Cartagena Colombia

I wanted to take an extended vacation in January 2016, a long haul trip somewhere, but where?  After visiting Cuba the wrong time of year, what I was keen to do was that the climate be right for the time of year and destination, which usually means peak season!  A return to Thailand maybe?  A return to Gambia maybe?  Or somewhere new?  After much deliberation, toing and froing, I chose Cartagena in Colombia.

Seeking Arrangements

I booked my trip up to Cartagena in Colombia late 2015.  Early 2016 I am experimenting on the Sugar baby sugar daddy website Seeking Arrangement and met a couple of nice young girls.  More on Seeking arrangement on a later post.  But the sex had been good, better than you can get P4P and I was wondering why I was travelling? primarily to fuck beautiful girls, like I cant get at home, until now.

Funny thing is a few weeks before I book up my flight to Cartagena in Colombia I had fucked a Colombian whore I had met off Adultwork.  She was nearby, very pretty Latina, curvy massive tits, she gave DFK and BBBJ.  A very good experience and cheap at the price.  Did this cute friendly Colombian whore influence my decision?

curvy latina teen
curvy latina

I advise a couple of weeks before travelling, to get the best out of your sex trip, you refrain from dating, whoring, porn and masturbating to much, arrive at your destination hungry for pussy, hot and horny, balls heavy and ready for the hunt.

The Flight to Cartagena

Most destinations I am interested in travelling too,  I monitor flights via SkyScanner.   What made Cartagena in Colombia attractive was it was the right time of year, dry with low humidity but hot with lots of sunshine.  A return flight with the Colombian airline Avianca from London Heathrow was under £550.

The flight times were good too, leaving late at night from both London and on the return flight from Colombia.  Even in economy, after dinner, few glasses of wine and hopefully a good movie, a late night flight makes it easier to sleep through most of the long haul journey.   The flight time to Bogota was approximately 12 hours long with a transfer flight to Cartagena of only 1 hour.  The stop duration was only 90 minutes, I would arrive in Cartagena around 7:30 am in the morning.  I should be in my apartment in Cartagena around 9:00 am if all goes to plan.

Cartagena Accommodation

Even though Colombia can be considered still a third world country, Cartagena as a tourist destination is considered expensive compared to other Colombian cities like Medellin.  Accommodation in Cartagena is not cheap especially during peak season.  I prefer to stay in a good girl friendly hotel.  But from research, mostly on the Cartagena thread of the international sex guide it was difficult to gauge what hotels in Cartagena were actually girl friendly?

The way to go was to book an apartment through venpro  in the El Laguito area of Cartagena.   A Spanish guy called Juan fluent in English manages the apartments in Cartagena and comes highly recommended.  I converse with Juan via email and he recommends a 1 bed apartment in El Laguito for $80 a night.  You are required to put down a deposit of one night that can be paid via Paypal or transferred via Western Union.

So all set up for a mongering vacation in Cartagena Colombia, flight and accommodation taken care of, now I had to research likely venues for meeting the Colombian chicas and make sure plenty of South American  latina pussy would be on tap with some ebonies thrown in. Much like Cuba really with Cartagena being on the north Colombian coast and facing the Caribbean sea.

Cartagena Mongering Research

As you may be aware it can be hard work trawling through the international sex guide forum trying to pick up the latest information on where to meet the chicas in Cartagena.  Basically you need to know the best venues, prime times and prices mongers pay for some pussy.   I started to construct my own mongering map of Cartagena but then found a great mongering map of Cartagena already done by HillBilly69, Job done.  Some of the info is a little out of date, prices have gone up, but the venues are still active.  This mongering map is a great resource for anyone visiting Cartagena in Colombia for the first time wanting to indulge in its P4P scene.

Time Difference – La Dolce Vita

For mongers its seems one of the favorite venues was the La Dolce Vita nightclub just a stone throw from my apartment in El Laguito.  Dolce Vita is a late night venue though, not much point in arriving before 11pm.  This can be a problem for me, I am not a late night person and what with the time difference 6pm in Colombia will be midnight in England.  Its one of the reasons mongering in Thailand is so popular with westerners.  6pm in Thailand is midday in England and prime time mongering in the gogos and beer bars of Pattaya is around 9 pm, you are wide awake.  At least La Dolce Vita was only a small walk away.  So La Dolce Vita would likely be my stomping ground in Cartagena for some Colombian pussy.

Playa Hollywood

In the daytime I would likely spend relaxing on the beaches around Cartagena.  Not great reviews for the beaches around Cartagena, not that clean or pretty and lots of touts and hustlers bothering you all day.  On Playa Hollywood right near El Laguito there were daytime options on the beach for some P4P, but you had to deal with some dodgy characters.  Oh well it would be fun trying and a different experience in a new part of the world.

London To Cartagena

The first leg of the journey from London to Bogota went OK and on time. I not manage to book an exit seat at Heathrow, they were all taken, surprisingly the flight was also full.  Food and wine was good after which I watched the movie The Martian.   I then fell asleep for the best part of the journey if somewhat uncomfortable jammed into an isle economy seat, but I survived.

At Bogota airport I got a bit confused I nearly went through international transfers rather than domestic.  For domestic I had to go back through customs and pass baggage reclaim and back into the main airport and then back through departures.  I was expecting there to be a domestic transfer rather than going through all this.  It was not clear at first if I needed to pick up my luggage and put that through again somewhere, but I did not. At this time in the morning there was no information desks and be warned most Colombians do not speak a word of English, so need a little Spanish to get by.

bogota airport
Cartagena domestic

Eventually I get to where I am supposed to be in Bogota airport at the gate to my short flight to Cartagena.  Buy some coffee with my credit card which was a challenge, already language is a problem.  I get anxious in airports, so much can go wrong wasting valuable time is not part of the plan.

