Tinder Cartagena Dama De Compana

On my second night in Cartagena managed to lose my cherry with a very busty latina in the La Dolce Vita nightclub,  with La Dolce Vita being a mongers favorite in Cartagena.  What I wanted to try while in Cartagena was contacting local Colombian girls on Tinder, maybe meet up with some non pro and semi pro girls.

After a great nights sex albeit a little expensive with the busty latina from La Dolce Vita, it was up early again and a walk along Cartagena beach in the opposite direction to Playa Hollywood along castillo grande.  

beach cartagena
castillo grande

Later that day I try relaxing at Bar Muella but a group of guys were sat near me, Italian I think making alot of noise, so need to pick your spot carefully.

Tinder and Google Translate

But I got on my mobile phone at Bar Muella headphones on listening to internet radio sat on the beach on my lounger under my umbrella sipping my pina colada and  hitting Like and swiping right on Tinder.  It not take long and I am chatting with 10-15 hot girls all interested. From teens  up into their mid twenties within a 5 km radius as set in my Tinder discovery settings – nothing mature.

Bar Muella cartagena
Bar Muella cartagena

You need google translate active to and keep switching between the two applications.  The girls think my Spanish is good. I type what I want to say in English, translate it to Spanish then copy and paste it into Tinder. They respond in Spanish and copy and paste their replies in Tinder back into Google translate and so it continues.  Some actually speak good English once they know where I am from.  So I got some contacts to explore but right now not feeling to horny.

Good Old Days

Back at my apartment find a place to wash my cloths Hotel Conquistador opposite really cheap and do a good job.  One of my neighbors is an old American who I get chatting to and he invites me into his apartment.  He been here 15 years and tells me about the good old days,  use to easily take young girls back from playa hollywood for 60,000 pesos and each year the price keeps creeping up. He warns me about Tony on Playa Hollywood, very difficult to deal with.  He got about 5 girls who visit him regular and can set me up if I want.  Another option, but got my own contacts now on Tinder.  I did bump into one of his girls in the elevator, a hot slim young latina, would not have said no. very hot indeed.

Lost that horny feeling

Its another night off in my apartment, just too fucked again to venture out.  Just not feeling horny either, maybe I am getting too old for these long haul sexual adventures!  losing my libido or its just too hot and I am still just trying to adapt, but losing the horn.

Too Comfy

My apartment is maybe too comfortable?  I know some mongers sleep rough in real bargain bucket hotels, the reason being it keeps them out of their rooms and on the streets and in the bars.

Streaming  VPN

Im pretty flush and I like my creature comforts now when travelling. Problem was the local satellite TV was all Colombian.  I had my 15″ laptop with me which is too big for putting in the room safe btw.   With good WiFi and decent streaming subscriptions like Netflix and Amazon prime you have lots of great TV on tap.   Due to your subscription being local, you may need to connect first via a VPN, so it looks like I am in London. I recommend Private Internet Access.   This is also good if you want to hide from prying eyes where your surfing on the internet like MongerPlanet or the international sex guide.  All traffic is encrypted from your computer.

So I was like a bug in a rug, air con on, ceiling fan, watching great TV box sets, fridge full, what more could a monger want?  some hot pussy maybe.  Nothing that I cant do back home, dont need to fly to Cartagena to enjoy these creature comforts.

Safe in Cartagena

After another quiet night in Cartagena, I am up early to catch some sunrise photos with my DLSR.  I had been in Cartagena a few days now and one thing for sure it was a safe city.  There were a few bums around but nothing to worry about.  I am still having problems adjusting to the time difference, its really midday back in London, quite a lay in really.

tinder cartagena
sunrise cartagena

After a sunrise photo session and a good walk along Cartagena beach I am back in my apartment early morning and feeling quite horny at last, I get on Tinder and start sending messages to my contacts.  One of the reasons I use to take girls long time or Tudos La Noche was to satisfy the morning glory.  If you wake up alone, usually this time of the morning there are not any options except your hand.

Tinder Dama De Compana

One girl takes the bait and we have a little chat.  Most of the chicas on Tinder in Cartagena are prostitutes, pro, semi pro or otherwise.  She tells me she is working as a Dama De Compana, prostitute basically.  Once I have accepted this and am OK with it she comes back with this cost, 1 hour 200, 2 hours 300 and all night 500 or all day considering the time.  I clarify that she means 200 pesos, she does.  Her pictures look real nice so I invite her over.  She is not far away like most of the girls she is staying somewhere along Boca Grande.

