La Dolce Vita Cartagena

I wake very early in Cartagena due to the time difference. My first day and night in Cartagena had been pretty uneventful due to recovering from jet lag and acclimatizing.  It can take days to adjust. Well I am up early and one thing I love to do in the morning is take a walk along the beach, even if it is not the most pretty of beaches I have been to.

Good Morning Cartagena

Good thing about having an apartment is can make some toast and coffee in the morning and I enjoyed the view of the sunrise over cartagena from my balcony.  Not the prettiest of bays.  But the sunshine did not disappoint.

catagena colombia
sunrise cartagena

Took my compact camera and went for a walk along the main stretch of beach in Cartagena that runs parallel to Boca Grande where all the skyscrapers are.

cartagena colombia
Playa Hollywood

You can rent a cabana and chair along playa hollywood, I got quoted 30,000 pesos for the day, probably too much.  I much prefer a lounger and umbrella which are available further up the beach.

Cartagena Colombia
Boca Grande

I seriously fucked up, got so into snapping pics and feeling the warm water against my feet one hour later realised I had dropped my sandals and not picked them up.  On the way back I could not find them.  I now had nothing to wear on my feet.  I had had them sandals over 10 years, proper walking ones, been all over the world with me and were expensive.

cartagena colombia
boca grande

I manage to find a pair of flip flops in a shop on the way back, but they were cutting up my feet so for the time being will have to wear my trainers, hopefully I will find a shop where I can get another pair of sandals.   Its a bit early but not really seeing many pretty Colombian girls, not yet.

City Bus Tour – Centro

Around 10:30 AM I take the city bus tour that has a pickup right outside my apartment cost was 40,000 pesos and the ticket lasts two days.  Hop on a hop off, find this is a good way to get your bearings in a new city like Cartagena.

cartagena Torre del Reloj
Torre del Reloj

I hop off in centro near the infamous clock tower or Torre del Reloj .  I had read some good reports on the freelancers that can picked up late at night around the clock tower in Cartagena, many students and semi pro – or so they say, I was looking forward to seeing and trying it for myself one night.  I take a walk through the streets of centro Cartagena and its very hot I stake out the Cafe Del Mar, another hot spot for picking up Colombian girls apparently.

Cartagena Colombia
Cafe Del Mar

Cafe Del Mar is suppose to be a nice spot to watch the sunset over Cartagena and if you want to do the girlfriend thing with one of the whores you meet.  Back to clock tower and there is like an English pub right in the center called the Clock Pub and they do draft beer. Some nice friendly barmaids in the clock pub and generally lots of pretty girls around the centro area of Cartagena.  Lots of tourists too.  I try to draw some money out but fuck up, get 60,000 rather than 600,000 and then cant withdraw anymore. The ATMs in Cartagena are a pain in the ass, do not rely on them.

La Dolce Vita

I hop back on the bus and do the complete tour and then jump off outside my apartment.  I then fall asleep,  I nearly sleep through again.  I then remember to check Tinder on my phone so browsed some of the girls close by and they got me in the mood so decided to jump out of be and make my way to La Dolce Vita.  I not press like on the Cartagena girls on Tinder, not want to get distracted, would save Tinder for another day, for now stick with the plan and lets do La Dolce Vita.

La Dolce Vita Cartagena
La Dolce Vita

Its late after 11pm, there are some girls sat outside La Dolce Vita in the little square.  Not innocent student types more like pros.  There are a good 30 girls inside La Dolce Vita, some look good.  Not really young though, more mid twenties and up, no teens in La Dolce Vita.  I buy a beer at the extortionate 16.000 pesos, its usually 4,000.  I head back outside and sit down on a vacant bench.

A slim latina comes and sits beside me and she wants some business, slim with no tits but pretty mid twenties, speaks good English.  She will come to my apartment short time for 300 then drops to 250.  But not interested really.  She then tells me the bench is her spot and can I  leave if not interested as she wants other guys to come over to her.  I just went back inside La Dolce Vita.

Busty Latina

I order another expensive beer and find a seat, have to shake a few girls off not my type.  You will find the ones who find it harder to attract guys by their looks alone will try harder, be less shy and come over to you.  These pros are not choosing you, they are desperate for business, there is a difference.

I notice one very attractive latina stood beside me with a few of her friends.  Our eyes kept catching, now she knew I liked her, fancied her.  She comes over, speaks OK English and says she will come with me for 200.  I want to go but she tells me have to buy two drinks for the girls before she can leave.  Probably bullshit but go with the flow.  Eventually we leave La Dolce Vita and head back to my apartment 5 minutes away and already I am almost 100,000 pesos down from drinks alone inside La Dolce Vita.

Up front 200

In the apartment she asks for the money up front!  I tell her I will put the cash under the clock and she OK with this.  No doubt many girls have had experiences with guys pretending they not realise they have to pay for it, like your skint PUA or just down right scum bags. Of course the other side of the coin is, once she got the money, she just wants to get it over with, but I have rarely experienced this if ever when putting out the money up front.  Its not like she is asking you to transfer the funds to her bank account before meeting you 🙂

I put the 200,000 pesos on the table and she goes “Oh No, I mean 200 dollars!”

