Cartagena ISIS Club

There are quite alot of renowned P4P options in Cartagena from La Dolce Vita, Playa Hollywood and the late night freelancers around the clock tower.  There are some brothels in Cartagena too including the Pley club and ISIS.  Not ISIS the terrorist group but ISIS the brothel cum nightclub right in the centro district of Cartagena.  ISIS we like.

ISIS and Pley Club

While mongering in Cartagena I wanted to try different options and have different experiences.  My next stop in Cartegena was to try the ISIS club.  The Pley club and the ISIS club are apparently run by the same people, but the Pley club is quite a taxi journey out of town whereas the ISIS club is right bang in the center of the old town and short walk from the clock tower and other P4P attractions in Cartagena.  Check out the mongering map of Cartagena from the international sex guide.

Both the ISIS and the Pley club employ about 30 working girls and all are available for sex.  There is no entrance fee, a bar and inside it is much like a night club. There is a pole dancing stage in the middle and the girls take it turns to do a dance.  In fact many revelers head to ISIS late at night or early in the morning to continue the party especially after La Dolce Vita has closed.

The Hilton Hotel

The days in Cartagena were hot, I was not that impressed with the beach,  not good for swimming or even chilling really.  The pool attached to the apartment building was nothing but a big bath tub and not look that clean would not be having a swim there.  I first learnt in Manila you dont need to pay for a 5 star hotel to enjoy their swimming pool.  Most top hotels will let you use their grounds and swimming pool for the day, for a reasonable fee.

cartagena hilton
Hilton hotel

The Hilton hotel in Cartagena was only a 2 minute walk from my apartment so I enquire within.  Sure enough could use the swimming pool for the day for 50,000 pesos.  This included 10% off all food and drink purchased.  Not cheap, BWTF I was on holiday so I paid up.  One of the best hotel swimming pool areas I have ever had the pleasure to use is the Hilton in Cartagena.  There are 3 large swimming pools, jacuzzi and many free loungers to relax on in the shade.

The Hilton has a good pool bar and sells good food if a little overpriced.  So I would be spending a few of my days in Cartagena relaxing by the pools in the Hilton hotel.  Reminded me of my time in Havana Cuba trying to relax in the day in the grounds of the hotel Nacional, but the Hilton in Cartagena was alot more peaceful, as always the high price keeps the riff raff and locals away.  Got chatting to a few Americans in the Hilton hotel, one was paying $200 a night for a room.   Some people earn alot more money than me, plus they flew first class.  From all accounts the Hilton hotel in Cartagena is girl friendly?  The Hilton hotel has a bar and lounge thats not close until midnight and non guests are welcome.

Sunday on the beach

That night I was going to goto ISIS, but could not drag my ass out of bed again and slept right through.  The next day I not feel too good, like I only had 1/3 of my energy levels.  It was Sunday and Sunday is meant to be one of the best days for experiencing Cartagena beach, so I drag my sorry ass down to the beach.  I still cant handle Playa Hollywood so walk further down to a decent stretch with loungers and umbrellas.

Cartagena beach
Sunday on the beach

Sure enough as the day progressed the beach got a lot more busy.  I was staying in section known as Ipanema.  The guys tend to introduce themselves as Tony Montana.  The lounger and umbrella cost me 22,000 pesos for the day, a coke was 5,000 pesos.  Got roped into a massage which was not bad for 50,000 pesos, just helping the local economy along.  But always pushing you to part with your cash.  Tony Montana warns me about Playa Hollywood, but I guess he would say that.

Tell me what I want to hear

He tells me to hunt in Centro, Tu Candela at night. He tells me good looking white guy like me will get it for free as the local girls want to try some white meat 🙂 yeah sure. For Sunday I not really notice that many nice or available girls on Cartagena beach, but I not feel good, maybe I catch something from the Jacuzzi in the Hilton hotel.  Jacuzzis and saunas are breeding grounds for germs, I have often come down with a cold after a good session in a sauna.   Hopefully I would shake it off.

The best plans

But the plan was a taxi into centro, few beers then fuck some whore in ISIS then later do some late night recon in Tu Candela and the freelancers around the clock tower.  I wanted to fuck some freelancer from the clock tower too.  But I needed to find some energy, due to feeling like shit it was another night off in the comfort of my apartment.  So three nights in a row I have not made it out at night in Cartagena.  Starting to think I need a month in this place, just to adapt.

