  and Sammy Boy Forums for some research.  During my last visit to Korea, I hadn’t yet discovered these mongering forums, and I was surprised at how much info there was to be found.

Reading about the great experiences at Korean massage parlors called “anma” (meaning massage), they are full service establishments with girls to bathe, massage, and FS with 2-3 girls.  I was really tempted as the two girls I previously had in 588 Cheongyangni RLD were a bit lackluster and mechanical.  The anmas wouldn’t be cheap though and would cost around 250000 KRW ($210 USD ).
I was really split at this point as I’m the type of guy that really likes to see before I buy and at the anmas there’s no guarantee of what you will get, though the reports have been promising with good women.  In the end, I planned to visit an anma for the experience and if time and stamina permitted, I wanted to visit 588 again for some window shopping, all in the same evening.

Gangnam Style

After researching, I had my candidates. Eve Anma in Gangnam district would be the venue and just in case it didn’t work out, the secondary would be Ace Anma (aka Fish Anma )  Research from mongering review site Rockit Reports.  Knowing that Gangnam is far from my hotel on the other side of the river (Gangnam means south of the river), the 3rd fallback would be to hit up 588 Cheongyangni RLD if everything else didn’t work out.

The Decision

Arriving in Korea I made my way to my hotel hours behind schedule and completely exhausted.  Having had only 10 hours of total sleep in the last 96 hours including two exhausting flights from the US, sleep deprivation was against me and by the time I was about to hit the streets it was already past 8 pm moving towards 9.

I asked the hotel clerk about going to Gangnam since it was getting late and knew its 40 minutes on the metro just to get there.  He too thought it was late but said, I could taxi it back for 30-40 USD.

Gangnam, an area popularized by Korean pop star Psy, was an area I had not previously visited.  Combined with the need to wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning and no taxi experience in Korea, I hesitantly decided against it and instead set off for 588 Cheongyangni. Cheongyangni was a sure bet as I’ve been there before and is reliable.  It’s only 20 minutes away and easily returnable by taxi, bus, or even by via a long long walk as a very very last resort.

Taking the metro I exited Cheongyangni station through the Lotte department store exit and made a left.  Immediately you could see the pink glow down an alley.  I read this instruction from International sex guide which was much easier than my previous method of exiting by the hospital.

The Ajumas

As soon as I exited and headed towards the alley, I was approached by ajumas whispering  “agashi agashi” to me, meaning “miss” or “young lady”.  I fended off an ajuma or two until a third one convinced me to follow her.  I was accosted by ajumas during my last visit but I never followed them into their small alleys and dark houses.

Cheongyangni 588
588 Alley

I followed this ajuma down a wide but dark alley opposite of Lotte department store until I entered what seemed to be the brothel.  Several people were eating dinner in the front parlor and she brought me through a dimly lit hallway with several rooms.

588 seoul
Seoul Brothel

She motioned me into one of the rooms and had me take off my shoes.  I stepped in and scanned around.

588 Hallway
588 Hallway
588 Room
588 Room

There was a bed on the floor with a bed and a small dresser and a TV, dimly lit and bit shabby.  Ajuma motioned with her left hand, making a circle with her fingers and then slapping it her right hand.  It was clear what she was conveying.

588 Ajuma
588 Ajuma

She then wanted money and I said, I want to see the girl first.  I was not about to give her money without seeing the goods.  I motioned to my eyes and she left the room.   I had no intention of staying and was going to get out of there no matter what, but it would be ok to see what these ajumas had in store.

the Shocker

A minute later the door slid open and Ajuma returned into the room.  A  lady behind her peeked around the door barely showing a tiny bit of her face (the camera misses this).  OMG she must have been 50 plus!!!!  I said no thank you, put my shoes, and walked out.

Old Prostitute
Old Prostitute

While going through the hallway, she walked right by so I got another look and boy was she old!  Frizzy permed hair, tacky heels, tired legs… Looked like she was old enough to be a grandma!  I left the brothel and grinned in disbelief as I walked away. Ironically even more ajumas approached me as I was leaving through the alley.  Tired of the ajuma barrage, I walked out of the area onto the main street.  Thank you but no thank you ajumas, no women older than me… No women that are old enough to be my mother.

By Mr Q

16 thoughts on “Mr Q Return to Korea”

  1. Lol this is a really funny story. I guess you was hoping you may find a little gem in the rough down that dark alley. I guess as soon as she asked for money up front meant she already knew you would not want to hand over any cash once you see the merchandise. Those horrible little rooms, could not fuck in them.

    So did you make it to an anma in Gangnam?

    Love these guest posts, keep them coming

    1. I honestly had idea what I would find, but certainly I didn’t expect to find a 50 year old working girl! I knew that there are brothels where you have to enter to see the women vs. the display windows.