Latina cartagena
La Dolce Vita Latina

Well I tell her its game over!  I mean that is like 600,000 pesos I would not pay that much in the USA and would never pay that in Colombia.  I tell her she will have to go!  eventually we both settle on 350,000 pesos, those tits of hers are her assets, I have to have those tits man!  A deal is struck and I get to get those lovely big latina tits out.  She lets me snap some pics with a promise will not put on the internet 🙁
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I have a good fuck with this latina, and a good grab and suck of those lovely latina tits.  She gives BBBJ dribbling and DFK.  Good session, all over within an hour and she leaves without any problems.  I am well and truly fucked.

I have done La Dolce Vita in Cartagena Colombia and now lost my cherry.  Perhaps I need to negotiate better in the future, be clear you mean pesos and not dollars.  First time for everything and wont fall for that dollar trick again.  Good night, sweet dreams.

22 thoughts on “La Dolce Vita Cartagena”

  1. Lovely natural tits and not slutty looking. I too would have paid around £70 UK pounds for the privilege, gladly in fact but maybe as a one off as I am sure there are less expensive girls up for it in the streets of Cartagena as you will no doubt have experienced once you got your berings.

    1. Yes Matt, lovely girl, despite her trying to work me, she knew I was new in town and maybe ripe for a fleecing. But not far off the going rate there now, most guys are paying 300 in La Dolce Vita
      She had lovely skin all over, great ass and enjoyed the sex. I dont think I have ever had a latina with hairy or trimmed pussy. They must be the race most into shaving their pussies

      So Matt been anywhere lately? you ever make it to Cuba? I hear american airlines are now flying over 100 flights there a day now?

        1. Sounds great. Matt are you going to give us a report on Kiev. Email me directly if you would be so kind. I remember your great write up on Pattaya beach road freelancers which back then should have been a post in its own right. Thanks

    1. Man if you cant tell the difference between fake and real tits, you need some schooling. I chose her coz of her natural tits
      you youngsters are so used to bald pussies and fake tits you think its normal. Or when you see some real natural tits you cant believe your eyes
      believe me they were all natural

  2. One trick you could use is paying them in UK currency, they will glady accept it thinking they are getting more money, hand them a 50P note

  3. I love that body, too bad the broads in Asia don’t bods like that…….not that I’m complaining 🙂

    Paying over $100 USD in a thirdcountry is a bit much though.

    1. Cartagena is not third world, its expensive all round. If budget and heat are important to you then maybe Cartagena is not your destination, Medellin would be better for those on a tight budget and dont like the heat

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is MongerPlanet (owner/mod of this site?) post?
    I assume you are an experienced world traveler monger?

    WOW, that girls with huge LOOSE breast, look late 20yr? 30yr++? A BIG chubby girl.

    You paid money for her? P350,000? WOW. plus P100,000 in bar.
    That’s sexy?

    Can I ask you? your age? height? weight? how long mongering the world?

    I am SHOCKED. I rather get drunk then fuck her. Dick sleep, never hard.

    Everybody standard is relative BUT? come on? Experienced mongers DO have standards for sexy girls to fuck.

    Again I am SHOCKED what guy fuck as sexy girls.

    1. Jim you are not the sharpest knife in the draw 🙂 Its mongerplanet not Mr Q, Mr Q is a guest poster so under the guest post category.

      You seem to have a problem believing stories, I guess you are afraid of feeling gullible and have been caught out. I guess you are a loner cheap charlie type character probably drinking whisky right now. You come across as a very negative person

      I only tell the truth nothing to gain by telling porky pies. Dont judge everyone else by your own standards;.

        1. She was my first girl in Cartagena, the best giving BBBJ, very enthusiastic, was horny too and enjoyed her work, but yes the most expensive also, but I was a rookie and only got better. I only visited Dolce Vita a couple of times while in Cartagena but always some nice girls to choose from, just make sure you agree 200,000 pesos up front and not 200 dollars. Best bang for your buck in Cartagena fresh semi pro latinas is to log into Tinder

  5. “I try to draw some money out but fuck up, get 60,000 rather than 600,000 and then cant withdraw anymore. The ATMs in Cartagena are a pain in the ass, do not rely on them.”

    Why couldn’t you pull out more money? Are they a pain in the ass because of the Spanish?

    1. John, just that time it would not let me make a second withdrawal, so needed to get it right first time
      There is a limit on what you can withdraw daily regardless of any limit on your card, like mine is 300 day.
      Best place to use ATM is old town just up pass the square. Sometimes they just not work at all, or were empty!

  6. Where is La Dolce Vita? I read in a different forum that it is no longer in El Laguito and has moved closer to La Torre. Any truth to this?

    1. Yes looks like your right it has moved. More reason to get an apartment up that side of town rather than El Laguito.
      The girls in La Dolce Vita were more mature 25+, the cuter girls were found around La Torre or online Tinder.

  7. So I’m getting ready for Columbia and of course… MongerPlanet has been there. Not $200 USD you wrote in your post…. You’re going to cringe but I’ve been paying way more than $200 USD here in the states and not even for FS.

    1. I had to reread that. No kudos Mr Q in ever over paying. you should know the going rate. I was recently considering a return to Colombia Bogota then Medellin. Tinder was still is hopefully the way to go there.

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