Sleeping In Cartagena

So I take my first walk out onto the mean streets of Cartagena in Colombia or the neighborhood of El Laguito to be exact.  Its a hot sunny day lots of tourists about mostly Colombian and I am heading in the direction of the beach making my way to Playa Hollywood.

Playa Hollywood

Playa Hollywood is the first stretch of beach you come to when you turn the corner from Playa Laguito adjacent to the road of where Hotel Dann is located.   This stretch of beach and the high rise buildings in the background is known as Boca Grande.  Many of the chicas stay along Boca Chica to prey on horny tourists and come from all over Colombia.

Playa Hollywood is more geared towards mongers and on Playa Hollywood you can hook up with some chicas or prepagos as they are affectionately referred to on the world sex forums.  If you see girls sat around on Playa Hollywood then most are up for P4P, not true on other stretches of the beach along Boca Grande where many families and friends chill out for the day.

Cartagena Colombia
Playa Hollywood

Immediately as I step onto the sands of Playa Hollywood I am approached by touts and hustlers who dont shake off easy.  The hustlers know you are a newbie.  What with your pasty face and lily white legs and a look of WTF on your face.   They are offering me the works, girls cocaine but not guns.  What I really want to do is sit down somewhere comfortable, relax maybe have a snooze in the warm sunshine and begin to recover from my jetlag, a cold beer would be nice too.

Playa Hollywood does not come without a bad reputation for being ripped off.  The main player on the playa is a fat black guy called Tony.  Tony is suppose to be incredibly difficult to deal with but is suppose to have over 200 girls that he can call up at a moments notice.  The advice is to sit in a Cabana as close to the sea as possible and scout for girls.  Getting hooked up with girls through the touts will cost you double.  I dont like these kind of arrangements or dealing with middle men.

Fish Out of Water

On Playa Hollywood you need to agree the price of the cabana or your chair and umbrella up front as well as the cost of beers.  There are stories of tourists being ripped off big time along Playa Hollywood, like being charged $100 and being surrounded when refusing to pay.

Apparently the open P4P along playa hollywood is nothing like it was before the US secret service scandal a few years back that got on all the international news.  But Playa Hollywood can still be good at weekends and holidays.  A beach hustler quotes me 30,000 pesos for a cabana for the day but I really not feel like taking my chances.  Apprehensive I may try my luck along Playa Hollywood one weekend day, if only to report on the experience, but not a week day or my first day where I feel like a fish out of water.

Playa Laguito

I had a cold can of beer in a gritty road side restaurant along Boca Grande and walked back to Playa Laguito that seemed less intense.  It was windy and I lost the cheap sun glasses I purchased in Playa Del Inglese Gran Canaria a few months before.

latina on beach
Topless latina
playa caragena
latina beach babe

I was not really impressed with the beaches in Cartagena, the hustlers were annoying and I was not really noticing many sexy latina Colombian girls, but only been here a few hours.  It would take some getting used to as it always does, need to adapt, adjust.

Bar El Muella

I found a nice place to relax without getting ripped off Bar El Muelle. Nice friendly waitresses and an English menu.  Chilled out for a few hours and had some lovely baby beef.  Even though not ripped off, the final bill is still significantly different to the prices on the menu.  They add tax, service charges etc, so dont give a tip as already been factored in.  But Bar Muella may be as good as it gets on the beaches of Cartagena.  Bar Muella would likely be my beach base here in the day in Cartagena.

La Dolce Vita

I head back to my apartment to meet Juan and buy some groceries along the way.  Meet Juan back at the apartment and trying to work out how to pay him?  Better to bring dollars to pay for the apartment, not a problem if you are coming from the USA.  Else I will be reliant on withdrawals from the ATM to pay my rent in pesos or changing up my pounds sterling.  The other way you can pay is via PayPal if you have the funds.

I go out for another late afternoon walk, I am told to use the ATM in the Hilton hotel as part of bank of Colombia.  But inside the Hilton hotel just a stones throw from my apartment, the ATM has been removed in just the last week.  I check out the swimming pool that is private to the apartment block I am staying in.  Not more than a big bath tub and not very clean at that.  I will give that a miss.  Most of the apartment blocks in the El Laguito area looked the same from what I could see.  Maybe non guests could use the Hilton hotel swimming pool for a small fee?

I head down the road to stake out the location of La Dolce Vita and outside there is a working ATM so stock up on some pesos.  La Dolce Vita is where I am planning on heading tonight but not worth going until late like 11pm, btw is around 5:00 AM in England.

Caribbean gourmet
Cartagena gourmet

There is a good restaurant next to my apartment building called the Caribbean Gourmet formerly known as Julias.  I have a lovely meal for a good price with no surprises.   It was important to eat well this trip, I not want to go down with bad guts again like I did in Havana Cuba.  The people of Cargagena seemed friendly enough, the location was good, all amenities nearby yet I still had to explore the old city or centro of Cartagena.  If your staying in El Laguito Caribbean Gourmet is the place to eat good quality well cooked food with no fuss.  Saying that there are quite a few good quality popular restaurants bars down Calle 1B.

An Old Monger Now

I felt fucked from the heat, the jet-lag and time difference so I returned to my apartment to get some sleep. Later I cannot force myself out of bed to hit La Dolce Vita I just sleep through.  It may work out better to recover from my jet lag first.  The excitement and adrenaline use to trump the jet lag but I am an old monger now and  know what to expect from P4P, it has very few surprises for me anymore wherever I am in the world.

Colombian latina
Cartagena latinas

I was not desperate for a fuck or for some  exotic pussy due to the babe I was fucking back home through Seeking Arrangement.   In fact I was even wondering what I was doing in Cartagena? a bit of a tourist hole.  Even so I was hoping for the best in Cartagena, too meet some cute sexy latinas and bring them back to my apartment for a good fucking.

So my first night is spent sleeping in Cartagena.  I have to say my bed was very comfortable what with the fan on the ceiling above me, keeping me cool through the night without the air conditioning on.   The apartment was very comfortable too with all mod cons.  I was becoming familiar with the territory and beginning to adapt, I was here in Cartagena for two weeks.  Surely I would fall into my groove and experience some fine Colombian pussy soon in Cartagena.

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