      Here is the so called dark alley during the day. it’s just the back of the Lotte Department store. From the looks of google street view, it looks as if ppl live on the ground floor or something.

      ok.. I’m going to start babbling now..

      actually, there are quite a few of those walk inside to see the girls brothels in the Cheongyangni 588 RLD. The main area of the RLD looks as if it was a village at one point in time, with single story dwellings. there are a few alleys of pedestrian only alleys of single storey brick houses and a bunch of those are converted into brothels.

      Now regarding the typical window booths I have shown in my previous posts, I would think were houses in the village at one point in time as well, but they are newer single storey concrete buildings, but probably converted to workshops and eventually to window booth brothels. it just so happens the one I entered was not a single story dwelling but the ground floor unit of a larger building.

      Cheongyangni is a major transport hub and if development pressure is put on that area, the entire RLD may disappear in an instant.

  2. Mr. Q.
    Thanks for your insightful trip report.
    Actually you got off lucky because instead of 50yr woman, often guys would show up in room and rob you, even beat you, then throw you out. I am surprised that you were not aware of this when you went into room.

    BTW can I ask? your age? height? weight? It give me a point of reference to appreciate your fucking experience. I hope you are not some old(60yr++), FAT, cheap guy. haha

    1. Korea is generally a very safe country and I was not concerned with being mugged. I also have not read reports about being mugged either. The RLD at Miari Texas is entirely, walk in first and then get a line up, vs. women sitting in windows. Here at 588 Cheongnyangni, you have both walk in and window displays types.

      This is not the first time I’ve been in Asia, nor the first time I’ve been in illicit places in Asia. I was not concerned one bit.

      Jim let’s just say, I’m less than middle aged… I’d say a good decade or two away from that stage of life.

      1. That’s great that you never been mugged or caught trouble in Korea redlight, and you not afraid.
        But it would’ve been very helpful to the readers to be reminded that what you did (going to those dark places that you video tape) was very dangerous.
        How I know? glad you asked. I live there, It’s not as safe and rosy as you describe.

        And those places you went are not generally for foreigners. It’s for local Koreans. Foreigner hookers are in ItaWon.

        Also as seasoned monger as you are, you should know that most people don’t post SHIT happens to them on mongering trips. It’s embarrassing. That doesn’t mean theft, threats, never happened to them. Trust me IT happens a LOT.

        So you don;t wanna share your age? height? weight? why not? Nobody knows you. It give context to your stories.
        But let me guess, you are mid 20-30yr, +/- 6′, 170-200#, decent shape. See it;s not that hard..hahaha

        Lastly, only YOU know, but some parts of your fucking hookers stories are little unreal? make you look better than truth? Those of us who fuck 1000s pussies know what REAL fucking stories are.
        Just an example: drinking and fucking do NOT mix. If you wanna drink, fine, if you wanna fuck around the world then FUCK.
        You got BJ with condom on. Not cool and acceptable to seasoned mongers.
        I can go on and on, but you got the drift……..

        Anyway thanks for sharing you stories. I don;t have anymore to add.
        Good luck to all you do. Cheers.

  3. I lived in Seoul for four months. I didn’t really get a chance to monger there. In fact, it was while living there that I joined ISG! I did walk through Cheongyangni a couple times and yes those old ladies called to me as well, but I never went with them. 🙂 Everytime I walked through the display windowns NONE of them bitches would even look at me and when they did and saw a white guy they immediately looked away. The only place where I was accepted with open arms was at Miari Texas, but the women were a bit too old to be paying for (in my opinion).

    1. That stinks. After reading Sir Paul Mongers report on Athens Fillis St, it would stink if they turned me away!

  4. Mr. Q, thanks for interesting posts! Let us know your descent. It will explain a lot. I’m talking about Mr. Brockstar reply.

    1. Hi Fakerby, in my previous guest posts on Mongerplanet, I’ve mentioned that I’m Asian. I think that 588 is generally accepting of Asians… I see Japanese and Mainland punters walking about. Also a fair number of asian american kids. No girl at 588 has refused me even though I’m not Korean after 3 separate visits there. Usually they still try to get my business even after they ask me where I am from. In my video above, you can see she didn’t even ask where I’m from.

      I see non Asians in 588 but I’ve never seen anyone actually go up to the girls. Usually just sight seeing.

      1. Mr.Q, I would like to mention your text, pics and even video about the oldest whore in Korea are simply hilarious! ))) Great fun!

        I’m going to Seoul in the beginning of May and want to check is the 588 farang friendly or not. I’m a middle age white single bastard, not Anglo-Saxon though. Will give a report somewhere in June after my long SEA mongering trip.

        I’ve sent you a friend request and want to discuss in private manner your photo/video equipment I impressed a lot.

        Happy mongering to all!

        BTW. I don’t like to call the girls “prostitutes”, “whores”, etc.
        I would call them “social workers”! 🙂

    1. Faker bey, there was but I disabled it, it got a abused, one valued member was sent a load of insults, so disabled it, was very rarely used except for abuse 🙁 Sorry

      1. Thanks, MongerPlanet!
        I don’t think it’s the right place to discuss low light capabilities of photo equipment. 🙂

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