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My last full day and night in Cartagena was upon me.  I had been taking breaks of 2 to 3 days between each girl I have met so far in Cartagena, due to feeling exhausted and lackluster.  Only now am I starting to find my feet, adapting and getting that horny feeling back.  Even though Cartagena is more a late night venue, there is plenty of P4P pussy available, mostly latinas.  I was chatting on and off to quite a few pretty teen latinas on Tinder, maybe it was time to take another chance with Tinder and a particular pretty teen latina I was fond of.

Last day on the beach

I woke with a hangover from my late night hunting freelancers around the clock tower in Cartagena and then getting pretty drunk in La Dolce Vita.  As always took my morning walk along the beach passing Playa Hollywood on the way.

cartagena playa hollywood
playa hollywood

Not like Playa Hollywood, never got to meet Tony, if he is still around? or fuck any of his chicas or meet any girls on the beach.  I guess we cant always achieve all our goals, but not feel right along Playa hollywood.

I decided to spend most of my last day sat on the beach at Bar Muella relaxing.  Couple of pina coladas, listen to some music and flirting with the Colombian girls on Tinder.  Had a pedicure and manicure for 40,000 pesos.  Should have done this when I first arrived in Cartagena, got myself all nice for the Colombian girls, not the flight and fat trollops back home.

Day game on Tinder

Later in the afternoon, my favorite latina teen from Tinder, contacts me out of the blue.  Now when a cute girl unexpectedly contacts you,  I interpret this as she is feeling horny and wants to fuck, time is of the essence.  You cannot procrastinate else in a short space of time she will find someone else to entertain her needs.  I had some nice photos of me up on Tinder, maybe this latina teen fancied some white meat today 🙂

I was still cautious about the Dama De Compania on Tinder.  The photos of that latina I met a few days ago in Cartagena were many years old, in the flesh she was only half as good.  But I had viewed many photos of my favorite latina teen on Tinder and something was telling me her photos were recent and genuine.  A deal was struck she would come to my apartment at 5pm just after I returned from the beach.   If this teen latina was as hot as her photos on Tinder and she was friendly, it was going to be a great way to begin and end my last evening in Cartagena, I was feeling horny.

Game on, back in my apartment, get a message on Tinder, she on her way in taxi and wants specific address of building and the apartment number.  Get a call from security, is Ok to let her up?  sure.

Tinder Teen Latina

Door bell rings, open it and there is this gorgeous little cute 19 yo latina teen wearing just a bright red shirt.  She smiled up at me and walked straight in. She was better in the flesh than her photos on Tinder.  She was horny and wanted a good fucking I could tell, this was not just about money, but not that she would do it for free.
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We had already agreed 200,000 pesos and she not ask for money up front, a good sign its not just about money, her mind is on something else too.  Straight down to some DFK, already getting the GFE but like most the other Dama De Compania in Cartagena she wont do BBBJ.  Not bothered want to fuck this cute teen latina off Tinder.  Thankyou Tinder.

tinder teen latina
Latina teen booty

Get her naked, she has nothing on underneath that red shirt, she sure was horny.  She has a lovely little latina body, lovely little latina booty which I kiss with her laying on her front on the bed.  Lovely big pair of firm latina tits too, which I give a good suck.  Her pussy is fully shaved, which I have become use to,  never had a latina with hairy or even trimmed pussy, wish this fashion would end.
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I fuck her doggy on the bed.  My bed in the apartment is high, so I could stand at the end of bed, her in the doggy position on the bed and the position was perfect, I just kept fucking her.  She looks round and smiles and wants to change position.  She sits on top of me and I pull her in close.  Up down she goes, letting out sweet little squeals of pleasure.  Great time with this little latina teen off Tinder in Cartagena.  Great way to end the trip.  She has to be one of the top ten whores I have ever had the pleasure to have sex with around the world.  She wants to come back to England with me and maybe I could have just fitted her into my suitcase.

Tinder Compared

I never have luck like this on Tinder back home in London.  Plenty of pretty girls on Tinder back home that must have selected my age range, but most never reply.  I have yet to meet my first girl back home on Tinder.  I guess most are entertaining the idea of meeting a sugar daddy considering the young ladies you can meet off Seeking Arrangement.  But I guess it comes down to being discrete.  Most of these Dama De Compania in Cartagena are not local, they come from all over Colombia to fuck the tourists.  But in Cartagena and I guess the rest of Colombia, Tinder is a great and relatively cheap way to meet lovely latina teens.

On my flight home I was in Bogota airport for a couple of hours and gave Tinder a whirl there too. In no time at all I am chatting to about 5 cute latina teens in Bogota wanting to know what hotel I was staying at.  I surely will return to Colombia but try Bogota and Medellin next time.  Colombia may currently be the best country for mongering in latin america and the world.

12 thoughts on “Tinder Teen Latina Cartagena”

  1. Wow! Superb work there with the Tinder teen. I guess Tinder really is the magic portal for picking up girls in these developing countries although maybe it takes away the thrill of the chase of finding some exotic beauties but either way great work!

    I’ve managed to establish contact with a 24 year old caramel skinned girl off CL. She wants a sugar daddy, initially I thought this may not be viable but turns out she just needs some money each month for her hair, nails and the odd night out so pretty low maintenance really. The downside…I have a stunning black gf been dating for a few months. I am trying to stay on the straight and narrow but old habits die hard.