The Weather

It was cold in Bogota being up in the mountains but very hot in Cartagena, I had been monitoring the weather for Cartagena where the temperature had been hitting the mid thirties, a little hot for me, prefer high twenties but after all the rain and cloud in England would be a welcome break.

Bogota to Cartagena

The flight from Bogota to Cartagena went without hiccup and on time.  Arrived in Cartagena and the morning sun was beating down.  Straight through customs and not have to wait long for my luggage to come down baggage reclaim, that is always a relief.

Money Matters

I not change-up any Colombian pesos back home, although I do recommend changing up a small amount before arrival to pay for taxis etc.  Problems is cant change to Colombian pesos at Heathrow so have to order the money before departure.  But saves any hassles once you arrive in Cartagena.  I did bring some unmarked £50 pound notes with me as well as loading up my currency card linked to the Visa network.  The ATMs in Cartagena cannot be relied upon all the time.  At Cartagena airport I changed up one £50 note to pay for a taxi and got a shitty exchange rate.

Taxi to El Laguito

Outside Cartagena airport I find the public taxi rank and give them the address of my apartment in El Laguito, journey would be 18,000 pesos which was less than I was quoted.  Taxi journey from Cartagena airport to El Laguito is around 15 minutes traffic permitting.  As it was early before 9 AM my last worry was I would have to spend half the day waiting to check into my apartment.   The taxi drivers in Cartagena drive like madmen as we made our way to El Laguito.  I looked out the window at the beach and my first impressions were not good.  The beach looked dirty, but I was tired.

Check into the apartment with security on the ground floor, the apartment is vacant so dont have to wait around.  The apartment is really cool.  Air con, good Wifi and fans on the ceiling.  Fully equipped kitchen and two showers.  Great views of the Playa El Laguito from the balcony.   Unpacked, showered, changed into some summer clothing.  I had arrived in Cartagena Colombia.

6 thoughts on “Cartagena Colombia”

  1. I will be interested in the rest of your story. In late October I spent 3 days in Cartagena (also stayed at an apartment in El Laguito). After Cartagena I stayed in Bogota for several days followed by a couple weeks in Medellin.

    Cartagena was too darn hot for me and I also found the beach areas left much to be desired. My first experience in La Dolce Vita was very bad, taking a beautiful but uncooperative girl who had no intent to honor out agreement. Subsequently I met another from an escort site that was a pleasant experience – so much so that I had her return the next afternoon for a trip on the double deck tour bus and dinner at a very nice restaurant (perhaps you visited it) named Riquisimo BBQ.

    My trip improved greatly in both Bogota and Medellin where the temperatures were much more comfortable and the girl situation better. Having been a frequent DR visitor, I think my primary destination is now Colombia.

    It seems you favor seaside destinations, if so I have been informed that a couple of Colombia destinations – Santa Marta and Las Andres – blow Cartagena away. I hope to make it to Las Andres on my next trip.

    1. Thanks for the info Emtee Bee, I only discovered Riquisimo on my last night in Cartagena, had a lovely steak. I mostly ate at the restaurant next to my apartment Caribbean Gourmet I think it was formerly Julias?
      Simple yet very well cooked food and cheap. Big portions. the fish was excellent. Compared to Cuba the food was very good and not get ill. Good having apartment as could do fruit drinks had a processor, coffee toast eggs etc, not have to keep popping out. I was only thinking today there must be other beaches in Colombia are they the pacific ocean side rather than the Caribbean? Well lots of tales to tell so stay tuned and thanks for the comments. Of course I like to part the kind of info for anyone else planning their first trip to Cartagena. It took me a while to adapt but some Colombian girls coming soon 🙂

  2. I expect to see curvy thick women, exoticness and fat asses man! Idk but lately ive been wanking to bbw porn alot like my new fantansy! Even fukin some fat chics i meant at the club and hooking up with them, i did it low key dont wanna be a laughstock among my friends, we all that guilty pleasure type of chick, for me is now fat girls

  3. Santa Marta is on the Caribbean and is north of Cartagena some distance – I think a bus from Cartagena would work. San Andres is an island that is located a bit north of the Panama/Nicaragua border in the Caribbean. In the early 1900s Panama was part of Colombia – when Panama became independent apparently Colombia retained possession of San Andres. There are some island on the Pacific coast but I do not know if they are considered beach destinations – I understand that they are in prime whale watching waters.

  4. Fat chicks are like mopeds; fun to ride UNTIL one of your buddies see you on (or with) one. 😛

    Don’t feel bad Afro, I have fucked my share of fatties when I lived in the US. They are very submissive, good at and willing to suck a dick and open to whatever, then again they ARE fat! I’m one of those types that likes demeaning sex (anal and face fucking) and fatties are tailor-made for that kind of thing.

    I will admit, that I do love living in Asia, but I do miss banging Latinas and I really miss Tijuana. I definitely hope to make it to Colombia one of these days as well.

    1. I have had a few fatties in my time, I often find they want you to go down on them, yuk! I reserve that for slim tight girls who are beautiful then I want to go down. I chose Cartagena to break me into Colombia, I would definitely return to Colombia now, Bogota and Medellin next time. Many sexpats live in Medellin, I think Colombia may be one of the best countries at this moment in time

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