Clock Tower Freelancer Cartagena

One of the things that attracted me to Cartagena was the relative ease reported on the sex guide forums of supposedly meeting non pro and semi pro Colombian girls around the centro clock tower or The Torre del Reloj.  I had not spent a great deal of time around the clock tower, but I had noticed some nice looking girls standing around late at night.  My next mongering conquest in Cartagena had to be a clock tower freelancer.

The Morning after

My time in Cartagena was coming to a close, just a few days left, so far had been a mixed bag of results mongering in Cartagena.  No lack of beautiful Colombian girls about to fuck, but just felt exhausted all the time more due to the time difference with coming west as opposed to east, but slowly I was now adapting.

big booty latina
big booty latina

That big latina booty cannot be real, is that implants in the buttocks?  I guess there is only one way to find out.  In the early morning around El Laguito you would often see girls just finishing their Tudos La Noche.

cartagena threesome
tudos la Noche

Looks like some lucky bugger has just finished a tudos la noche threesome with these two Colombian girls.  I had not had a threesome in Cartagena or a tudos la noche, that would be very expensive expect to pay up to 1000,000 for that pleasure.  If your in the mood and fancy sloppy seconds no doubt you could pick these girls off the street early in the morning or get on Tinder.

Playa Blanca

I decided to try Playa Blanca again to fill the day.  I knew what to expect at the docks buying a ticket, just about timing, no need and a disadvantage to book a ticket in advance.  So arrived around 8:30 AM and purchased a ticket and reserved my seat.  The boat was packed, weather was good, sea relatively calm and took about an hour to get to Playa Blanca.   I jumped off at Playa Blanca and needed to be back on the beach around 3:30 PM for the trip back.

playa blanca cartagena
Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca was a lovely beach compared to Cartagena.  Lots of traveler types shack up here though.   I found a comfy lounger and just relaxed by the sea all day.  I took a walk along the beach and one or two girls, I think Colombian really giving me the eye. I think it could be good to stay at Playa Blanca for a few days in one of the beach huts and see what happens.  Reminded me of that time in Goa India and the lovely Otres beach in Cambodia.

playa blanca cartagena
beach booty

Hey you looking at my girls Ass!?  What alot of mongers do staying in Cartagena is hire a taxi to bring them down to Playa Blanca and then arrange a time to pick them up.  It was a shame I was going to miss the sunset over Playa Blanca.  I got confused with getting the boat back and for one moment thought I had missed it, but someone recognized me.  Thank fuck for that.  The ride back was actually rough, like a horrible fare ride you want to end.  Again, reminded me of the day trip from hell to the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand.

Clock Tower Ebony Freelancer

Glad to be back on Terra Ferma at Cartagena, had a few pints of beer in the Clock tower pub then a taxi back to my apartment.  Wanted to leave late tonight back to the clock tower square to choose my freelancer, hopefully a beautiful non pro student in need of a 100,000 pesos who then loves fucking old white tourists and gives the girlfriend experience, we can dream.  But it feels so strange to me going out late, I am so conditioned, back in the UK when I was a young party animal, the night had ended at 11pm.

After 10 PM I took a taxi back to the clock tower.   Not see so many freelancers standing about around the square opposite Torre del Reloj.  Had a few more beers in the clock pub, it was a busy Saturday night in Cartagena and I was keeping my eyes peeled for a sexy freelancer.

cartagena prostitutes
clock tower freelancers

I noticed a nice looking ebony girl standing in the clock tower square so decided to approach.  I had only fucked latinas so far in Cartagena, more latinas than ebony girls in Colombia, but tonight fancied some black pussy.  This method of whore mongering is not discreet, approaching these prostitutes in the middle of the clock tower square and you are on full view to 100s of inquisitive eyes both locals and tourists and many with cameras.  The black girl up closed looked good and was keen for some business  for 200,000 pesos, she tells me she sucks cock no condom.  So then it was the walk of shame away from Torre Del Reloj and towards a nearby short time hotel.

clock tower freelancer
black freelancer

We walk pass a girl, who she tells me was her sister and did I want a threesome, not really still in recovery mode.  Another shitty little  room for 16,000 pesos. Good fuck though with this girl, got that horny feeling back, but again only prepared to give covered blowjob in the hotel room.  In the cold harsh light of the hotel room this ebony whore had quite a few tattoos more hardcore than I like, she tell me she was from Medellin and in Cartagena for a few days only.

La Dolce Vita Mulatto

Walk back to the clock tower and then took a taxi back to El Laguito and decided to check out La Dolce Vita again, had been a few nights since I had been in La Dolce Vita, I would not be biting but just wanted to check out the talent.  Got chatting to a lovely full figured mixed race or mulatto girl.  She would do short time for 200, 000 pesos or Tudos La Noche for 400,000 pesos.  Yes, I checked it was pesos and not dollars.

No Power

She was very friendly, she not hardcore at all, definitely semi pro at most, like she wanted to come back with me.  I regret going with the clock tower freelancer now. I not know how you tell these girls you are empty, its not good to tell them you just been with a whore, in Thailand you would just say No Power.  I ended up just drinking quite alot and made this my excuse.  Dont know why tonight they were charging me 14,000 pesos for a beer in La Dolce Vita and not 16,000 pesos.  I wandered back to my apartment pissed and alone but had fucked my freelancer from Torre Del Reloj.  Mission accomplished.

4 thoughts on “Clock Tower Freelancer Cartagena”

  1. Have you been to Bogota? I will be flying there from Panama on the 28 of April. What should I expect? Do you recommend that I take a plane to Medellin or maybe Cartagena.

    1. I chose Cartagena to break me into Colombia and I love to be by the coast, plenty of girls available in Cartagena especially on Tinder but I guess this to be true for Medellin and Bogota too. Cartagena is known to be safe. But If I was to return to Colombia and I think I will, it would be Bogota and Medellin. Depends if you like hot weather or cool weather as well. But Medellin is a mongers favorite, its cheapest and plenty of pretty latinas to choose from

  2. I would certainly nail that chocolita, she’s got a nice set of jugs on her. Personally, tattoos don’t bother me unless they’re poorly positioned, then again I have 8 myself.

    The last black girl I got was this past February in Pattaya. I nabbed a girl from Madagascar on Beach Road for a 1000 baht. Small tits, but nice lil body and she gave me head without a rubber…..I call that a win! 😀

    1. Yes love to fuck black girls myself, but mostly latinas in Cartagena and I was not complaining. A few years back I had some luck with African girls in both Pattaya and Bangkok, nice to have a little bit of variety from just Thai and Asian girls. But the last two times I was in both Bangkok and Pattaya the black girls available were hardcore fat mature hookers only. Not paying for that, doubt I would take it for free

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