    1. Thanks Adam, Tinder is pretty easy in Cartagena and Colombia. They were not all Programa De Compania either, some were looking for genuine dates. Wherever you are in the world its worth giving Tinder a try, very easy to use and essential functionality is free. So was my first success with a dating app. Tinder is just another avenue to explore, I would not exclude hunting the bars, streets, the beaches and nightclubs either. Like to try a bit of everything, but these chicas only use Tinder. There are other apps and dating sites but Tinder sits will with me, could not be easier.

      Not used Craigslist for months now, low maintenance is good. So any trips for you lately or any plans?

    1. Mr Q, where did you go in Central America?
      Not that there is much difference by technically Colombia is south america. I have never had a problem so far and visited Brazil, Colombia in South America, Costa Rica in central America and Dominican and Cuba in Caribbean or latin america. Its the same all over the world, just follow the same rules and research, dont flash cash around, get drunk or upset people, you will be fine. stay on the beatern track. If you research places on the forums like international sex guide you get a feel for if a place is safe or not. I was a little concerned about Colombia, it has a reputation, but Cartagena is completely safe. everyone kept saying that. Would return to Colombia but next time Bogota and Medellin.

  2. Tinder etc in non English speaking world?
    I don;t understand how you can communicate with girls in Columbia who speak little to NO English. Especially hookers are low class, low education thus likely hard to communicate in English. (It’s more problem when guys are also non English speakers)
    Even simple things like What we gonna do when we meet? How much? Where are you staying? can be hard to explain.

    Only thing I can assume is you DO speak some Spanish?

    I can understand fucking in red light districts where even no words only hand signs, then fuck, pay and leave

    1. So you dont believe the story because you cant understand how I can communicate with Latina girls on Tinder? I explained it on another post where I met my first Latina on Tinder. You use google translate and copy and paste. Its so simple. Duh! Tinder works well in some countries and Colombia is one of them. Not surprised some girls prefer using Tinder as more discrete no middle men, not having to parade around in a bar all night. All round Tinder was the best option for meeting quality young latina girls at a good rate of 200,000 pesos in Cartagena. YMMV

  3. Mr. Q.
    Just saw your April 2016 trip to Korea. So you went from South America end of March to Korea first of April? that’s 6-7000 miles. complete time change (night to day). You are the MAN. haha

    Red dress Latino girl?
    I am guessing she is 5’3-5″?, 34-35″ breast, 25-27″ waist, 35-37″ butt. 120-140 pounds?
    I don;t know your height? weight? but that’s pretty good size girl just for fuck.
    You doggie fucked her then her butt must’ve looked HUGE. You must have long dick cus her big butt would’ve pull out normal dick(5-6″) very often, not to mention slamming against loose fat butt.
    Then when she on top, her breast is LOOSE (per photo, I doubt 19yr? cus breast loose), so she’s bouncing on you with her beast flying all over. That’s fun fucking for you? Not to mention her weight slamming your dick, tummy.

    It all sounds great fuck according to your report, but upon close inspection (per details above), I question quality of your fucking experience. I am assuming your are not novice fucking. More travel fucking picky guy becomes. We all know what slim sexy means.

    Then this is your top ten girls thus far? WOW. I am speechless.
    Also you seem to get drunk often. Fucking and drinking do’t mix, like drinking and driving. You gotta choose fuck? or drink?. Can;t do both traveling the world. IMHO

    FYI for fucking only, size matters, not dick but body size.
    I am 5’11”, anything above shoulder level is too big to fuck and enjoy. that’s girls under 5′ for me. 29-30″-22-24″-29-30″, under 100#. I know hard to find them, and 99% places mentioned can’t find girls that size, certainly not anywhere in South America where BIG butts are everywhere.

    So I ask you, age? height? weight?

    1. Again dont judge everyone by your own standards, you seem to have some weird obsession about mongers height age and weight like who gives a shit
      I have had some of my best fucks a little lubricated, yes sometimes its a problem but not always. So how old are you Jim boy?

  4. I just joined thus not familiar with in/out of this site.
    I may have made a honest mistake.
    I found this from a link Korea red light. I assumed it was same guy but maybe NOT?

    So this may have been a mistake? If so , sorry..:):)
    “Mr. Q.
    Just saw your April 2016 trip to Korea. So you went from South America end of March to Korea first of April? that’s 6-7000 miles. complete time change (night to day). You are the MAN. haha”

  5. Tinder is useful in Thailand as well. That’s how I meet a majority of the “good” girls I have boned. I never had Tinder when I lived in the US so I can’t comment about it other than my American buddies often bitch about how hard it is to meet chicks. These same buddies that say I’m a fool for living in the “Third World” 🙂

    I think the success rate on Tinder has more to do with the women that reside in that country. American women are the pits and I imagine Brit and Aussie women aren’t far behind them. Seems like I will definitely be missing out if I never set foot in Colombia. Probably wont happen for a year or two 🙁

    1. I have only recently started using these dating apps on my mobile phone. I tried scout first but could not get on with that. At home I have met no one yet, but come close once or twice. I first used Tinder abroad in Las Palmas Canaria and met a girl who funny enough was originally from Colombia. And then Cartagena in Colombia is where I had some real success with the Tinder app. I had another dozen or so girls lined up in Cartagena that I could have met through Tinder. Hoping to return to Asia later this year so will use Tinder in earnest there and see if I can succeed. You definitely should plan and do a mongering tour through Colombia. Its up and coming now, but not mainstream like Thailand is now.

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