Casa Rosario Cartagena

One of the taxi drivers outside my apartment in Cartagena who took me into centro recommended I try Casa Rosario one night. Of course he stood to make some commission for dropping me off at Casa Rosario but Casa Rosario was on my to do list.  So I arranged for the taxi driver to pick me up at 9PM outside my apartment.  He would take me to Casa Rosario, wait an hour and take me back for 50,000 pesos.

Casa Rosario is a brothel a bit out of town but comes highly recommended on the mongering forums like the international sex guide.  Its just a house with a bar, short time rooms and of course many house girls to choose from.   Casa Rosario seems to be a popular place to take the horny tourists fresh off the many cruise ships that dock in Cartagena, who want to be discrete. but due to Casa Rosario’s location it must cater to the locals of Cartagena too?

Tourist stuff and woes

The day before in Cartagena I had gone to the docks area and the boat ticket office.  I had booked a boat to spend the day on Playa Blanca for 60,000 pesos.  I arrived before 9AM in the morning and it was complete chaos!  they then not have any spaces left on the boat for Playa Blanca but could goto Rosarios instead, poetic justice maybe.  I was fuming and demanded my money back.  In centro a hustler tried to get me to buy some gems from a shop, been there, done that in Thailand.  Make my way back to El Laguito and spend a few hours on the beach trying to calm down.

San Felipe castle

That evening, I wanted to try and get some sunset photos from the San Felipe castle.  With sunset being around 6pm I left before 4pm, just after this time the roads can get gridlocked around centro.  Its 20,000 to enter San Felipe castle with the last tickets sold at 6pm.

La Popa Cartagena
La Popa

From within the walls of San Felipe the mountain top of La Popa would be alot better to take some photos.  I had talked to my taxi driver about taking me up to La Popa.  He would and wait for 60,000 pesos.  I wanted sunset photos though but after 2pm it was no good as this week there was a religious festival taking place at the top of La Popa.  So I had picked the wrong week to take some sunset photos from the top of La Popa, would have to settle for San Felipe.

san felipe sunset
centro cartagena
twilight over cartagena
twilight cartagena

Good photo shoot from the walls of San Felipe castle, but was gutted would not be able to do the same from the top of La Popa.  It was windy at the top of San Felipe and not have a proper tripod, not something I wanted to lug around with me.  Well I needed to get back to my apartment had an appointment at 9pm for my taxi driver to take me to Casa Rosario.

Casa Rosario Latina

I relax in my apartment until 8pm and you know what happens you really dont feel like going out, especially after my photo shoot around San Felipe earlier.  I try to change some pounds sterling at one shop that was still open but only offer me 3,300 rather than the 4000 I was getting at the other place so leave it.  There is a Subway nearby so decide to have a sandwich there, then head back to my apartment.  Cant see my taxi driver but another guy calls me over and claims to be his brother, that the other guy cannot make it.  So let him take me to Casa Rosario instead.

Its some way to Casa Rosario from El Laguito, the guy speaks good English, he tells me he did an English course sometime back and just learns off the many tourists he gives lifts too.  I start to get a little paranoid for some reason, driving out in all these unknown streets and barrios, maybe I am going to be kidnapped, back home my folks with have to sell my property to pay the ransom!  🙁

Latina Teen

At that moment we pull up outside casa Rosario, some relief is felt, there is a security guard outside Casa Rosario and they let me in.  Its quite dark inside Casa Rosario, one or two punters sat on tables talking to a whore of their choice.  I buy me and the taxi driver a beer and we choose a table to sit down on.  A few minutes later all the girls gather and sit down on chairs against the wall.  Its up to me now to choose one and invite her over.  Most of the girls there being around 12  were nothing special, so a little disappointing there, not spoiled for choice, one or two would have been doable and then there was one outstanding!, so called her over, a very pretty young looking latina.

Short time room

She speaks a few words of English and calls herself Tatiana, she is friendly and I ask her how much for her time?  She cheekily says 200,000 so I agree.  This includes the rental of the short time room inside Casa Rosario.  She takes me to the room and I pay a cashier on the way.  As I understand the girls gets half this money, the other half going to house Rosario.

The room is a bit messy, but seems clean enough, one problem is the walls dont join the ceiling so can hear everything outside the room including the music.  And if you can hear them, they can more than likely hear you.

Not Perfect

Straight down to some lovely french kissing with this latina teen, she tell me she is 19 yo.  I undress her and she standing there in her black lingerie was a sight to behold. I am sat on the bed in front of her standing and goto undo her bra but she tell me her breasts are small. So much better than implants though I tell her, to stop focusing on what she perceives to be her imperfections, she is such a beautiful young latina. Perfectionists only focus on imperfections, unaware that imperfections can be more attracting.  From this photo she let me take of her, I think you will agree.
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Gorgeous little ass and shaved pussy, would love to have a latina teen like this with natural hairy pussy or trimmed.  She was so friendly but not give BBBJ only CBJ. CBJ seemed to be the normal in Cartagena, looks like that busty latina from La Dolce Vita who gave me BBBJ was an exception.  Almost the girlfriend experience in that noisy messy little room at the back of Casa Rosario, but lets not forget these girls are whores, no falling in love.

