Hong Kong hairy pussy

CIM Hong Kong Part 2

Days later in Hong Kong, I picked out a few girls from Miss 148 that offered CIM. There weren’t very many, but with a few potentials I headed out.  When arrived at my destination it was again very early in the afternoon.  Eschewing my picks, I decided to randomly enter buildings again.  I walked around one building, found things uninteresting and left.

My random Hong Kong walk up building video – gives you some idea what its like inside these places.

At that point, I thought it would be better to go to my first pick.  At the end of busy block full of shops, I found the building was a gate and intercom.  I buzzed and received no reply.  I stood around for a minute or two and buzzed again.  No reply so I left.

Mongering Hong Kong Not

I went to look for destination #2 and I could not find it.  At this point, I became antsy as my time was limited and there were very few girls that offered CIM in the area.  I had not come to Hong Kong for mongering, this was just something that just happened on the fly while I was there.

I went to my phone and did some more searching for potentials in the same area.  I found one girl that seemed interesting, she offered CIM and was seemingly the queen of  P4P in Hong Kong.  Turns out she was one street over.  I entered another old building and found her on the 2nd floor.  Her door was full of little stickers, drawings, and pictures of her in different costumes.  Her door said, “The funnest place in all of Hong Kong”.  I chuckled and rang the bell.

Funny Hong Kong
Funny Hong Kong

The Funnest Place in all of Hong Kong

A girl with straight hair, round face and fake thick black glasses opened the door.  She wore a Japanese school girl uniform with white collared top and pleated dark blue skirt.  She explained she wasn’t quite yet ready to begin working but she let me in anyways.  Walking down a long hallway, there was older woman cleaning and mopping.  We passed a bathroom midway down the hall and then entered her room to the left at the end of the hallway.

Hong Kong hallway
Hong kong hallway

The setup was kind of weird, but once you got in through the first door, everything including the long hallway was private. Her room was dimly lit, full of stickers and had all the usual stuff.  TV, monitor, electric kettle… etc.  I asked her if she did CIM and replied yes.  The whole time she spoke in this silly accent to tease, making it seem I was a bad boy and she was an innocent girl that need some excitement.  It was kind of fake but tolerable.  I somehow agreed to do the whole package for $580 HKD ($75 USD).  She had me take off my clothes and she took off hers.  I would have preferred she take mine off for me…. but these girls aren’t GFE.  She led me into the hallway to the bathroom where we both washed up.

Hong Kong BBBJ CIM

She directed me onto her bed and asked if I wanted her to put on a costume.  Looking above the bed, she had a dozen costumes hanging from an overhead rod.  I told her I didn’t care for it. I’d rather look at her naked body.  She stood about 5ft 3inch, had average asian sized tits and perky nipples.  Her frame was a bit wider than I would like for P4P, but I was ok with it.  I’ve always gone for skinny petite girls no matter what country, so this was a nice change.

hong kong costumes
hong kong costumes

She began to suck on my nipples and I refused as usual.  She then began to suck on my cock, BBBJ.  I played with her tits a little.  I then realized, I didn’t want to go the whole way…. and all I wanted was BBBJ, CIM.  She sucked and sucked and I just layed back enjoying the BBBJ and watching her.  After some great sucking and tongue action, it was time. I told her I was going to come and shot my load in her mouth.  When I finished, she turned around and spit the load out into a waste paper basket.  It was so unsexy it completely killed the mood.

Hong Kong BBBJ
Hong Kong BBBJ
Hong Kong hairy pussy
Hong Kong hairy pussy

We went back to the bathroom to clean up, got dressed and it was time to pay.  I asked her again, how much did I owe her?  To my chagrin, it was still the original price.  I told her, we didn’t even go the whole way, don’t I get a discount?  She refused and I just took out my wallet and started counting the bills.  As soon as I had $600 HKD counted, she snatched her precious money away and out of my hands.  She then told me she was going to take the extra $20 HKD as a tip since she didn’t have change.

Clever girl.  In a matter of minutes, I went from a great CIM experience to feeling ripped off and burned.  Indeed it was a mixed day which left me a bit unsatisfied.  As I look back, the entire agreed upon price and service was fair.  It was me who didn’t choose to go all the way.

hong kong cim
hong kong cim

The story was from 2 years ago.  Today while I was writing this, I found the girl on sex141/go141.  I made screenshots from her profile and put it in this post.  It’s so funny, cause I didn’t even have to secretly film to get all these shots.  Here’s the link, which will probably expire in a few days or a few weeks.  This girl is a laugh, she even calls herself “Four Eyed girl” with her fake glasses…. check her out while it’s still up.

By Mr Q

3 thoughts on “CIM Hong Kong Part 2”

  1. Thanks Mr Q for another very entertaining guest post from Hong Kong. I really like that mature chinese whore. She does look good fun. I find glasses very sexy and would have liked to cum all over her face and those glasses. I love that natural chinese hairy pussy I would have had to pump that and bury my cock deep inside. Nice one.

    1. Hahaha… Mature? I don’t think she was that old =) In her young to mid 30s back then. i screwed up the website, it’s Miss148. Miss148 is looking pretty thin these days.. there aren’t too many girls on it. sex141/go141 is king right now.

      1. Any girl 25 or over in P4P is mature. You know women peak at 21 it all downhill after then for them 🙂
        I did notice in those hong kong buildings or walk ups most of the girls available were more mature chinese women in Hong Kong. Its where you could get chinese girls in Hong Kong as you wont find any around Wan Chai. I was going to ask about miss 168 ok will change to miss 148

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