Tinder Dama De Compana
Dama De Compana

30 minutes later she has arrived, but I have to go down to security and sign her in.  In the flesh she is half as good as her photos on Tinder, a little disappointed but not going to turn her away now, still going to fuck her.  In the apartment she wants the money up front as well,  I show it to her and put it on the shelf at least this one is 200 pesos and not 200 dollars.  She tells me only meets gents off Tinder, only works this way, she is from Cali and in Cartagena for a few weeks to make some money by fucking the tourists.

Cum Hard

She wont do BBBJ only CBJ, she got a big booty that I give a good slap and fuck her hard doggy, but finding it hard to cum, in fact try so hard give myself a headache and sweating like a hot pig.  I manage to cum in the end and let her go.  Well that was the first girl I have ever met off Tinder anywhere in the world.

Meeting girls off Tinder is easy in Cartagena, but most are pros.  200 pesos though is about as cheap as it gets in Cartagena.   I had plenty of other girls to try in Cartagena off Tinder, many of them were telling me they were in fact Dama De Compana. Most not come online until late afternoon.  But just wanted them to be as good as the photos they putting up on Tinder.  Not a problem you have meeting girls on the street or in bars and clubs.

6 thoughts on “Tinder Cartagena Dama De Compana”

  1. From an earlier post I thought you might be staying at Nuevo Conquistador (the place I stayed). I rented my apartment from a gentleman names Juan, too.

    He picked me up at the airport for 20K pesos (about $7). When I exited the airport he was waiting for me holding a sign with my name. I was quite surprised that he had a beautiful, large breasted early 20s Latina with him – I though maybe he was bringing me a present. Glad I didn’t get too excited because she was his daughter – a very nice and gorgeous girl finishing college. I hope she might act as my tour guide on a future visit – who knows maybe she would like a 300K tip for extra services.

    Would you mind commenting on where you stayed, how you found it and the cost? My apartment at Conquistador cost 645K pesos for 3 nights – about $60/night.

    After my bad experience at LDV I used an escort website (that I could contact via Whatsapp and, hence, use a translator) and had pretty good results. I met one of their girls at a ‘love hotel’ and she came to visit me the next day when we rode the double deck bus around the city then had a meal at Riquisimo.

    I wouldn’t mind going back to Cartagena for a few days, but less than a week – it is just too hot for me.

    1. Emtee, yes Juan is a nice guy, helps he speaks good English, is very helpful and is originally from Barcalona in Spain so European
      That kind of service use to be available in Thailand, some hotels would pick you up in a limousine and take you to Pattaya with a couple of Thai whores in the back to keep you company. I never tried it.
      I found the apartment through trawling through the international sex guide forum on Cartagena. It not take long to realise Juan and venpro was the way to go. Juan recommended thee apartment for me as a solo traveller and I was very pleased with it, but that was $80 a night, so $60 is very good, I have been told that $80 is cheap for Cartagena.

      What escort sites you use in Cartagena? I would say no need, next time get on Tinder. you need a facebook account, might want to set one up just for this purpose. Many Dama de Compania on Tinder at 200 pesos. Its good for the girls too, no middle men, no hanging around in bars clubs, very discrete, can see this type of arrangement getting alot more common in the future between mongers and semi pro girls.

      I agree Cartagena is very hot even in January. I was considering Bogota and Medellin but may well save that for another trip to Colombia. Colombian people are some of the friendliest I have ever met

  2. Id fuck that girl too, not bad for an hour. By the way its compañía not compana! But it will stick to you like tudos la noches instead of toda la noche ;D

    1. Yeah I look at that dama de compania now and she not look too bad, but at the time she was only half as good as her pics she had put up on Tinder. Kind of bait and switch, she was say 23 24 but putting pics up when she was 18
      But I had another one over from Tinder a few days later, but thats another story

  3. I would certainly hit that too! 200K is MUCH more like it, especially considering you get an hour. BTW did you use the whole hour?

    1. Yeah 200 K is a good rate to pay and about as cheap as it gets without feeling uncomfortable. We were not clock watching may well have extended over an hour. Tinder is a good option in Colombia and Cartagena for meeting semi pro girls. Wish Tinder would work for me in the UK like it did in Colombia.

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