Hard work

Even still this latina teen loved being fucked in lots of different positions. My favorite position in the heat of Cartagena was fucking them doggy laying sideways on the bed.  Even with such a hot little latina teen in Casa Rosario, I was finding it hard to cum, just not as horny as I should be, I was not sure why, but I was due for a release.

It must be the heat, I still felt exhausted and the room was not ideal.  A hot latina teen like this I should have paid to take her out Tudos La Noche.  After alot of sweat and toil I manage to cum.  If it had not been for this hot latina teen being available, Casa Rosario may have been a disappointment even leaving empty handed.  But you never know your luck until you try and are prepared to take a risk.  I only wanted one and she was better than expected.

Poor beautiful girls

On the way back I detected the taxi driver was a little envious of my choice.  He wondered why such beautiful young girls ended up working in a whore house like Casa Rosario?  I tell him there are many beautiful girls who are poor in countries like Colombia.  They want to buy nice things that they see on TV and in the shop windows, one of their friends has all the latest fashion accessories.  Whoring is a fast track to making some easy cash.  They tell themselves its only short term, just for a month or two.   I tell him she loved fucking too, just to rub it in, but it was true, she did.  Anyway, I mean just dont go there, the whys and wherefores, just enjoy the moment, at the end of the day its two consenting adults performing a type of business transaction for sexual services.

Cafe Havana

He drops me off at the clock tower and I head into the clock pub for a few beers and a hot dog.  Some nice girls standing around the clock tower but I was satisfied, but my next whore mongering experience in Cartagena will be with a late night freelancer by the clock tower.

Torre del Reloj
Torre del Reloj

There certainly no lack of options for some P4P and pussy in Cartagena, many of the girls are hot,  its just the heat is stifling, its a little expensive too.  Colombia was a good destination though, maybe Bogota and Medellin next time?

cafe havana
cafe havana

I headed up to cafe Havana but it was packed inside, with a live latin music band playing, lots of people, more mature than young though. Could not get to the bar, no seats available so decided to leave, but two maturer latinas were giving me the eye and smiling.  Well I had done casa Rosario total damage just over 300,000 with drinks and taxi fare.  Exhausted from my day and night in Cartagena I take a taxi back to my apartment to catch up with my beauty sleep.

11 thoughts on “Casa Rosario Cartagena”

  1. She is cute! I have really been craving some Latina pussy as of late. Once again, I’m not complaining about Asian pussy, but there are NO Latina option here….unless you want to pay $300-400 USD in HK 🙁

    1. Yes she was lovely and not uncommon in Colombia. You need to get yourself to Colombia then Brockstar. I just wish those latinas not all shave their pussy bald. In Asian its almost 50/50 if a girl will be sporting a bush or not. Just my preference.

    1. Budd, I have only been to Cartagena and the prices vary there depending if you go online with Tinder, the streetwalkers and freelancers around the clock tower, the brothels like ISIS and Rosaria and the nightclubs like Dolce Vita. Im my experience the most expensive was the freelancers in Dolce Vita, the cheapest option and best quality latina teens were online with Tinder, In my reports I list the prices but you can get them down to 1500-2000 pesos in all venues. I enjoyed mongering in Colombia, the people are very friendly, the girls sweet, I will return to Bogota and Medellin.

      1. I will be going to Cartagena May 2 thru the 8th. Staying at Hilton Bacagrande. Is it ok to take pne of the girls to my hotel room there from Dolce Vida? How much do I expect to pay? If I want to get laid every other day from a freelancer for my 6 nihht stay, how mich money do you think I will need just for them? Also, is it wise to get Colombian currency at my bank before I take off from Houston? Im trying to figure out a safe amount to take cash before I go. Any help with this?

        1. I think that is the Hilton that I used there swimming pool during the day, I think its girl friendly a few mongers were staying there. But i would email the hotel directly if ok to take guest to your room. It was always recommended to go down the apartment route in Cartagena. But fucking girls around the Clock tower or ISIS there are plenty of short time hotels to goto if you do have problems.

          There is a cash point right outside Dolce Vita but you are limited to an amount daily. The best exchange is always to take your dollars to a bank or currency exchange, but to be safe would take a few hundred dollars worth with you at least.

          The chicas is the Dolce Vita are more pro than semi, they will see newbie written all over your face and will try to get anything up to 300 dollars off you first attempt, but just know you dont want to be paying over 100$ – On tinder you can get beautiful latina teens to visit you for 1500 pesos.

          1. thanks for the info my man. I will keep you posted after and maybe during the trip. Thanks again.

  2. I’ve been going through your Cartagena posts… Quite interesting. Columbia is recently getting a lot tourists. Interesting place.

    I was on a tour in Sao Paulo and there was this Columbian girl on the tour. As the tour was quite boring, all I could think of was, “Can we have sex with the Columbian girl instead?”

    Seems what goes on in Columbia is not that different from Brazil.

    1. The quantity and quality of women in Cartagena was good and average price around 2000 pesos not bad.
      I would like to return to Colombia to sample more of its delights. Yes some similarities with Brazil.
      I guess your thinking of a trip to Colombia then next?

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