ISIS Big Booty Latina

Finally I manage to get out around the right time, taking a taxi to the clock tower around 8pm.  ISIS opens at 9pm, so I guess around 10pm all the girls are going to be on their shift and fresh.  I take a walk down to Cafe Del Mar and have a beer for 10,000 pesos.  Its nice and fresh with the sea breeze at Cafe Del Mar but more a place to take your girlfriend than pickup at least at this time.

Cartagena ISIS
ISIS club

So sometime before 10pm I make my way to the ISIS club from cafe Del Mar.  Its open and a good 20 girls sat around inside waiting for some business.  In my mind I want some big ass booty to slap.  I buy a beer at the bar and find a seat. Its dark inside ISIS but almost immediately a big ass Latina catches my eye, she is pretty, her tits look fake but her big latina booty popping out of her tight faded jeans is real enough.  I kind of just want to get the job done so call her over and we discuss business.

She not speak a word of English and tells me its 240,000 pesos for 1 hour, it will be another 20,000 for a short time hotel nearby.  She seems friendly so decide to seal the deal.  We have to goto the bar and pay up front there.  At the bar its 270,000 for 1 hour so just pay up.  We leave ISIS and walk a short distance to a short time hotel.  Cough up another 20,000 peso for a dingy little room.  Its the kind of room you would not want to spend any time in unlike my apartment.  She meets her friend in the corridor and she walks into the room with us, they want a threesome, but no way have I got the energy or the cash on me, so her friend has to leave.

Cartagena latina ISIS
ISIS latina

We get down to business, she got a nice body, big firm latina booty. Will only give CBJ but fuck her doggy slapping that big latina ass and manage to cum. mission accomplished.  Not bad, not brilliant but had experienced P4P at ISIS Cartagena.

Tu Candela

After the ISIS latina I make my way back up to the clock tower and into Tu Candela to check out the scene, its after 11pm now, when Tu Candela is suppose to start getting busy.

Cartagena Tu Candela
Tu Candela

Inside its dark and cosy, I  buy a beer, but very few people inside, I hang around a while but nothing is happening in Tu Candela so leave. I guess Tony Montana was telling me porky pies.  Tu Candela looks more like a place to come with your girlfriend, I did try another night at Tu Candela and they not let me in because I was wearing sandals. I found the doormen to be a bit pig headed at Tu Candela.

Torre del Reloj Freelancers

I check out around the clock tower or Torre del Reloj its now close to midnight and there are a few nice girls stood about wanting some business, I notice one from my first night in La Dolce Vita.  I would definitely try one of these clock tower girls one night in Cartagena, but by all accounts prime time is around 2AM in the morning for the clock tower freelancers.  Ok, if you are staying in this part of Cartagena.

cartagena freelancers
Torre del Reloj

I called it a night and took a taxi back to the Hilton for 7000 pesos.  Even trying to speak Spanish its very difficult to get some of the taxi drivers to understand you so I just say hotel Hilton.  Best to walk down a bit from the clock tower, taxi drivers right outside want to charge you $7.

4 thoughts on “Cartagena ISIS Club”

  1. What is La Dolce Vita? And do you have any info on Bogota. I’m planing a multi-city trip. Does it even make sense to go to Bogota, then Cartagena?

    1. Spenone, La Dolce Vita is a nightclub in the El Laguito area of Cartagena, just up from the beach playa hollywood, Not get going untill 11pm so need to be a late night animal. Gets full of freelancers, its a mongers favorite for the area as most rent apartments at most 5 minutes walk away.

      I just stuck with Cartagena this trip, really not fancy flying around to places like Bogota, Cali Medellin. But midway through my stay in Cartagena I was wishing I had. Certainly makes sense to have some fun in Bogota. you will have to fly via Bogota to get to Cartagena.

      When in the airport at Bogota I got on Tinder and within a few minutes was chatting to some lovely girls. Problem is a with a multi stop trip requires that much more research. I would return to Colombia but give Cartagena a miss this time, but it has to experienced. I would return to explore Bogota and Medellin. Medellin is suppose to be a lot cheaper, cooler and a mongers favorite in Colombia, beautiful girls apparently.

      I met a few girls in Cartagena who told me they were from Medellin, Cali etc to make money, Cartagena is expensive.

  2. In hindsight I fucked some lovely latina girls in Cartagena, well worth a visit at least once, its not difficult to get some high quality pussy, the ISIS club had alot of girls too. But what really sticks in my mind is the ease and quality of latinas on Tinder early evening. You need not leave your apartment, they will visit you and they were horny too. hot little latinas 🙂

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